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  1. sissiesmama

    Red Kryptonite...? Where are ya?

    Me too Mav! I was waiting on my popcorn and as soon as I sat down to post a comment. Anne, RNC
  2. sissiesmama

    Genetic testing - would you? Did you?

    My sister and her hubby did it- after the birth of their twin boys when they were ready to have another baby. One of their twins was born with Angelman's syndrome. They love both boys dearly but the severity of his disease is just devastating. They are 14 yrs old and the specialists didn't expect him to have survived this long. Anne, RNC
  3. sissiesmama

    Dumbest medical mistakes you've seen on TV

    Bahahahaha! Love that one! Anne, RNC
  4. I know! And part of the time they were at work, they ended up getting in trouble. Anne, RNC
  5. Watching Scrubbing In - on MTV. Should be interesting. So far lots of the girls in bras, girls jumping in the shower together, and 2 of them not getting their license due to DWIs. Most of it has been drinking and partying - and a count of how many "toys" each female brought - but they did to manage to squeeze in 5 minutes of actual nursing. Anyone else see it?? Anne, RNC
  6. sissiesmama

    First word that comes to mind.....

    teenagers Anne, RNC
  7. sissiesmama

    First word that comes to mind.....

  8. sissiesmama

    First word that comes to mind.....

    spoiled child!!
  9. sissiesmama

    What are you doing right now?

    Right now I am celebrating that even though we lost the hour, they didn't mess up my late night tv schedule. Been watching rerun of Private Practice on Sat and Sun nights LATE (2 or 3 am on Sat and MN or 1am on Sun) Trying to catch episodes I missed when the show was on prime time schedule. Celebrating that I only had to bathe 1 of 4 doggies tonight after the rain started, and that it's dh and not me that has to get up early and go to work. Anne, RNC
  10. sissiesmama

    Loosing My "Tag."

    BTL - Iam SO sorry! Bring tears to my eyes. Six years ago, I had to have my baby Sam put to sleep 1 month before his 16th birthday. I never had any kids of my own, so my furbabies are my babies. Sending you hugs from Louisiana - some people don't understand why the death of a pet hurts SO deeply, but it does. I am sorry for your loss; give your baby at home a kiss from us - Anne, RNC - and Sisie, Ella, Bea and Belle
  11. sissiesmama

    First word that comes to mind.....

    Ooh! That' a hard one for me!! How about Darth Vader?? Anne, RNC
  12. sissiesmama

    First word that comes to mind.....

    furballs... Anne, RNC
  13. sissiesmama

    Sunday, November 18, 2012

    Good morning ya'll! Still not sleeping very well - beween dh snoring and cover hogging, it's wearing e out. Hanging out with my doggies and doing a little kitchen cleaning. Today would be my db's 40th birthdy. He passed away a few years ago, on Mothers day. We never really got along very well, usually just sis/bro fights. I thankfully wa able to get to visit with him some a few months before he died, so it helped my guilt when my dad called to give methe new. My granddaughter will have her 1 month birthday tomorrow - can't wait to get to love on little Sophia!! She's ha to switch formuls a few tmes, and has had some reflux - taking Zantac for that. Commuter - hope u get some rest! Good day to all that follow - hope everyone has a great weekend! Hugs - Anne, RNC
  14. sissiesmama

    First word that comes to mind.....

    Steve Martin Anne, RNC