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  1. EMSnut45

    Tuesday December 10, 2013

    I had to leave the scene to upgrade the ambulance. The other two women remained on the scene and waited for the PD. I called while going down the road and gave my name and phone number in case they needed to get any additional information from me. I haven't heard anything yet. Now that I look back, I have no idea why moving my car didn't cross my mind. For some reason I locked the doors and turned my back to him (real smart... wouldn't have been able to see him approach me). It scares me what he could have done to me and could do to others. I truly hope that this very troubled man has been taken off the streets and is able to get the help that he disparately needs. This occurred in the parking lot of a popular store that employs door greeters. Well, this is quite the "upgrade!"
  2. EMSnut45

    Tuesday December 10, 2013

    Good morning!! I'm working my usual 24 hour shift. My day started off on a really bizarre foot... I was waiting in a parking lot for an ambulance that I was going to upgrade. Some man walked towards my car and stopped a few parking spaces over. I noticed that he wasn't wearing any pants, and he started jerking off!! When another car came around the corner, he ran away, and apparently did the same thing to another young lady in the next parking lot over. That stuff doesn't happen in our little town! Then it started snowing like crazy, and the interstate came to a stand still. It took 3 hours to go what should have taken an hour. I'm really hoping that the saying "bad things come in 3's" isn't true for today!! For those of you out on the roads in the snow today, please be careful and stay warm!! TTFN!!
  3. EMSnut45

    Tuesday - December 3rd, 2013 - Good Morning!

    Good morning! Yes, Ted, I couldn't agree with you more about time flying by! Thanksgiving was a nice family day with my mom and sister. We smoked a turkey and tried a few new recipes that were very yummy! We are creatures of habit and tend to have the same menu every thanksgiving, so it was nice to find some new recipes! The rest of the weekend was relaxing with nothing pressing that needed to get done. I'm working my usual 24 hour shift today. I have a good crew and hopefully will have a smooth shift. Wishing everyone else a smooth shift as well! TTFN!!
  4. EMSnut45

    Sunday November 24, 2013

    Sounds like we're all experiencing the beginnings of winter! Burrrrrrr... I'm not a huge fan of the cold unless it's snowing, which we may get a little of later this week! I worked lots of OT last week. One day was a long distance transport of 3 1/2 hours one way. I was very glad the ambulance was high tech and had a DVD player! My pediatric pt loved being able to watch their favorite movie (and I may have watched some too ). I think I cleaned the last of the leaves up just before the cold weather rolled in yesterday. Mom and I got all the shopping done for Thanksgiving. Today i I have a few quick errands to run, then I'm with everyone else- a good snuggle with a book and the dog is in store!! TTFN!!
  5. EMSnut45

    Tuesday November 19, 2013

    Whoever the nut was that set my alarm clock for 4am should be fired (of course it wasn't me )!! It's quickly turning into a good day, though. Sabby- out weather was beautiful yesterday! It was a nice 65 degrees and I had a nice long walk with my puppy at the park. Today should be much cooler. I guess you're blowing some of your cold air my way!! I'm working my 24 hour shift today. I have a good crew, so it should be a great day!! Happy Tuesday!! TTFN!
  6. EMSnut45

    Sunday November 17, 2013

    Wow! This past week has flown by!! I managed to catch the GI bug that has been going around. I'm hoping to not experience that again for quite a few more years! Glad I got over it without an ER trip for fluids as some I know have had to. Keeping up with the leaves in the yard is almost a full time job! As soon as I get them mulched up and the yard looking decent, a big puff of wind blows and it looks like I hadn't done anything. There's only one tree left with any leaves on it, so I must be coming down the home stretch!! Today my family and I will be attending the Eagle Scout ceremony for my neighbor. He worked very hard over the past few years and is well deserving of this distinction! Have a wonderful Sunday!!!
  7. EMSnut45

    Sunday - November 10th, 2013 - Good Morning!

    Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mom!! My sister and I went way over budget and got her a Green Egg grill that she has wanted for several years. We had her go out to my car in her bathrobe first thing this morning to see what was in my car. The expression on her face was priceless!!! I love giving gifts! We've had a great day hanging around the house as a family-- something that rarely seems to happen. Got the grill assembled, found some yummy looking steaks, and about to have the inaugural grill lighting ceremony! Wishing everyone a great Sunday night!! TTFN!
  8. EMSnut45

    Friday - November 8th 2013 - Good Morning

    Good morning! I took my little dog to the vet Wednesday. She has lost two pounds over the last 6 months and is now a skinny 6 pounds. They drew some blood work and the results should be in today. Yesterday she got her nails trimmed. She may be small, but boy can she fight! I've started taking her to a local kennel that offers cheap mail trimmings on Thursdays. She has decided I'm not her friend since I keep taking her to "not nice places!" I picked up some OT today. Tomorrow I'm walking with a friend in a fundraiser for the American Heart Association. It should be a beautiful day! I hope everyone has a productive Friday (hint hint, Ted!!)! TTFN!!!
  9. EMSnut45

    Tuesday - November 5th, 2013 - Good Morning!

    Good morning!! I got some admin duties done at the firehouse yesterday. Not my favorite to do, but someone has to do it! Im working today. Again, I have a good crew that will help the shift move quickly. It's rather chilly outside and entering the temps that I'd rather not endure. I guess you could say I'm a fair weather friend-- temps in the 70's-80's is my kinda thing. If it's going to be cold, it better be snowing!! Ahhhhh, but Mother Nature doesn't work like that... Wishing you all a fantastic Tuesday!! TTFN!!
  10. EMSnut45

    Sunday, Nov. 3, 2013

    Hello!! Ahhhhh, that extra hour of sleep was so nice!! Yesterday was a beautiful and unseasonably warm day. My mom and I spent the day tucking the flower beds in for the winter. All the plants got cut back, bulbs and tubers got dug up. I ran the mower around the house and mulched up the leaves (which 2 hours later the leaves were all back...). My back is crying a little today, but like Ted said, ibuprofen is my friend! Im working for a coworker today so they can attend their kids birthday party. I have a good crew and am looking forward to a great day!! AKY-- It is so nice to hear that you can stay in place and keep your treasured artwork! I can't imagine the relief that brings you! Happy Sunday!! TTFN!!!
  11. EMSnut45

    Friday November 01. 2013

    Spidey-- I'll be sharing your post and link with my sister! Thank you so much! She really does take her "kids" to heart and makes me so proud!!
  12. EMSnut45

    Friday November 01. 2013

    Good morning!! Its been a windy, rainy, dreary day. We desperately need the rain, though. My sister works at an adult daycare for the developmentally disabled. They had an awesome Halloween party yesterday and I was invited. It was so heartwarming to see the individualized care that the clients receive. Many of them do not have families, so the workers are their family. It's also so neat to see my sister in her "adult" stage. She amazes me in how much she cares about her "kids" (that's what she calls the clients). I work night shift tonight, so I'm going to take it easy. With the rain, more patients will require ground transport since the helicopters are grounded. That's a perfect recipe for a busy shift! AKY-- I hope you had an "easier" day yesterday. Those boxes can wait until you feel up to it. You'll continue to be in my thoughts today. Happy Friday!! TTFN!!
  13. EMSnut45

    Thursday October 31, 2013

    Oh, AKY, if I could reach through the computer screen and give you a big long hug, I would. I've been thinking of you during this painful time. Here is to a less painful day today.
  14. EMSnut45

    Thursday October 31, 2013

    Good morning and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! It's one of my favorite "holidays"-- just good old fun! I spent all afternoon and evening carving my pumpkins. It was fun to pick out what I was going to carve and connect with my creative side! I chose a carousel (I collect them) and Big Bird ("B Burr"-- my favorite character and stuffed animal when I was a kid). I'll post the pictures below. Today we are finally having our new front door stained to look like wood. It's fiberglass with a wood grain look. It will be so pretty when it's done!! It's a gloomy, foggy day. Sabbys chili sounds like it would go perfectly with our weather! We aren't expecting any trick-or-treaters. We live out in a farm area where the "bang-for-the-buck" isn't too good. We'll leave the light on anyway. Wishing everyone one a fun Halloween!! TTFN!! [ATTACH=CONFIG]13056[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]13055[/ATTACH]