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MAISY, RN-ER has 6+ years experience and specializes in ER/EHR Trainer.

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    Yes, I am gay.

    I work with many male nurses, I don't know their sexual preferences....I never asked. They are all awesome! If someone has a problem with homosexuality it is their problem! Personally, I don't think its anyone's business. Just my opinion, Maisy

    Come on everyone!!! Favorite Broadway Shows

    Saw South Pacfic at Lincoln Center....AWESOME! Of course, Les Mis Phantom of the Opera Sweeney Todd Want to see: Wicked ***Love Musicals

    I don't like my stepdaughter.

    This is a DH is the step parent....I remarried when my kids were 9 and 10-tough ages. My son and he were like oil and water, a situation which is still apparent under any stress-son will be 25. My daughter is definitely the favored one and if I didn't know better, I would think she was "his" child-because she is the favored one. Truthfully, there were times when I didn't like my own kids, and I believe I would have been a terrible "step-parent". I read somewhere that parents don't expect to be thanked for the things that they do.....whereas, step parents do expect to be thanked for the things they do. It was something I had to remind my husband of all of the time! I am not sure there is such a thing as a perfect family-all you can do is be there when one ever said you'd like your family... M

    What does everyone think of this?

    What drugs will you test for? Are we going to include alcohol? I am all for testing and agree that testing should be a pre req for any government stipends including student loans and grants. BUT, the criteria must be specific but not CUT OFF people. I believe there should be penalties, but they should include mandatory education, treatment, and proof of meeting goals. Follow through, discipine and behavior is learned through example and modeling....sometimes through any case, this needs to be thought out a little better. M

    What does everyone think of this?

    Your right survival of the fittest, natural selection....other terms anyone? We all know addicts are never really cured....perhaps they should all be done away with....those who can't fuction eliminated....I say, slippery slope-will this include the elderly, cognitively impaired, and incurable ill. Societal change would make an effect through mandatory education-not the BS political correctness that occurs, but "real world" truths with all the ugliness that it entails. *Give a man a fish and he eats for one day-teach a man to fish and eats a lifetime! People that don't know any better or have been dragged into the depths of addiction MUST BE EDUCATED! If they are a lost cause, then educate their families. M

    What does everyone think of this?

    Agreed that it does happen, however are you willing to take the food or benefits away from even one child? Assistance is there for short-term help.....we have allowed it to be abused by not following money assistance with "real" useful assistance-education and mandatory classes in "how to live" as a contributing member of society instead of leeching off of the system forever! As for the cycle, most people who did not grow up in the "cycle" will use benefits if needed and get off because they have the skills to cope as a contributing member of and living it well is all about our experiences. M

    What does everyone think of this?

    All for testing, but who's going to provide the necessary treatment? Sorry, but without the other side it's a bad idea! M

    What does everyone think of this?

    Just read this today and think it's ridiculous! What about the kids? Grandparents? Even those drug addicted? Addiction is horrible.....personally, I have no patience for addicts....but family should not suffer for ADULT personal choices. I believe our mental health system needs to be bolstered.....for all of you who think it's just illegal'd be dead wrong! We are seeing overwhelming numbers of regular people with prescription drug dependency.....thanks docs for over-prescribing. Also thanks for pharmaceuticals telling us we need their pills to fix EVERYTHING! We also have a generation of people who seems to never have had a "grandma" who treated what needed to be treated and said to "suck it up" when no tx necessary. While I don't necessarily believe in a Nanny state, I do believe in educating people. It should be focal point of media, it should be a focal point in schools, it should definitely be shared in churches and perhaps those on public assistance should be required to take classes on "self health" and what illness truly is! Classes that prevented dumbass visits would cut healthcare costs dramatically without removing the safety net required for emergent care. Not really sure how any healthcare professional can decry medical coverage....what is that about judging people? Do not judge lest you be judged......Haven't seen too many perfect people lately.... Maisy
  9. You know it's interesting how some things are really out of our control, my husband has type 2 dm due to years of being overweight, poor eating habits, and general unhappiness. When we met he was very heavy, as we spent time together he lost a considerable amount of weight but ultimately has dm. He doesn't exercise daily, yet is very active. He doesn't really diet, yet watches what he eats. He is now happy (of course married to me), and his knowledge about dm has increased tremendously. This past year, the doctor changed his meds-he gained weight-hmmmmmmm why in the world? This was despite working full time, and referreeing 2-3 bball games almost every night of the week for almost 5 mos. I finally said something (this is a touchy subject) and he told me the doctor changed his meds....told him to see the doctor and ask him if he was crazy...weight is bad for his already bad knees, heart and DM! Although I really like this PMD he is has been way off base with DM and in this case has not helped hubby with his life-long weight problem. BTW doctor is skinny! Just a comment.....
  10. Thin does not equal healthy....that is the fact. People have all types of problems and challenges in their personal lives....unfortunately extra weight cannot be hidden like other addictions or personal problems that may truly affect that patients life. I think HEALTHY should be the goal....ONLY! Healthcare professionals may be hypocrites, but so are policeman who speed by on their cellphones, lawyers who break the law knowingly, and so on.....patients will either listen to teaching or not....that is their right. Just because someone is overweight it does not mean that they aren't struggling too, and may be doing all the things they are advising their patient. It humanizes care and does not make it an us/them situation-I am a fallible human, who is no longer in their 20's but can still do a cartwheel with a slightly wider butt!:D When healthcare starts covering elective surgeries maybe I'll get some lipo, or that tummy tuck to pre-pregnancy flatness....until that time...oh well, guess I won't be showing my non-6 pack abs.:D I'd also like to note, that many patients I have encountered have reported they have been abused by medical personnel due to their weight-avoiding the doctor-then requiring emergent care! I had an experience with a gyno who was so insensitive and truly evil in his speech that I have made sure anyone who ever asks me for one is told he is a jerk! I was slightly overweight and he made me feel terrible! I can't even imagine someone who was obese going to this ass! So, while practicing what you preach may be a good's experiences, and realities when teaching, assisting and helping our patient's make sure they do what is necessary to live THEIR lives is really all that is needed. If a nurse is running marathons (THAT IS FOR THEMSELVES) and honestly has no bearing on the overweight person who can barely walk a block. Their proclamations of health only cause resentment in those without health. If I feel that way and am fairly healthy with the ability to do things, imagine those who are sick and need a major change in lifestyle. I find it interesting that the only people who ever bring up these "ethical" issues are those who are either live in the gym, are vegans, or keep GNC in business with their natural lifestyles. It just doesn't seem to be such a big deal to the rest of us. M
  11. MAISY, RN-ER

    You ONLY work 3 days a week!

    First, I want to say I am sorry for all of those with less than understanding spouses-nursing is the hardest job I have every had where you truly get the life sucked out of you during a shift-physically, mentally and emotionally. I was in technology for years-had to deal with customers, vendors and employees; ran an entire service division (technicians, warehouse delivery and personnel, inventory control, dispatch, contracts, supplies.....and on, and on, and on) as the only woman manager in the US for years....lots of stress and aggravation....70+ hours per on kept merging with others.....then DOWNSIZED! They had to split my job up amongst several people-SEVERAL PEOPLE! Each got one component....hmmm Along with many tech managers who found themselves unemployed I couldn't find work anywhere....I could've returned as a field engineer; but had lost my up to date skills and would have to return to school....decided on nursing as a sure thing and an avenue I'd considered as a youth. I thought I'd be able to work 4 or 5 days per problem...didn't I work 70 with ease? Hah!!!! NURSING IS THE HARDEST JOB I'VE EVER DONE! Working 3 shifts far surpasses any aggravation, physical labor, mental exercise, or emotional drain I ever encountered during my long time in the business world! There is nothing like how! My husband used to make comments until one day I lost it and told him no matter how many hours he worked and was tired....the end result wouldn't be that someone died, got worse, or was permanently injured because of him and any mistake he made. I met him in the techie world....a computer...system...hardware....customer relations...whatever can be repaired and if one died because of a mistake.....NURSES HOLD THE LIVES AND WELFARE OF THEIR CLIENTS IN THEIR HANDS DAILY....NO other job even comes close! He backed off and has never said another word. He knew how hard I worked before, and I truly believe after experiences caring for my FIL and mom he has seen what good nurses do....working a full shift, then spending the night with family in the hospital....then working again! He has seen me during a shift in the ER; observed as his dad was held for 18 hours while we awaited placement in a room. Too bad all husbands and wives can't see their wives/husbands in action and how they really "run" not walk all day long. As for others who start with this you only work 3 days thing....I tell them become a nurse, then talk to one can understand....sigh....unless they are living it! Hang in there.... Maisy
  12. MAISY, RN-ER

    Are the majority of nurses pro life?

    The nursing student said it all-we are there for the patient regardless of our beliefs....don't work somewhere in which your belief system will be trampled... As for pro-life or anti-death....we all have an expiration date....why do families, doctors and agencies insist on trying to beat God by keeping patients alive and using resources that should be left to HIS HANDS and or Natural Causes?44 As for is no one's right to place their values on another; however as a nurse and a woman it wouldn't be my personal choice. A value system I have instilled in both my children. Anytime sex is involved-life may result. I don't think we tell our kids that enough!!! JMHO M
  13. MAISY, RN-ER

    Bushenomics affecting nursing

    Smart people take notes and take turns. Issues that need to be addressed are sometimes forgotten when a conversation or debate becomes hot. I don't have a problem with anyone taking notes. Be prepared. (as any good scout knows) You are right age has something to do with it....the older you get, you realize, smart people and well prepared people are just that....WELL PREPARED. I hope I am as sharp as John McCain when I am his age. Maisy
  14. MAISY, RN-ER

    Bushenomics affecting nursing

    Lets see, Bush not the sharpest knife in the did he ever get elected. Oh, that's right-daddy was president. At least Jeb was the bright one, now he'll never get a chance to improve history. It's amazing that people voted for a C student from Yale, who didn't serve when he was supposed to, ran two oil companies into the ground(during a good time for oil companies) and has spent several generations to comes money. Yeah, it's been a great 8 years with him at the helm. The sad thing is I like John McCain, think that Sarah Palin may be okay-unhappy that Obama is young and naive, and Biden who knows? NO one was checking out wall street, everything was deregulated, now look at all of our 401ks, stock options and real estate values. Oh, did I thank the current administration? Maisy:stone
  15. Not thrilled about either. Obama thinks anyone making over 100k is wealthy-scared to think what that means for the northeast. In a two salary family with two kids in college....I AM FAR FROM WEALTHY! Republican....not anytime soon. Maisy