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  1. Florence NightinFAIL

    My concience is beating me up....

    Look at the bright side, at least you HAVE a concience.
  2. Florence NightinFAIL

    What's in your purse/bag?

    Just curious! :D Mine: Phone Wallet Tylenol Gum Lipstick Eyeliner Sample perfume Hand lotion Chapstick Tons of receipts (seriously need to clean up) 2 pens RN notes pocket guide (look thru it when stuck in places - helps jog memory) I'm looking for ideas. My life is in my bag :lol2: Gosh, I loooove these smilies :yeah::clown::D:heartbeat:yeah:
  3. Florence NightinFAIL

    Looking fresh after 12 hours

    **I know nursing isn't about looking pretty, but humour me, OK?**:D I don't wear make up at all but started being interested in it a few weeks ago. I've only worn eyeliner and lip balm before but I know I want to get some waterproof eyeliner/mascara (because it's long lasting and also my eyes tend to water a lot and I don't want racoon eyes), lip stains, & tinted moisturizer (the time saver of a 3 in 1 moistruizer, cover up and sunscreen sold on me). So ladies, what is your 'beauty' routine before coming to work (or general) and what products do you find last through the shift? If you could comment on the 3 above & recommend your favs - would be great.