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    Monday September 20 2021

    Hi Tweety. It sure can be anxiety producing Dianah sounds like a good memorial service NJ22 hoping it will be that quick for me to upgrade Stars I'm certainly tempted to do something like that 🙂 BC a safari would be interesting Quieter day yesterday. Got to church early for choir practice, there were only 3 of us but we did pretty good. After work came home and then met J for lunch at one of our usual places. Did some laundry when I got home and exercised. Listened to some folk music Spend some time making sure all of my work at home stuff was connected correctly. Managed to figure out how to get signed in, which is a major step which hopefully will make the 1st day easier Going to be a bit humid today, and rainy, but cooler than yesterday. The rest of the week should be cooler still
  2. Joe NightingMale

    Sunday September 19th 2021

    Stars I have noticed the same things, borders between open lands and more wooded lands seem to have more birds. Or maybe I read that somewhere NJ22 I hope you can find a good dress for the wedding Amo those mom and pop drug stores can offer services the larger ones don't. I get 90 days refills via Walgreens, have not had any issues Hi Tweety and Dianah Got up early yesterday to get my drivers license renewed. Used the new appointment system and the whole process took maybe 10 min. Was hoping to upgrade my license...in the next 2 years we're supposed to bring in additional documentation to prove identity make our license more secure...but one of the documents I brought was wrong so I'll have to do that at some point in the future Went for a brief hike afterwards, then met dad for lunch. Came home and watched some Stooges and Svengoolie Today have choir practice and church. Then going to meet J for lunch. His allergies have been improving so hopefully we can meet, if not we'll have to try for tomorrow night Feeling a bit anxious with the start date of the new job tomorrow. Noticed it has been taking me a bit longer to get to sleep, and I have more dreams when I sleep, the last few nights. Coudl be related Will be warm day today, up to 90, but it looks like the last warm day for the forseeable future
  3. Joe NightingMale

    Friday September 17th 2021

    Tweety thanks for sharing the pics, they look great Stars hope that the PCP office gets things straightened out, and the dizziness fades Dianah I recovered pretty quick, as it was a pretty short trip Hi NJ22 and Amo Was a nice quiet day at work, for my last day. Was nice to finally say goodbye to that job, though I will miss the people I got my new work at home equipment, so I set that up after work and put away the old stuff. Took longer than I had expected After that I went to the vestry meeting, which ran long as there was a lot to discuss. Mostly with the rectory, the congretation seems to want to either build or buy a new one and sell or demolish the old. We're setting up a committee to look into those options. More work ahead there After the meeting some of the vestry met with the new minister to negotiate salary and benefits. Hopefully they were able to reach an agreement and we'll finally have a new minister very soon Today, going out birdwatching this morning. Not really anything else planned for today. Might meet J for dinner if he's up to it, although his allergies have been bad this week. Weather should be dry but kind of warm today, up to 90
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    Wednesday September 15 2021

    Tweety when we went to the Grand Canyon we hiked down the trail a bit. We stayed in the Sedona area Work was a bit quieter yesterday, took the oppportunity to work ahead so today and Thursday will be easier Got the Covid results last night, thankfully it was negative Did the grocery shopping last night, as well as stopping at the pharmacy and bakery, just in case the results turned out positive and I would have to self quarantine. Exercised too, was fairly busy night Today should be a a quieter day at work and after work, as our choir/bell choir practice tonight is canceled as the director is busy Was a fairly warm day yesterday, up to 90, today should be cooler. So far rain is holding off
  5. Joe NightingMale

    Tuesday September 14 2021

    Tweety I start the new job next Monday NJ22 I haven't yet received the new equipment, or gotten the box to send back the old. Nor has there been any disucssion about how I'm supposed to transition current cases. So I've begun a spreadsheet to keep track of the files I'm currently working on Hi Amo Stars I'm glad your DH decided to apologize, I hope you can find an Al-Anon meeting Yesterday was busier than I had expected, but I did manage to get everything done. And I got it done in time to get to my drive through Covid testing appointment. Hopefully it'll be negative, have decided to get tested after big events, just to be safe. I should know results by Wed Rest of yesterday was fairly ordinary, exercised and relaxed. Had our Bible study too, we talked about the town hall we had Sunday as well as the text we were studying. Glad to see people are interested in making changes Today might do grocery shopping after work, or might wait until tomorrow. Might make sense to do it today, in case I get positive results and have to self-quarantine. Trying to get back on the diet, which I've been off for nearly a month and a half. Think I'll feel better both mentally and physically when I do. It'll continue in the upper 80s today, might have storms later and temps should be cooler Wed
  6. Joe NightingMale

    Monday September 13 2021

    Hi Tweety NJ22 sounds like a good time BC nice to have warm weather this late in the year Back to work today Yesterday featured a lot of stuff at church. At church a bit early due to choir practice. Then after the service we had the town hall, various members of the church providing updates on the various committees and on our search for a new minister. The longest part was our discussion of what to do with the rectory, no agreement was reached but it seemed most people wanted either a major rehab or a complete replacement. So at least we have some direction from the congregation which way whe should go. Rest of the day was quiet, exercised and relaxed Will be kinda warm today, up to the mid 80s.
  7. Joe NightingMale

    Sunday September 12 2021

    Dianah it was a somber day. I know that I too tend to feel uncomfortable in large groups Thanks for the picture NJ22 Tweety glad the trip is going well Was a pretty nice day yesterday. J got up at a reasonable hour and we were able to have breakfast and check out on time. Said goodbye to the family we were able to find. The drive back went fine Funny how these last 2 trips I've taken have given me much to reflect upon. Perhaps it was because I haven't gone anywhere in more than a year. Came home and did some cooking, and watched Stooges and Svengooolie Today have to get to church early, church choir will be performing. Then our town hall and our kick off Sunday lunch and celebration. Probably won't stay too long, given how long I'll be at church today. Hoping the town hall goes well. Have not yet heard anything new from the minister candidate, though the negotiation isnt' until Thursday Will be another warm day today, in the upper 80s
  8. Joe NightingMale

    Saturday September 11 2021

    It was 20 years ago... Stars sorry to hear about DH's drinking. It is frustrating to lose car keys, but hopefully he will have better perspective once he's sober BC that's good news about your BIL Hi NJ22 Dianah I did not, it might've helped though I find ear plugs tend not to stay in overnight Yesterday started quiet, went for a walk while J slept in. Then went to lunch and saw some more family who had arrived In the afternoon we drove to the church. The priest was a bit late but it was a good service, the homily was good and rather funny. Afterwards we drove to the reception, was held in a converted barn near a vineyard. While J and I didn't dance together (and aren't into dancing) he danced with a niece and I danced with J's sister Have to say, I enjoyed this wedding better than I did the family reunion Going to get breakfast then pack up and leave. Will stop and say goodbye to family before we leave. Weather has been very nice the last 2 days, though will be hot today
  9. Joe NightingMale

    Wednesday September 8 2021

    Tweety glad the Covid admisssions are decreasing NJ22 it's cooling off here too Stars hope the sleepiness improved BC hope the migraines ease up. Perhaps a med change is needed. I've been using amlodipine for years for that Amo I hope he lives up to the promise, though I'm pretty sure he will Dianah that must be very hard on the family of your friend, to have him and his wife pass way within a few weeks of each other Work was fairly quiet yesterday, will likely be quieter today. After work exercised and stopped by the bakery and the credit union. And did some more packing for the trip, I think I'm pretty much done, except for a few things Was happy that I was able to get a scheduled appointment for my drivers license renewal, and that I was able to do so on a Saturday morning, so it won't interfere with the rest of the day or week. It's a new thing being offered, to help the pandemic related very long lines Waiting to hear an update on the new minister. Yesterday the bishop gave the OK to extend an offer. The head of our vestry was going to try and set up a phone call with the minister last night to set a date next week to negotiate salary and benefits. Hoping nothing goes wrong at this stage.... Was warm and kinda stormy yesterday, though most of the storms missed our area. Will be dry and cooler, in the upper 70s, today
  10. Joe NightingMale

    Tuesday September 7 2021

    Hi Tweety Dianah hope your sister had a happy birthday Stars hope the foot doctor can get things figured out Hi Amo Quieter day yesterday. Was out birdwatching in the morning. Did some laundry. Met J for lunch. Exercised and did some packing for the wedding Friday. Hope to get most of the rest of the packing done today Emailed that old friend in response to his email, and got a detailed reply in return. Funny, it's like he's a different person than he was the last 2 or 3 years. He used to take a long time to respond, and his emails were fairly short and terse. A good sign. Also, he apparently plans to return to this area regularly Had our Zoom meeting with the vestry and call committee. The call committee advised us to make the candidate an offer, and we agreed to do so. Hopefully all this can be done quickly, before he accepts another offer. Though there are a few negotiations first before it can be official And just in time, too, our interim minister is leaving in 3 weeks for a new assignment. Apparently it's normal for him to do so by this stage in the call process, will still miss him Hoping for a fairly ordinary two days at work, before J and I leave Thurs for the wedding. Will be a fairly warm day, upper 80s, with rain expected. Rest of the week should be cooler, upper 70s/lower 80s
  11. Joe NightingMale

    Labor Day Monday September 6 2021

    Tweety glad you had the day off after a crazy shift Hi NJ22 Stars it probably is a good idea to stock up on stuff that will keep Pretty ordinary day yesterday, cooking then church. Rode my bike for a good long while. Looked into getting a Chromebook, as I think I need something more capable than my tablet, but not a full fledged laptop Woke up early, probably because I slept late yesterday. This morning going to go out birdwatching. Will meet J for lunch, or at least that's the plan, he's feelng better but we'll see. Might start packing for the wedding later in the week Will have a Zoom meeting tonight the vestry and the call committee. While nothing has been said regarding the candidate, I get the impression from the invite that the call committee thinks we should extend an offer. Which is a relief after not having a minister for nearly 2 years. Did get news this morning that a church member had died unexpectedly, which was sad as he wasn't that old Also, unexpectedly got an email from that old friend who has been increasingly out of touch, turns out he got a promotion and is moving to Virginia. Was surprised, the last 2-3 years it's been me who emails him, never the other way around. Last time we met was May of 2019. I'm hoping this is a sign that he's going to stay more in touch, at least once the move is completed. Would be kinda funny if moving away helped revive the relationship. That has happened before when he's moved away, although I get the feeling this time he's unlikely to move back Weather has been nice lately, upper 70s/lower 80s with low humidity
  12. Joe NightingMale

    Sunday September 5 2021

    Stars that is crazy that even hospice is understaffed there Was a nice day yesterday, rain held off so I was able to get to the arboretum in the morning. Not a lot of people there, perhaps because it was cloudy Did some cleaning later then went to lunch with dad Dinner with J was canceled as not only were his allergies acting up, it seems he strained his back yesterday. We'll try again on Monday Watched some Stooges and Svengoolie, although the movie was kinda dull Today have cooking and church. Not sure what I'll do the rest of the day, will exercise, might go for a bike ride as the weather is still pretty good
  13. Joe NightingMale

    Thursday September 2nd 2021

    Amo I was pretty glad too, though it was a fairly intense job search NJ22 it was an odd request, but they seem to have dropped it so I guess the diploma did the trick Stars good to hear that he's willing to enter rehab Decent day at work, have been deciding on what to pursue and what to hold off on, given that my last day is in 2 weeks Have been hearing from some of the other places I applied to. One thanked me for applying and asked if I knew other candidates. I referred a coworker to them. Another, a former employer, asked if I would change my mind, told them thanks but no. The new job will be good in that I will get to learn a lot of new skills After work ran to the bakery, the credit union, the grocery store, and the pet store Then we had choir practice for the first time since before the pandemic. Only 3 people, hopefully in the future we will have 4. And next week we'll have bell choir practice too. So Wednesdays I'll be at church for 2 hours Monday evening the call committee is going to have a Zoom meeting with the vestry, hope they have decided to recommend we accept our minister candidate, but we'll see Weather has been so much nicer, not higher than 80 and drier too
  14. Joe NightingMale

    Monday August 30 2021

    Tweety hope you get some better sleep Dianah that is taken into account, as they measure calls made as well as assessments completed. Stars hope the weather cools off there NJ22 we used to grow tomatoes at home Amo I remember that, did not care for that rubber smell BC I'd like to retire too but that's years off for me Quieter day for me yesterday. Went out birdwatching in the morning, seemed to be more birds around than in the last few weeks. Did some baking and cooking at home and exercised Wasn't planning to, but decided to apply for yet another job. The first one I chose was a mistake, the description said something about working overnights and weekends, and had an hour long test that was required to apply! Have never seen that before in any job I applied for. After struggling with some of the questions and technical issues, decided to skip that position and applied for another Got a call from our call committee regarding my impressions of the candidate for minister. It sounds like they're going to make an offer very soon, hoping they'll get it all done quickly. We haven's had a full time minister in nearly 2 years Work should hopefully be ordinary today. Have a phone call regarding a position during lunch, and a Zoom interview in the afternoon that I'll somehow have to work around my schedule. The 2nd is for 2 positions, one with a lot of home visits and the other hospital based, will keep an open mind and consider both. It's getting a bit tiring to try and work and interview, but glad I'm getting the interviews Going to be a bit cooler today, and then cooler throughout the rest of the week, hoping that keeps going. Hoping this next week or two results in a new minister, a new job, and the arrival of cooler fall weather
  15. Joe NightingMale

    Sunday August 29 2021

    Stars that's good that she's listening at least Tweety metrics refers to what's expected...ie how many calls or assessment completed per day/week/month, and the number of calls answered. BC Vermont sounds nice this time of year, glad the migraine stayed at bay Hi Amo Busy day yesterday. Coffee, farmer's market, and hair cut in the morning Then from 10am to nearly 5pm I was at church, watching the new minister do a church service, lunch, a question and answer session, then a reception for him and his wife. He did a good sermon and answered the routine questions well, and even better when speaking to him one on one or answering questions more specific to our church. I do feel he's the right person and that he seems likely to accept an offer from us. I think our call committee feels the same. I hope they extend an offer and complete the final negotiations soon Rest of the day was quiet, didnt' exercise as my legs were tired from all the standing. Watched some Three Stooges but not Svengoolie as I'd seen the movie before and it's dull Since I did church yesterday going to skip it today and go birdwatching before the rains arrive. Will do some exercise and some cooking as well. Have to look up worker's comp guidelines and the Official Disability Guidelines in preparation for that 2nd interview next week, still to be scheduled. I might also look at some more positions if I have time. However, do need to take it easy after yesterday Going to be hot and humid yet again, but this should be the last day for a while
  16. Joe NightingMale

    Saturday August 28 2021

    Stars have never heard of a cow killer ant Ted glad to hear you and Amy enjoyed the show Dianah I have been impressed by the worker's comp company. Hoping we get that 2nd interview set up soon Nj22 that is my concern too, sometimes issues arise in home visits Work wasn't bad yesterday, had some extra to do but got in done in time to get the interviews done The lunchtime one was delayed more than an hour as the recruiter was delayed. Didn't realize 1 of the 2 positions involved home visits and a fair amount of driving. The other involves working at hospitals. This was a quick interview, a regular one will be done on Monday. Seems to pay well, so will investigate further The one after work went well, essentially it was the same position I had with this company back in 2012-2017. Given that experience it's hard to believe they won't make me an offer. There were challenges but I felt a connection to that job that I haven't with the last 2. Forgot to ask about metrics, will do a follow up email and see about that Met J for dinner at our usual place afterwards. Were talking with the manager, things are picking up although they are still not yet fully staffed Today will head out to get coffee, stop at the farmer's market, get a hair cut and then off church for several hours for a service, meet and greet, and reception for our minister candidate and his wife. Interesting resume, has been working outside ministry the last few years. Seems to have good ideas and seems a good fit, but we'll see Skipping Svengoolie as I've already seen that movie and it's kinda dull. Have been having a lot of problems with reception recently, have emailed the station to see if anything there has changed Weather remains hot and humid. I think the storms should hold off today
  17. Joe NightingMale

    Tuesday August 24 2021

    Tweety glad you're back online BC that's cool that you got to be on TV Hi Amo Feeling better now, finally have an online interview with that insurance company on Thursday. Also, heard back from the insurance company I used to work for and had quick phone interview with them. Supposed to hear from a hiring manager, they seem eager, they asked me about other interviews and any vacation time I had scheduled Work went fairly well, busy towards the end as I tried to work ahead. Today might be busy as well, guess we'll see After work ran errands and exercised Tonight after work getting together with J, since we weren't able to get together last Friday or Sunday Weather continues to be hot and humid, with a chance of rain
  18. Joe NightingMale

    Monday August 23 2021

    BC congratulations, glad to hear the wedding went on despite the storm Hi Tweety and Amo Stars I hope you can find some relief from the pain Feeling some job anxiety this morning. Last time I was laid off I had a new job (temp job, granted) within 3 weeks. Though at that time when we lost our contract it was public news, so the recruiters arrived quickly. This time I'm not sure how many are aware of our situation. It's been less than 3 weeks and am in the process of setting up 2 inteviews, but still nervous Lotta time at church, both for the service and the special vestry meeting afterwards. Got lots of information from our call committee, and we had a chance to discuss and decide what to do for our church town hall next month. And decided to hold off on any renovations to our rectory, at least for now Rest of the day was fairly quiet. J did get his AC fixed but decided to wait to get together until his allergies settled down before we get together. Exercised and relaxed. Going to be a hot and humid day, and will be hot and humid for the next few days
  19. Joe NightingMale

    Saturday August 21 2021

    Tweety glad internet will only be out until Monday BC hopefully there will be no other Henri-related disruptions to the wedding Stars that's too long to be on hold, wonder what is going on at the office Yesterday was a fairly good one at work Talked to our director, who pointed me to some positions at that dialysis company that are closer to what I currently do. Apparently one of our former VPs works there. I applied and contacted her and was advised HR would call me to set up an interview. Still waiting to hear when the interview for that insurance company will be happening Rest of the day was fairly ordinary. J decided to cancel dinner as he wasn't feeling well, his AC is out and I suspect that may be why he's not feeling well, given the heat and humidity. Exercised and took it easy Woke up in the early morning with a headache, took some acetaminophen and it went away, though still a bit tired this morning. Had some strange dreams Today will be the usual birdwatching and lunch with dad. Don't need to go to the farmer's market, though might go anyway and pick up some jams Svengoolie has House of Horrors, which is decent Will be another hot and humid day, with storms expected later on
  20. Joe NightingMale

    Thursday August 19 2021

    Hi Tweety NJ22 107 would be too hot for me Stars I've heard of people raising chickens in their yards, but not pigs Fairly busy day at work yesterday, which will make the rest of the week and next week easier. Keeping up my usual pace despite knowing the job will end in the near future After work wend to the grocery store and pharmacy, and exercised before our online Bible Study Today have a meeting of the vestry after work. We're also having another special meeting Sunday after church. A lot to discuss Still thinking about that dialysis position, will talk to a coworker or two to see if any of them have had experience with home visits. Will look and see what I can find on LinkedIn as well. Don't want to move too quickly, but steadily, so I don't have a ton of interviews at once (or a ton of interviews to cancel when I do get an offer) Feeling nervous but it is an "ordinary" nervous (if that makes sense) about the job search. It's predictable and manageable, just the usual concerns if I'm doing things right Temps are getting higher, in the upper 80s. Chances for rain will increase too
  21. Joe NightingMale

    Wednesday August 18 2021

    Tweety glad the AC got fixed so quickly Stars hope you appt Thursday provides some relief Thank you Amo and Dianah Busy day at work, got quite a bit done. Trying to insure the next few weeks wont' be too crazy Was talking to my boss about job prospects, she referred me to both our previous employer (still have former coworkers there) and to a dialyis provider (our previous VP is now there). Applied for 3 jobs at the previous employer, want to discuss with the boss the dialysis jobs before applying, as they seem to require travel to patient's homes. Also applied for a position with a local community health network, and heard back from the recruiter that I would hear something this week. Still have not heard anything about the internal position Rest of the day was pretty ordinary. Exercised and vacuumed Today will do the grocery shopping after work. Will exercise then particpate in our online Bible study Was happy to hear our vestry workshop is being moved from Sat morning to Sun afternoon, which means I can still do birdwatching this weekend Weather has been nice, no rain and low 80s, though allergies acting up. Chance of rain will begin to increase, as will the temperatures, later in the week
  22. Joe NightingMale

    Monday August 16, 2021

    Tweety I'm also not a fan of salads depsite being vegetarian, those salad dressings have too much salt and fat NJ22 sorry the flight got canceled, hope the rest of the trip is OK Tes sounds like a nice day Dianah I made a kind of Greek stew known as a stifado Hi Amo Fairly uneventful day yesterday. Church and cooking in the morning. In the afternoon I took my bike out for an extended ride and listened to music. Also took the time to do some online education Slept better last night. Might have been allergies the previous night rather than reflux. Took some allergy medicine last night and feel fine this morning Today hopefully will be fairly calm at work. Hopefully I'll hear something about those positions soon. If I hear nothing by midweek I'll start applying for stuff outside the company After work nothing really planned except for exercise and perhaps some cleaning Will be nice, temps in the low to mid 80s. As the week goes on there will be a chance for rain
  23. Joe NightingMale

    Tuesday August 10 2021

    Tweety glad yesterday was fairly good BC that sounds like a good weekend NJ22 hopefully things will ease by October Hi Stars Not a bad day at work yesterday. Director spoke to me about some positions that would require some additional training, related to quality and risk adjustment. I told her I was interested. Found out a coworker is also interviewing for one of the internal position, not sure if it's the same one I'm interviewing for or a different one. Wondering when I should start actively looking outside my company. Really want to stay but don't want to put all of my eggs in one basket Rest of the day was fairly quiet. Exercised and stayed in. Was expecting severe weather but none happened in this area. Kept an eye on weather reports, a bunch of tornadoes reported west of here Today should also be a fairly ordinary day at work, probably a bit quieter than yesterday. Providing nothing unexpected happens. Have to find time to do laundry as well as exercise A warm day in the 90s, humid with a heat warning. Will be this way through Wed I think
  24. Joe NightingMale

    Monday August 9 2021

    Dianah that's good that you're able to get out to an event NJ22 that sounds like a nice trip even though it's work related Hi Amo and Stars Quieter day yesterday. Made the lentil soup before church. Went to church, though currently coffee hour is on hold. Came home and exercised and watched some TV and mostly relaxed. Ran some errands after church. Was fairly hot so mostly stayed inside Talked to J, he's back from Pittsburgh. Sounds like things are getting settled there, his friend is slowly getting his furniture although some may be delayed another week or two. Have been feeling better since Sunday, though still a bit sad about the job. It is causing me to reflect on how stressful this current job has been since the beginning of the year, so getting away from that will be nice. Also maybe to reflect on the fact that I was facing a very similar layoff about 4 years ago. If layoffs every few years are the standard in this field, maybe I need to find a new one Back to work today, going to check internal positions and apply for anything that looks promising. Waiting on an interview date for the place I spoke with Friday, have the interview for the internal position Wed. Not sure what to wear for a Zoom interview, shirt and tie I gues Going to be warm again today and the next few days. Rain expected too, which to be honest we could use
  25. Joe NightingMale

    Friday August 6 2021

    Stars hope you DH gets better soon Amo I kinda like egg salad Hi NJ22 Feeling a little down this morning about the impending end of my job. I guess it's to be expected. Always a sense of loss when a job is ending I do have a phone call after work regarding a job lead I got from LinkedIn. Also waiting on the two internal positions I applied for. And expressed interest in some positions posted by a former manager of mine. Am in the process of updating my status on Indeed and LinkedIn to actively looking, which should attract attention Reasonably quiet day at work yesterday. After work had a meeting with the Interim minister to provide some spiritual direction. Yet another candidate for full time minister dropped out, only 1 left. At the rate things are going the search for a full time minister might have to start again Should be a fairly quiet day at work and a quiet day after work. Will exercise after work, might work on tatting too Getting warmer, in the upper 80s. Might rain today too

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