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  1. Hygiene Queen

    Why is everyone's username not their real name?

    I actually use a real photo of me as my avatar.
  2. Hygiene Queen

    World Turned upside down

    You don't need this person in your life. He did you a favor. He's short-sighted, selfish and sounds like a jerk. Move on. Keep yourself focused on your studies. Utilize a counselor. Pat yourself on the back that you can move on and support yourself. You don't need him. Best wishes in your studies and that you may find a partner who will be just that-- a partner. Not a dead weight allowing you to do all the work and then whine about it. Have been there and done that.
  3. Hygiene Queen

    A floor crush - how do I deal with this?

    What I bolded is a huge red flag. She is obviously reading more into the relationship than what there really is. There is no relationship and she is already "tremulous"... you will be in a world of pain if you allow this to continue. She probably does have a whopper of a crush on you and-- I'm going to go out on a limb here-- I'm guessing she has some self-esteem issues. She seems clingy already. That, however, is not your problem-- it's hers. You're going to have to do a very hard thing and be straight with her. You may not have had the heart to do it before, but to set up a date with no real interest is rather cruel and misleading. She's already reading too much into the relationship. If you go through with a date, it will surely seal the deal in her mind. What you tell her is up to you, but you can be kind without being wishy-washy. Leave no room for any misinterpretation or the slightest sliver of false hope. How she copes with it is up to her. Good luck.
  4. Hygiene Queen

    Hot Graduate Assistant

    Ah. To be young again. Okay, just make sure you're keeping your hormones in check, because you need to be focused on your learning-- not worrying about some hot guy (who is busy trying to do his job) who is a decade older than you. I will say this, overtly flirting can appear obnoxious. Just be yourself. Scrubs are unattractive but everybody wears them, so no disadvantage there. The confidence, intelligence and good nature you project shine through anything you are required to wear. If you choose to pursue this, as JustBeachyNurse said, you'd better find out if there is going to be any policy issues that will compromise either of you. If not, then why don't you just ask him out yourself? If you think being rejected would make it too embarrassing to work with him again, then don't bother. You have to think about this. Personally, I think the maturity difference between a 28 year-old man and a 19 year-old girl is vast. Don't put yourself in a position to get hurt. But #1: keep your head on straight and your eye on the prize... and by that I mean successfully completing nursing school-- not Prince Charming.
  5. Hygiene Queen

    Talk to me about your hair...

    I cannot stand wearing my hair down! The easiest for me is what I call The Thelma Lou :D It looks tidy, a bit old-fashioned and quirky... and awesome in red: [ATTACH=CONFIG]13554[/ATTACH] I can change it all around, depending on my mood. There any many different ways to twist it up or arrange the front. Disclaimer: The Thelma Lou is not for the super fashion conscious and requires a good sense of humor.
  6. Hygiene Queen

    How did you handle relationships during school?

    I saw the title of this thread on the Daily Liked sidebar. I assumed I was going into the General Student Nurse Forum. I made a wrong turn at Albuquerque... :down:
  7. Hygiene Queen

    Spelling matters: it's "advice," not "advise"

    Wut u so mad bout mcleenan :/ U b an old biter nrse srlsy
  8. Hygiene Queen

    If You're Clumsy and You Know It, Pour Your Meds

    I lost a whole bottle of levothyroxine in my sink. Of course the sink was very wet and all my precious pills promptly fluffed up and dissolved. Every single one. Even the ones that looked intact ended up as mush between my fingers. I was pzzzzd! Thankfully, they are pretty cheap, but still! I hate cutting pills and the ones I hate the most are the tiny risperidol and those stupid shaped little slick ariprazole. Ha... Made me think of my psychotic pt who blew up on me because I accidentally broke her lorazepam in half while trying to pop it out of the package. She lit up like a firecracker and chased me half way down the hall. Good times! :up:
  9. Hygiene Queen

    Ok, lets talk turkey....About Peri-Menopause...

    Ha! Ha! Ha! I just have to be on the look out for my teenage daughter's! I make her keep her bathroom door closed to keep the cat and dog out now. I'm 43 and I've been done with periods for two years now. The hot flashes have mostly passed, but they were horrendous! I had to have my own sheet and blanket because I was throwing them off and on all dang night! My poor husband! I even kept a cooling pad in my bed, I was so miserable. The worst part was the killer hypothyroidism and menopause combo. Oh, joy! I went from a size 10 to a darn 14 and was pushing a 16 when I finally convinced my doc to up my levothyroxine. I'm back down to a 12 and am looking and feeling much better, thank goodness. I try to stay active and have upped my exercise. I also know I can't eat the way I used to :( Personally, I'm glad I went through it already and am done. Both my mom and grandma began in their thirties, so I guess it's no surprise I did too.
  10. Hygiene Queen

    MTV profiles Nursing?

    In name only, DeLana... in name only. Unless these nurses are gonna start a kickin' rock band and call themselves The Travelling Nurseberries and show the excesses of diverted narcotics, life on the road in a decadent ambulance with some smokin' hot EMT groupies and evil money grubbing nurse band managers... then MTV has nothing for me.
  11. Hygiene Queen

    Menopause gives us pause...

    Sigh. I have been dealing with this menopause crap for awhile now, and I have been trying the black cohosh out of desperation... please don't laugh... I make fun of myself, because I swear I'd eat powdered parrot pooh if they told me it'd help! Bring on the bark extract! I started this mess in my late 30's! I'm 42 and no period now for 2 years. That's all hunky dory, but the weight gain and hot-flashes are too much! Ooh... and hypothyroidism and work stress... oh joy! Watch my butt grow!:D Someone please please please tell this doesn't last forever and that I'm lucky I'm getting this over with early!
  12. Hygiene Queen

    Anyone a Big bang theory lover?

    Me! I think all of the characters are very engaging. I do have some concerns since my son relates to Sheldon... :o I also get a big kick out of Penny... very funny and natural actress.
  13. Hygiene Queen

    physical manifestations of mental illness

    That picture just makes me sad. Something went horribly wrong somewhere. That is a picture of a sad sad person.
  14. Hygiene Queen

    Can I get some help with an assignment?

    Hope this helped a bit. Cheers!
  15. Hygiene Queen

    Can I get some help with an assignment?

    I dunno... I don't want to put any of my personal info out there-- not even my work number. Would your instructor just accept it was "Hygiene Queen from Allnurses"? Your instructor could easily check out AN for the responses. If you think "no" then maybe it's not kosher for you to interview this way? Just curious, though... you stated you were a CNA but you don't have anyone to interview... do you not work/have worked with any nurses? Just trying to understand.

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