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  1. renerian

    Happy BDAY TO: Vicky RN, Scooter and our other FEB 15 babies:

    Happy Birthday Vicky!!!!!!!!!! renerian:biggringi :hbsmiley:
  2. renerian

    Cheerfuldoer, this is for you!

    Love the pictures and thanks for sharing! renerian
  3. renerian

    Happy Birthday elizabells and others on 14 February

    Happy Birthday to you and myself! I am the big 49! UGH. I got my AARP application in the mail. Dang I am not that old LOL. renerian:clown: :eek:
  4. renerian

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY suzy253

    I am late but Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! Go Steelers!! renerian:hatparty:
  5. renerian

    Motherless Daughters

    To Grace and Blue Eyes, I consider both of you to be people of strong moral character and both of your posts moved me to tears. Blue Eyes, I read your post and can see you are a very strong person who has suffered and worked through tremendous emotions. I don't know if traumas of that nature are ever solved or completely dealt with since the scars are so deep, but I can see you have thought about it so much. Grace, wow yours actually made me think!! My parents both died at 67 (years apart due to the age difference) that now I think I will be considering that aspect when 67 comes LOL. I can imagine how hard it was for you being so young. You are indeed very strong. I am going to the library website in our area and find that book. Thank you for the original poster for starting the thread and thank you to those who commented on the book as well as those who shared their stories. renerian
  6. renerian

    Motherless Daughters

    I am so glad I had the time I did to mend fences with my mother. It was a blessing..... Hugs, renerian
  7. renerian

    Motherless Daughters

    My mom died at the age of 67 and was healthy as a horse but died of a necrotizing skin infection that went septic with DIC. Was a horrible death that none of our family was prepared for. I was in my early 40s. My dad died of cancer at the age of 67 also. HE died when I was in my late 30s. His death was alot a long drawn out terrible thing to watch. I still miss them so much. I never expected to not have my parents around in my early 40s. I have questions every day I would love to ask them. If your parents are alive, talk to them as much as you can. You are blessed. renerian
  8. renerian

    GM cuts 30,000 jobs.

    This is a very sad story for me. I have had so many people lose their jobs in the automotive industry. Being originally from the NW Ohio area/car and car related manufacturing is "it".My ex lost his job, my brother, my ex father in law, my uncle, several friends etc. It is very sad. I have a tracker now 99 convertible and love it with almost 170,000 on it. renerian
  9. renerian

    Mid Life wake up calls

    Thanks everyone for your comments and sharing of stories. I really appreciate the time you all took to share. renerian:wavey:
  10. renerian

    Mid Life wake up calls

    Wow the stories are really emerging here. It is very interesting to read about other people working like I do to survive. YES YES I too am contemplating everything in my life. Where I have been, where I am going, how do I get there, what do I want to do with my life.....................everything. I agree, I too, am in the throws of a crisis. I too am not needing "toys" or other things, I want peace in my home, I want to work less and "breath.". I want to take more vacations ( I have had 2 in ten years). College costs are very high. We were spending around 20,000 per quarter for the 4 in college but I had to wipe out my entire retirement to help and now there is nothing left to do it :rotfl: and I thought it would be enough money.:chair: My kids all work and have worked part time during school and full time in the summer to help and their money helps but they all have loans on top of that. I had hoped to save them having loans like I did but that won't happen either. I drive a 99 car/praying it lasts and we don' t go out except once or twice per month........ Seems crazy to me. renerian
  11. renerian

    Mid Life wake up calls

    mjlrn I think it sounds like your happy with the living arrangement and that is great. Thanks for the comments. renerian:)
  12. renerian

    Mid Life wake up calls

    I wonder if a huge change occurs once you see your children as adults, on their own and okay. I realize young people struggle. I remember having 2 kids by the time I was 24 but I see my second and third around the same age as I was and they don't see to realize that it is time to fly the coop. My three stepkids, all three, said they did not want to grow up? I don't remember ever feeling like that......while I did think I knew alot more than I did. I do hear that from quite a few parents that their kids don't want to leave home and don't want to even try to be semi self supporting. Does anyone have a clue why? I have read some on the topic and I read over and over it is a generational thing. I would not mind if things were semi smooth but the drama seems crazy. I am happy for those of you who are happy............ renerian
  13. renerian

    Mid Life wake up calls

    Grimmy thanks for your thoughts...............................glad you could go home and act adult enough to do the things you needed to do to move in the right direction. I do agree with you as having some times of financial stress/nothing basically is very humbling and leads to some self evaluation times for the person struggling. I can say at least for me when I was young, that is what happened to me. Thanks again everyone for the comments on this topic. renerian
  14. renerian

    Mid Life wake up calls

    Sweetie, Yes I can say at times I am confused. Whenever I feel like that I go to the library and get all kinds of self eval books to read which helps me. Gives me ideas on how to at least sort things out. Sorry your having a rough time. The coming up 50 mark seems to be my challenge.... renerian
  15. renerian

    Mid Life wake up calls

    That is a great thing for you...............glad you stopped and posted. renerian