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    Monday October 14, 2019

    Morning Tweety Yesterday went well. Choir did a good job on the anthem. Judy was a good movie, sad but not too sad. Mostly it focused on the end of her career, her concerts in London Work 2 days in the office this week then back home for the next 3 Weather is continuing to be pretty cool, but has remained dry which is a relief
  2. Joe NightingMale

    Sunday October 13, 2019

    Morning Tweety. Pets can be pests about getting fed. I try to make sure the cat has enough food before I go to bed, won't feed her before her usual time even if I do get up early Yesterday was busy. Stopped at the farmer's market and Kohls, did a little cooking, met with the environmental group, and had lunch with dad. Rest of the day was slower, had time to exercise and make progress on cross stitch. Watched Svengoolie...he had the original Mummy which was pretty good...but switched to watching on my tablet instead of my television as the reception was pretty bad last night. I don't think I watch anything over the air now Today have choir and church. Choir starts a little later than usual, which is good. Not sure how much trouble I'll have with the anthem since I'm not doing Wed night practice anymore, but someone sent me a link to it and it doesn't seem too hard J and I are skipping brunch today and instead are going to see Judy this afternoon. We haven't seen a movie in quite a while Weather has been chilly but more fall like, 30s to 50s today. Rain is becoming less common which is also good
  3. Joe NightingMale

    Tuesday October 8 2019

    Morning Work was fairly busy, at least at the beginning and end of the day people were actually answering my calls. Still got out on time. Rest of the day was pretty normal Might be done with the cross stitch by the end of the month, going more quickly on this last section At home one more day then in the office for the rest of the week Weather is nice right now, though rain coming in a few days and it gets pretty cold over the weekend
  4. Joe NightingMale

    Tuesday October 8 2019

    Tweety J wants to see that too Dianah I should be done with it in a few weeks. I"ll try and post a picture then, but I've been having problems doing that here for some reason
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    Monday October 7 2019

    Morning Yesterday went smoothly. Choir, church, then brunch with J. Got out for a bike ride in the afternoon. Did some more cross stitch Found out the church might offer the temporary organist the position full time. Seems like a good idea as she's pretty good and the choir and congregation seem to like her Working from home the next 2 days Weather has remained cooler, the rain will stop for a few days which is good
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    Wednesday October 2, 2019

    Morning Back working from home for the next 5 days. Will be nice at it gives me some extra time before and after work Had to talk to the landlord, those little flies are back. I suspect they're coming from my neighbor's place, so he's going to check there first. Hopefully it can be resolved quickly Meeting J for dinner at one of our usual places. We looked at seeing a movie but all the ones we were interested in weren't at good times for us Was quite warm and humid yesterday, today should be quite a bit cooler and a bit rainy. Will be glad once the rains stop and we get to our usual drier fall
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    Tuesday October 1 2019

    Morning, it's October now Had an anxiety dream, woke up early, fell back to sleep, same dream resumed. Usual stuff about college classes I haven't prepared for. At least I slept OK Yesterday wasn't too bad at work for a Monday. Today I pack up and the end of the day and work from home for the next 5 days Met J for dinner last night since we didn't see each other during the weekend. Tried out a new place, well sorta new we were there once before Going to be another fairly warm day, then back to fall like temps. Rain will be showing up yet again too
  8. Joe NightingMale

    Monday September 30 2019

    Morning Busy day yesterday, at church early for choir then returning to church in the afternoon to help set up for the rummage sale. Fewer donation yesterday but lots of time spent moving things around and setting things up Rest of the day was fairly uneventful Back to work today. Meeting J for dinner since we didn't meet during the weekend Weather is turning quite warm the next two days but looks like it'll be cooler again after that
  9. Joe NightingMale

    Saturday September 28 2019

    Morning Fairly ordinary workday yesterday. Met J for dinner afterwards. He was late but that is also fairly ordinary Tons of rain last night, still continuing this morning. Hope it stops soon as I'd like to get to the farmer's market, which I think is only here another week or two Wont' see dad as he's out of town. Wont' see J this weekend as I'm busy helping get ready for the church rummage sale. Have to be at church the next two afternoons helping people dropping off stuff for the sale. Also have to get some bags from Trader Joes, we've been collecting for weeks but we're still short Weather is rather odd, only in the 60s today but will be in the 80s by Mon
  10. Joe NightingMale

    Friday September 27 2019

    Morning Glad Friday was here Yesterday was a better day at work. And no migraines Heard that a former supervisor's father died, the wake was last night. Some us who used to work with her went there after work. Was nice to see people I hadn't seen in a long time. Did make for a long night though, as I still had to do the grocery shopping Today should be fairly ordinary, dinner with J after work Going to be rainy the next few days but still pretty cool
  11. Joe NightingMale

    Thursday September 26 2019

    Morning The lack of sleep made work challenging yesterday. A very long call and a last minute task to complete didn't help. Hoping today is better J was late for dinner as well. I was patient and just ordered a larger than usual glass of wine Slept better tonight, hope the migraine is gone for good Weather continues to be cool although rain will become more common starting tomorrow
  12. Joe NightingMale

    Thursday September 26 2019

    Red wine can trigger migraines, I've started switching to white
  13. Joe NightingMale

    Wednesday September 25, 2019

    Morning Tweety. Had not great sleep either Slept for an hour and woke up with a migraine. Knew one was coming, could feel it developing during the evening. Took a while for meds to kick in, sat up in the recliner until they worked and I fell asleep. Went back to bed and slept longer. Hope it's enough for today Morning yesterday was crazy at work as I knew it would be after being off and starting the week. Rest of the day was better. Got my bike back from the shop, broken spoke repaired. Had time for some cross stitch and exercise Tonight meeting J for dinner at one of our usual places Weather here should remain cooler although there is a chance for rain all week
  14. Joe NightingMale

    Tuesday September 24 2019

    Morning Yesterday proved busier than expected Got some things done on my to do list that had been there a while...emissions test for the car, getting the bike fixed, getting a flu shot. Even got some laundry done too Was going to renew my CCM 2 months early, and found that I still was short several CEUs. So several hours were spent doing that first before renewing. Had less free time than I had expected Back to work today, getting an early start in case there are a lot of emails I have to review. Thankfully I work from home one more day Decided to skip dining out with the church group, since I have to pick up my bike tonight and pack up the home office to go into work tomorrow Have been wondering if maybe my stress levels have been starting to rise again. Sometimes going on a vacation helps me see that more clearly. I'll have to keep an eye on that Glad the rains held off yesterday, was fairly cool too
  15. Joe NightingMale

    Monday September 23 2019

    Morning I have the day off, planning to do a few errands but mostly take it easy The trip went better than expected, as the rain held off until 3pm on Sat. So I had time to do things before then that required being outside. And afterwards met some friends at a local bowling alley. Sunday was rain all day and during the drive back, which was difficult. Last night met J for dinner and unpacked Weather has turned cooler here, was actually a bit warmer when I was in WI
  16. Joe NightingMale

    Friday September 20, 2019

    Morning Tweety Yesterday was less crazy at work, as I'm getting the hang of the working from home setup. Hopefully today will be similar J is still trying to get his insurance straightened out, making progress so hopefully he'll hear something today Vacation looks like it could end up being rained out. Too late to change plans, so I'll go anyway. There's a chance that most of the rain will be towards the evening. If so I'll try and do outside stuff earlier. Will keep checking the forecasts and see. Just getting away for a bit will be nice even if it is rainy Meeting J tonight for dinner at one of our usual places
  17. Joe NightingMale

    Thursday September,

    Morning Tweety BC some cognitive behavioral approaches along with an antidepressant really helped me when I was having insomnia Yesterday felt a bit crazy, busy morning and new project along with adapting to working from home. Was fairly stressful, but the project turned out to be less work than I anticipated and by the end of the day things were calm. Should be better today now that I've adapted J is still trying to get the insurance situation resolved, seems to be mostly a paperwork issues. Hoping he gets it solved soon. He has been able to get partial fills of his meds that should get him through this gap in coverage Managed to get the laundry done and most of the packing yesterday. Even had time to do cross stitch and exercise. Leaves me with little to do before the trip Weather is still fairly warm here, with increasing chances for rain. Chance of rain is still 40% for Madison, though I think it will be more likely in the evening than the day. Hoping the trip won't be plagued by rain the whole time
  18. Joe NightingMale

    Wednesday September 18 2019

    Morning First day of working at home. Hopefully everything will go smoothly. I guess we'll see. Yesterday went pretty well overall Talked to J, he's having insurance issues, he was supposed to switch Medicare Advantage providers at the end of the month, but his current provider already cancelled his coverage. Hopefully he can get this straightened out soon Starting to get ready to head to Madison, need to pack a bit. Working from home helps, when things are slow I can do a bit of the packing here and there. Will have time for laundry during the day too, which will also help Turning warmer, rain possible towards the end of the week. Keep hoping the chance for rain in Madison decreases but it was remained near 40% for days now. Guess we'll see
  19. Joe NightingMale

    Tuesday September 17 2019

    Morning Odd day yesterday, everything went well but was feeling rather down for much of the day. Feeling had passed by the time the day was over Was a pretty regular day, nothing unusual. Thought about starting to pack but given how short a trip it will be I can wait a bit Realized that doing part time working from home means taking a whole bunch of stuff back and forth from the office to home. Kinda time consuming. Once they implement full time from home it shouldn't be an issue Weather is nice but possible rain near the end of the week. Hoping the rain doesn't impact my travel plans
  20. Joe NightingMale

    Monday September 16 2019

    Morning Quieter day yesterday. Church, lunch with dad, then cooking, cross stitch and exercise. Was going to ride my bike but apparently it needs some repair Back in the office the next 2 days, then working from home the rest of the week. That will save me time that will help me get ready for my trip to Madison Weather is turning cooler again. Chances for rain later in the week, including my trip. Hope the threat of rain will decrease as the week proceeds
  21. Joe NightingMale

    Saturday September 14 2019

    Morning Had a mixed day at work. Last minute thing to do that threw my schedule out of whack. Still uncertain as to expectations as well. But I did get all of my work at home equipment, first day to work at home will be Wed Have been watching weather reports, 40% chance of rain next Saturday in Madison. Hoping for a non-rainy trip.. Dinner with J as usual last night Today meeting with J to head downtown for our minister's wedding. A small reception afterwards, will be nice although I hope the traffic isn't too bad Starting to warm up a bit although rain has held off for now
  22. Joe NightingMale

    Friday September 13 2019

    Morning Today is both Friday the 13th and a full moon Work was a bit crazy again as things changed yet again. Trying to keep my balance but it's tricky with all of the uncertainty. Hoping things settle down soon. There has been a lot of change since I started Going to pack things up as I'll be sharing my cubicle once work from home starts Monday. I'll be in the office Mon/Tues then a coworker will be there while I'm at home the rest of the week. Kinda exciting that we're actually implementing work from home, and on time too. Yesterday was pretty uneventful apart from work, the usual grocery shopping and exercise. Watched part of the debates though I wasn't always paying attention Meeting J for dinner at one of our usual places Getting cooler now, has been rainy but should be drier today
  23. Joe NightingMale

    Thursday September 12 2019

    Morning Work at home process is proceeding. Next week I'm going to work at home Wed Thurs and Fri. I'm surprised the process is proceeding in a timely fashion, normally I've experienced weeks of delay. Met J for dinner at one of our usual places after work. Was nice not to have to worry about getting to choir practice afterwards. Saw some vivid lightning from a storm to my north on the way home Have the grocery shopping to do after work today. Might take time to watch the debates if they're not too boring Weather around here is still fairly warm although cooling down, will gradually become more fall like.
  24. Joe NightingMale

    Tuesday September 10 2019

    Morning Work was bit crazier than expected, was asked to help train a new employee in the morning, then had to complete paperwork for working at home before the day was over. Ended on a quiet note though Evening was fairly quiet. Stopped at the library on the way home, had time to exercise and cross stitch Hopefully things will be quieter at work today. Getting a hair cut after work, something I've delayed for a while Weather is turning hot again, up to 90 today, but after a few days it will cool back down again. Rain expected too
  25. Joe NightingMale

    Monday September 9 2019

    Morning Quieter day for me yesterday. Choir met early to practice a bit, then church. Skipped the potluck and went out to lunch with J, we tried a new place. Came home, rode my bike and worked on cross stitch Hoping this week will be calmer at work than last week Weather has been cooler although I think it will warm up as the week proceeds. Possibility of rain for my trip to Madison, but the forecast could change a lot in the next 2 weeks