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  1. LovePeas

    Need an algorithm for quality time

    That's very funny! And I can appreciate that alot. :pI'm into his sports. Thats how we met. He says I'm the first.......and last woman who already is watching sports center on espn and keeps tracks of all of our teams standings. And I have yet to say the NO word about any thing he does. He's considerate and asks me, but I always tell him to go watch, play, whatever the game and have fun. I'll never put myself between him and sports, but I will put myself right next to him and sports, ya know? He's starting to get the picture now. And we're BOTH making an effort to see each other more. We are well aware the our lives have different goals too, but we want to reach those goals together. The way I'm looking at this is we're still testing the waters. He now understands my need for affection/intimacy pretty regularly. And he has made a conscience effort to make me smile again. :D Oh and as one poster said take myself back a bit and do my own thing and see what happens? I did. That was how our discussion started :lol2:
  2. LovePeas

    Need an algorithm for quality time

    Fair enough.
  3. LovePeas

    Need an algorithm for quality time

    Guess I was just venting. Too bad there weren't any posters :/
  4. Recently started a new job in the ER working nights, might I add that I :redbeathe it! I'm having a hard time finding the time to spend with my bf of 9 months. I don't get it. I work 3 nights a week sometimes 4 from 7p to 7a. He also works nights, but from 9p to 3a, 5 to 6 nights a week and 2 days a week from 7a to 5p. His schedule is rough and, well, we NEVER spend time together. I've felt as if maybe he doesn't "want" to spend any qt with me and it's ruining everything we've built so far. He manages to make time for sporting events like softball league and the occasional live NFL game too. Where do I fit in? I also stick to my work sleep schedule usually when I'm off, so I don't get out of whack when it's time to go back to work. So, basically I'm up until 8am and sleep most of the day. I'm on break from school (ns starts may '11). I can't imagine what this will be like then. We don't live together, btw. But we only live We've had numerous discussions about this and nothing seems to change. He knows how I'm feeling, I keep reminding him. It's ruining our relationship. It feels like I'm the only one making any effort to see the other person. And the old saying actions speak louder than words constantly haunts me. Every time I think about this, I get super sad and wonder if we're ever gonna survive.

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