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  1. Vsummer1

    Can we justify killing the children?

    :angryfire Why bring this thread up again with NOTHING of substance related?
  2. Vsummer1

    Help! My fathers girlfriend is nuts!

    I would simply state that it is not MY job to make HER grandbabies, HER kids should do that. It seems like you don't want to upset her though, so this may not work for you. If you couldn't say that, then I would speak to your father about how you feel that this is innapropriate.
  3. Vsummer1

    Contacts or Glasses

    Neither. I had the surgery to correct my astigmatism after contacts were ruled out (had been wearing them for years). 20/200 (corrected with glasses) now 20/20 and 20/25. The 20/25 eye was the worst to begin with, and 20/25 is great. Imagine, ME, waking up and seeing the digital alarm clock away without my glasses! A miracle. BEST MONEY I EVER SPENT!! Its been several years now, with no problems.
  4. Vsummer1

    Is There ANYTHING Airlines Won't Do to Humilate Us?

    I have a bad feeling about this, like you all are going to bash me, but I feel I have the right to say this. I paid for one seat for myself. I was sandwiched in between two larger people and it was uncomfortable to say the least. I put down the armrests because my seat was being comprimised by the two on either side. Even then their bulk glommed over the armrest into my seat. I don't care if you are overweight, that is your business. But when you crowd my personal space that I paid for just as you did, that becomes a problem. So if they want to weigh people so they won't be compressing the rest of us by spreading out the bulk or making people pay for another seat GREAT. If you USE more than the seat you paid for, well then pay for another one. I have the right to the use of my seat, just as you have the right to weigh as much as you want to.
  5. Vsummer1

    Help me, girls!

    I used to wear makeup, but stopped now that I am older. I followed the style of my nursing instructors, and go without. After a few hours of working on the floor, I don't have time for touch-ups! Sure, I have some around. I use Jaffra and Mary Kay too, but only because I can go to them and have a consultant test out the products on me BEFORE I spend the money and buy them. Their help is great, and I find that it is worth the money to get the foundation, blush etc. You can pick up the other stuff elsewhere if your base is a good one.
  6. Vsummer1

    What is Your Take on Organ Donation?

    Thank you for adding that Barb. I am a survivor of chronic Hep C (and now negative by PCR after treatment). I doubt they would want to do further testing than the antibody which will come up positive for Hep C (I am AB- and cannot donate blood either). I had resigned myself to not being able to donate, so your words mean a lot to me.
  7. Vsummer1

    walk your cat?

    I live in an all upstairs condo, and below the window is grass and trees. So, I used to halter up the cat and walk him. Now he knows where his "area" is, and I don't need the leash. He never goes out unattended though. The neighbors appreciate that I don't let him run wild. NO, I don't think it is being strange, I call it responsible pet ownership.
  8. Vsummer1

    1honorarynurse aka babyfacejoey died today.

    (((Guiseppe))) I just don't have the words to express my feelings of sadness, and my concern for you and how you are doing. Just remember, we are here for you should you need us...
  9. Vsummer1

    How spoiled are your pets??

    Rusty, my cat is basically an indoor cat. Like I said, he only goes out with me in the yard maybe once a week. The way I figure it, we all have the same germs here so his getting on the counter isn't going to give me something I don't already have. If he was an outdoor cat, that would be different. As for spoiling him, it is no big thing. I don't like making the bed anyway. :D
  10. Vsummer1

    How spoiled are your pets??

    My cat won't drink water from a bowl, it MUST be from the purified tap and running. He sleeps under the covers, and yes the bed doesn't get made if he is in it. The heater isn't working (and it got cold here, down in the 30's) and the repair man needs a part so we are suffering with just the fireplace. Cat isn't stupid, he stands there warming one side, then the other. I have an electric blanket, but chose to spend the night at a friends house rather than freeze in here. So, my room mate TURNED on the blanket for the CAT! I laughed at that (but had made a comment about the poor kitty not having the blanket on only to find it was!). He gets "walked" outside. He doesn't go out of his area though. Trained him on a leash, now he knows where is boundaries are. He gets up every am at 0200 for treats and to play with my room mate who comes home at that time. Then he comes back to bed with me. If we get up off the couch, he sits in our spot. And we relocate. Cat won't eat people food (except steak cut up special) or wet food. Tried them all... he eats IAMS. Spoiled cat.
  11. Vsummer1

    Colloidal silver for sinus infections?

    I read something on this a few years ago, and this is what I remember: The theory behind it is that in a petri dish colloidal silver kills the infectious agent (though I can't remember if that is bacteria or viral). But it has never been proven to work in the human body. Anectodal stories state it works, but then so do sugar pills... So, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.
  12. Vsummer1

    Where is he?

    We would allow him exile if it saved lives BEFORE WE LAUNCHED OUR STRIKES. We would not have lost our soldiers, or the citizens killed in Iraq thus far. He chose not to go into exile when he had the chance. He had the opportunity for exile, he blew it. Considering exile now is out of the question. He had the choice THEN to save these lives. HE MADE THE CHOICE. So be it, there is no going back now and he must pay for the consequences of his choices.
  13. Vsummer1

    What on earth is Peter Arnett thinking???

    I saw this too! Thought, hmmmm if he were fired why would they still be showing him? Just goes to show... Actually, when I wrote earlier I was impressed by his coverage, I was kind of shocked. Fact is, I never considered him a "seriuos" journalist and before the current times, I would turn the channel if I was surfing and saw his mug. But his explanation of what was going on was really very good.
  14. Vsummer1

    What on earth is Peter Arnett thinking???

    I actually saw Geraldo's report. I thought it might be giving up just a little too much. He outlined exactly what troops were where, doing what and actually drew it all in the sand. If he was thrown out, then I am not too surprised. He DID give an excellent report though, I was actually impressed with it. I was just concerned it was a bit TOO accurate!
  15. The guy who made the t-shirt I mentioned earlier makes it his mission to call out people who misrepresent themselves as Rangers, etc. He is active in Veteran's organizations and apparently runs across a lot of people who claim service they do not have. Perhaps his bad experience with these people has rubbed off on me. For example, when I mentioned my ex-husband was Airborne and served in the first gulf war, he questioned it and told me that I was probably lied to because everyone lies! I KNOW what my ex did, and I have the DD-214 to prove he was a parachutist and a grunt (as if I should be proud he wasn't educated better in something useful like maybe computers rather than killing!?). In any case, I think perhaps his zealousness has been reflected in my posts. I never served, I am merely the who was left behind so perhaps I should just shut my claptrap on this one! Sorry if I offended, I was merely spouting off his doctrine, which is wrong of me. But, I am still wary of what ANYONE claims to be on the internet :D