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  1. angelbear


    Oh yea I forgot to ask for a # I want one too. Please give me a number I dont want to wasl around numberless.
  2. angelbear


    BTW tweety if you do sue I would ask for pain and suffering you have been through enough.
  3. angelbear


    I go to work for two days and see what happens. Ok couple of questions was this wootectomy done with tweety's informed consent and if not it is illegal and requires a completely free wootectomy weversal.. I would sue if I were you.
  4. angelbear

    Hatch is out!!!

    Rupert is totally my man I was so torked when he was voted off the first time. AS for Hatch and Sue well He is a jerk and even though I think she is the not nice B word I hope she does speak out on this one he should have been booted right then and there. But then again I thought Johnny fairplay should have been booted last year for his major over the top scam about his grandma.
  5. angelbear

    Help me beat dave

    Here kitty here bogo where are you?
  6. angelbear

    Word Association Tag--continued again

    george and weezy
  7. angelbear

    So who is going to the "Mel Gibson Movie"

    I havent seen it yet but my best friend did and she said it was life changing. I had the same concern that the language and subtitles would bother me but she said once she got into the movie it didnt make a difference. I cant wait to see it now. We got free tickets frm my husbands employer yippy. Even though I am anxious to see it I have no intention of debating it.
  8. angelbear

    Questions Only game--part 1

    Arent all children difficult?
  9. angelbear

    Help me beat dave

    Can I search for that dang dog bogo too.
  10. angelbear

    Help me beat dave

    Kitty kitty kitty come out come out where ever you are.
  11. angelbear

    Help me beat dave

    Here kitty kitty kitty.
  12. angelbear

    Help me beat dave

    ok no fair some of us have to work for a living. Go to work for a couple of days and see what happens. Anybody find that cat yet?
  13. angelbear

    Post #5000 - What Can I Say???

    Ok tweety now ya know I love ya but first david and now you. Your on my list now too. Gotta start thinkin up somethings to say. Oh well Love ya anyway and congrats BRATS both of ya.
  14. angelbear

    Subject: Ordering Pizza in 2008

    Scary part it is it is probably not really that far off. Yikes
  15. angelbear

    So who is going to the "Mel Gibson Movie"

    My friend just emailed me her review. I definately intend to see it.