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    Thursday June 24, 2021

    Morning Tweety Ted I'm glad Sedona didn't need surgery, hope her leg heals quickly Amo I keep the ringer off on my landline and mostly use my cell, because of all the robo calls NJ22 I've considered an e-reader but do most of my reading before bed, so I'm reluctant to use one Stars we'll be leaving Sunday morning, and should return by Wednesday afternoon Fairly quiet day at work, which was good as my last call lasted nearly an hour, someone who likes to talk wanted to talk at length this time After work got the laundry done, got a few things at the grocery store for the trip, and stopped at the credit union again for money for the trip. Mostly the preparation is done, I just have to pack the clothes and a few other things and I'll be ready Today nothing really going of after work. Will exercise and work on embroidery. Will pack the embroidery too for the trip, in case I have some time on my hands Weather will be kinda rainy the next few days, we need the rain. Will be in the low 80s I think. Hoping the rain will hold off for the trip
  2. Joe NightingMale

    Wednesday June 23, 2022

    Tweety hope today isn't too busy for you Liked the video Ted Amo I've restarted melatonin too, and it seems to help Stars hope you feel less tired NJ22 it's been cooler here too Was a nice day at work, not too busy. Hope this trend continues, at least this week. Found out another new hire decided against working here. Probably not a good sign After work ran to the bank and the bakery and exercised. Finalized arrangements with the cat sitter Today after work will do laundry, drop by the credit union, and attend online Bible study. Have not been able to do that last due to bell choir practice Weather has been nicer here, in the 70s and low 80s, and will be for the next week or so. And chances of rain every day for the next week. It will be nice for farmers as we're currently in a drought, hopefully it won't interfere with our reunion plans
  3. Joe NightingMale

    Tuesday June 22, 2021

    Tweety sleep hygiene is tricky, it's something I keep working on, though things have been improving Ted that is sad and will take some time to process. It was good you were able to help her out by filling in when necessary BC the beach sounds nice NJ22 the temps are similiar here Stars I hope that dog gets caught before someone gets hurt Hi Amo Somewhat busy morning at work, though afternoon was better. It's nice knowing that I have a few days off after this week Exercised after work and stopped at the grocery store. Have been off diet the last week or so, going to try and do a more low carb approach for a few days to see if that can get me back on track Was cool yesterday but had to keep the AC on as the building tends to retain heat Not much planned for today, need to get some cash for the trip and text the cat sitter for any final instructions Weather was in the 70s yesterday, should be in the low 80s today. Temps should remain the the 80s for the next week or so. Though rain is a possbility later this week into next week. Hopefully rain wont' be an issue during the reunion
  4. Joe NightingMale

    Monday June 21, 2021

    Morning Tweety. I'm a fan of shiitakes as well Stars I hope things cool down there NJ22 that's nice that you can pick stuff from your garden to use Hi Amo Was a nice day yesterday. Prior to church was able to bakd cornbread and make the soup We were able to sing at church as long as we wore masks. And we had in person coffee hour for the first time since the pandemic. Afterwards J and I took dad to one of our favorite restaurants for Father's Day The rest of the day was quiet, exercise and embroidery. Practiced packing for the reunion, will have to go with my suitcase rather than the backpack and shoulder bag, as they dont' have enough space Slept through all of the severe weather we had last night. Glad I'm past the sleep difficulties, but not good that I slept through the warnings. West of here there was a late night tornado that caused damage and injuries. Weather will be cooler, in the 70s today, will remain in the 70s and 80s the rest of the week. Am monitoring weather for the reunion, have a possiblity of rain
  5. Joe NightingMale

    Sunday June 20th 2021

    Happy Father's Day to all of the fathers out there Ted hope you can save up enough time off for your Italy trip Tweety glad you had a good day NJ22 glad you're feeling better Stars that does sound like unpleasant weather Yesterday was fairly nice, got out early for coffee and birdwatching. Pickup up vegetables at the farmer's market, was glad that the farmer who sells jams and jellies is back. Exercised and watched some Three Stooges and Svengoolie Today have church, will be doing the vestry announcements for the later services. Kinda glad we decided this summer to keep to 2 services instead of going down to one This afternoon J and I are taking my dad out for lunch for Father's Day. Rest of the day should be quiet, exercise, embroidery, and slowly getting ready for the reunion next week Weather will be a little warm today, in the upper 80s I think, but this afternoon strong to severe storms are expected, hopefully this will hold off until after our lunch
  6. Joe NightingMale

    Saturday June 19th 2021

    Ted glad you have 4 days off, although the puppy will probably take up a lot of that time Amo I think the holiday was officially recognized yesterday, although I noticed that the post office was still delivering mail Stars good luck with Nannie's nails Work was kinda crazy yesterday, until we got into the afternoon when things settled down The rest of the day was calm, just exercised and worked on embroidery. Also starting work on packing for the reunion next week. Today will go out birdwatching early, after getting coffee. Will also pick some things up at the farmer's market for the soup I'm making. Will also exercise and watch some of the Three Stooges. Svengoolie has Curse of the Undead, which is a western with a vampire, it's OK Weather will be a bit cooler today, in the mid 80s. Rain should hold off until tomorrow
  7. Joe NightingMale

    Friday June 18, 2021

    Hi Tweety NJ22 hope your guts wake up Amo that sounds productive, getting rid of all that stuff Work wasn't too bad, though it got busy during the afternoon. Today should be OK, especially if they decided to cancel the weekly meeting today, which I think they will After work did the usual trips to the bank/bakery/grocery store. Went to church for our vestry meeting, the first in person one since the pandemic began. A lot to discuss and we ran late, but for the most part it ran smoothly Not much going on today after work except exercise and embroidery Weather has been in the 90s, and will remain so for the next few days. Rained last night, might rain again Sunday. We need the rain, it's been dry around here
  8. Joe NightingMale

    Thursday June 17, 2021

    Tweety I think a lot of us struggle with excessive self-criticism. Can be difficult to acknowledge issues without falling into that trap BC that is good news, hope the rheumatologist can help NJ22 hope your symptoms subside Ted glad that it's not too hot there Amo I should probably do some shredding too Stars glad you were able to resolve that accounting error Work continues to be pretty good, has not been too busy. Not sure how much longer that is going to last After work ran to the laundromat and exercised and did some embroidery Slept pretty good again, only got up about a half hour early. Keeping the room a bit cooler and staying calmer during the day is helping Today after work I have to do the usual bank/bakery/grocery trips. Then to chruch for our first in person meeting of the vestry in a long time. Have to discuss changes to pandemic precautions, renovations to the rectory, and meetings with candidate to be the new rector. Busy evening Will be warm today, should be up to the 90s the next 2 days. Storms are exepcted this evening
  9. Joe NightingMale

    Wednesday June 16, 2021

    Hope you feel better Tweety. Glad the meditation helped NJ22 glad the numbers are going down Davey glad you made it to retirement Ted I'm by nature anxious too. I've been trying to do more with my mindful meditation, have fallen away from that since the pandemic started Stars that seems like good ways to approach anxiety, I need to do more of that Work was pretty good yesterday, hoping it will be so today. Expecting more work to come down the pike any day now... Less anxiety yesterday. Realized the chest tightness I felt wasn't anxiety but a very dry throat caused by the fluticasone I was trying out for allergies. Don't really need it, my allergies have been pretty mild the last few years After work exercised, had an online meeting with one of the political groups, and vacuumed a bit. Did some embroidery before bed Slept pretty good last night, only got up about a half hour early. Think keeping my room a bit cooler is helping. Also put on a sleep mask if I wake up during the night, in case the earlier rising sun is an issue Today will do the laundry after work and exercise Last day of good weather, in the upper 70s. Will get up to 90 tomorrow, will have some storms too
  10. Joe NightingMale

    Tuesday June 15, 2021

    Tweety I bookmark the daily thread page: https://allnurses-breakroom.com/entries-c229/ Glad you're feeling better Davey that's cool that you've kept a journal that long Stars glad to hear you're getting some help with Nannie BC I'm glad your friend is finally going to speak to her PCP, hopefully she will have some options Ted glad the vet visit went well Amo hope your shoulder is better Not a bad day at work yesterday, hoping things continue to be quiet but thinking things will begin to pick up Ran errands after work and exercised. Anxiety flared up unexpectedly, had to take time in the evening to calm down. No apparent cause Woke early, though not as early as yesterday. Got up, read a bit, laid back down and almost fell asleep before the alarm went off Today have an online meeting with one of the political groups after work, as well as exercise Will be fairly cool the next 2 days, in the upper 70s, which will be nice
  11. Joe NightingMale

    Monday June 14th 2021

    Must have been long ago Davey, I can't even remember that Hi NJ22 Glad that you're back Amo Ted the performances and the services can be found on Facebook under All Saints Episcopal Church Western Springs Yesterday was fairly quiet, was up early enough to finish cooking. Had our final bell choir performance at church, as well as a baptism and our first in person coffee hour, held outside Met with the cat sitter and went out for a bike ride, though it was pretty hot. Woke up an hour early, read a bit, went back to bed but didnt' sleep so I got up early. Perhaps it was the bike ride, sometimes bike rides in hot weather get my body so warm I have a hard time sleeping. Though I dont' feel tired this morning Hoping work will continue to not be too bad. Weather will be a bit cooler today, in the lower 80s. Will be in the upper 70s the next 2 days
  12. Joe NightingMale

    Sunday June 13th 2021

    Dianah I do that for trips as well Hi Davey! NJ22 I notice I'm getting up a bit earlier too, perhaps it's the early summer mornings Ted glad that Sedona is gradually learning Stars today I was chopping onions and separating cauliflower into florets. Some of these vegetables are so tough I could almost use an axe on them BC that sounds like a nice day. I hope your friend hears from her doctor soon Pretty good day yesterday. Went out early for coffee and birdwatching. Was hot and humid but not many birds. Was disappointed to find that the vendor at the farmer's market that used to sell jams and jellies no longer does. Was my main reason for going there Met dad for lunch at one of our usual places. Got home just ahead of some pretty bad storms. Did some exercise and watched some Three Stooges and Svengoolie Slept pretty good, getting up a bit earlier than normal, probably due to the sun. I'll try going to be a bit earlier to compensate Got the cooking done this morning, today at church we have our last bell choir performance until the fall. Will have our first in person coffee hour (outdoors) which will be nice. Will find time to exercise and work on embroidery Will be a bit cooler today, in the 80s, will be in the 70s during the week which will be nice
  13. Joe NightingMale

    Saturday June 12, 2021

    Morning Tweety, glad you got your trip scheduled Ted glad work was good NJ22 I think a lot of us have confused sleep schedules Stars I get the cat groomed as well, but rarely given the cost Dianah the mountains sound nice, especially in the summer Work was good again yesterday, quite quiet in fact. Wondering how long this will last Sleep was good too, no early waking or difficulty falling asleep. Have finally figured out how much to cool the bedroom. The melatonin helps too, as does going to bed a bit later and waking a bit earlier. Hopefully past this issue J wasn't feeling well yesterday so we decided to skip dinner out. Stayed in and exercised, did embroidery, and watched an episode of The Andy Griffith Show Today out to do my usual birdwatching. Will meet with dad for lunch. Will do some chopping in preparation for cooking tomorrow. Will find time to stop at the farmer's market and at the local cat shelter, which is having a bake sale Svengoolie has How to Make a Monster, which I have not seen before Weather will be warm again, in the 90s, rain expected this afternoon, which we could really use
  14. Joe NightingMale

    Friday June 11, 2021

    Morning Tweety Ted I can understand the puppy fatigue Stars I wish we had rain here, but none expected Hi NJ22 Work remains fairly good, and should be so today as well. After work did the laundry, dropped off a book at the library, and exercised Cat sitter had to reschedule, so I'll meet with her on Monday Didn't wake up early last night, but did have problems falling to sleep, which is unusual for me. Was probably too warm, had the blankets on initially. Read a bit then slept the rest of the night. If I could just get all of these elements right my sleep would be fine. Some more work will be required it seems After work tonight I will be meeting J for dinner. It's nice to get back to our usual routines. Also will be meeting dad for lunch tomorrow, another regular routine that is good to see return Weather continues to be warm, up to 90, no rain expected anytime soon.
  15. Joe NightingMale

    Thursday June 10, 2021

    Tweety that's not good, that they're having problems attracting and keeping staff Ted glad that Sedona is seeming to calm down a bit BC hope that your friend does get good news Wasn't able to access the site for much of the day yesterday Work continues to be good, although another coworker is going to be leaving. Not a good sign, but going to wait and see for now before I make any decisions to stay or leave After work did the usual trips to the bank, bakery, and grocery store. Had our last bell choir practice too, our last performance will be next Sunday. We start again in the fall Would've slept well but an attack of heartburn woke me up in the early morning. Took an antiacid but it took a while to work. Slept a bit after that but decided to get up a bit early as I felt pretty good and awake. Will have to take a dose before going to bed tonight The cat sitter is coming today to get the keys. Have more than 2 weeks until the reunion, should give me plenty of time to prepare Will do laundry tonight, will also exercise and find time for embroidery Will be the the upper 80s again today, no rain expected. Has been quite dry this week
  16. Joe NightingMale

    Wednesday June 9, 2021

    Tweety glad you had a good day Ted a dog trainer seems like a good idea with a new puppy Dianah I think I'd prefer an RV to tent camping too Stars it seems a lot of people here have sleep issues NJ22 seems like a good day Was a good day at work, fairly quiet. The headache stayed away until work was over, had to take some more acetaminophen to keep it away. Exercised and relaxed after work Was a better night, no headache this time. Did get up mabye an hour before the alarm to read, laid down for a bit longer, ended up getting up perhaps 15 minutes early. Feel good and awake. Am trying not to stay in bed unless I'm sleepy, and trying to reduce the total amount of time I'm in bed Today have the usual bank/bakery/grocery store after work, then our last bell choir practice for the year. Our local library is closing down this weekend until July as they move into their new building. I've been trying to get in all of my interlibrary loan requests before then. Another library will serve as the pickup point until they reopen at the new location Weather continues in the upper 80s. The expected rain has not materialized, will be dry until at least the weekend. We could really use the rain
  17. Joe NightingMale

    Tuesday June 8, 2020

    Tweety I can understand the struggle, anxiety and insomnia has been an issue with me the last week. It's something I've been working on too Ted public speaking makes many nervous. We had that same reading, when she reached that point our chaplain paused and gave the congregation a pointed glance, a pretty funny moment NJ22 it's fairly common to reach plateaus with weight loss Stars that is pretty basic camping, no running water or electricity Woke up with a headache in the early morning, took some acetaminophen and got upt and read a bit, but it persisted on and off until the alarm went off, so sleep wasn't great last night. Though feel OK Have been experimenting with various things. Think the ceiling fan is on too high and the breeze is making me uncomfortable, so I'll turn that down. Will try different sleeping positions. Starting melatonin again and gradually increasing the dosage. Might try the weighted blanket again if it doesn't make me too hot, it does have a calming effect. Will continue to get up and read when I wake early, even if I have to do it more than once, or even do some embroidery, anything fun. I'll even consider just getting up early if it seems I can't get back to sleep Got a lot of these suggestions from my counselor, and I've used them in the past. Have fallen out of these habits, and I need to start doing them again. Am a little concerned about how this insomnia will affect me if it continues, but I've gone through periods of insomnia before and managed well enough The work day was mostly uneventful. Glad things have been calm, but not sure how long they'll stay that way. After work exercised and did embroidery Weather has been in the 80s lately, which has been an improvement over the 90s of last week. Think there will be some rain today and tomorrow Hi Ted, see you posted at the same time as me
  18. Joe NightingMale

    Monday June 7th 2021

    Ted sounds like you have quite a variety of birds Dianah that sounds fun Stars hope you get some rain NJ22 wish it was that cool around here BC that's cool that you could attend the anniversary party Yesterday was fairly quiet. Did cooking in the morning, but things didn't turn out well. So I got some salads from Trader Joe's instead Church was nice but hot. Next week in person coffee hour starts again, outside. Will be interesting. Exercised and worked on embroidery and took it easy Still getting up early, read a bit and went back to bed but didn't quite fall back to sleep. Not sure why this is happening. At least I'm more relaxed about it now. Will try keeping the temperature a bit lower and start with melatonin again. I feel pretty much OK thankfully Will be cooler today, in the 80s, with some rain. Will be in the 80s most of the week, with rain possible most days
  19. Joe NightingMale

    Sunday June 6, 2021

    BC keeping your friend in prayer Tweety glad you got a good ratio Stars that's neat that so many birds hang around your house NJ22 saw a few birds yesterday Day was nice, got out for birdwatching in the morning. Went out to lunch with dad for the first time in months, since October at least. Did some chopping in preparation for cooking, exercised, and watched Three Stooges and Svengoolie. Still woke up a bit early, decided to read for a few minutes, went back to bed and the alarm went off. I know from previous experience even if I get up and read a bit I still get enough sleep. And I'm feeling fine this morning. Might be a bit warm in the bedroom. Or might need to try melatonin again. Or not worry about it, as worry about sleep causes sleep issues Today will have church, will try and complete the cooking before church and before it gets hot. Nothing really the rest of the day except for exercise Will be in the 90s again, though will be in the 80s during the week
  20. Joe NightingMale

    Saturday June 5th 2021

    Stars a referral to a therapist could definitely help your dh, given the family stresses he's facing Ted glad your patient held on throughout your shift NJ22 that's a lot of herons Another good day at work, got finished with everything early And met J for dinner, the first Friday night we've had together in months. Was a little annoyed that I woke early again, wonder if it's the return to hot weather and using A/C, since I was fine until Thursday. Hopefully I can get sleep straightened out again Today going out to look for birds, then going to meet dad for lunch for the first time in months. Going to discuss the family reunion later this month Going to watch my usual Three Stooges and Svengoolie, who was Cult of the Cobra Woman, which is OK Weather is pretty hot, in the low 90s the next few days
  21. Joe NightingMale

    Saturday June 5th 2021

    BC that must be a shock. It is good that you're there for her
  22. Joe NightingMale

    Friday June 4, 2021

    Tweety that was good advice you gave, glad he's handling it in calmer fashion Ted glad you have the room AC to keep the place cool Stars hope it gets less humid there Another fairly good day at work. Will almost certainly get busy later in the month, but nice it's quiet now Did laundry after work. Still have not heard when we might get new washers and dryers Sleep was restless last night. Weather had just turned hot and had the AC on for the first time in like 2 weeks. Probably need to adjust to the hot weather Will be meeting J for dinner tonight. Will also meet my dad tomorrow for lunch. Things gradually returning to normal Will be in the 90s for the next few days, though rain should hold off for a while
  23. Joe NightingMale

    Thursday June 3, 2021

    Morning Tweety Ted the weather has been pretty nice here too NJ22 it must be pretty hot with no a/c and 85 degrees. Going to be 90 here later this week Stars hope you feel better today Was another nice day at work. Worked ahead and got started on some stuff early After work did the usual trips to bakery/bank/grocery store. Exercised too since we didn't have bell choir last night Today will do the laundry after work. I understand new washers and dryers will be coming soon, but people are apparently upset that the condo board will charge a special assessment for it Weather will be up in the 80s today, will get up to 90 by tomorrow and the weekned. Though the rain is holding off so far
  24. Joe NightingMale

    Wednesday June 2, 2021

    Hi Tweety. I can't remember the last time I was in a movie theater Ted glad the weather is good, since the puppy is out so much NJ22 fasting is a struggle for me too Hi Stars Work was good yesterday, the easiest day I've had in weeks. Although annoyed to get yet another micromanaging email, that we get periodically. Keeps me wondering how long I want to stay at this job Rest of the day was productive. Cleaned the stove and did some online education in addition to exercise Today after work have the usual trips to the bank, bakery, and grocery store. No bell choir practice today, so will have some extra time tonight Our library will be closing down for 2 or 3 weeks starting in mid June to move to their new building. I tend to do a lot of interlibrary loans, so I'm trying to figure out which books I want to get and get them ordered before the close. Glad they're getting a new building, the current one is inadequate Weather will be in the 70s today, with the 80s later and possibly even 90
  25. Joe NightingMale

    Tuesday June 1 2021

    Ted hope the puppy teaching goes well Tweety I would've had big problem too with that transfer NJ22 hope the Covid rates there go down Stars glad the new mattress is helping BC glad to hear that the wedding preparations are proceeding Did decide to go and bike down by the river yesterday, only got lost once on the way there. Was a change of pace although I think I like the prairie path better, closer and with more diverse views Did the cooking yesterday and some embroidery and not a lot else. Back to work today, glad it's Tuesday and hoping it won't be too crazy Not much going on after work, except the usual exercise and embroidery Have been looking into lacemaking as a hobby, might give that a try once I'm done with the current embroidery project Weather should be in the 70s the next few days, rain should hold off for a few days at least

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