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Darlene K.

Darlene K.

LPN - ER (FT) Pedi urgent care (PRN)

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  1. Darlene K.

    Did Scott Peterson kill his wife???

    I feel he had something to do with it.
  2. Darlene K.

    your all time top five favorite movies

    Office space Raising Arizona Say anything National Lampoons - Christmas Vacation The Breakfast club
  3. Darlene K.

    And Now......The Funniest Song(s) You've Ever Heard

    The Georgia Satellites (Sp) Keep your hands to yourself, will always make me laugh. Also, Weird Al's - All about the Pentium and Amish Paradise.
  4. Darlene K.

    For the ladies:What do consider sexy in a man?

    I'm with you in regards to John Cusack! He is my favorite too. Great biceps in a nicely fitted shirt and you've got my attention.... :kiss
  5. Darlene K.

    Getting your teenager to do homework?

    My daughter also was held back a grade. I also tried everything I could think of. We go to a therapist, I am in constant contact with the school and try to watch her like a hawk. But I can't be in the classroom or do the work for her. My daughter believed that she was going to the pass to the next grade and get by with minimal work. Eventually that caught up with her and she had to redo the 8th grade. She was very depressed after that, all of her "friends" had moved on to high school. This August she will start the 9th grade, I will stay behind her as much as possible. At some point she will have to realize that it is up to her. I can only help if she lets me. I don't care what anyone says, it is not easy!
  6. Darlene K.

    Getting your teenager to do homework?

    This is a very difficult task. I have a 15 y.o. also w/ ADHD and she has a million excuses as to why her homework wasn't done. It was never her fault. :uhoh3: She also refuses her medication, she says she can't eat and has a headache when she takes it. Last year I would have her teachers sign her agenda book every Friday w/ her GPA. If she did not bring this home to me, I would not allow her to go anywhere over the weekend or get on line. I plan to use the same practice for this coming school year.
  7. Darlene K.

    What is the most romantic song you've ever heard?

    Insatiable by Darrin Hayes....
  8. Darlene K.

    Coke Or Pepsi?

  9. Darlene K.

    Children's Names?

    Mallory, Eric & Jaron
  10. Darlene K.

    Anyone have a tubal ligation & regretted it?

    I had mine after the birth of our 3rd child. I was 37 and have no regrets. Can't help you on the recovery time, as it was done along with my c-section. It's nice not to have to worry about birth control, especially at my age.
  11. Darlene K.

    Finish the Story......Wanna Play????Part 2

    out of nowhere, Paula said I would have to...........
  12. Darlene K.

    The Alphabet Game--part 5

  13. Darlene K.

    Finish the Story......Wanna Play????

    knew karate! Fortunately I had seen all of Jackie Chan's movies, so I knew just the right moves to kick some vampire butt.....
  14. Darlene K.

    Finish the Story......Wanna Play????

    to use the call light to try and get help. But I forgot that our nurses didn't answer call lights. Then I took the narcotic keys from around my neck and........
  15. Darlene K.

    Finish the Story......Wanna Play????

    with one swift kick.............

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