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  1. Joe NightingMale

    Thursday December 5 2019

    Morning Productive work day yesterday, with 2 completed questionnaires. So that leaves little to do today And I only work a half day today. Will do laundry then run by the convention to get registered. Took more than an hour last time, hopefully it will be quicker this time Had dinner with J last night, thankfully he let me know he was running late and we pushed dinner plans back a bit. Seems things are going well with the new puppy, the other dogs don't seem to mind Tomorrow I'll probably spend the majority of the day at the convention. Might get out for a hike in the morning as the weather should be nice
  2. Morning Ted. That is a lot of money Stars that sounds like e good plan. Sorry Nannie has been so difficult lately Work was kinda tiring, had a meeting, and two people who requested I call them back in the afternoon who then didn't answer. I made some additional calls and finally found someone willing to talk and answer the questionnaire. Work is now saying they'll be more flexible with the productivity standards. I'm still going to try to do a questionnaire per day. Need one more for this week and Ill be good Did grocery shopping yesterday. Just need to get laundry done and I'll be ready for the convention. Some people I know are arriving today Meeting J for dinner at one of our usual places
  3. Joe NightingMale

    Tuesday - December 3rd, 2019 - Good Morning

    Ted glad you're going to get that mirror repaired. Sorry about the damage to the car, hope you feel better Stars glad you have appointments with both the doctor and the council on aging, hopefully they can provide some help dealing with Nannie Yesterday started off crazy, I was rushing because I wasn't sure how many calls I would have to make to get a questionnaire done. Thankfully got one done with my 4th call. And another one done in the afternoon. And another one scheduled for today. So hopefully I'm good in terms of productivity Fairly productive day after work too, ran various errands and exercised Today should be quieter after work. Glad this will be a short work week for me Weather should be decent, no rain and temps in the 40s
  4. Joe NightingMale

    Monday December 2 2019

    Morning Kept waking up early, think I'm nervous about the new productivity standards, though I am prepared and ready to change how I work to meet them. Hopefully my nerves will settle Yesterday was busy. Church then brunch with J then met with the gay group. They had a holiday potluck and prepared supplies for a homeless shelter. Had time to exercise and work on cross stitch Also made a reservation for my trip to Madison next spring. Hotels seem to be getting expensive there Thankfully I got a lot done over the weekend so this short week shouldn't be overly busy Weather will be in the 30s and 40s with no rain, which is pretty normal for this time of year
  5. Joe NightingMale

    Sunday December 1, 2019

    I'll be there the majority of Friday and most of Saturday. Stopping by on Thursday to pick up my convention badge and hopefully (but not likely) avoid the long registration lines
  6. Joe NightingMale

    Wednesday November 27 2019

    Morning Another productive day at work. 2 questionnaires completed. I'm ahead of the game so far. Should make today much easier. And I'm off the next 2 days Not productive with weight loss, 3 days off diet has meant a 3lb gain. Which seems excessive. Based on past experience should significantly decrease by next week if I stick with it all week. Will have to not go too crazy at Thanksgiving Got exercise and some cross stitch done. This project will likely take significantly longer than the last one J got the dog from the airport yesterday, no problem. Chances are we won't go out to eat tonight, he needs to spend a fair amount of time with getting the new dog oriented to a routine the next few days Rainy yesterday, high winds expected today. Will be cooler too. Thanksgiving should be fine, no rain expected
  7. Joe NightingMale

    Tuesday November 26th 2019

    Morning As expected yesterday started crazy at work. But I got a health questionnaire done and completed a 2nd one someone else started. And have a third scheduled for this morning. So I should be on track productivity wise for this week, shouldn't have to rush Got some Christmas shopping done after work, now mostly done with that. Going to be a fairly rainy day today and fairly windy tomorrow Going to hold off on grocery shopping until Friday, given how busy things will get with Thansgiving coming up Looks like we'll have pretty good weather for Thanksgiving
  8. Joe NightingMale

    Monday November 25 2019

    Morning Mostly a normal week. Had choir and church and brunch with J. We then went to the airport so he could figure out where to pick up thr dog on Tuesday. Were delayed a bit as his battery died for some reason while we were at brunch so we had to wait for a jump Back to work today, glad I'm only working 3 days No longer anxious about the new productivity standard, just mad now. It will only encourage rushing through things instead of taking the time to help people. It's kinda sad how often I've encountered work situations like this, where you feel you're only working towards a meaningless number Will be quite warm today, up into the 50s. Rain expected tomorrow and later in the week, but hopefully not Thanksgiving
  9. Joe NightingMale

    Saturday November 23 2019

    Morning Productive day at work yesterday. Got a health questionnaire completed. If I can keep that up I should have no problems with the new standards Met J for dinner at one of our usual places. Stopped at Kohls to get ideas what to get my niece for Christmas Had a bunch of weird dreams this morning, not sure why Meeting dad today, going to go someplace different than usual as a belated birthday celebration. Might try to get outside today too since no rain is expected. Should get up to 40 today
  10. Joe NightingMale

    Friday November 22, 2019

    Morning Tweety Anxiety about the job changes caught up with me yesterday morning, thankfully some Xanax calmed the palpitations and I was fine the rest of the day Went to the aboretum and walked around. Got some Christmas cards, ornaments for gifts, and a pillow with cardinals that caught my eye Ran a few errands and exercised and took it easy the rest of the day Busy day at work, busier now that I have to change the way I work to meet the new standards. Glad it's Friday Weather will be in the 30s and 40s, looks like the rain is over for now
  11. Joe NightingMale

    Wednesday November 20, 2019

    We haven't been there in a while so I'm not sure what their current menu is
  12. Joe NightingMale

    Tuesday November 19 2019

    Morning Busy day at work yesterday, got a lot done After work was productive too, got laundry and exercise done and started working on Christmas gifts After work today the church group is meeting at a local Italian place. Might try to squeeze in grocery shopping before then as I have a fairly short list this week Weather is turning rainy but will be in the 40s and 50s
  13. Joe NightingMale

    Monday November 18 2019

    Morning Quiet day yesterday. Church, choir, and then met J to see Last Christmas. We both liked it, and the unexpected twist Back to work today, hoping for a fairly ordinary day. Glad I have this Thursday off. Need to start getting Christmas presents. Finally have ideas for everyone except my sister and BIL Will be up to 40 today and the 50s by Thursday. Chance for rain later in the week
  14. Joe NightingMale

    Sunday November 17, 2019

    Going to try it tomorrow We both liked the movie, well done and with a surprising twist
  15. Joe NightingMale

    Sunday November 17, 2019

    Morning Tweety Funny...when I have busy weekends, like last weekend, I wish it was quieter. And when I have quiet weekends, lime this weekend, I wish they were busier Yesterday was fairly quiet. Got out for a hike, had lunch with dad, got the cooking done, and picked uo my new cross stitch project Made shakshuka for the first time in years, hope it turned out well Today have choir and church. J and I decided to see Last Christmas instead of our usual brunch Will be in the upper 30s today, might get to 50 later in the week which would be nice