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  1. emmybsu

    Questions only game--Part 4

    What do you think clothe's heaven would look like??
  2. emmybsu

    Questions only game--Part 4

    i just made two gallons of chili. i love chili with onions and cheese on top. would you like some??
  3. emmybsu

    Good Friday Morning 9/17/04

    HI all, It's my birthday today! The big 2-8 Go to my OB class than go out with some friends tonight!!! Hope everyone has a great day today!!!!!!!!
  4. emmybsu

    Whats Your Favorite Line From A Song

    how about "She thinks my tractor sexy" (Kenny Chesney is soooo cute!!!!!)
  5. emmybsu

    Whats Your Favorite Line From A Song

    My Daddy said"You wasn't worth a lick, When it came to brains you got the short ed of the stick" But he was wrong and honey you are too Katie looks at Tommy like I still look at you" Trisha Yearwood she's in love with the boy! Love this song!!
  6. emmybsu

    Word Association Tag--continued again

    Homer and Marge Simpson
  7. emmybsu

    Word Association Tag--continued

    nutty :roll
  8. emmybsu

    Word Association Tag--continued


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