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  1. Audreyfay

    Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder.

    Glad I'm "normal." It's called putting out fires and prioritizing without a reason to prioritize. :angryfire I get myself into big trouble at home when I'm trying to clean and have time restraints. I find the house pulled apart, tasks half done, and the cleaning half done. Wonder why I'm always late? :uhoh21:
  2. Audreyfay

    Bed Jumping Kid

    BWWAAA HAAAA HAAA! :rotfl: Loved that one! I was the scared, cautious little kid that had to be pushed to do anything because I knew I would get hurt. (Call it a self-fulfilling prophesy!) :chair: ----{are they gone yet?}
  3. Audreyfay

    Need your input asap, please...

    Ask a few of the other parents what they are going to put it. Then yours will fit in well (or be very different if that's what you wanted.) Personally, my yearbook got pitched about 15 years after graduation. :uhoh3:
  4. Audreyfay

    Bed Jumping Kid

    My heritage is Finnish. My parents always used a saying: "Itku itku iluon pellanstaa." Which means, "laugh, laugh...then you cry." Isn't that the truth? That's the way it goes.
  5. Audreyfay

    My beagle eats my cats poop!!!!

    Yes, the littermaid is great! The other thing you can do is to put the litter box on top of the washer or dryer so the dog can't get there? When I lived in the country, our cats used the outdoors as their litterbox. The cocker spaniel always would eat the cat poop. My guess is that the cats must not digest all of the food they eat? Pretty gross.
  6. Audreyfay

    Book Club Part 2

    I'm interested too. I'll pick up the book and start reading it next week. Can we discuss it in about 1 month?
  7. Audreyfay

    Sad...how do you pick Yourself up?

    Thanks Shed. It's crummy to feel so blue. My hubby always tells me that I'm like Eeyore. My tail fell off and needs to be put back on again. But I can't find it. SNIFF SNIFF. I just need a hug.
  8. Audreyfay

    Sad...how do you pick Yourself up?

    Thanks warrior woman. . . .
  9. Audreyfay

    Will I ever get married?

    Good post Shineyblue! I was married at the ripe age of 19. By 22 I had a 10 month old daughter and was divorced. Wait until you are good and ready. Don't jump with the first nibble. There are a million fish and a million places to find them. There is no hurry. Enjoy your life. I did not date either. I had one "boyfriend" in high school, but nothing serious. I saved myself too. You are a special person and your future soulmate will cherish you. Bless you my friend!
  10. Audreyfay

    Sad...how do you pick Yourself up?

    Hi. I know you all will have some good ideas. I have been working hard. I know, too hard. A lot of incidental sad things have come up with close friends. Hubby has been gone several weekends in a row to help out with ordinations. Therefore, I have been alone. I find myself just so SAD. Somehow can't help letting the tears drip out. Okay, how do you pick YOURSELF up? :crying2:
  11. Audreyfay

    Your username - what does it mean?

    Wish you lived nearby. I have a million patients to refer to you! :rolleyes:
  12. Audreyfay

    Your username - what does it mean?

    Mine is easy. No imagination. That's my name: Audrey Fay.
  13. Audreyfay

    New Game! Post something about the person above you

    Skislalom sounds like a very caring mother. I like the pretty blue eyes on your avitar. We're glad you're here!
  14. Audreyfay

    New Word Game!!!

  15. Audreyfay

    The Alphabet Game--part 7

    Happy Birthday - I think that's the title!

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