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  1. Joe NightingMale

    Sunday - June 23rd, 2019 - Good Morning!

    Ted what Agatha Christie play will she be doing? Tweety good that you're able to be outside, even if it's hot. Going to rain most of the day here Yesterday turned out to be nice as the rain held off. Was able to get out early for a hike, ran some errrands, then went to my cousin's place for her son's college graduation party. Smaller crowd than I expected. Weather was nice enough that we could sit outside. Came home and did laundry and watched Svengoolie. Beast From 20000 Fathoms was pretty good Today I have church, then a brief meeting aftewards regarding the fall rummage sale which I'm helping with. I'll do a little bit of cooking too. Spoke with J last night, he was pretty well done with packing and was feeling calmer. By now his flight should be on its way to CA
  2. Joe NightingMale

    Saturday - June 22nd, 2019 - Good Morning!

    Morning Ted Tired this morning....woke up at 3am and took some time getting back to sleep. Had a bunch of weird dreams too Special project at work was completed yesterday. We'll see what Monday brings. I'm kinda hoping, since these special projects are helping UM, that they might consider me for a UM position. Would be an interesting change. Not sure if that will happen, since it would mean they would be down a CM Talked with J, he still has a bunch of packing to do but should get all of that done today Went for a walk last night as the weather was nice. Rain is holding off today so I may head outside again This afternoon we have a graduation party for my cousin's oldest son. Will be nice to see everyone again Svengoolie has The Beast From 20000 Fathoms, might take a look at that tonight Finally found a needle threader that actually works well. Might look into something like embroidery or needlepoint given that I like stitching and could use the practice
  3. Joe NightingMale

    Friday June 21, 2019

    Morning Tweety. I have considered going to Chicago Pride but it's such a huge and crowded event going would not be practical unless I was staying at a hotel in the city It's officially the first day of summer Doing yet more utilization at work, though hopefully I will be done with all that before today is over. And get back to my usual case management work next week Grocery shopping and exercise last night Not getting together with J tonight as he has to get ready for his trip. He was annoyed that his flight was cancelled and moved from Sat morning to Sunday, cutting his trip short by a day Not much planned for tonight except for some cleaning Weather will be warmer today and rain will hold off until the late evening. By next week it should be in the 80s, which is more typical for this time of year. Still a chance of rain most days
  4. Joe NightingMale

    Tuesday June 18th 2019

    Morning Yet another special project at work yesterday, once again inolving utilization. Was a fair amount of confusion before we figured out what to do, then things went OK. Not sure when we'll be past this and back on case management. Though I wouldn't mind doing utilization management instead, would be an interesting change. Guess we'll see what transpires Had to stop at Joann Fabrics on the way home and get some new needle threaders. Honestly the hardest part of hand stitiching seems to be threading the needle Made more progress on the Michigan license, just need fingerprints sent and I should be done with the process Going to be wamer today with no rain, which will be nice. But then rain is a possibility the next few days, with lower temps too. This has been a very odd summer
  5. Joe NightingMale

    Monday June 17 2019

    Morning Yesterday was nice...church then J and I took dad to brunch. Walked around the arboretum aftewards...lots of mosquitoes due to all the rain. Came home and tried the custard pie recipe again and then relaxed Today it's back to work, not sure what I'll be doing today, will be interesting to see Dates for the family reunion next year have been decided, I already made reservations for me and J. We'll be going to Indiana again. Hopefully this time we wont' have another trip beforehand like last time. Hopefully no rain today or tomorrow but the rest of the week looks pretty rain. Rather tired of the rain
  6. Joe NightingMale

    Sunday June 16, 2019

    Morning Tweety Yesterday was pretty productive. Met with the environmental group in the morning, ran some errands, did the cooking, exercised, and then relaxed for the rest of the day. Didn't go out a lot as it was a pretty rainy day Today have church then J and I are taking my dad out to brunch for Father's Day. Will probably spend some time outside after that as the rains have finally stopped. Will do some more cooking today too, want to try the custard pie recipe again with a few modifications Not even going to reach 70 the next 2 days. Has been quite an odd June, lots of rain but no 90s yet
  7. Joe NightingMale

    Friday June 14, 2019

    Tweety here's hoping you get good news on the termite inspection Work was a little crazy yesterday, started working with a new population of patients, then mid day was pulled off that to help utilization notify patients that their urgent referrrals had been approved. Some initial confusion over process before things started doing more smoothly. Though it was stressful for a while. Not unexpected, given that his is an entirely new division and so many policies and procedures are TBD. And at least we've been told just to leave the previous work and not worry if it's done on time or not Got my hair cut after work and exercised. And had time in the evening to work on some stitching, which I haven't done in a while. Might need a desk lamp for more light and slightly stronger reading glasses, can be hard to see the smaller stitches Meeting J for dinner tonight at one of the usual places, hopefully it won't be too busy given that it's Friday Cool this morning, in the 50s, will get up to the 70s. Won't get above the 70s for the next week. Rain starts late tonight and continues until early afternoon on Sunday
  8. Joe NightingMale

    Thursday June 13, 2019

    Morning Tweety Week is close to being over Work was fine and fairly productive. Things are shifting again and we'll be working with a new patient population for a while, until we get some more people hired. Not a big deal, just need to shift priorities a bit. And being a new division, things will be in flux for a while J wasn't feeling well yesterday, probably a touch of food poisoning from some old cheese dip. So we skipped dinner and I did the grocery shopping instead Called the Michigan licensing office, turns out I don't need to provide documents, just complete the online form, pay a fee, and send in fingerprints. Going to complete that last one soon, then I should be done with the process Rainy yesterday, today will be cooler and in the 60s. Odd that it's mid June and this cool
  9. Joe NightingMale

    Wednesday June 12, 2018

    Tweety hope that you don't have termites Another decent day at work. People I call seem more willing to engage than at my last job. And somehow things seems less tense and seem to flow more easily. Perhaps it's my experience from my previous job or the new environment or both. One coworker who used to work with me years ago said it almost seems too easy. I'm not sure about that, it's still takes quite a bit of effort to insure the documentation is good, but i know what she means Have been working on getting the MI license, have to call them to clarify which documents they need and if they want me to upload them or have them sent from the nursing board and the nursing school. Have not had time to practice stitching, too many other things going on right now. Hope to find time later in the week or during the weekend Meeting J tonight at one of our usual places. I'll work a bit later than usual since I don't have as far to drive now Going to be a rainy day. Surprised that we haven't yet had any 90s yet
  10. Joe NightingMale

    Tuesday - June 11th, 2019 - Good Morning!

    Ted it sounds like you've made progress with your health Tweety hope you can get some sleep tonight Fairly good day at work yesterday, got some people to answer the phone. Am getting the hang of the system they use and doing good wtih the care plans. And I haven't been too busy. Hopefully that all continues Got the laundry done when I got home Today should be fairly ordinary, plan to spend some time on the Michigan license. Also need to find time to practice stitiching, harder to do now that I'm working out of the office Weather has bee nice, in the upper 70s without rain, though rain and cooler temperatures expected tomorrow
  11. Joe NightingMale

    Monday June 10 2019

    Morning Less busy day for me yesterday. Decided to skip church and instead go for a walk and do some errands. Later met J for brunch and the musical Matilda. Was a good performance but a fairly strange story. Evening was fairly quiet Back to work today, hopefully things will run more smoothly now that I've started doing actual work. Working on getting my Michigan license since the patients I call are from Michigan. Not sure how long a process that is Weather has been good, rain will hold off until Wed. Surprisingly has not bee hot at all this year, don't think it's gotten above the low 80s yet
  12. Joe NightingMale

    Sunday June 9 2019

    Morning Fairly busy day yesterday, errands in the morning, then the afternoon and evening spent at J's sister's birthday party. Got home in the evening fairly late. Had a nice time but was pretty tired, especially after this last week Today seeing J again, we're going out for brunch and seeing the musical Matilda. So another fairly busy day Given how busy things have been I'm thinking about doing something I very rarely do and skipping church this morning. Easier since the choir won't sing again until June Supposed to rain later today but for right now it rain free. Weather has been nice, in the 70s
  13. Joe NightingMale

    Friday June 7 2019

    Morning Busier day at work yesterday, mostly doing data entry. Lunch was interrupted by an unexepcted meeting, which was annoying. I got my phone working so I'll actually be able to call people today Got grocery shopping and laundry and exercise done yesterday Tonight I'll meet J for dinner at one of our usual places. Bowling tonight too Weather has been pretty nice and rain free, should be so again today and tomorrow
  14. Joe NightingMale

    Thursday June 6, 2019

    Morning Tweety Quite tired this morning, not sure why Yesterday I actually finished all of the vidoes and started doing actual work, entering patients in our system. Today if all goes according to plan I'll start calling people. There is still stuff I'm uncertain about, but that seems true of everyone, given how new this is for everyone at the company Met J at one of our usual places for dinner last night Tonight will do some grocery shopping and exercise. Will be nice to get home earlier than I have the past 2 nights. I'm still adjusting to working out of the office Weather was warm yesterday, will be a bit cooler the next couple of days but rain should hold off
  15. Joe NightingMale

    Wednesday June 5, 2019

    Morning Tweety Day 2 of the new job was more training videos. Thankfully I'm done with them now, so hopefully I can move on to actual work After work met with some of my previous coworkers for dinner, was nice to see them again. Having some 2nd thoughts about job changing, which I supposed is natural. Those decreased after hearing my former coworkers talk about the nonsense that is still going on at the old place One of the former coworkers reminded me that my new employer will need to get us licensed in MI if we're going to be working with them. Have to ask my supervisor about that today Meeting J for dinner as usual tonight Rain returned yesterday and this morning has been rainy. But should stop raining shortly, and no more expected until Sun