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  1. VivaLasViejas

    What was the last wish you made?

    I wish to see and hold my baby daughter in Heaven. That's all I can really ask for, as I have been blessed with almost everything else I ever wanted in life. :redbeathe
  2. VivaLasViejas

    The Question Mark Equation

    Tyrannosaurus rex, at your service :lol2:
  3. VivaLasViejas

    Has anyone tried SENSA and had success?

    After about 25 years of on-and-off dieting, I came to the conclusion some time ago that there IS no magic bullet.......because if there were, the man or woman who invented it would be a hero (not to mention filthy stinkin' rich) and there wouldn't be a fat person left on the planet. Hello, who would CHOOSE to be overweight in a society like ours that discriminates against, pokes fun at, and otherwise does its level best to make life miserable for everyone who isn't a size 2?! So, I don't bother with the pills, powders, potions, shakes, snake oil, or the extreme diets because I know in my heart of hearts that the obesity rescue squad isn't coming, for me or the millions of other fat Americans. No sense in wasting hard-earned money on a bottle of funky-smelling pills or an expensive elixir; the only way out is the long way through the process of changing what and how much we eat, determining how we should relate to food, and taking in fewer calories than we burn. Even drastic surgery won't help us, as long as we remain mired in bad eating habits......so what makes us think that the contents of a pill can "fix" us?:confused:
  4. VivaLasViejas

    The Question Mark Equation

    That's because you and I went to school in the Jurassic period, when the acquisition of such skills was not a 'frill' but an expectation. What's funny is, my older kids were also taught how to diagram sentences and write an essay fit to read; the younger ones, unfortunately, were not and they can barely make out a decent grocery list, although the youngest boy can at least spell correctly (and he spins a GREAT yarn when you get him chatting about the situations he encounters at work as a CNA and med aide). They came of age smack in the middle of the technology revolution that gave us text-speak and Twitter, and so they only know how to convey their thoughts in writing with: "
  5. VivaLasViejas

    Expand Thy Vocabulary (useless or otherwise :D)

    Very punny!!!! :rotfl:
  6. VivaLasViejas

    Expand Thy Vocabulary (useless or otherwise :D)

    Naw......I think it was actually Smokey, to be honest.
  7. VivaLasViejas

    Random Thoughts

    I'm happy to say, I feel pretty darned good---been low-carbing for 3 weeks, lost 12 lbs., and my blood sugars are stabilizing. I even have a little energy that I didn't have for many months, and am no longer coming home and falling asleep in front of the TV every evening. I even got out in the garden and actually did some dead-heading and weeding, which I haven't been able to do all summer. Go me! :yeah:
  8. VivaLasViejas

    Classic movie lines

    "There's no crying in baseball!!"
  9. VivaLasViejas

    Expand Thy Vocabulary (useless or otherwise :D)

    :barf01: Doesn't everything taste like chicken? :icon_roll That's what people tell you when they want you to try something that's physically repulsive and tastes like rancid deer droppings. About the most unconventional thing I've ever eaten is bear meat---it's tough, stringy, and very greasy, but pretty decent otherwise as long as you slow-cook it all day in a Crock Pot. I'm not terribly adventurous in the food department anyway......I'll stick with chicken that tastes like chicken, thanks! :lol2:
  10. VivaLasViejas

    9/11: Ten Years After

    My husband watches it all with me, every year........in his way, he feels as much of a need to remember as I do. I know what you mean about the lonely chirping of those personal locators. That sound sort of punctuated the shock and horror we all felt that day; and the frantic twittering of sirens from ambulances and fire trucks evoke some of the most powerful memories of 9/11 for me. I think it's because at that time, they meant that something really and truly horrifying had happened on a tremendous scale, and that massive numbers of human beings were probably dead. I knew that the Twin Towers could hold enough people to populate a small city, and I remember shuddering at the idea that tens of thousands could have been in there when they fell. Naturally, along with everyone else I was thankful that the final tally was much smaller---slightly fewer than 3,000 souls altogether---but it was small comfort in light of the fact that none of them deserved to die that morning. And those sounds will always remind me of that. :crying2:
  11. VivaLasViejas

    Expand Thy Vocabulary (useless or otherwise :D)

    Aren't they rather..........tough?
  12. VivaLasViejas

    Obama asks EPA to back off draft ozone standard

    Okay.......I'm interested in hearing what positions you think the "far right"/Tea Party should compromise on. Seriously. :)
  13. VivaLasViejas

    Love, lust, or marriage

    Good point, Leslie. Absence does tend to make the heart grown fonder.......but no, I see my dh every day and every night. He's retired; the only thing that separates us is my full-time job, and thank the good Lord for that! I love him to distraction, but families should never have to be together 24/7---that's why God invented jobs and the public school system. :lol2:
  14. VivaLasViejas

    Expand Thy Vocabulary (useless or otherwise :D)

    Not hardly.......the critters are classified as "vermin" 'round these parts. :lol2:
  15. VivaLasViejas

    Random Thoughts

    That ship has already sailed.........we're looking for a another pug or pug mix puppy as we speak. :D

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