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  1. Jamesdotter

    Stupid People Tricks

    I love that my current car tells me which way I'm going. On country roads, I sometimes could swear I'm going south, but nope -northeast! I've done the search of the parking lot on the other side of the building too, more than once.
  2. Jamesdotter

    Stupid People Tricks

    I learned the hard way to pay attention to which door of the supermarket I entered. I've spent half an hour looking for my car on the wrong side of the building too. I've also learned to note the color and the number of the row I'm in and even then can't believe I'm parked so far down the row when I get back to the car.!
  3. Jamesdotter

    The truth about Hillary Clinton

    I was able to watch most of the RNC convention and some of the DNC one. I don't really like everything that Hillary is promoting, but Trump scares me I liked Bernie, even if some of his platform/plan/whatever you call it was kind of unrealistic (after all most of it would have to pass congress) Here's some information about Hillary Thinking About Hillary — A Plea for Reason — The Policy And here's some about Trump Four Issues to Consider Before You Support Trump – What is Really at Stake --
  4. Jamesdotter

    What do you feed your dog?

    We have a new puppy at our house, so this is great information for me. (If I were more computer savvy, I'd post a picture of him)
  5. Jamesdotter

    Patriotism vs Religion..which one should win???

    I'm old enough to pre-date "under God" but have finally quit stumbling over the phrase. I think. I'm trying to remember exactly when the phrase was added. Ike was president when I voted the very first time, and it was during his administration that it was added.
  6. Jamesdotter

    Scariest Movie You've Ever Seen?

    The Return of the Vampire (I was 7 years old. I don't go to movies much.)
  7. Jamesdotter

    Gay Marriage

    I believe France is one. And Monaco...
  8. Jamesdotter

    Stupid Pet Names

    A friend had a rescue pit bull that was named "Kitty". Nice dog--a real sweetheart. One of the ones that make you wonder why someone would get rid of it.
  9. Jamesdotter

    Have you EVER or will you EVER date an MD?

    My nursing school was a department of the medical school and I did date a couple of medical students. That cured me...
  10. Jamesdotter

    Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?

    That's a hard question for me to answer. I think abortion is a terrible method of birth control, BUT I'm old enough to have cared for women before abortion was legal and some of the outcomes were tragic. Women who felt they had no choice and attempted to abort themselves with the risk of sterility and even death as a result. They did try the darnedst things...
  11. Jamesdotter

    Stupid Pet Names

    Both our current one (Jacky-a Jack Russell) and the previous one (Kelly-named for a girl our son admired) "Under-Foot-and-in-the-Way" or just "Dawg"
  12. Jamesdotter

    MLK (Martin Luther King) Statue in Washington, D.C.

    According to the article you mentioned, the statue was designed and constructed by Chinese (not in China, I hope, but...). It makes me wonder if the committee isn't tone deaf. Did they look for a African-American artist before they commissioned it? what was the reason that Angelou didn't attend the meetings? Lots of questions. I agree with the others who don't like the "coming out of the whatever-it-was" design.
  13. Jamesdotter

    Bill O'Reilly - Obama Super Bowl Interview

    Wow! 40-odd interruptions. It's amazing that Obama managed to say anything.
  14. Jamesdotter

    What is the best way 4 me 2 lose weight. Need 2 lose 60pds?

    If cost is an issue, you might look into TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly). It's a non-profit support group, and for that reason is less expensive. The annual membership is currently $26 a year, and the chapter dues usually run about $4 to $5 a month. Each member gets a weight goal and, if needed, a diet from his or her health care provider. In the absence of a specific diet, the organization recommends an exchange diet--somewhat like a diabetic diet. For more information and the location of chapters in your area, you can check out their website at TOPS Club Inc. - Affordable Weight Loss Support . It's worked well for me. I've lost 30# and am approaching my goal.
  15. Jamesdotter

    Remembering the Reason for the Season

    It's been too many years since I sang in "the Messiah", (Oh, my goodness, has it been 50?) but if I'd been there I"d have been lip-synching, at least!

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