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  1. bekindtokittens

    What book are you reading or have read lately?

    I just finished Making Rounds With Oscar, by David Sosa. Oscar is the cat who would spend time with people before they would pass away in the nursing home. Decent read. I'm also rereading Lamb, by Christopher Moore. Hilarious. And Plains of Passage, by Jean Auel.
  2. bekindtokittens

    New kittehs

    I just read this Wikipedia entry. It's strange how well lolcat speak and trends are explained there. "I'm in your *noun* *verbing* your *related noun*." Im in ur boards loling ur threads.
  3. bekindtokittens

    New kittehs

    Moogie zomg mai kittehs can haz cheezburger all de timez! Srsly luv lolcats. In fact, Milo's nickname is Dr. Tinycat. Thanks, everyone, for looking at this proud cat mom's pictures.
  4. bekindtokittens

    New kittehs

    I just wanted to share my joy of having adopted two new members to join my family! These babies were found in a box on the side of a country road, and it's assumed that they are brother and sister. Molly is grey and white, and Milo has the mask. I had my beloved Rumple put to sleep last December (I've posted pictures in other cat threads), and it was a hard decision to get any more cats. The time finally felt right. The last picture features the little cats trying to play with Lucy, my nine year old cat. Cat relations were rocky at first but are improving.
  5. bekindtokittens

    Who met their S.O. online?

    I met my husband in a "city" chat room. We've been married for eight years. He's my best friend.
  6. bekindtokittens

    Possibility of a zombie outbreak??

    My husband and I both *know* that there aren't zombies, but we love imagining...what if? So, we have a pantry full of bottled water and canned goods. We also work on cardio, go shooting regularly, and have our secluded mountain cabin all picked out should we have to leave our humble abode. I even have plans for carrying our cat with us. I guess we'll be prepared should any other catastrophe happen, but all other catastrophes seem so humdrum compared to a ZOMBIE OUTBREAK.
  7. bekindtokittens

    Woman bites off ear of man who called her fat

    The piece wasn't found? Can only be repaired with plastic surgery? Sounds like that bit of flesh was ear-replaceable.
  8. bekindtokittens

    Brushing Your Cat's Teeth

    Yep, I'm supposed to brush my cat's teeth too. The vet and the techs always look at me funny when I describe the epic battles between Lucy and I when I've tried to brush her teeth. She's also one of those cats who acts sweet and docile while at the vet, but once you get her home...watch out! She gets her yearly teeth cleaning, under anesthesia, in June.
  9. bekindtokittens

    Might have to put down the cat, advice please

    I'm glad your old girl made a comeback! Should she have future problems, there is a product called Greenies Pill Pockets, and you can hide pills in these tasty cat snacks. Injections and IV fluids are also surprisingly easy to administer to cats. I had to have my cat Rumple put to sleep in December when it was obvious that all the interventions were not worth the quality of life he had. It's a tough decision.
  10. bekindtokittens

    The Cat Did It: Man Framed By Pet in Porn Sting

    Adorable! My Lucy is a brown tabby too. I must have missed that other thread; thanks for posting the picture here. Did your son name him Moses because he has an M on his forehead?
  11. bekindtokittens

    The Cat Did It: Man Framed By Pet in Porn Sting

    I love the Simon videos. The "fly" one is fairly new and is my new favorite! Here is a link to a website dedicated to a family's two kitties. It shows how they "help" with decorating the Christmas tree each year. It makes me smile every time I visit. http://www.fluffytails.ca/christmas.asp
  12. bekindtokittens

    The Cat Did It: Man Framed By Pet in Porn Sting

    It's an evil little ditty, isn't it! My husband even made it into a ringtone for me. After a few days, he begged me to change it, because it was constantly in his head! Soon you'll be using it to sing to your darling hairball heaver -- Cat, I'm a kitty cat, and I barf barf barf, and I barf barf barf.... I didn't get much sleep last night either. One of my darlings ripped a hole in my box spring, got inside, and played for hours. Treats and shaking the cat food container wouldn't lure her out... Here's another fun cat video. Have you seen Simon before? I promise, no songs in this one. :chuckle
  13. bekindtokittens

    The Cat Did It: Man Framed By Pet in Porn Sting

    Maybe the cat was trying to view this video...
  14. bekindtokittens


    I love the show, and I'm a big reader, so I tried the first book. My favorite characters, like LaFayette and Tara, barely even get a mention. This is the first time it's happened to me, but I much prefer the show to the book, at least the first book in the series.
  15. bekindtokittens

    Long Distance Relationships

    I met my husband online. We were close online friends for over a year of online chatting and telephone calls. He wanted more but I had been badly burned in the past and wanted nothing to do with commitment. He sent me small gifts, things that showed he really listened to me, and pursued me like I'd never been pursued. When we finally met (his hometown was my hometown) we had great fun, and I admitted that we might possibly have a great thing together. We got married a year later. We've been married almost 7 years now, and I've never had a relationship come this easy. He's never possessive or jealous, and through his positive influence, I was able to let go of those reactions as well. And our long distance relationship continues when he is deployed. He just left for his fourth trip to the Middle East. I think long distance relationships can be very rewarding, but they require a great deal of trust. My long distance relationship worked out great for me.

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