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  1. Meriwhen

    I think coworker is in witness protection program

    OK, I'll bite. OP: if you truly think your coworker is in the witness protection program, the best thing you can do is follow the advice that Elkpark has already given: In addition, I wouldn't go around your workplace sharing your theory about your coworker. If the coworker is indeed in hiding, then don't call attention to it and let them hide. Now if your coworker chooses to spout off too much information about himself, that's their decision and they have to deal with the fallout.
  2. Meriwhen

    Trump fires FBI Director Comey!!!

    Moving to the Break Room side of AN as the topic isn't related to nursing.
  3. Meriwhen

    Help! My Husband Snores Like A Category 5 Hurricane!

    As long as I'm asleep before him, it doesn't bother me. The problem is when I have to try to fall/get back to sleep. The sad thing is that he used to never snore, but over the years it has gotten worse. I've talked to him about it until I'm blue in the face, but he still won't do anything about it. Not even the nose strips. My solution: I work nights. Then he can snore all he wants and I won't be there to hear it. I'm much happier this way. If I'm off work: earplugs and/or couch. He hates that but until he does something to fix the problem, he'll have to deal.
  4. Meriwhen

    Chiropractor & menstrual lipstick???

    Given that the opinionator is a male and therefore 99.9% likely to have never menstruated in his lifetime, I wouldn't give a lot of credibility to anything he has to say on the matter.
  5. Meriwhen

    Any runners?

    I've walked or run/walked several 5k races, a couple of 8k races, and 5 half-marathons. My ultimate goal is to one day run the half-marathon in its entirety. My immediate goal is to get my time under 3 hours (my PR for a half-marathon is 3h 20m). My next upcoming event is running a mile at the NAMI Walk in May.
  6. Meriwhen

    Boyfriend distraction in NS

    Moving to the Dating/Relationships forum in the Break Room. Best of luck.
  7. Meriwhen

    An awkward moment

    I know...I've nursed one until age 4, and the other just crossed 18 months and is still going strong. I still stand by my response though. After a certain age--when nursing becomes more about comfort and social needs than providing the primary source of nutrition--there should be some consideration given to the feelings of others.
  8. Meriwhen

    An awkward moment

    Also, since the thread discusses nursing as in breast and not as in Nightingale, I've moved it to the Break Room. Members may need to log in again to continue participating--your username and password is the same here as it is for the regular AN forum.
  9. Meriwhen

    An awkward moment

    I believe that a woman should breastfeed for as long as she is comfortable doing. If that's a few weeks, a few months, a few years...or not at all, then so be it. And she should be free to feed her child wherever she herself would eat, and not have to be forced into a restroom, car, etc. That being said, there's a BIG difference between nursing a 6 month old in public and nursing a 6 year old in public. The 6 month old can't just order off of the menu, or get a snack at the next store they pass. He/she is dependent on mom's milk to survive. IMO, if the child has been eating a substantial diet of solid food and drinking non-breastmilk fluids (water, juice, etc), they will survive if they wait to get to more private surroundings to nurse.
  10. Meriwhen

    Nursing and family size

    To be honest, there's a lot of factors at play that can affect the answer: the wages the nurse is making, cost of living where she is, the standard of living the nurse and family is used to, how much money the nurse has saved up, how old the kids are, how much help--if any--she gets from the children's father(s), how much help she can get from family and friends when it comes to errands, childcare, hand-me-downs, etc. Neverminding the nurse's capability to mentally and emotionally handle being a single parent with a family. I've known single mom nurses with one kid, and single mom nurses with four kids. Mom of one didn't necessarily have fewer struggles than mom of four did. I would tell you to take it one kid at a time and see how things go. I have two kids. I originally wanted seven, but it took a long time to get pregnant with #1, and once labor started the thought of possibly doing this six more times pretty much quashed that. Child #1 turned out to be on the spectrum so my hands were full for several years to even think about a possible child #2...who eventually did come along, and his birth involved a c-section and postpartum preeclampsia. Thanks to modern medicine, there will be no child #3 unless I choose to adopt. I'm done.
  11. Meriwhen

    What is this ????

    Agreed. Every person retelling the tale tends to put their own little spin on it, either consciously or unintentionally.
  12. Meriwhen

    What is your plan for retirement?

    This. Don't look at it as being all-or-nothing. Small bits of money saved now mean you have that much more at your retirement...and some money is better than no money. I started investing in my late 20s--I opened up an account at a service where you could make contributions in small amounts ($20 or so), and that's what I did. I threw $20/month at it. As my income increased, my contribution increased. One of the first things I did with that account was buy shares of Apple...when it was trading for 1/40 of what it's trading for now. Granted, I had no way of knowing it was going to take off--I bought it just because I was an Apple fan--but if I hadn't started investing that little bit of money, I would have missed that chance. My only regrets are that I didn't start that investment account even earlier, and that I didn't buy Google when it had its IPO. Anyhow, my retirement plan consists of a couple of investment accounts, two IRAs, employment sponsored savings plans, and a plain old savings account. I send about $1000-1500 each month towards the lot. I max out my IRA contributions every year. I have the maximum amount that I can have taken out of my income for my employer's saving plans, especially since they match what I put in. I'm not planning to retire for at least another 25-30 years.
  13. Meriwhen

    Needlestick, HIV (+), breastfeeding

    That's what I figured...just have to do my job :) If you're not already, definitely get a double-pump. I use one and it's made it possible for me to work and exclusively breastfeed--I can pump and be done in 10 minutes. They have some pretty powerful hospital-grade ones that you can rent so you can keep the milk supply going, especially if you're going to have to forego nursing for a long time. Otherwise (IMO) Medela is pretty much the gold standard for pumps.
  14. Meriwhen

    Needlestick, HIV (+), breastfeeding

    First of all, please make sure you continue working with your PCP, as we at AllNurses can not give medical advice per our Terms of Service. The rate of transmission via needlestick is very low, but I know that is small comfort when you're on the wrong side of the needlestick. That's why it's important for you to work with your PCP. I agree with the PP: do consider seeing a therapist to help you process your feelings. As far as the little one goes, having to suspend nursing does suck, but it's what you need to do. Talk to the La Leche League for advice on how to keep your milk supply going until the day you can hopefully resume breastfeeding. Best of luck.
  15. Meriwhen

    Kitty naked butt needs ideas

    Funny you mention spray...we once tried a spray that was supposed to taste nasty and stop her from chewing on her fur and anything else. Darn cat thought it was a condiment and snarfed it down.