EMERGENCY MEDICINE with Peds and Psych
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traumajunkie63 has 50+ years experience and specializes in EMERGENCY MEDICINE with Peds and Psych.

25 years in the business and still love my job. have been traveling for the past 8 years, meeting lots of cool people and have been to alot of cool places. well rounded and grounded. old nurse not afraid of learning new things, have attitude and am committed to the delivery of no nonsense, non sugar coated is what it is... I am big into Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence Awareness. 2012 inductee into the National Association of Professional Women.

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  1. traumajunkie63

    Who met their S.O. online?

    any suggestions...POF didn't work...psycho, BON didn't work...cheating on wife, eHARMONY said i was too set in my ways...hehehe...sorry for knowing what i want and working to get it..met my firast husband in a bar ands took him back there and divorced him...I DID...LOL, my recent BF is in the ARMY...all was well the first 2 months...met him online, have never touched...out of the blue he starts deleting information (his profiles) and changing things up...havent heard from him for in over a month except an email once if thatin a while, stating how busy he is..we use to talk 3 times a day for about an hour or so each, and now NOTHING.......i don't know if he thinks i cant handle hie being gone or what. i too old for the baby games, my first husband was ARMY, so im cool with the deployment thing and i have 5 kids so i certainly don't go out and market myself as single....everyone is told straight up i have a boyfriend...and i dont stray....what the heck????
  2. traumajunkie63

    DeMint: Loose Women Don't Belong In the Classroom

    Who is this guy...and what planet dropped him off...are they coming back dor him soon ??????
  3. traumajunkie63

    Firefighters let man's house burn over unpaid fee

    fees or no fees, i really hope these firefighters can sleep at night...and i hope that they are never in a situation that they cannot pay THIER fees and find themselves watching THIER homes burn..wonder if they held out thier hands to the new homeless people, and aided them in food, clothing and shelter......rules or not....fees or not..i think this was just awful... and just in case you were wondering....yes..i was a firefighter...for 6 years and NEVER encountered this and would have not happend..we take care of each other in our community that i grew up in....hope they ALL can sleep
  4. traumajunkie63

    Need an algorithm for quality time

    i just have to say....i had a BF like yours...i travel and im gone 4 days and home for 8 and he finally told me he could not fit me into his schedule, that i needed nore attention than he could give me....REEEEEELLLLYYY????? he could not get all his things done in 4 days??? and we do not live together so you could not give me 2 days of your time and attention???? don't get me wrong when we did get together it was great..his kids (girls) loved me, his parents loved me and his friends loved me...obviously he did not...although he did follow me around for 6 months before he asked me to be HIS.....but then he decided he did not have the time for me???? my internal reply to this????? S E E Y A!!!!! YOU DO NOT DESERVE ME............... NEXT!!!!...hehehehe...that is what i say good luck