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KaroSnowQueen has 30 years experience and specializes in telemetry, case management.

over 50, married, 5 kids, 3 grandkids, Christian, nurse since 1983

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  1. KaroSnowQueen

    What makes you what you are?

    I believe in the Lord Christ and have all my life. I am in no way a "good Christian", as I have never learned to keep my mouth shut, but I believe He loves me just the same.
  2. KaroSnowQueen

    It's not our place to judge a patient

    I think we are ALL guilty of judging some patients in some way. HOWEVER, most of us have the professionalism and/or good sense to keep it to ourselves. What the patient does that might be helped by appropriate patient teaching, we should address (smoking, taking meds properly). Other things, such as their sexual orientation, is between them and God (or not). If a patient's lifestyle choices bother me, then I should pray for them, not get in their face and call them names. So-called professionals who use their religion to belittle patients are no better than those who use their non-religion to belittle others, as well.
  3. KaroSnowQueen

    Why Do So Many Marriages Fail In America!

    :twocents:Just my two cents: Women are schooled in how to get along, how to organize, how to multi-task. Our mothers teach us this, women's magazines teach us this, women's talk shows teach us this.:p Men are not. Men's magazines/shows are about being manly and direct in their work/hobbies. :beer:Men aren't taught how to approach a crying woman, how to deal with an angry woman. They don't have a clue, and have to keep dealing with it in their man way that isn't even on the woman's radar screen. MOST men of my generation seem to show three emotions: laughter, anger and lust. Anything else just doesn't seem to compute with them.:selfbonk: My current DH (going on 22 years) said to me within the first year of our marriage, "I don't WANNA work on it, I want to be married, and it just BE there." I said, "Oh, NO, pal, you gotta work on this thing or it won't last any longer than your last ones." He did learn to work on it. And two last things: If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!!!!! and as Franny on 'Meet the Robinsons' said, Remember this, I'm ALWAYS right. Even when I'm not!!!:rotfl::blushkiss
  4. KaroSnowQueen

    Anonymous Poll: Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?

    I am pro-life, in that I do indeed believe life begins at conception, and that aborted/miscarried babies do go to Heaven. On the other hand, I am not particulary opposed to, (nor fanatically in favor of), execution. If a criminal has done truly heinous things (torture and/or rape and/or murder are the first categories that come to mind), and they KNOW he is guilty (eyewitness testimony), let 'em fry. Doesn't bother my conscience one bit. I figure, they had their life, they chose to waste it by being a menace to innocent persons, they take what they get. However, the casual extraction and discarding of an unborn baby for what are USUALLY convenience reasons, or the persuasion of the SO and/or parents, seems so mean and uncaring, and truly unfair. Most adult humans are perfectly aware that sex leads to pregnancy, yet they always appear shocked when it happens to them. When you do the deed, you take that chance, no matter what sort of contraception you use, realistically. And yes, I have been in a situation where I had unplanned pregnancies, and carried them, and loved them. And I have raised to adulthood two children I did not carry, and was a foster mom to about 11 more over the years. Plus worked at a pregnancy center for ten years. So I talk the talk, AND I have walked the walk.
  5. KaroSnowQueen

    Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin?

    Stan, THIS I can agree with you 100% on!!!! I, too, will be royally ticked!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
  6. KaroSnowQueen

    Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin?

    You can have faith and be rational sure Steph, but it's a rare occurence. If you lie to yourself, after awhile you believe the lie. If you choose to believe something for a long time, it will become your reality. The underlined part was offensive, that he was saying my, hers, our faith is lying to ourselves. That is his opinion and I find it offensive that he thinks I lie to myself about belief in Jesus Christ. I don't diss people who, like him, are atheists and tell them they are fooling themselves, I try not to get up in peoples' faces' and preach to them, his faith, or lack thereof, is none of my beeswax.
  7. KaroSnowQueen

    Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin?

    Yes, my faith is a reality. Its not yours. You may not like our viewpoints, but your opinion of faith/religion/our beliefs is offensive to me. Not flaming you, and I see your sig says you are an atheist, (and that is your privilege), but that was so condescending and rude. :twocents:
  8. KaroSnowQueen

    Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin?

    IMHO, Gov. Palin is both attractive and intelligent. She has executive experience. Her state is bordered by another (or is it two) foreign countries. She fought for reform in her own party. She lives out her family values. Her critics have criticized her for taking on the VP slot with her special needs baby. Many mothers of babies with all sorts of needs get up and go to work every day. This seems double minded and mean to criticize her for what others do every day.:no: Her teen daughter is pregnant. At least the boyfriend stands with her. That's more than my kid got from her baby's sperm donor. You teach the kids the right way and when they get to a certain age they do what they want anyway. I did, my kids did, I'm sure most of the human beings in America (and elsewhere) did too. Both those situations attest to her strong holding to her values, that of the sanctity of human life.:yeah: Yes she goes to a very conservative church. Well, thank God for that, I say. Its about time. Some of y'all don't like her church. Well, Obama's church/pastor gave me the creeps. :sofahider She has a track record of living her beliefs. That is important to many of us. "Troopergate." Well, I haven't found out all the facts in that, but I do know part of the brother in law thing was that he used his police Tazer on his 10 year old stepson, the governor's nephew. :no::bluecry1: AND she is a supporter of the NRA, which us "Poor people" cling to along with their religion (That comment by Obama REALLY ticked me off). I personally despise Obama, and his VP seemed a poor choice to me. He embraces "change and hope" as his primary message and then he picks one of the Capitol's "Good Ole Boys" for his VP???:confused: I wasn't thrilled with McCain, but he was the lesser of two evils to me. Palin?? :heartbeat:redpinkhe:heartbeat I love her and she gives somebody to vote FOR, :up::D:up:instead of just against!!!:twocents:
  9. KaroSnowQueen

    Do you believe in ghosts?

    I haven't seen an actual ghost, but I have experienced paranormal activity more than once and definitely believe in it. Let me rephrase that. When I was seven years old, and asleep in my bedroom alone, I woke up in the middle of the night. We had recently moved from the city to waaaaaaaaaaaay out in the sticks. I turned on the bedside lamp and I remember perfectly clearly that my baby doll sitting in a doll high chair wiggled her toes and it freaked me out. Then I saw through the open doorway, just the back part of a lady's long old-fashioned white skirt walk by. My mother convinced me I was dreaming after I stopped screaming. However, I remember the episode and am quite certain I was really awake. I have always said to myself that it was a dream. But it is a clear memory to this day. We had family who lived in that house before us, and the wife demanded they leave that house. No one ever said why. I didn't experience any other paranormal activity in that house until the day after my mother died. https://allnurses.com/forums/f98/creepy-stuff-7775-2.html#post649718
  10. KaroSnowQueen

    jerk fiancee

    I have been there, done that. Leave. Go to your dad's. If he gets abusive or threatening, call the cops. EVERY time from now on. You need documentation of his behavior. He has serious issues. A previous poster was right, so far as the law goes, you are a single parent. Even living with your dad, you can get food stamps, TANF, help with child support from him which they can and will take straight from his paycheck. Skip school if you have to, get a truck while the boyfriend is at work, and pack up and move out, take everything, because if you leave it, you may never see it again. Do NOT tell him of your plans to leave. Just do it, and let him figure it out. This does NOT happen in a normal relationship or even a semi-normal relationship. This man is off-kilter and you don't want to be there when he finally loses it altogether. Keep you and your little one safe.
  11. I just saw this on the news earlier. Can you believe that cr*p???!!! I don't think 7 million is excessive at all!
  12. KaroSnowQueen

    Shoppers!!! Has sizing changed?????

    I find I'm wearing bigger sizes. Yes, I have gotten bigger, but not that much bigger in the last six months!!!
  13. KaroSnowQueen

    Am I Wrong, or is She?

    If I wasn't so danged antisocial, I'd go with you!! I need it cool, dark and quiet to sleep. I would've been paying the extra $$$ for my own room loooooooooonng ago!!!! She needs to get over it. You need your own sleep needs met, and if her habits interfere with yours, then you will sleep in a seperate room and EVERYBODY should be happy. If she's not, let her worry about that. You are doing the right thing, she is not.
  14. KaroSnowQueen

    Word Game

  15. KaroSnowQueen

    Prayers please! please!

    Praying for all your sisters, and for the family of that poor mother!!! And you too for being such a good sister!!