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  1. llg

    Do YOU Keto?

    I did low carb about 10 years ago -- for about 5 years. Lost 55 pounds, felt great, numbers great. ... After about 5 years, my weight started creeping up and I increased my exercise. But it was no good: I still kept gaining weight. Eventually my numbers went up again and all the dietary sacrifices seemed useless. Over the past 5 years I have regained all the weight and fallen "off the wagon" completely. Now that I have been "off the wagon" completely for about a year, I am wondering if my metabolism is back to normal ... and would going low carb start working again if I started all over again? I don't know.
  2. llg

    OT: purging, not even regifting

    For the OP's situation, I'd be tempted to take most of it back to her, saying something like ... "Thanks for letting us pick through your old stuff ... we kept a few things ... but couldn't use most of it. So here it is. If you don't know anyone else who can use, I guess you'll just have to through it away or donate it to charity." Give her garbage back a few times and she might stop trying to get you to take care of it for you. Or maybe lie a bit and tell her you were able to sell some of her garbage for a nice little profit.
  3. llg

    A floor crush - how do I deal with this?

    Hey! Don't dis Jane Austin. She was a great writer. Plots very sophisticated and subtle. This doesn't come close. As a previous poster said, it's more like a 13 year old's "dear diary" entry. :yes:
  4. It's going to be an interesting congressional election season in 2018 ... if we survive that long.
  5. Some of your questions are not really nursing issues: they are a matter for the nurse to deal with in conjunction with her faith. She (you) should be discussing issues related to her participation the question of these activities with her religious advisors/leaders. If a nurse's convictions about blood products are so strong that she can't support/help a patient who is giving/receiving blood ... then she probably wouldn't want to work in a setting where that sort of activity is common.
  6. llg

    The Knick on Cinemax

    I watched it ... and give it a tentative "thumbs up." I'll be watching the next couple of episodes and hope it continues to be good. It made me angry (as the main character is such an a**), but you need some bad characters and bad things to make a show interesting.
  7. llg

    What is your plan for retirement?

    I am 58 and starting to think in terms of concrete plans and dates rather than thinking vaguely about "some day in the future." I have always been frugal and have very healthy retirement funds, but I will need access to health insurance until medicare kicks in at 65. My hope is to be able to "ease into retirement" at 62 by switiching to part time work for a couple of years. Part time work should give me reasonable access to good health insurance and maybe a few other benefits for those few years in between full time work and total retirement. To improve my chances of making that plan a reality ... I have done a little teaching at a local university in addition to my full time staff development position. I hate the long hours now and don't really need the 2nd income, but I hope it will make it easier for me to find part time work in a few years. (And I am using the current extra income to pay my mortgage off early.)
  8. llg

    What is your plan for retirement?

    Don't wait until you are financially stable. Start now. Even if it is $5.00 per month, save something. It's important to establish the habit. If you wait until you feel stable in secure, you might never start. Start as small as you have to ... but start.
  9. llg

    Just Write it Right!

    Great post, Ruby. Personally, I am a "moderate" on this issue. I know I make careless errors sometimes and can forgive them in others. However, there is a limit. Too many of the posters seem to really not know what the correct word or usage actually is. That concerns me as I wonder if that's the way they communicate in other arenas as well as here. If they do make that many mistakes in other arenas, they are making nurses look very ignorant and/or sloppy.
  10. llg

    When do I get to cry?

    Some people aren't going to like what I have to say, but here it is: You are NOT obligated to take on the responsibility of everyone else's life. These are adults -- and they have to live with the consequences of their own choices. As long as you choose to take care of everybody and not hold them accountable, they will continue to take what they see as the "easy way out" and dump everything onto you. Get over the martyr complex and declare your independence. Only then will you be able to build a HEALTHY relationship with your family. Until you do, you are "enabling" a whole lot of bad behavior. File charges for the identity theft. That person committed a crime and the victims (your mom and you) need to stand up for yourselves. If your father doesn't like it, let him pay for any damages. Until he does that, he has no say in the matter. Take a LITTLE time to further assess your mother's situation if need be ... but don't get sucked into giving her the next 10 years of your life. You don't owe her that. Neither do you owe your brothers and your grown children everything you have. Take care of yourself. Don't donate your whole life to a family that is taking advantage (abusing?) you.
  11. llg

    Yes, Im gonna talk about sex

    My answer would be "none of the above" -- unless we were in a committed relationship and would not be keeping it a secret. I was raised in a small town where very few secrets were kept for very long. I learned early in life that you can't count on things remaining secret. I was also taught that "if you feel you have to sneak around ... you probably shouldn't be doing it." While I will admit there are exceptions to that rule, it's usually a good rule to follow.
  12. llg

    Props to God, ignore the nurses

    Great post -- reflects exactly how I feel. (Except that I never fully believed in a magical being in the sky. Even as a little kid, I questioned that conceptualization of "God.")
  13. Yes -- assuming the pants are obviously scrub pants. The wearer looks as if they are overly proud of their occupation and flaunting some great career in health care -- like a jerk. If you don't want to appear to be a jerk (or a real "dork"), maybe just wear the old scrubs to lie around the house, clean, etc.
  14. llg

    Gift for nurse'sweek

    We didn't get anything -- again -- except a free meal for those who happen to be working that shift. But I love that the mugs have the old name on them -- obviously "left-overs."
  15. llg

    Promoting Self-Esteem vs. Earning It

    I guess I see it as a pendulum. It can swing too far either way. The best position is somewhere in the middle. Yes, we should cut some people a little slack because they have lived a disadvantaged life -- but there are limits. They should not get a "free pass" forever. Even disadvantaged people need to take some responsibility for the choices they make. Yes, self-esteem and respect needs to be earned -- but we should be given a certain amount of consideration -- and give a certain amount of consideration to others -- because that's simply how people deserve to be treated. Little kids (and adults) need to be allowed to try and fail ocassionally without having to fear losing that basic human right of humane treatment and consideration. It's like saying to a little kid -- "I love you even when you are wrong and/or naughty ... but I will still expect you to behave properly and do your best. And if you don't, I'm going to call you on it. But I will still love you."