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  1. Good morning. Yesterday was my mother-in-law's 90th birthday. Today we are having an Open House at the ranch for folks to come by and wish her a happy birthday. We have a cake and refreshments. Should be fun. Yesterday I spent some time helping get the house cleaned up (which it didn't really need) and put photos around of the birthday girl. We also watched her open cards she got already and listened to phone calls she received. She's an amazing woman. Kind, compassionate, hard working. Spidey's 1st basketball playoff game was canceled last night due to weather. It will be played today at 1:00 p.m. I'm on call but our census is really low so should have no calls out. Sleep - that elusive creature . . . Tweety - I just remembered my dream from last night. I was working the floor again in acute and trying to remember how to do things and keep up. It was not a good dream.
  2. Brrrr . . . we got a foot of snow overnight right here and almost 2 feet outside of town. The snowplows have done a decent job on the road through town. I shoveled the sidewalk and now I'm so cold. Have to head out to see a patient who needs a refill of Zofran. Hope that road has been plowed. My kid and his basketball team mates are headed out to sled because school was canceled and it is a snow day. Hope everyone's day goes well.
  3. Spidey's mom

    Media behaving badly

    As a native Californian, I'm grateful that Gov. Newsom is scaling way back on the bullet train. ". . .sharply scaled back plans to build a high-speed train from San Francisco to Los Angeles on Tuesday, saying the program had been botched and cost too much. . .". Personally, I voted against this and wish it had never passed. But I'll take what I can get. I think what has suprised me is the Gov admitted there were problems. Investors Business Daily did an article about this when good old Jerry was still in office. Pointing out . . . lies. https://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/californias-bullet-train-to-fiscal-oblivion/
  4. Lighten the mood?
  5. Spidey's mom

    Media behaving badly

    I need to apologize for mixing up the elementary school kids at Sandy Hook with the shooting at Stoneman Douglass High School and David Hogg, et al. I admitted in the Good Morning thread that I was groggy and that proves it. As to herring, we are old friends and agree more than disagree. It would be a pretty boring friendship if we were like The Stepford Wives. Let's see . . . my son is almost 18 and he was a baby when I first joined AN. herring and I go way back. One regret is we haven't been able to meet in person. I have met three other AN members and we try to get together when we can. herring is my role model too.
  6. Spidey's mom

    Monday, 2/11/19

    Yes Tweety - Keto folks use butter in their coffee. My kids in Washington had 15 inches of snow so far about 2 hours ago and it was still snowing hard. They sent me a video. Another storm headed our way but we shall see. 3/4 of the snow here is gone either via snowplow or shovel. I'm tired. Headed to bed early. Flower and Garden Show in Seattle . . .sounds fun. If this weather would ease up, I'd drive up to see my kids and grandkids. Wishing y'all a good night's sleep.
  7. Spidey's mom

    Monday, 2/11/19

    Good groggy morning. Only a few sips of coffee in. . . Back on call and back to work today as manager. My boss won't be home until Thursday. As mentioned, she keeps saying she is grooming me for taking her place but I keep saying no, no, and no. Heck, she's my age so we'll probably retire together. No snow yesterday or overnight. Supposedly more coming. Hope everyone has a good Monday and that Tweety is sleeping in!
  8. Spidey's mom

    Media behaving badly

    Love your stories herring! AND the music!! One of the things I missed when I left for awhile. I don't like grits either. But corn meal mush? With butter? Oh, heaven help me.
  9. Spidey's mom

    Sunday February 10, 2019

    Good evening! NurseJ22 - my son and his family live near Seattle and it has been snowing on them. They got 8 inches overnight. Daughter is in Portland. My grandson turned 3 yesterday. Didn't get to go see him as I'm covering for our manager while she takes a week off. Took my mother-in-law out for Chinese food. Spent some time with her at the ranch. She is getting frail and those tremors are getting worse. Sometimes her leg won't move. She is tough to get around and the snow made it worse. Still, she had a good time. Sipping wine and thinking about watching reruns of NCIS. Love me some Mark Harmon. Hope y'all are good!
  10. Yep, it can be windy here. In fact, yesterday we had 45 mph winds but that was simply a storm front. That is one of the drawbacks of wind . . . you cannot rely on it. I've seen the ones near Palm Springs . . . definitely eyesores. I found a link that I thought was fair - from an environmentalist - that mentions pros and cons. https://www.conserve-energy-future.com/pros-and-cons-of-wind-energy.php
  11. Spidey's mom

    Media behaving badly

    herring . . . I am aware of your history as you've shared it here before. And I've always been very proud of you and appreciate your life and willingness to share it here. You live in my state and the issues you dealt with I am well aware of before meeting you so I'm grateful for your eyewitness accounts. Especially of the nurse/mandate issue. I still think that even if a person feels threatened only one time in their entire lives and it doesn't involve the same kinds of horrible things you had to experience, it should still be taken seriously. Thanks also for mentioning that Nathan Phillips has some credibility issues.
  12. Spidey's mom

    Media behaving badly

    Yes, and so what? It has gotten so damn ugly out there that I would, as already noted, have gotten my kid a lawyer and PR firm.
  13. Spidey's mom

    Media behaving badly

    Yes, I've known about that since it happened and was reported. It is old news really. The young man was getting death threats, people (Kathy Griffin's response was appalling) wanted to put his and other students home addresses on the internet (doxing, which I'd never heard of), I did read that the addresses were put online, there was a bomb threat. Not to mention the Disney producer who thought MAGA kids should go through a woodchipper. My family works in the woods and I know what a wood chipper does. The "cartoon" accompanying this is horrible. https://www.rt.com/usa/449368-disney-producer-threatens-maga-kids/ The school closed down due to threats of violence. Some in the media started this mess. Then others weighed in. It is a mess. If this were my kid, I'd be getting myself a PR firm and a lawyer, toute de suite. If folks don't like how some of the Sandy Hook kids were treated, then regardless of political viewpoint or opinion, these kids should not be treated badly either.
  14. Yes, this is the issue here as well. The wind turbines can be seen from miles away and are scattered across a beautiful mountain range. And now more are in the works and some people are not happy. https://krcrtv.com/news/shasta-county/wind-turbine-in-your-backyard My point in the initial post was that yes, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds and yes, there is a conversation going on that has been going on for a long time.
  15. Actually, this part of Northern CA is not "progressive" or liberal. The wind turbines were very controversial and there are more planned up here and people are not happy. Don't even get me started on the truly silly ideas that California is unfortunately known for . . .