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    Friday March 22 2019

    Morning TGIF Fairly normal day at work yesterday. Hopefully today will be the same. Exercised and did grocery shopping yesterday Talked to J, he needs another root canal, not happy about that but at least the appointment isn't until after he comes back from California. J's elderly friend is having great difficulty with lower extremity edema, he's not sure if she's notified the doctor so he's going to do so. Hopefully she just needs an increase in diuretics and doesn't need to be admitted Did not weight myself last week, so it was nice to see that my weight loss has continued, though at a slower pace. Hopefully I'll be at my goal before the summer Should be a fairly ordinary weekend for me, which will be nice given how busy last weekend was Weather is a bit cooler today, but the rain has stopped
  2. Joe NightingMale

    Thursday March 21 2019

    Morning Pretty good day at work yesterday. That rather nasty reviewer had nice things to say about my recent documentation, so hopefully she won't be a concern for much more. Still have problems with people not responding, we'll have to see if that becomes an issue. As long as it doesn't my urge to leave will decrease a bit. But I'll keep looking, economy may not be as good next year so this year is probably a good time if I want to switch jobs Went out to dinner with J last night. He was fairly late but not as late as he expected to be. Arrived a bit late to choir practice but thankfully didn't miss much Grocery shopping tonight, other than that should be a normal day Weather is starting to turn cooler again, looks like temps will vary a bit but will steadily warm starting sometime next week
  3. Joe NightingMale

    Wednesday - March 20th, 2018 - Good Morning!

    Ted I'm glad you followed your instinct and was there with your dad in his final moments. I hope you can find peace now that he's at rest. Interview yesterday went well, but the manager said it was only a 3 month temporary position with a less than certain possibility of becoming permanent. Which is not what i'm looking for. And they want someone to start 4/1, which would preclude giving 2 weeks notice. And the commute would be tricky. So this is probably not the position for me. Oh well, have another one next week Drive up there was good, the drive back not so good. But I got home at a reasonable time Tonight meeting with J at one of our usual places, then choir practice Rainy day, temps will dip a bit during the week but should be pretty warm by the weekend
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    Tuesday March 19 2019

    Morning Crazy day at work yesterday, had to quickly rework my schedule to make sure something was completed by tomorrow that I thought I had until next week to complete Heard nothing about the interview yesterday until I got an email from the recruiter that due to a family emergency the hiring manager had to delay it until the end of this week. Still waiting to hear when they're going to reschedule it Working a half day today so I can head downtown for that interview. Spoke to that recruiter yesterday, think I'm ready. Hopefully it'll go well, and I'll get an idea if this is something I want to pursue or not Rest of the day was pretty ordinary, the usual exercise and such. Weather is continuing to improve, should be up to 50 today
  5. Joe NightingMale

    Monday March 18 2019

    Morning Was a quiet day yesterday, as I predicted. Did a little cooking and went for a walk. Got my suit ready and found a parking garage for the Tuesday interview. Still waiting to get details for today's interview. Also waiting to see if a third one will be scheduled for the end of the week Back to work today, hoping things aren't too crazy. Hoping the interviews don't end up disrupting my schedule too miuch Glad to see our warming trend will continue throughout the week.
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    Sunday March 17 2019

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day Busy day for me yesterday. Cooking and laundry in the morning. Then in the afternoon I went to the local community college for the end of the annual weather seminar. A storm chaser who I watch on YouTube was giving a presentation. He did a pretty good job Then J and I drove to Indiana for my nephew's musical. They did The Lion King this year and he played Scar. Was probably his best performance yet and one of the best musicals yet. Hopefully he will continue his acting in high school as well Today should be much quieter. Church and choir and that's it. Then I have to get ready for interviews. Still don't know the exact time and location of the one tomorrow, not an encouraging sign but we'll see Weather is slowly turning warmer, will be in the 60s by next weekend
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    Saturday 3/16

    He has been performing on stage for quite a number of years. I think he will continue to do so in high school. Though perhaps his interests will change as he gets older
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    Friday March 15 2019

    Happy Friday Things are moving fast on the job front. I talked to two more recruiters yesterday, both want me to come in for interviews, one of them Monday. It's going to be tricky, I have Tuesday afternoon off for that one interview, going to have to flex my schedule somehow to make it to the other two. I'll see if I can leave early and schedule the interviews either early or late. Perhaps I can tell my employer it's for a family crisis of some sort, think I need an excuse otherwise this will look suspicious I can say that I'm really surprised how quickly this job search has progressed Other than that, nothing really new here. Lots of rain and wind yesterday but no severe storms Tonight meeting J for dinner at one of our usual places Tomorrow I'm attending a severe weather seminar at a community college, then driving to Indiana tomorrow evening with J to see my nephew in The Lion King
  9. Joe NightingMale

    Thursday - March 14th, 2019 - Good Morning!

    Ted I hope you get on call Morning Tweety and Shane Usual day at work yesterday, few people answering my calls. Oh well Job search is heating up again. Have two calls with recruiters today. And have an interview for a position on Tuesday. It's a CM position downtown. Commuting could be tricky but if I like it and the money's right I can probably make it work. We'll see. Little annoyed that the time is in the early afternoon, either later or earlier would have worked better with my schedule J was feeling sick last night so we skipped our usual date. He was exhausted helping his elderly friend with her move to assisted living. Did some shopping insteadHad choir practice, though we only had a few people there Today I'm up early to take my car in for a recall repair Very warm today, will be in the 60s
  10. Joe NightingMale

    Tuesday March 12, 2019

    Morning Tweety Not a bad day at work yesterday. Someone actually answered one of my calls, which was good Got a call from a recruiter, we talked a bit but she said since they were working with my current employer they couldn't work with me right now. Odd that they wouldn't have known that from the outset, wonder if they even read my resume. Emailed the recruiter who I was supposed to talk to Fri, still haven't hear anything back Left work a bit early for a doctor's appointment, then ran some errands. Weather was warm enough that I was able to get outside for a walk Will be warmer still the next day or two
  11. Joe NightingMale

    Monday - March 11th, 2019 - Good Morning!

    Morning Ted, I'm glad you got to spend some time with your dad. I hope he continues to receive all the care he needs Quiet day yesterday, choir and church and not a whole lot else. Did some exercise and ran a few errands and that was it Have a doctor's appointment after work so I'll be starting work a bit early today Is starting to get warmer now, could be in the 60s by later in the week
  12. Joe NightingMale

    Sunday March 10 2019

    Morning Busy day yesterday, did some cleaning in the morning and met with the environmental group, met with dad and then exercised and did some cooking Watched Svegoolie present It Came From the Bottom of the Sea which was kinda dull Today should be quieter, the usual choir and church and that's it. J has his friend from CA over so we wont' be getting together today Rainy yesterday and kinda cold but warmer than it has been. Should be no rain and warmer today I think
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    Friday March 8 2019

    Morning Pretty good day at work, actually got someone to agree to case management. First time in a week. Rest of the day was fairly good too, pretty productive After work was busy. Stopped at the bank and grocery store and exercised. Managed to get done in time for the online meeting our environmental group was having. Sent my resume to a former coworker who is a director at a local hospital Today might be busy at work as I'm covering for a coworker who is off. Tonight I'm meeting J for dinner at one of our usual places Glad the weekend is almost here. Warmer today and in the 40s by the weekend. Glad that it seems the cold weather has finally left
  14. Joe NightingMale

    Thursday March 7 2019

    Morning Decent day at work. Still people seem reluctant to answer my calls. Guess there's nothing I can do but keep trying Have talked to some former coworkers, they're providing references to the staffing agency, and are also going to let me know about openings where they work that might be appropriate. Went out with J to one of our usual places. Choir practice was delayed due to the Ash Wednesday service Tonight have a phone meeting with the environmental group. Will exercise before then, will probably hold off on grocery shopping until tomorrow Starting to get warmer here, should be in the 40s by the weeekend
  15. Joe NightingMale

    Sunday March 3 2019

    Morning Productive day yesterday, lots of cooking in the morning and some cleaning too Met dad for lunch. Apparently we won't have a family reunion this year, the people who were suppose to organize it were just too busy with other things. We'll try for next year most likely Spent some time posting my resume on Indeed and changing my LinkedIn to show I'm actively looking. Will do some more things today to get myself ready for a job search Went bowling to the closer of the 2 meet, was a little dull at times but got to see people I don't see at the farther meet Today the usual choir and church and brunch with J. We're going to see a movie after brunch, Isn't It Romantic Weather going to get quite cold after today but then warm up by the weekend
  16. Joe NightingMale

    Friday March 1 2019

    Morning Decent day at work, got a bunch of new people to call but not too many, which is good Was pretty tired after my early morning meeting. Managed to get the grocery shopping done and exercise. Woke up before my alarm, which was surprising Today meeting J at one of our usual places for dinner. Tomorrow meeting dad for lunch as we usually do Some cold days ahead. I'm hoping the weather begins turning warmer soon these cold cloudy days aren't helping my mood
  17. Joe NightingMale

    Thursday February 28 2019

    Stars I hope your granddaugther recovers quickly Yesterday was not a good day at work. Well not a bad day overall but one that reminded me of the unrealistic demands. I had been praying for a sign whether I should stay or leave and I think I got it. So the job search will begin this next month, perhaps even as early as this weekend. Not feeling happy about this but it's something I have to do The rest of the day was fine. Met J at one of our usual places. Went to choir practice afterwards Today I'm up early for my early offsite meeting. Hoping the rest of the day will go smoothly Weather is pretty normal for this time of year but also pretty cold. Hoping spring will arrive soon
  18. Ted sorry this is such a difficult time for you, but I'm glad that your dad now has hospice and that he is spiritually ready for what is to come. I know from experience this can be a difficult but holy time Tweety sounds like a rough shift, good to hear you will have some extended time off coming up soon Work wasn't bad yesterday, though still having problems with people not reuturning my calls. I'm approaching work with a different attitude, seeing if that makes a difference. I'll give it a month, and then 2 months if things turn out well. Hopefully sometime during that period it will be more clear to me if I should stay or go. Would prefer to stay until the end of the year if I could Yesterday was pretty quiet after work, still kinda sore from the weekend so I didnt' exercise. Tonight meeting J for dinner. Then choir practice. Then to bed early and up early for the monthly early morning meeting
  19. Joe NightingMale

    Tuesday February 26 2019

    Morning Back to work for me. Glad it is already Tuesday Met J for breakfast yesterday which was a nice change of pace. Ran a few errands but didn't do much else Was glad for the extra day and getting away for the weekend. Gave me some perspective, especially since I didn't think about work at all while I was away Decided to wait until April to make any firm decisions about leaving. Hopefully by then I'll get a better feel of where things are headed. I would prefer not to change jobs until next year if at all possible. But we'll see. I'll try and be patient and not let my anxiety get the better of me Should be a quiet day otherwise. Decided to skip going out to dinner with the church group tonight, since I've eaten out the last 4 days in a row. Also will be a busy week for me, with the early morning meeting Thurs Weather has settled down after all of the rain and wind on the weekend. Should be fairly normal, though colder by the weekend
  20. Joe NightingMale

    Monday February 25 2019

    Morning Was busy with the convention most of the weekend. The usual mix of panels, entertainement, and meeting various people, some who i only see a few times a year. Was fairly laid back this year, compared to previous times I've attended, which was good Was fairly productive when I got back, did laundry and cooking. Wanted to exercise but was too sore from all of the walking and standing I did over the weekend Today should be fairly quiet. Have the day off but little to do. Will meet J for breakfast. Weather was very windy on Sun and very rainy on Sat. Thankfully all that has settled down today
  21. Joe NightingMale

    Saturday 2/23/19

    Morning Decent day at work, fairly productive. Seem to be getting the hang of the new style of documentation I'm going to need to satisfy the reviewer. Talked with the recruiter, it was for short term contract positions, mostly travel ones. Not what I'm looking for but glad people are contacting me Met J for dinner, though he ended up being more than an hour late. He was helping an elderly neighbor get some things for her new assisted living apartment. Was getting so late I had to have a snack beforehand and wasn't hungry for dinner, though J and I did share a dessert, which was nice and something we rarely do Mostly ready for my Milwaukee trip. Just have to pack a few more things, make sure everything is ready for the cat sitter, and I can go. Will also be nice to have a 3 day weekend Weather will be warmer than usual but rainy here. Wisconsin may see some snow and even freezing rain, but most of that will be west of where I'll be. Hopefully it won't affect road conditions near Milwaukee
  22. Joe NightingMale

    Friday February 22 2019

    Morning Another odd dream last night, though not a nightmare. I think when I wake up an hour early and fall back to sleep briefly I'm able to remember dreams, when usually I don't Had to go into the office for a 3 hour meeting in the middle of the day. Most of it didn't even apply to me. Was not as productive as I could have been, but oh well Didn't do much else the rest of the day except exercise and watch the SpaceX launch Today should hopefully be a fairly ordinary day. And my last one before I head to Wisconsin tomorrow. Will be meeting J tonight for dinner at one of the usual places Got an email from my sister, her father in law is doing poorly and will probably enter hospice soon. He's been fighting Parkinson's for more than 18 years Weather is a bit warmer here, most of the snow has been melting. Hopefully that will continue
  23. Joe NightingMale

    Thursday February 21 2019

    Morning Odd, woke up early, fell back to sleep and had a nightmare that my car had been vandalized. I haven't had a nightmare in many years. Work was OK yesterday, think I'm adjusting to the changes. Have to be in the office over lunch for a 2 hour meeting, so less than usual will get done today. Emailed that recruiter but haven't heard back yet, would like to talk and see if it's an opportunity I'd be interested in No choir practice last night and no dinner with J, so I did the grocery shopping and a little packing in preparation for the weekend Not much to do today but exercise. Weather is holding steady which is good
  24. Joe NightingMale

    Wednesday February 20, 2019

    Ted it sounds like you do in fact do a lot for your dad even though you may not visit him as much as you would like to. Hopefully hospice will be an option for him, they can provide a lot of support. Or if not hospice perhaps there is a role for palliative care Morning Tweety Better day at work yesterday, kinda getting used to all the changes, getting the hang of things more. That's what worried me, whether or not I'd be able to adapt Have another email from a recruiter, going to see what the position is. Haven't officially started job searching but will investigate any reasonable offer that is made. Hope by next month or two to actually be ready to start actually actively looking J and I had a nice time last night at a restaurant near me that we hadn't been to in quite a while. Some snow and ice expected today but temperatures thankfully are pretty normal for this time of year
  25. Joe NightingMale

    Tuesday February 19, 2018

    Tweety hope you get better sleep tonight. Last few days I've had problems with waking an hour early Pretty stressful work day yesterday, one of those somewhat confusing days of "can I do anything right?" By the end of the day things had improved, but I am frequently feeling overhwhelmed and uncertain. I'm trying to roll with the punches and change, but it sure isn't easy Did talk briefly with a recruiter. The position she was recruiting for was one I didn't want...at a problem hospital using skills that I don't have...but she does recruit also for one of the big insurance companies, something I would be interested in. She's going to check into that and get back to me. Hopefully that will prove to be a good lead Apart from work troubles it was a pretty ordinary day. Meeting J tonight instead of Wed since he'll have guests that day More snow expected tonight and possibly some ice. Wish this dreary winter weather would go, it does't help my mood