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  1. Penelope_Pitstop

    Can you have cats as a nurse?

    Anyone else read the subject line as if the poster was asking if one could have cats as his or her nurse, not having them as pets, but as taking care of them? Just me? Yeah, Mama needs a nap reeaaaaaalll bad.
  2. Penelope_Pitstop

    Wednesday October 11 2017

    The plan is for induction Sunday night as it seems like nothing is happening on its own! :( The funny thing is the actual DeLana is also pregnant. Now she wants to be ME! :) Thanks for asking!
  3. Penelope_Pitstop

    Wednesday October 11 2017

    My first username was BlueHenRN, but it's so old it's now recycled and used by someone else! For a good few years I was CamaroNurse, but I think I'm best known as DeLanaHarvickWannabe.
  4. Penelope_Pitstop

    Wednesday October 11 2017

    Good morning everyone! I haven't started this thread in a few years (that was at least one username ago!) The sun isn't up here for a few hours but I figured since North America is behind everyone else, it is for most. I have nothing interesting to report. I'm 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant, with no sign of labor at all. I had about an hour of contractions yesterday but nothing since. So I'm miserable (you know, heart burn, insomnia, pelvic discomfort, morning sickness - yes, STILL, and *hormones*!) and waiting for things to happen. I've tried all of the recommended ways to kickstart labor and none have worked so I'm just listening to my body. On another note, I still have my air conditioning on which I personally find ridiculous. I saw on my Facebook TimeHop that in 2013 I was chiding myself for caving in and turning on the heat! I am a wuss when it comes to AC (I think the part about having a newborn inside of me does factor in but my husband would be miserable also) but try everything before the heat. Although...you can always put on layers. You can only get so naked. I hope everyone has a good day! :D
  5. Penelope_Pitstop

    AN Members we miss.

    Tewdles TazziRN (she's been MIA for AGES) Talaxandra
  6. Penelope_Pitstop

    For female nurses (the taboo: heavy periods)

    Ditto to what everyone else has said. My other word of advice - have a few pair of extra scrub pants available in your locker or wherever. Do you know how many times I had to change into OR scrubs at work? It's a lot more than I care to admit.
  7. Penelope_Pitstop

    I see quite alot of tall nurses

    What is the name of this school? I think the ADA needs to be contacted post-haste! Clearly this "school" is discriminating against the vertically challenged! This is ridiculous that this continues to happen in 2017!!!!
  8. Penelope_Pitstop

    Pink Donkey

    Now that's an ass of a different color!
  9. Penelope_Pitstop

    Morning Sickness remedies?

    Thanks ladies! I am 17 weeks tomorrow and I've had maybe two days since January wherein I haven't woken up and dry heaved. It's easier to ignore, however. I am able to keep mostly everything down so I know I have it better than several women. What tended to work for me, unfortunately, was greasy, hangover food (Chinese food, fast food). I think it was the salt, honestly, because my own home cooking has little to no sodium in it and I have not been able to eat a lot of what I cook. I used to make skinless boneless chicken breasts at least three times per week but that especially makes me want to run for the hills. I'm still not 100% on grilled chicken but I can eat it in some salads so I don't classify that as a food aversion exactly. No cravings, either - my Panda Express desires I believe were more related to wanting salty but less greasy foods that were readily available. Although now I really really really REALLY want a Cheerwine and it is not sold within at least 150 miles of me. (And I also want to clarify that I am NOT seeking medical advice; rather, I'm interested in others' stories, old wives' tales and non-pharmacological ways that have worked for others.)
  10. Clinique is my favorite, but because I have little impulse control in regards to makeup purchases, I wear drugstore makeup now. (Almay is my favorite, then CoverGirl). After wearing Clinique for years, then the drug store stuff for years, I see little difference in the actual makeup, although the skin products (from primers to make up removers) are far superior when purchased from Clinique. Plus Almay has an eye makeup line specific to eye color.
  11. Penelope_Pitstop

    Dating Hot MEN

    I'm happily married, so this doesn't really apply to me anymore. My "criteria" is moot. However... Before I took my now-husband up on the offer of a date, I very much chose my partners based on the premise that physical stuff came first then anything emotional and what have you would come later. And hey, if it didn't, I had friends for that. My best friend convinced me to date him because her philosophy was the opposite. She is a beautiful girl and has typically dated guys for whom she would be considered "out of their league" (her husband included). She said that since he and I could talk for hours without any boredom, pauses in conversation, et al, maybe the attraction would come later. She was right! Not sure if this really answers your question, but standards can certainly change over time.
  12. Penelope_Pitstop

    First word that comes to mind.....

  13. Penelope_Pitstop

    The Medical Aspect of Execution

    Forgive me if someone has mentioned this already (I'm a bit late to the party on this topic), but Atul Gawande, who is not only a renowned surgeon but a very engaging writer, includes a chapter about physicians who have personally assisted in executions in his book Better: A Surgeon's Notes on Performance. I recommend all of his books for several reasons, but he presents everything rather objectively. Worth a read.
  14. Penelope_Pitstop

    The MD and nurse relation, and how my love got destroyed...

    Don't crap where you eat.
  15. Penelope_Pitstop

    Tv show version of an LPN

    Malik on ER was an LPN