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  1. Audreyfay

    American Idol Season 7

    My favorite shot that I had to rewind and watch over and over again was the one of Simon with his eyes wide open and his jaw on the desk. Yes - what the hell was that? I listed for about 15 seconds and forwarded through. Not my cup of tea or style of music.
  2. Audreyfay

    Our CEO sent us this email...

    WOW! I am guessing you are in a christian hospital? While we're working on getting Planetree up and going at our hospitals, I can't see our CEO ever doing that. You are very fortunate!
  3. Audreyfay

    Need to Get a Life

    Congratulations. It is fun. I was away for awhile, but now am back. I can't stay away forever, but am not addicted. It's just fun. We all need a little fun. Re: NRSKarenRN's Avatar Join Date: Oct 2000 Location: RN Spirit from Philly Burb Posts: 13,286 Country: USA Years Exp: 30, hoping for 50!
  4. Audreyfay

    How to say "NO!" without saying it.

    Say - "I'm sorry, but I'm not comfortable loaning money." Which is the truth. If she asks why, say "I just don't do it - that's all." (Me thinks Z's first language is not english?)
  5. Audreyfay

    Seen on a Starbucks Cup

    One day as I had finished my coffee, I started to read the cup The Way I see It # 230 Heaven is totally overrated. It seems boring. Clouds, listening to people play the harp. It should be somewhere you can't wait to go, like a luxury hotel. Maybe blue skies adn soft music were enough to keep peopled in line in the 17th centure, but Heaven has to step it up a bit. They're basically getting by because they only have to be better than Hell. Joel Stein - Columnist for the Los Angeles Times No wonder the world - the U.S. is like it is today. No wonder people are killing and stealing. If this reflects the modern mentality - no wonder? :behindpc:
  6. Audreyfay

    Commercials you love to hate

    You all might not live in the right areas to see the butt one. It's about coming to visit Minnesota. The entire things shows various couples from the back. One pushes their butt right next to their partners. "Everything is better in Minnesota." I call it the Butt Commercial. [i live in Wisconsin!] :lol2:
  7. Audreyfay

    I'm Going to Be Moving After Christmas

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Perhaps it will be nice in a way to not be alone as much? Lots of company! :kiss
  8. Audreyfay

    Christmas Morning 12/25/05

    Merry Christmas to my Allnurses family. May God's Blessings shine on you all. I am at work at the telephone triage center. I work eight hours, but will still have part of the day left to enjoy when I get off at 3 p.m. Hope everyone has a wonderful day and a great new year! :kiss
  9. Audreyfay

    Acoustic Nerve Problem - Heard of this?

    An update is in order. I can't believe it, but I am slowly getting better. Went back to the ENT. He said the MRI was normal, including the nerve. He wanted me to go through another hearing test. My hearing had improved by 20 decibles. He thought that I must have had an inner ear infection? My hearing has improved significantly. Perhaps a little less than the right. It is sensitive to noises though. I have put ear plugs in several times just to prevent that sensitivity. Sometimes I still get the ringing, but it isn't there all the time. Thanks again for your support and answers. And . . . I'm sorry this is so delayed. The day after my ENT visit, hubby and I went on a 7-day cruise around the Hawaiian islands. I haven't been able to get back to the board until now. (BTW . . . thank you for the christmas cards!) May you all have a joyous Christmas, holiday, or whatever you celebrate! :kiss Hugs! Audrey
  10. Audreyfay

    Acoustic Nerve Problem - Heard of this?

    Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. MRI is done. I'm still waiting for the results. The aprazolam worked wonders. I took it about 15 minutes before the procedure and slept through the whole thing. At one point I realized my heel was going a little numb from pressure and moved my toe, "try not to move your legs, okay?" the tech reminded me. All in all, it was no sweat. Without a doubt, if I ever had to have one again, I would go the pre-medication route. I have a follow-up appointment with the MD on Monday 11/28 and will let you know. The ear is a little better. Not quite as much ringing - only intermittently. Makes me wonder if maybe it isn't the viral thing? Thanks again! Audrey
  11. Audreyfay

    Awesome Christmas Light Display

    Thanks for sharing. My DH was looking over my shoulder saying, aren't you glad we don't own a house? I'd buy it in a heartbeat! How the heck can a person live in a house like that. (Maybe in the back rooms where the light show isn't?) :chuckle
  12. Audreyfay

    Acoustic Nerve Problem - Heard of this?

    Thanks. I keep wondering what a person who does not know the system would do? How about the retired person who grew up with the model of the child/parent, with the medical profession being the parent? It scares me. I know they would have gone without the medication.
  13. Audreyfay

    Acoustic Nerve Problem - Heard of this?

    Stethoscopes are a pain. I'm just trying to adapt to it. I have a Littman cardiology stethoscope, so my hearing in my ® is able to make up for it. I called the MRI dept. They said to call my MD. It was up to them. I called my MD last week Tuesday. She was off that day, and only worked the morning on the Wednesday. They were not sure if she would get to it before Thursday. So . . . I waited and waited. Finally on Friday I called, saying that I had called on Tuesday and not heard anything. To make a long story short, after several calls, talking with a recep who acted like she was an expert on going through an MRI without medication, I just about lost it. I figured I would get more with honey than pepper, so was nice, but firm. Got what I wanted after more calls back. They gave me an rx for aprazolam. (5 pills!) Wonder why 5? Just in case? So, I guess I'm ready for Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. Will let you know how it turns out. Ear is the same. Constant very high pitch ringing in the ear. I'm trying to block out that sound. Hasn't gotten any better, but at least hasn't worsened. Again, thanks! Audrey
  14. Audreyfay

    Acoustic Nerve Problem - Heard of this?

    Thank you my Allnurses family for your support and advice. Thanks for the pep talk too!
  15. Audreyfay

    Acoustic Nerve Problem - Heard of this?

    Suebird, Is there anything that helps the tinnitis? Sometimes it's so loud that I have a hard time concentrating. I used to like working with music. Now I find it is irritating, and almost hurts. Only music I can listen to easily is classical . . and not very loud. Wonder if I can ever go to a concert, symphony and opera, and enjoy it. Miss all the eclectic stuff I used to enjoy. I didn't know that the viral damage to the nerve was so common! Thanks. Dianah, I will call the MRI joint tomorrow and check. Thnx for your suggestions.