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    Monday May 20 2019

    Morning Fairly relaxing day yesterday. Usual choir and church, then went to lunch with J. We went to the garden center afterwards and chose some plants for my dad...a coleus with several white begonias planted around it. Were supposed to do this for Mothers Day but the weather last week was bad. Dropped the plants off at dad's afterwards. In spite of a lot of clouds and wind we didn't get rained on Today it's back to work. Hopefully won't be too busy, will be covering for a coworkers who's out this week. Trying to slow the pace of work as I get ready to leave Have to see if I still have some potting soil, I got some petunias for myself, had a struggle to find plants that weren't poisonous for cats Going to be fairly cool today but with no rain expected, rest of the week should be warmer
  2. Joe NightingMale

    Monday May 20 2019

    Not this time, going straight from one to another
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    Sunday May 19, 2019

    Happy birthday Tweety Morning sirI Fairly quiet day for me yesterday. Went for a hike and ran some errands. Had lunch with dad. Did some cooking. Watched most of Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein Did get a bit soaked by some thunderstorms I encountered during my errands. Thankfully they ended by the evening The usual church and choir today. Going to meet J for lunch then we're going to buy some plants for my dad, our usual Mother's Day tradition delayed due to weather. Hopefully the weather won't delay us again today, more rain expected
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    Friday May 17, 2019

    Morning Tweety Yesterday I let the people at work know I'll be leaving at the end of the month, everyone seemed to take it well. Spoke with our team lead at length, to help prepare for the rest of the team take over my work once I leave. And to agree to keep in touch...she's interviewed at my new employer twice before, but turned them down as she felt the pay and time off were a bit below what she wanted. She told me things will likely continue to get worse at our current place and she'd like to contact me in a few months to see how the new place is working out in case she does decide to jump ship too Rest of the day was fairly ordinary. Stayed late as I had someone who wanted a call back at 5, ended up leaving an hour late. Did the grocery shopping and went for a walk as it was a sunny and warm day Today should be a fairly normal day. Leaving early for a drug test that I need for the new job. Afterwards will meet J for dinner as usual Weather had turned cloudy and colder, but this should be the last time this week it's this cold, rest of the week will be wamer but rather rainy
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    Tuesday May 14, 2019

    Stars glad to hear Nannie didn't cause herself any serious injury Tweety hope the fridge repair proves easy Feeling a bit tired this morning, had a bunch of strange dreams in the early morning. Perhaps it's related to yesterday's fast, sometimes that can disrupt my sleep Yesterday was pretty decent at work. Have not yet heard back from Friday's interview, although it's probably a bit early to be expecting anything. I'm pretty sure an offer's coming, but until it does I'm applying for more positions. Hopefully not much longer.... Yesterday was fairly quiet overall. Ususal laundry and exercise. J is feeling better now that his allergies are under control Weather is turning warmer again, and according to the forecasts should remain warm into the foreseeable future. Will be nice to finally have spring arrive
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    Friday May 10 2019

    Morning Come to think, our place didn't do anything for Nurses Week, at least that I've heard of. Might have sent out an email Yesterday was productive at work. Although the afternoon was marked with fatigue, then irritability, then an eating binge. Not sure why. Perhaps the stress of today's interview? Did apply for 3 more positions online yesterday. Frustrating to navigate those web sites. Have another one I'll apply for today Only working a half day so I have time for my interview. As long as the salary is OK it should be a good position, and if so I hope I'm offered it J has been having bad allergies since yesterday, not sure if he'll be up to going out tonight. Mine have been slightly worse although vastly better than last year for some reason Cool and cloudy today, though supposedly no rain. Will start being warmer again by Tues
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    Thursday May 9, 2019

    Morning Tweety. Hope this Thursday isn't too crazy for you Work was slow yesterday, which was good. Most of the team was away doing some CEUs and things could have been crazy, but weren't Was feeling a bit off yesterday, not sure why. Feeling better today Talked to more recruiters yesterday, all of them seem to be recruiting for the same positions. We'll see what they come up with Met J for dinner and went to choir practice. Choir season is winding down, which is kinda nice Was warm yesterday, will be rainy today but cooler. Temps have varied from 40s to 70s, but by next week they should be more steady
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    Wednesday May 8, 2019

    Morning Tweety Fairly ordinary day at work yesterday, which was nice. Lotta people off today, so hopefully today won't be too busy Getting some calls from recruiters again, which is nice although my previous experience has not been great with recruiters Was fairly cold yesterday, should be warmer today though with rain Meeting J for dinner at one of our usual places then choir practice tonight
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    Monday May 6 2019

    Happy Nurses Week Nice day yesterday, usual church and choir. Met J at a new restaurant for lunch and we walked around the arboretum a bit as the weather was nice Picked up some yarn and a crochet hook on the way home, want to try to learn crochet again but slowly, hopefully I'll be more successful this time Emailed my resume to a former manager who told me they have open posiitons, we'll see what her company has to offer. I'm still conflicted as to whether to stay or leave but I figure I can decide when/if something is offered Weather is nice today but going to get a bit cooler and a whole lot rainer later in the week
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    Saturday May 4th 2019

    Morning Not too busy a day at work yesterday, which was nice J's friend passed away yesterday morning. He spent the day helping to notify her various friends, was so tired that we decided to skip dinner last night Rest of the day was quiet for me, did some shopping, had bowling in the evening, got back late Slept in a bit, had one of those anxiety dreams about an test I wasn't prepared for. Probably job related, uncertain whether I should stay or go and a former manager has let me know about positions at her new company. Have decided to apply but not sure it's the right decision Today will see dad as usual. Will try and get outside this morning as the weather has gotten nicer and the rain has finally stopped
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    Friday May 3 2019

    So far they seem to be working
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    Friday May 3 2019

    Morning Odd day yesterday. Very productive at work, but for some reason I was tense and irritable the whole day. Perhaps related to the strange dreams the night before? I felt better after I got some exericise and had the online meeting with the environmental group. I also ran to the pet store and got some sticky strips to keep the cat from scratching the loveseat. Went online and got a new carpeted scratching post to give her an alternative to scratch Today I meet J at one of our usual places. Though that may depend upon what happens wih his friend in hospice. It was thought she might expire during the night, but I know it can be hard to tell what course patients will take Also have bowling tonight The rain has stopped and will stay away for a few days. Also turning warmer as well
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    Thursday May 2 2019

    Morning Another fairly slow day at work yesterday. As a result going to take a few extra cases to help out a coworker. Hopefully I won't regret this Met J at one of our usual places last night. He's visiting his friend in the SNF twice a day now, given that she's going to enter hospice and doesn't have much time left Had strange dreams early this morning, woke up once or twice too. Not sure why. I have been a bit more tired than usual the last two days, wonder if it's related Today have an online meeting of the environmental group in the evening. Will try and stop at the pet store before that for a new scratching post and some of those sticky strips. Trying to keep the cat from scratching the new loveseat Will be pretty much the same as yesterday, 50s and rainy. After today it whoudl be drier and warmer
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    Tuesday April 30, 2019

    Morning Tweety, sorry the insomnia was bad last night Was in the waiting room until 2:45 when they finally told all remaining jurors they could leave, jury duty over. I was surprised, twice before I've been called to serve and both times I ended up on a jury. Most of the people in the waiting room ended up on juries, thankfully I was one of the lucky few Getting there was rough, due to mechanical issues my train was cancelled and the next one was delayed. And it was cold and rainy. Decided to take a cab to and from the courthouse to avoid getting soaked. Did take my lunch break to walk around the city and stop at Macy's as the rain had let up a bit by then Today it's back to work. Hopefully will be fairly quiet day. Tonigh the church group is geting together for dinner at a local place Today will probably been similar to yesterday. Rain is expected every day until Friday
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    Monday April 29, 2019

    Morning Tweety Quieter day for me yesterday. Doing coffee hour at church took less time than I thought, we had fairly few people in church. And J and I were successful in getting the new loveseat to my place and taking the old one to Goodwill. We had lunch afterwards. Rest of the day was fairly calm Today I am reporting downtown for jury duty. Hoping that because I'm a standby juror I won't end up being needed for any trials. Missing a day or two of work won't have much effect but a couple days could really screw up my schedule Going to rain until noon. Which will complicate things as I'm going to take the train downtown and walk. At least it's warmer than the weekend was
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    Sunday April 28 2019

    Morning Busy day yesterday Went into the city to have lunch at a sushi place with dad and sister and family. Was a good restaurant, and the first time I'd been to a sushi restaurant. Really enojyed it Can't say I enjoyed Hamilton nearly as much. I didnt' care for the mostly rap soundtrack and often found it hard to understand what they were saying. And I didn't find the story interested except towards the end. The style seemed off too, more like a music video than a musical. The cast was good though The drive up and back was tricky with rain/sleet/snow, but I did manage to get home on time Today I get to church later than usual due to have no choir practice. I will be there a bit early and late as I'm doing the coffee hour this Sunday After that J brings the new loveseat by. Then we take the old one to Goodwill and go to a restaurant that's one of our favorites and that we haven't been to in a while Today should be wamer than yesterday, hopefully all of the snow will melt. Rest of the week should be warmer
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    Friday April 26, 2019

    Morning Tweety Was rather tiring day yesterday, with an early morning meeting and a telephone meeting in addition to my other work. Was very tired by the end of the day Went a bit off diet. But weight has increased less than a pound since last week, so I'm still within goal which is good The person who was supposed to call about that outpatient position never did. Oh well, I'm currenlty not really interested in new positions. Want to wait a bit and see what happens J's friend is continuing her decline, the nurses at the SNF are talking about hospice. At least she seems comfortable Today meeting J for dinner as usual
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    Thursday April 25 2019

    Morning Yesterday went well. Work was productive. Met J after work at one of our usual places. Afterwards we went to the furiniture store and he showed me the loveseat he bought for his friend. Today I have my early morning meeting. Lotta driving but I get to get out of work early Have a phone interview for an oupatient clinic case management position. Don't have high hopes but figure I"ll give it a try and see. Going to search more intesively in the future but for now want a break from job searching Weather will be rainy later today, temps should be stable but a bit cooler
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    Tuesday April 22, 2019

    Morning Tweety, hope you don't feel too tired today Fairly ordinary day at work yesterday. And after work too...ran some errands and exercised Going to do a phone interview on Thursday. Don't have high hopes but I'll see what the position is. Have decided to temporarily pause my job search, I'll pick it up again in the next month or so Getting my hair cut after work today, will probably go for a walk too afterwards. Was nearly 80 yesterday, will probably only hit 60 today.
  20. Joe NightingMale

    Monday April 22, 2019

    He got an upscale version of his current Santa Fe, but in black instead of red
  21. Joe NightingMale

    Monday April 22, 2019

    Morning Tweety Yesterday was busy. Choir practice and church in the morning. Was happy we did our the anthem from Saturday on Sunday as well, the congregtion applauded. We did another anthem on Sunday as well but it wasn't quite as good. Found out no one is hosting coffee hour next Sunday so for the first time ever I decided I would host that Afterwards I went to J's house and we drove to his sister's. Was probably nearly 20 people there, most of whom I hadn't seen in nearly a year. J also got a chance to show me his new car That was most of my day Back to work today, hopefully things won't be crazy Weather has been nice, and I think should be for the next few days Morning
  22. Joe NightingMale

    Easter Sunday April 21 2019

    Morning Busy day yesterday. Lots of cooking in the morning, then met dad for lunch. Then to church for choir practice and the Easter vigil service. Thankfully it only lasted an hour and a half. Choir did good last night, in spite of a challenging piece. Was nice to have the handbells with us Busy day today too. Choir and church again, with the same challenging piece in addition to another one. We'll have a trumpeter as well as the bells this morning. Then I'll go over to J's and we'll go to his sister's house. I'll also get to see J's new car, the dealer talked him into trading in the old one for a more upscale model Had some spare time yesterday morning to go for a hike as the weather was nice. Didn't see many birds, which was surprising. Perhaps it was because the spring was fairly cold
  23. Joe NightingMale

    Saturday April 20, 2019

    Tweety I hope you sleep well tonight Morning BC Was a good day at work, which helped because it was a long evening at church, between choir practice and the longer than usual Good Friday service. Still, everything went well Busy morning of cooking too, as it will be another long evening at church tonight, longer than last night, for more choir practice and the Easter Vigil service. Thankfully, with the cooking and washing up done I have time to go out for a walk/hike before I meet dad for lunch. Tomorrow is the usual choir and church, with some extras due to it being Easter. Aftewards going to meet J and we're going to his sister's house for an Easter lunch/dinner And thankfully the weather has warmed and the rain has stopped
  24. Joe NightingMale

    Good Friday April 19 2018

    Morning Realized that I had the wrong date on yesterday's post Work was fine. J and I were going to try and meet last night but he got too busy with things. Tonight I'm at church, so we'll get together at his sister's on Easter Rest of the day was fairly quiet, did a little shopping after work. Though about going to the Maundy Thursday service, but decided against it. I prefer a more traditional service, this church has a kind of dinner+service project instead for its service Tonight I have choir practice followed by the Good Friday serivce Tomorrow I see dad as usual then again have choir practice and the Holy Saturday service that evening. Then again on Sunday morning for Easter Weather has been pretty cool and rainy around here. 40s and 50s. But it should get warmer again soon. Bit cold for me, but better this than the servere weather the middle Atlantic states will see today
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    Thursday April 19 2019

    Morning Fairly good day at work for me. Felt better as the day went on And according to my scale the fast pushed me past the plateau to my goal. Glad it worked but I wont' do one that long again J was feeling a bit sick so we skipped dinner out last night. Probably a combination of fasting for labs and anxiety about his elderly friend in the hospital. She was doing a little better when he saw her yesterday Did grocery shopping instead last night and went for a walk. Then choir pratice, which ran fairly late as we had a fair amount to do and also had to practice with the bells and the trumpeter Today J and I are going to try and meet for dinner if he's feeling better. Tomorrow is out as I have to sing at the Good Friday service Was in the upper 70s yesterday, will be in the mid 50s today and upper 40s tomorrow. Looks like the next week will be between 50 and 60