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  1. pickledpepperRN

    Investigating the ANA endorsement of Hillary Clinton

    hank you for your work on the above post. It will take a while to learn it all.
  2. pickledpepperRN

    Severed Fingers of Hostages in Iraq

    I'm sure all of us are like me. Our hearts go out to the families of them. And pray for their safe return. As a mother I can't even imagine ho they feel.
  3. pickledpepperRN

    How will the Spitzer scandal affect the presidential race?

    I was remarking on how quickly impeachment was mentioned yesterday. I am NOT saying impeachment wouldn't be a good thing if her didn't resign. Just that it seems other illegal acts including taking bribes and "donations" from lobbyists don't bring the subject of impeachment into the news. Most do resign after they are convicted.
  4. pickledpepperRN

    How will the Spitzer scandal affect the presidential race?

    There is a difference in an affair and illegal prostitution. If it were my spouse I'm sure I'd thinmk differently. And why impeachment talk so quickly for a sex crime? W@hat about bribery, torture, illegal and unconstitutional activities? Shouldn't the be investigated too?
  5. pickledpepperRN

    Bush's Veto Of Anti-Torture Bill Stands

    President Bush, giving his weekly radio address, announcing his veto of the bill that would have banned the CIA from waterboarding and other forms of torture.: http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2008/03/20080308.html Bush's Veto Of Anti-Torture Bill Stands House Democrats Fail To Override President's Veto Of Bill Banning Waterboarding http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/03/11/national/main3927440.shtml?source=RSSattr=HOME_3927440
  6. pickledpepperRN

    Fill the purse with red bricks Mrs. Spitzer

    Eliot Spitzer was going after Predatory Lenders. He should have known that HE would be scrutinized. That was just plain dumb (as well as wrong) to be breaking the law while going after law breakers. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/02/13/AR2008021302783_pf.html
  7. pickledpepperRN

    President Bush singing

    I don't think it's funny.
  8. pickledpepperRN

    I'm Listening

    It is frightening because such talk too often leads to violence.
  9. pickledpepperRN

    I'm back and meaner than ever !

    Me too. I've been working but needing SO MUCH sleep. Glad you're feeling better!
  10. pickledpepperRN

    Clinton In It, To Win It (Brokered Convention, here we come!)

    Sorry to be so slow but this is the kind of fear mongering I think was mentioned:
  11. pickledpepperRN

    Clinton In It, To Win It (Brokered Convention, here we come!)

    Who plans to vote for John Sidney McCain III?
  12. pickledpepperRN

    Clinton In It, To Win It (Brokered Convention, here we come!)

    My father, who was in the Air Force Orchestra and band toild me that the proper protocol is to stand and sing the National Anthem and to put your hand over your heart and face the flag when saluting the flag. I love my country but did as my father, also a schoolteacher, told me. That is how we did it all my years in school. So call me unpatriotic if you want. All my life I blink as tears of pride in the values of my beloved country when the National Anthem is played. But I only began putting my hand over my heart in 2007 when someone posted here.
  13. pickledpepperRN

    Clinton In It, To Win It (Brokered Convention, here we come!)

    My real name is Space Hussein Nurse.
  14. pickledpepperRN

    Muqtada Al-Sadr in Coma in Iran Hospital - Poisoned

    I fail to understand how unconfirmed reports of one bad mans death shows that "The news from Iraq just keeps getting better and better."
  15. ...The libertarian impulses of my youth and the stoic conservatism of my early adult years are gradually giving way to the doubts of middle-age - doubts that are centered on two questions: (1) Do I really believe smaller government and lower taxes are the cures to what ails us? (2) When people are hurting and in need, is it appropriate for their government to turn away, claiming, "That's not our issue; it should be resolved by individuals and the free market"?... [regarding 13 year Republican Congressman] . ...So, let me get this straight: When rock-solid conservatives learn that their constituents are suffering, they suddenly decide government should do something about it? That's not a surprise, really. Many of us have had a change of heart about government action when we encounter unexpected and otherwise insurmountable challenges.... http://themoderatevoice.com/politics/progressives/18208/none-of-the-above-part-i/