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    Fill p your cars now!!

    It's $3.50-$4 here. But it doesn't bother me in the slightest. I vote for it to go even higher!!!! Force those SUV drivers to rethink their purchases. Force people to stop taking jobs so far from their homes (unless they really have no choice). Force people to consider carpooling. Force car companies to REALLY look into alternative energy sources (of which there are plenty). Force people to consider mass transport. Force cities to provide better, faster, more available mass transport. Reduce our dependence on foreign oil--not by drilling in Alaska, but by cutting back our need! Gas has been so much more expensive in Europe for ages. And it SHOULD be more expensive. If you take into account the true cost of gas, including future costs of cleaning up our polluted and ravaged environment, then it would already be much, much more expensive than it is today. Sorry guys, environmental science degree holder here.
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    Best Dinner on the Town

    Oh wow, my boyfriend and I LOVE to go out to eat. We have so many 'favorite' restaurants in town. None are chains, though, but unique restaurants that appeal to us for different reasons. I love tapas, sushi, thai, indian, italian, french, ethiopian...get the picture??? I love food!
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    Say the First Word that Comes to mind next:

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    Say the First Word that Comes to mind next:

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    Say the First Word that Comes to mind next:

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    Can you afford to get to work??

    It's around $2.65-$2.70 here for regular. Thank goodness work is only 3 miles away for me, and since I live in the city I often walk to where I need to go. My boyfriend drives a big hulking truck, but work is only a block away for him! He just leaves the truck at the jobsite and walks home. Of course runs out to Home Depot cost him in gas...
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    What is Everyone's Favorite Month?

    May. Hands down. And the whole spring period from April-early June. I love green and seeing all my favorite flowers--tulips, dogwoods, azaleas, magnolia trees, crocus, hyacinth. I love the warm, moist air, hearing the birds chirp, smelling the first mown grass, seeing the trees with their new green leaves. All I want to do is be outside on a nice spring day. Aaaahhhh....wish we could go just skip winter and go straight back to spring.
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    ok fess up! what are your strangest fears?

    Flying -- that's my biggest fear. I have dreams of plane crashes all the time. I think I may have died in a plane crash in a previous life.
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    Happy Birthday Maire!!!

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    Real Estate Flipping -- anyone into it?

    I'm glad you're going through with it. From looking into this stuff myself, and from talking to my BF, often it's easier to gut a place and start over rather than work with the existing walls, floors, etc. Pit bulls, although they have a bad rap, are often quite nice dogs. I know a couple people that own them. My dog is half rottweiler, and the best dog you could hope for. But you're right about tall fences. :) Good luck with your project!!! It sounds wonderful and I'm envious!
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    Good Morning, Sunday June 26!!!

    omg i was so scared the day of my surgery. i almost backed out as i was sitting in the chair with everyone in surgical garb. my heart was pounding, i broke out in a rash on my neck, it was awful. i've never been so distressed in my life, outside of deaths of loved ones. i can truly say that if i can do it, anyone can. they said i won the "nervous nelly" award that day. i'm -4.00 in each eye--or rather, i was -4.00 in each eye. pm me if you want detailed info on the surgery, that day, etc. i don't want to bore everyone with the gory details. needless to say, it was the strangest experience of my life. i couldn't wear contacts to begin with, so i was stuck with glasses anyway. my insurance paid for part of it, and the center i chose has a discount for nurses. so i got about $850 knocked off between the two discounts. for a total of $2700 for the 'custom vue' -- the super-duper special laser. but like i said, the next day i was 20/15 in each eye. it's great!!!!!
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    Real Estate Flipping -- anyone into it?

    My father has supported our family (pretty well, too) in real estate for the past 30-40 years. He is self-employed, works with a partner, buys houses, fixes them up, sometimes just holds on to them, and re-sells them. He actually made more money when the market was slower than he is now that it's booming, because there are so many people trying to get in the market now that it's saturated. It's money chasing real estate. Of course, each area/city is different. Baltimore is going through a huge real estate boom right now. I was actually thinking of getting into the action myself, because my BF is a carpenter. But we couldn't find a shell for a decent price. Shells are going for $200K and up. It's crazy. But your plan sounds wonderful--esp. the location. I'd love to be around horses.
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    Good Morning, Sunday June 26!!!

    Good morning. Well, it's now 12:01 EDT so I guess it's the afternoon. I slept in this morning...I'm just enjoying my coffee right now, and I don't mind if I help myself to that fresh fruit and yogurt...and maybe some eggs too. Tweety--have a good shift and then a nice 3 days off! Kelly--your dinner sounds great. I usually cook corn on the grill in the husk until it turns brown/black, then peel off the husk and the corn is nice a juicy. Don--enjoy your afternoon puttering about. Lil'girl--have fun with your guests!~ And send some rain this way please! We're dry dry dry in Maryland. And HOT. Me, I'm still recovering from Lasik surgery that I had on Friday. I now see 20/15 in each eye!! It's truly amazing. My eyes get a bit dry, but I use lubricating drops every 30-60 minutes and some other drops QID. My doc said I'm healing great! I'm finally allowed to read and use the computer again, which is huge because I was getting bored...my boyfriend is in Philly to see the Red Sox play, he'll be home tonight.
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    Good Morning Thursday 6-23-05

    Good morning/afternoon!! It's gorgeous here today, and I have off the next three days!! :hatparty: I'm getting Lasik done tomorrow morning....wish me luck! I asked them to give me extra Valium because I'm soooooo nervous. ANd I just found out my boyfriend might be going up to Philly to see some ballgames with his brother and a few friends driving down from Boston, so there will be no one to help me out at home. So I may spend the weekend with my parents, although I don't know if my nerves could take that! Anyway, I"m off to return some books at the library. Have a great day! PennyLane
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    Drunken pilots arrested

    I remember when that happened. Very scary indeed. I don't think the possible sentence is too strict at all.
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    The Day my God Died

    We're the ones who allow this to happen, IMHO. We could choose to act differently, some do and some don't. I don't get it either. We have a long way to go...a long journey ahead of us. Some are farther along this journey than others.
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    Good Morning June 6th. 2005

    WEll, it's no longer morning. Almost 2 o'clock and it's HOT HOT HOT here. Low-mid 90s and sunny. Electricity was out for a few hours earlier, thankfully it's back on so I can have the fans running. I'll be out back doing some gardening later in the afternoon. I'm back to work tomorrow and the next day. Take care!
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    The Day my God Died

    Agreed on the birthcontrol and abortion suggestion. That was the first thing that came to my mind.
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    TV shows you hate to miss and TV shows you wish you did

    That was such a great show! I was really upset when they took it off the air. Plus Jordan Catalano....yum.... I hardly watch any network TV. But I can't miss ER or Scrubs. I also occasionally watch The Simpsons and South Park. I've seen two episodes of Grey's Anatomy and I liked it. What is this HOUSE show?? If it's medical, I'm sure I'd like it. I will also watch PBS for Mystery! and Masterpiece Theatre. On cable I like Animal Planet, TLC, Discovery and Discovery Health. Also re-runs of Star Trek: TNG and M*A*S*H*. I can't stand MTV and any and all reality shows. Also daytime talk shows and soaps, which seems to be all anyone watches in the break room at work. :uhoh21:
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    Ok nurses...who of you smoke and who do not?

    I smoked from around ages 17-25. I was smoking around a pack a day or more at my worst. I remember going on a hike in Vermont and having to stop every 50 feet to huff and puff. I'm so glad I quit. Now even having a drag off someone's cigarette hurts my throat and makes me dizzy. I do miss it sometimes, usually when I'm at a bar or sometimes at work when it's stressful. But the smell really turns me off, so I know I'm safe from re-starting. About 75-80% of the people in my neighborhood smoke. It just hangs in the air on those humid days--blech.
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    Political Compass: Where do YOU stand?

    Your political compass Economic Left/Right: -7.63 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.79 I thought the astrology question was a bit strange. I didn't see how it fit, other than perhaps as a way to categorize someone based on generalizations. But all in all, pretty interesting. I think I've seen this before. I'm in the same quadrant as Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama, as well as Mahatma Ghandi. I think I'm happy right there.
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    How's The Food In Your Hospital?

    Ours is pretty bad. Lots of meat and gravy...yuck. The pizza always looks like it's been sitting out for 2 days, the sandwiches give you one lousy piece of wilted lettuce (and cost $5.99!), and if it's variety you're looking for, well, you're out of luck. They do have good breakfast sandwiches, though, if you can make it there before they're all gone.
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    fun little test

    Yes, I thought so too. I spent some time in Australia and noticed it was clockwise down there.
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    fun little test

    17/27 I had to think WAY back to when our TV had dials for #12. I was about 9 years old when we got one of those new-fangled TVs with a remote and digital numbers. I vaguely remember VHF and UHF. So of course I got that one wrong. Also, how often do you see radio dials any more?
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    Most popular names of your generation?

    I don't know any Amanda or Andreas either! I was born in '75 and popular names are: Jennifer, Sarah, Megan, Kristen. Boys names: Matthew, Christopher, Stephen, David. I'd say Matt is the biggest, though.