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  1. zambezi

    Red Bull Gives You Wings?

    Red Bull with vodka...the perfect party mix...though I hear that the combo is not so good for you...but it sure tastes good...I don't like the red bull so much on it's own though...
  2. zambezi

    Good Morning--Sunday Sept 19th

    Hello all! We have fall weather here too! I love the fall, it is my favorite season...I am recovering from last night...a good friend had a her 40th birthday party...so I slept in until 12:30 this morning...I do like to sleep in..my husband and I are watching football...I may go for a motorcycle ride this afternoon with a friend, but we may skip it...My day will otherwise consist of doing nothing! I too have some bills I should probably look at though. I cleaned the house a day or two ago so it still looks ok. Melissa you should look into online bill paying, I just started using it and it is great!
  3. zambezi

    Tips for Jazzing up Burgers??

    All of the replies so far are fabulous....I am always a big fan of doing one of the above combos with avacado (after the burger is cooked)...Making a good marinade is also a good way to go...let the burger soak in some A1/worschire combo for awhile, then use the montreal steak seasoning with that with avacado on top---yummy! FYI: the montreal steak seasoning (which should be in every household is also great on chicken, sauteed mushrooms, pretty much anything...) Like most seasonings, if you buy it at a regular store it is 5-8 $ for a small little container. If you go to costco, they have a huge container of is for about 5$....Definately look for spices/seasonings at costco...there are huge deals!
  4. zambezi

    New Survivor

    Well the first episode is over...I wasn't even expecting that guy Brook to get voted off...I am interested in seeing how the rest of the season turns out...Rumors have it that there should be some interesting twists...Still haven't seen enough to make a judgement on the players...Happy Survivor season!!! Now I just can't wait for the season premiere of CSI and Without a Trace...only then will Thursday TV night be complete...What a line up....I love the fall.... :hatparty:
  5. zambezi

    Good Morning Thursday Sept 16th

    Happy morning to you!! It is still 11:00 pm on the 15th here...I'm posting early! However I am excited about the 16th because it is the start of the new Survivor and CSI...Thursdays are my TV night...my husband and I make dinner and watch "our" shows...YEA! Anyway...hope today is a good one! Tweety, good luck with your homework... Hope that everyone in the way of the weather is safe so far...
  6. zambezi

    How Do You Relax...

    I usually work out/ go running if it is nice out. I can't wait for fall...my favorite season to take walks... In the winter, I love to turn out all the lights in my house, light some candles and play music/watch a movie or play on the internet...I do love the feelings that fall and winter bring, it seems so much less hectic around here...I like doing yoga/tai chi and then going to have a good cup of coffee tea...
  7. zambezi

    Best Avatar

    Thank you Tweety!! I was just noticing your new avatar...the tweety policeman...I love it!! And weetziebat--I totally understand where you are coming from, I spent all day the other day tring to scale avatars down to the proper amount of pixels, etc...I don't have any six year olds either :p
  8. zambezi

    Best Avatar

    One of my favorites was gwynith's green lady that looked like she was from star wars...for some reason I just loved it! It seemed to flow with the personality that comes from your posts (and I mean that in a good way!!)
  9. zambezi

    The Best Pants EVER!!!!

    I agree those are some fabulous pants...I may have to go and check them out at our old navy...I am also have to have the low waist...high waisted pants drive me crazy!!!! earle...I know that you don't think that you will like pants that say stretch but I think that you should try a pair on...the stretch dosen't actually mean that they fit like "stretch" pants (though they certainly can....) I like the stretch with a relaxed fit....I feel like the stretch just makes the pants move a bit easier and they are not so stiff, definately more comfortable IMHO...
  10. zambezi

    Good Tues Aug 24 Morning

    Happy Morning Everyone!!! Wishing everyone happy thoughts today...well mabye happy dreams since I am getting ready to go to bed after my 12 hour night shift...getting ready for one more tonite!! I am being naughty and eating nachos for breakfast...**sigh** it just sounded soo good... Fran hope your doctor's appt goes well...and hope everyone else has a great day!! And those that sleep have a nice restful sleep...
  11. zambezi

    What's your favorite fragrance?

    Exactly...my absolute #1 favorite... :balloons: :hatparty:
  12. zambezi

    What's your favorite fragrance?

    I love Angel by Tierry Mugler...heavenly... Obsession is still one of my all time favorites... I also like Tuscanny per donna...
  13. zambezi

    Hmmmm...when did it end for you???

    My husband and I have never really been "lovey dovey"...it is a rare (very rare) occassion that I can get him to hold hands with me...I can count on one hand the number of dates we have been on in the last three or so years...I like to kiss him though :) We will ususally call each other at least once a day (unless we are too busy at work...) If one of us is out of town we definately touch base once a day...We have never done the cutsey name thing too much...occassionally one will slip out though...As far as gift giving, that is my husbands favorite thing to do...so I get little goodies fairly frequently, I just need to learn how to give him gifts back!! When did we stop acting like newlyweds? well, we still are newlyweds really...we will be married two years in January...but we have been together for about six years or so...so I guess we are being our type of newlyweds...We are the way we are...He is my best friend, we are totally comfortable with each other, we pretty much have the same goals in life...even though we go about them in different ways...There is nothing that I like to see more than to see him truly happy and smiling...At least once a day I look at him and think how cute he is, how much I like his smile etc...I don't know if I believe in love at first sight, but it was pretty close to that with us...
  14. I agree with much of what has been said thus far. I do think that it has a place. I did a senior paper of mine on the topic as well. Here are some interesting sites on the death with dignity act in Oregon. http://www.deathwithdignity.org/ http://www.ohd.hr.state.or.us/chs/pas/ors.cfm
  15. zambezi

    Do you think Lance Armstrong is doping?

    Well he won his sixth!!! amazing!! yay for lance!!! :balloons:

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