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  1. nursenoelle

    American Idol: Season 3

    AI will have lost so much credibilty after this season. Latoya will get a contract no doubt. The way she sang herself out showed total confidence and class. I don't think winning AI really is such a big deal. Look at Clay and Kimberly. The both have blown the winners away in record sales.
  2. nursenoelle

    Baby News!!!

    YAY ! Congrats ! Glad to hear that all is well.
  3. nursenoelle

    bad news this morning........

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts and prsyers are with you and your family.
  4. nursenoelle

    Dieter's Support Thread

    Thanks everybody ! I am planning to eat healthier, as was the plan pre pregnancy, just more of it. I saw a pilates for preggers thing, gonna ask doc about Monday it is supposed to help with the labor process, etc. Again, good luck everybody ! I will get back to that slimming down stuff in the fall. :D
  5. nursenoelle

    Dieter's Support Thread

    Well, I am officially off this diet because....... I AM PREGNANT !!!! :eek: :D :) We just found out today ! We stopped trying several months ago d/t the stress it was putting on the both of us. I realized that I should have started menses last week, peed on like 10 sticks and TAADAAAA! I tried like hell to get into an OB today for blood test but the offices were closed:o . Now I have to wait till Monday. I am still gonna check in to cheer everybody on tho. GOOD LUCK !
  6. nursenoelle

    Dieter's Support Thread

    mljrn-WOOOOT 15 pounds !:eek: That's Wonderful! Congrats ! I have lost 5 lbs. since last Thursday. I have not been hungry at all. Feel fantastic, esp. after working out. I am trying to convince hubby to let me get a home gym to go with the treadmill :rolleyes: I just have to convince him that I will use the thing- unlike the sewing machine, food processor, etc. that I had to have and don't touch. :imbar
  7. nursenoelle

    How Is Your Diet Going?

    A dollar a pound is a great idea ! Thanks for the support too!
  8. nursenoelle

    How Is Your Diet Going?

    Congrats everybody! This is a great thread mjlrn! SIL and I measured last night:eek: . We are in a competion . Both of us will put $20 bucks a piece in a jar every month until May. Whoever loses the most inches gets the kitty to go towards a new dress for my nieces wedding in June. That's all it took. I did 2 miles on my treadmill last night ! I forgot how good runners' highs are!:D rn-jane- Could you pretty please with Splenda on top post the recipe for SB Mashed Tators? We are doing Southbeach-esque Low-cal Low-carb lifestyle changes. NOT a diet I will never let myself get like this again !
  9. nursenoelle

    Dieter's Support Thread

    Cool ! I checked it out today, and it looks like a money saver if you buy workout tapes. No yoga or pilates classes in our small town so this will help. Thanks! Emotional eater here too. I had a really bad day at work today, and it was so had not to nosh when I got home.
  10. nursenoelle

    Dieter's Support Thread

    Marla - way to go girl ! Bluesky- Lecarb is about $1.50 more per 1/2 Gallon. You can ban the rest of the house from it like I did. The yogurt is twice as much as dannon on sale. Oh btw, tried Subway's Atkins wrap- it tastes like way more fattening than it is ! And Klondike bars are now available in a Low Carb version. :D -noellethefastfoodjunkfoodjunkie
  11. nursenoelle

    Dieter's Support Thread

    Rewiew of LeCarb "milk": This stuff is pretty darn good ! I am enjoying 1/2 cup with 1 cup Honey Nut Cheerios and a piece of fruit. It doesn't have a weird taste. It's light like skim milk with a little more body (not blue). Yum. I'm not going no carb, just trying to make balanced, healthy choices. Lifestyle change is the plan . I usually get breakfast at McDonalds, or eat nothing and nosh all day. Try this stuff. I'm gonna use it for cooking too. Compared to 2% Milk Lecarb has 62% less sugars and 50% more protien. Lecarb has 4.5 grams CHO per serving. 2% 12 grams. Woot my first holy grail !! They have frozen treats and yogurt too !
  12. nursenoelle

    Got a sec?

    Prayers on the way. Be sure to update us soon, ok
  13. nursenoelle

    Dieter's Support Thread

    This is a great thread. I have gained 40 lbs since I got married a little less than three years ago. I miss my body. It's under this somewhere, and it is nice. Used to be a real health nut. Then I got out of school and started cooking for my big ole country boy, sitting on my butt more and here we are I started today. Low calorie, more fresh fruits and veggies (thanks for the list tweety), WAY less carbs, More H20 and back to working out. I feel better already, I know that sounds weird. Has anybody bought that low carb milk Lecarb ? I bought some and will let you know if it's nasty. It comes in chocolate too:D . I am 210# (my heaviest) and need to be 160. Ok maybe 150. Been 140 but looked like a crackhead (I'm 5'11) But enough about me... GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY !! Does anyone want to weigh in periodically ?
  14. nursenoelle

    For the guy with the crappy car and $10 hair cut...

    That is the sweetest thing *sniff*. thank you.
  15. nursenoelle

    No Thanks Do Gift Exchange

    I am so glad that we are not doing a gift exchange this year. I get a group gift for my aides (goodies) and that's that. The employees all sign up to bring a santa present to a resident to be given to them at thier party. I think that is so neat.