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  1. kakamegamama

    Mental Health Checks

    OP--who determines who is mentally stable/unstable? Not allowing someone to attend a house of worship because they might be radical? Who determines if they are radical? Who determines if one votes for someone/issues that harm them? This sounds more like a society that existed during Stalin's time, or currently in Communist countries. I don't think you really want to live in that environment...or, maybe you do....
  2. kakamegamama

    Dating doctor and nurse

    OP---why does it really matter what other people think? If both of you are single, no other relationships, and LIKE TO SPEND TIME WITH EACH OTHER, it doesn't really matter what others think. If you NEED the input of others, are you mature enough to handle such a relationship? Something to think about.
  3. kakamegamama

    What's the secret to 56 years of A happy marriage?

    If only I had had 50 years with my first husband (who died 15 years ago after 29 years); and could have 50 with my second (alas, we would both be over 100 years old if we had 50 years together.). I find myself envious of these couples and am fascinated when I watch them....so often they truly live as one..... Whiskey....hmmm....never thought of that ;-)
  4. kakamegamama

    I see quite alot of tall nurses

    Ahem, I couldn't figure out the edit to correct an error....my husband and I are somewhat taller than 6 inches........by about 5'6" +.......
  5. kakamegamama

    I see quite alot of tall nurses

    I hear ya! When we aren't in the States, we live in Central Asia, where it would seem the average height is about 5'7", men and women alike. We are both 6"+. We were told to try to blend in. We laughed.
  6. kakamegamama

    Do you have a Biblical Hero?

    I reread these posts today. Going through a time of testing and seeking what God's direction for us is at this time. Do I have the courage to go where He directs, when He directs? Do I have the faith to do that? Will I be obedient in doing that? All these things. The only answer I know for sure is that God is faithful. Always. As evidenced by the characters in His word that are described in these posts. I think I was supposed to read these...thank you....
  7. kakamegamama

    Do you have a Biblical Hero?

    My first thought was actually Moses. Used by God even though he was a murderer in a mighty way. Older adult when he launched out into the unknown. Told God that he wanted God to send someone else to talk to the Pharaoh because he couldn't. Short of temper. His following of God's will for his life took him places that he probably never conceived of, and once he was on his way, he was on his way...even when he had doubts. In some ways, I am so very much like him. And, the ultimate ones (of course, Jesus is the ultimate, but I want to not talk about the obvious, at least to me)....those who are in the genealogy of Jesus. Murderers. Prostitute. Liars. None of them really "belonged" in the genealogy of God as Man, but by golly, they are there! Just as I don't really belong in the "descendent" category of Christ my savior, but by golly, by His power and sacrifice, and the love of God Himself, I am. And, I figure if God can use all of these messed up people to His glory, He can do the same for me/with me.
  8. kakamegamama

    Jill Duggar & pregnancy

    Statistics? Proof of your statements about these families, especially the home school part? Seems general to me. You must not be familiar with Classical Conversations? It's a great resource and stringent for homeschool education, offering the classical approach, with Biblical values. But....very in depth science, Latin, history, English, mathematics, etc. So, not every home school based on a "Biblical format" is negative.
  9. kakamegamama

    What is your plan for retirement?

    We "retired" by moving overseas and teaching. I teach medical ESL, my husband teaches ESL. We sold his home (kept mine---my children with my late husband live there), and everything else we own. It's cheaper to live here, we get to see parts of the world that are not like home. We stay in touch with family via Skype, and will return stateside when the semester is over to take care of medical check ups, and other "maintenance", as well as family time. We are hoping to return in the Fall to continue. I'll work at some point as a FNP with a colleague here, just to keep my clinical skills up; my husband may add to his list as well...we'll see. Once the initial outlay of travel expenses is taken care of, the cost of living here is very reasonable. Our greatest expense is apartment rent. So, retirement doesn't necessarily mean stopping, but could mean different contexts and cheaper living.
  10. kakamegamama

    Just Write it Right!

    I made the mistake after posting my comment of reading some posts on other topics. Oh dear.........
  11. kakamegamama

    Just Write it Right!

    Ah, yes.......challenges of the English language and aggravations indeed! I am currently teaching ESL to physicians in a foreign country, and well, it is going to become more interesting as I introduce more words, etc.. So, I hope their able to losen there ties a bit and learn!
  12. kakamegamama

    Props to God, ignore the nurses

    not.done.yet--I am so sorry for your loss.
  13. kakamegamama

    Props to God, ignore the nurses

    Nope. Not wanting to argue. Truly interested in your responses. Sometimes, humor reflects what one really believes. Thus, my question about "freeing up the bed" comment. And, I don't understand how someone's belief in God can negate all that you've done to provide care. Anyway, I wish you well as you continue to care for patients.
  14. kakamegamama

    Props to God, ignore the nurses

    Apology accepted. So, if someone else has a different view or belief than yours, they should "free up the bed for someone else and go pray"? Is that no different than your perception of the poster's comment that you found offensive?
  15. kakamegamama

    Props to God, ignore the nurses

    Wow.....all I asked was if your comment was necessary. How did that "pretty much negate everything I have worked so hard to be able to do for people." How was it offensive? I simply asked a question about what I perceived to be a harsh comment toward another colleague. Nowhere have I said or implied anything against anything you have worked so hard to do for people. In fact, I applaud you and others who do that very thing. The committment of bedside nurses to keep people healthy is phenomenal and reflects hard work and care.

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