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  1. CRNI-ICU20

    Lets play myth busters!

    men who wear a large shoe size are ....well, you know.... crni.... OMGOODNESS! DID I SAY THAT????
  2. CRNI-ICU20

    Nurse a victim of Lye Attack in Domestic Violence case

    the most dangerous time for a spouse is when they are in the process of leaving.....this is a horrible example of what a truly evil person can do to another person....my heart aches for this woman and her family....I hope they give this man more than a slap on the wrist....ENOUGH!
  3. There are plenty of overweight, yet physically capable/fit people in the world; conversely, there are many skinny, underconditioned, physically unfit people in the world.... The ability to do one's job isn't based on a number....what you weigh, what your body fat to muscle ratio is, or what your resting heart rate is....it is based on skills, knowledge, and the ability to safely move a patient, turn a patient, etc. without injuring your own self.... there are alot of skinny folks who end up trying to lift a large person with no muscle mass on their body to do it with.... While it may have seemed embarrassing to you, it's good that the hospital screens an employee's capabilities before contact with the patients.....back injuries and neck injuries cost alot of money in disability and therapy and surgical intervention....I think they were looking out for you and themselves....not a bad thing.... As I have gotten older, I realize that I move a bit slower and less efficiently....and have developed some bad posture habits etc. due to poor core strength.....which I am now correcting through some personal training with a trainer....it's been worth the time and money....I sleep better, eat better, and feel and look better....and that bodes well for my patients too....crni
  4. CRNI-ICU20

    "I'm American, I Don't Understand English" - Lucy Ricardo

    "well, there ya go!!" as in, "I concur" or "that's just how I see it!" My attny. says this all the time, it cracks me up....he says alot of things....I wish he would say, "your divorce is over!" crni (sorry)
  5. CRNI-ICU20

    weird medical practices of the past

    Hi kids! I was reading this really interesting book, called "The Book Of Origins" by Trevor Homer. In it is a section of factoid about a medical practice that made me laugh, and I thought I would share it....and then pose the question: what whacky medical practice do you know of, or remember doing, that is no longer done (thank God)? Tobacco Resuscitator Kit Invented in England in 1774 (of course!!) the tobacco resuscitator kit was meant to revive victims of drowning, but injecting tobacco smoke into the rectum. (hence the 'blowing smoke up yer ass' phrase) The idea was to introduce warmth and stimulation to the apparently dead victim, and this was though to be an entirely rational developement since tobacco was effective in provideing both. The devices were place along the banks of London's river Thames by the Royal Humane Society, in the same wat that flotation rings are placed today. (I wondered what kind of tobacco?? Cherry flavored pipe tobacco, or a long drag on a stinky Camel without filter???....perhaps for the REALLY dead, a jolt of cannibis???) okey dokey then! crni:lol2:
  6. CRNI-ICU20

    Religion part II - educate me please

    I feel so welcomed here! I am with such amazing people!! I was raised in a Judeo-Christian home...Dad was Jewish, Mom was a crazy Irish Methodist....(boy the dinnertime conversations were interesting!!) I felt/feel blessed because I had the best of both worlds....I mean, what kid woudn't love Hannukah and Christmas in the same month?? and Passover and Easter??? It's no wonder I developed a weight problem in my 40's!! (of course it had nothing to do with slowed metablolism and my terrible addiction to anything Chocolate!) My parents didn't force their opinions or beliefs on us as kids....they showed us their beliefs and reasons for believing what they did, and when we were old enough to make our own decisions, we chose, without judgement.... For me, I believe I was given a huge gift....because I have the blessing of Old Testament history and ritual and tradition, and the extension of that blessing in New Testament belief in Christ as the Messiah. My father always said, "you should respect the road that another man walks, for one day, you might be walking right along side him." My mother said, "you should put legs under the prayers you pray".... My parents really were God given...eventhough they were not perfect, and made their mistakes.... My Heavenly Parent doesn't make mistakes....and that is the biggest comfort and sense of peace to me... I don't worry so much about whether or not someone believes as I do....I worry more that I have done all I can to be a good human being toward them..... This is how I have comitted to live.... Thanks for letting me share... crni
  7. CRNI-ICU20

    Anyone interested in a prayer thread?

    hi my friends.... I need your prayers... My attorney just informed me that since he doesn't know which way to step, and after paying him $13K that he would like to "respectfully withdraw" from my divorce case....which means I don't have counsel...which means I have to pay him lump sum all that I owe....which means the house that is foreclosing.....and the divorce that is being delayed over and over by the bad man, will just be allowed to drag on and on....I cannot afford another attny....it is at least another $3K just to hire another....and then I am worried that they will just be another blood sucking leech like the last guy.....I don't know what to do.... Pray for me....that the Lord will show me His path....and that I am smart enough to see it....and act accordingly..... Love to you....crni
  8. CRNI-ICU20

    Truth in media? "vile propaganda outfit"

    Stevie, I realize that many charity events are "graced" by the presence of the various talking heads; however, I just can't really embrace Mr. Limbaugh or O'Reilly, because they have made so many utterly crass and mean spirited statements on national TV.... For instance, Mr. Limbaugh claimed that Michael J. Fox was making up and exaggerating his muscle movements so that when he testified to the Senate committed for research in to Parkinson's disease, he would garner more sympathy......that is OUTRAGEOUS for someone such as himself to say about someone who CLEARLY is daily becoming more debilitated by this ugly disease. I believe Mr. Limbaugh has a HUGE over stuffed ego, and relies heavily on addiction to "get by". He's been through several relationships, all of which have devastated those around him because he's quite brutal with his tongue. The definition of sarcasm: "the cutting of the flesh" In my view, someone who takes pride in cutting other people to shreds on national tv as their JOB, has no moral compass. So, my point is that if you were to take away all that he and Mr. Oreilly define themselves by, ie, microphones, national exposure, television appearances, etc.....they would, in my opinion, fold in on themselves, because they seem to me to be REALLY SHALLOW PEOPLE, as evidenced by their one sided and mostly skewed view of reality. Mr. Oreilly actually blamed the boy who was found after being kidnapped in Missouri as, "he must have wanted to be sexually abused, or he would have run away." THIS IS THE WAY MR. OREILLY THINKS.... How could ANYONE blame a child who was kidnapped and intimidated with weapons daily by implication and overt in your face threats, even go there!!! This is not only irresponsible, but completely out of line. The only reason these types are allowed to blather, is because they talk talk talk enough to gain an audience, and corporate sponsors count the numbers(ratings) and deem them a success....they don't care whether or not truth is spoken....or fairness.....they only care about ratings which equals MONEY. As for me, I will not subscribe to such drivel. What these two men do is NO DIFFERENT in spirit and harm than what Imus did, it's just not racist....so they get away with it. But to say such mean spirited things about another human being like these two have done, makes them no less accountable or harmful in my book.... Of all the things a person in position could speak about, and they, like so many, reduce good debate and conversation to gossip and yelling..... it's ignorant. crni
  9. CRNI-ICU20

    Truth in media? "vile propaganda outfit"

    I am still trying to figure out why NATIONAL MEDIA spends 24-7 hours following around Anna Nicole, et al....and now Paris Hilton..... THIS IS NEWS???? Does anybody give a rat's hind end? We are on the brink of nuclear war with Iran; North Korea has been rattling it's sabre for twenty years now; everyone in Mexico hates us; our veterans returning injured from Iraq can't even get a decent pain pill....and our illustrious media in America focuses on Paris Hilton.... If I wanted the National Enquirer mentality, I would actually listen to the blather of Rush LimpPaw, Bill OBlathery, and other small minded fat heads....If you took away their microphones, just what EXACTLY would those people do with their time, do you suppose? Would you see Mr. LimpPaw or O'Blathery offering their time to say, a woman's shelter, or a homeless shelter??? The best thing that could happen to this storm of blabber mouths is a big piece of duct tape..... The silence is so much more kind to my ears!!
  10. CRNI-ICU20

    Anyone interested in a prayer thread?

    Hi sweet people! Just letting you know, I read this almost everyday, before I pray, either at night or in the morning.....and while on my bike ride, or walks, or whatever I am doing, I petition before God your concerns. Take heart in knowing that HE ALWAYS has your best interest at heart.....who knows you or your situation better than Him? Who has known the mind of the Lord? (Isaiah 40:13) Masoretic TextWho hath directed the Spirit of Jehovah, or being his counsellor hath taught him? Often, when we pray, we seem to look to God as if He is some sort of santa claus, handing out gifts and candy if we are good, and punishment and anguish if we are not..... He is not influenced by our pleadings so much as He is mindful of His own character and Spirit. It is His character to love and give to His children, justly and abundantly. We can rejoice in knowing that when we delve into the character of God, we not only see our smallness, we see His greatness. God is not a God of confusion, but of peace.1 Corinthians14:33 God is Comfort.2Corinthians 1:3 God is powerful. God is the begginning and the End. God is light, God is love; God is Truth; God is creative; God is Joy. God is strength. God is refuge.God is Judge. God is Ruler; God is the Way. God is a good listener. These are just a few attributes we often forget to breathe in when we commune in prayer with HIm..... When we focus ONLY on Him, whatever we pray, is already in His hands.....He knew us before we were born, even the very hairs of our heads are numbered....is there ANYTHING too hard for Him? Be well today....rest in His omnipotence and omniscience....let Him share in the burden you carry.....for He cares for you. Blessings, crni
  11. CRNI-ICU20

    You run into MIKE on the streets...

    uh....I vote that Mike looks like Nick....(is this a test question????) and... do I win anything for voting??? just wondering.... I am feeling lucky about life lately...heheheheh!
  12. CRNI-ICU20


    how did we go from 'watch lists' to buses running over ice cream....i AM SOOOO CONFUSED NOW....:uhoh3:
  13. CRNI-ICU20

    You run into MIKE on the streets...

    well....I once met Dustin Hoffman....when he was much younger and cuter....but still short... so....ix-nay that one.... and Richard Gere has too many weird behaviours....like slobbering all over that gal from India and pissing off the whole dang country! ugh.... so, ix-nay that one too... then...uh....TOM CRUISE??? are you $#%@*&! kiddin' me?? He's a boneheaded alien from another planet....all I can think of about him is that he jumped on Oprah's yellow couch like a four year old on a sugar high.... so... I vote for NICK!! YESSSSSS! he cleans up purty good....for a DUI guy.... hehehehehe!!
  14. CRNI-ICU20

    What's your phone personality? Listed, Unlisted, Cell Phone?

    cell camera phone....it just about does everything, except prepare dinner....which, it can by proxy if I speed dial PIzza Hut!!
  15. CRNI-ICU20

    Favorite Blue collar comedy tour quote.

    I like Ron White's lines about his dog Sluggo: '' It's gonna be a good day TATER!" And when his wife calls him while he's on tour to tell him that Sluggo has taken a dump on the carpet, and Ron get's sarcastic.... "Okay, well, put him on the phone, I'll talk to him!" I also like Jeff Foxworthy's stuff about his parents: during a tornado, his mother is filmed on the five oclock news in a moo-moo and curlers saying: "Well, all of a sudden, the wind came up and the most horrifying sound, and all I could think was, 'there goes my cassarole dish I loaned to Margaret' sailing over the trailer park!" and his dad, who hasn't thrown away any clothes for thirty years, and still wears polyester pants and dingo boots.... his dad believes he's just completely foxy in this combination of clothes.... "there's just somethin' bout a DINGO man!!!" yup....I am a redneck...uh huh.

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