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  1. Joe NightingMale

    Tuesday March 31, 2020

    Thanks Tweety Yesterday started crazy, receiving a bunch of stuff to do from the people who were laid off. Was kinda stressful and a bit confusing. Also realized I hadn't made all the necessary calls to one patient, and needed to somehow do it all by today! But then found out from his doctor he is deceased. Odd coincidence. By the end of the day things had settled down Went for a walk, exercised, and started planning my next sewing project Today should be calmer at work, unless anything unexpected comes up. Rain should hold off until the weekend, will be in the 40s and 50s
  2. Joe NightingMale

    Monday March 30 2020

    Thanks Ted!
  3. Joe NightingMale

    Monday March 30 2020

    Morning Weird dreams last night. Not bad, just vivid Had church via Zoom yesterday, was nice even if it was virtual. Stopped at the coffee shop and stopped at a forest preserve in spite of it being quite windy and drizzling a bit. In spite of the weather there were other people there Was going to order from Claim Jumper but found out they're closed now. Got something from Jimmy John's and checked the neighborhood to see which of the restaurants dad and I usually go to are open. Did find one of the family restaurants and our favorite Mexican restaurant are still open for limited hours Did some cooking and exercise. Finished the cross stitch, will post a picture here if it works. Rest of the day was pretty quiet Today back to work, might be getting additional work from the people who were laid off Weather should be getting a bit warmer again, though by the end of the week it may be rainy again Can't seem to upload the picture, keep getting an error message, so I'm thinking it's not going to show up
  4. Joe NightingMale

    Saturday - March 28th 2020 - Good Morning!

    Happy birthday Ted Morning BC Fairly slow and unexceptional day at work Went for a walk and finished the embroidery. Have to figure out how to mount it in the frame Today should be fairly slow too. Stop at the coffeehouse for coffee, take out from a local restaurant, and heading out for a hike before the rain comes Will be a stormy day, the area of highest risk is just to my west. Some interesting weather coming, hopefully it won't be too destructive Need to exercise too. Will skip Svengoolie, he's presenting Village of the Damned which I've already seen
  5. Joe NightingMale

    Friday March 27, 2020

    Morning Tweety, hope the anxiety settles down a bit. I know a lot of people who work in hospitals are frustrated by the lack of tests and other equipment Yesterday was better, my anxiety is down and work wasn't too busy Stopped at the pharmacy, went for a walk, worked on embroidery and exercised J and I won't meet tonight, we'll probably try and meet over the weekend, assuming we don't have symptoms and can find a place to meet Going to be a rainy day today, so likely no walk today. Bad weather expected tomorrow so likely I'll stay in unless it holds off for a bit
  6. Joe NightingMale

    Thursday March 26, 2020

    Morning Tweety and Ted Stars that sounds like a crazy day. Hopefully placement will happen soon After remaining calm despite all that's going on, my anxiety has shot up. Gonna have to make a better effort at controlling it Did finally cancel my Madison trip Work was fine yesterday, fairly quiet After work went out for groceries and to the bakery, came home and went for a walk and worked on embroidery Nothing much going on tonight, just the usual walk, exercise, and embroidery Weather has been warmer lately, though next few days will be rainy
  7. Joe NightingMale

    Wednesday March 25 2020

    Morning Work was fine, until some stuff from the laid off employees came up and had to be done quickly. The rest of the day was a mad dash, but it got done Rest of the day was fairly ordinary. Went for a walk, exercised, worked on embroidery J decided to cancel his trip to CA, he was fortunate to get a full refund of his airfare. I will be cancelling my Madison trip shortly J and I won't be getting together tonight most likely. I suspect for now we'll only meet on weekends Weather is warmer today and the next few days, rain expected as well
  8. Joe NightingMale

    Tuesday March 24 2020

    Morning A generally quiet day at work. The work from the people who were laid off hasn't yet been redistributed Went out for a walk, just so I could get outside. Also did my usual exercise and embroidery Today should be fairly quiet too Temps will be in the 40s, later rising to the 50s and 60s. Rain is expected later in the week Still have not decided if I will cancel my trip to Madison next month, but probably will. Will still take the time off. J is still deciding whether or not to go to CA next month
  9. Joe NightingMale

    Monday March 23 2020

    Morning Quieter day yesterday. Had a church service via Zoom, which seemed to work pretty well. Went to the arboretum but it was not only cold but quite crowded as well. Guess people have few other places to go. Got take out from our favorite restaurant, glad they're still open. Exercised and cooked and did embroidery Hoping work won't be too crazy, though expecting to get additional work from those who were laid off. Cold with snow yesterday, today should be warmer, same all week with temps in the 40s and 50s, no more snow expected
  10. Joe NightingMale

    Sunday - March 22nd, 2010 - Good Morning!

    Morning Ted Yesterday was fairly quiet Picked up some coffee at the local coffeehouse, had an online meeting of the environmental group. Which I had to leave early as I was meeting J at a local garden center. He wanted to get some things before they get closed down. Took about 2 hours but he did find everything he needed there. Came home, ordered some take out from one of our local places, stopped at the grocery store, the came home ans stayed there. Exercised, did embroidery, and watched Svengoolie Since I won't be meeting my dad until the pandemic settles down a bit, and since J and I are meeting less often, I'm trying to utilize local restaurants and such for takeout more often so hopefully they'll still be in business when this is over Another trip to the coffeehouse today, then an online church service via Zoom. Hopefully it works, the environmental group had problems with that app during their virtual meeting. Then I'll go out to a forest preserve, then get take out from one of our favorite restaurants Going to be fairly cool today, in the 40s, with some snow this evening
  11. Joe NightingMale

    Saturday March 21 2020

    Morning Bit of a surprise at work....found out some of my coworkers got laid off. Not related to coronavirus. Apparently we've had fewer patients, who are less sick, than expected, so when our group was established we were overstaffed. Glad I'm still there and that no more layoffs planned, although it certainly made it hard to pay attention to work for the rest of the day Went out for a walk afterwards and relaxed the rest of the day. Stopped at the local bakery and bookstore as all nonessential businesses will be closed after today Today the environmental group is meeting virtually. Skipping lunch with dad, given his age he wants to stay close to home until things settle down. Meeting J, he wants to stoop at some home improvement and craft stores before they close Colder day today, will be in the 30s
  12. Joe NightingMale

    Friday - March 20th, 2020 - Good Morning!

    BC sorry to hear that, I hope your fiance can find work soon and that your friend recovers quickly
  13. Joe NightingMale

    Friday - March 20th, 2020 - Good Morning!

    Morning Ted Decent day at work. Glad it's Friday Have been a bit more anxious and distracted lately, probably related to the pandemic. Will have to be more diligent in my meditation Ran an errand yesterday, exercised and worked on cross stitch Tonight meeting J at Hobby Lobby since all the restaurants are closed. We'll shop together and try to keep distance from others. This could get more difficult as more businesses close Decided I will likely push my Madison trip off to the fall. Will likely keep the day off, though not as much to do on days off now Weather was quite warm yesterday and rainy, today will be considerably cooler
  14. Joe NightingMale

    Thursday March 19 2020

    Morning Fairly ordinary day at work. Another meeting, only somewhat helpful. Worked on embroidery and went grocery shopping. Was glad that Trader Joes was limiting how much people could buy at once, and people were calm and maintaining distance. Had 2 shopping lists, depending upon what was available J was a little sad, his best friend's mom is in hospice, he's know her for 50 years and she's 91. Hoping he can get the chance at some point to see her or talk to her before the end Not much planned for today, except for exercise and embroidery Going to be in the 60s, could be rainy and stormy. Cooler after today
  15. Morning Fairly quiet day at work. Thankfully I got a list of new people to outreach, otherwise it would have been a very quiet week Decided to fast yesterday after going seriously off diet for 2 days. Went pretty good, wasn't too tired or too hungry. My body seems more adaptable lately Stayed home with the exception of a brief trip to Joann Fabrics J decided to replace his old recliner and give it to me to replace my very old recliner. Should arrive today Should be a pretty ordinary day for me, not planning to go out

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