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  1. Brian

    Holiday Weight Gain

    The holidays are over. Now, what to do about the extra weight that found me in the pies, cakes, candies, and other yummy food temptations. Next year I will use tips on how to avoid the holiday pounds. Did you pack on pounds during the holidays or were you smart and took measures to avoid the weight gain?
  2. Brian

    Healthy Cuticles 'R' Us

    Constantly washing our hands as Nurses can take its toll. Often it gets so bad that our skin breaks down resembling those in a zombie apocalypse. There are literally hundreds of moisturizing products available and I'm sure some of us have tried most of them. How do you keep your skin soft and sandpaper free?
  3. Brian

    The Jack-o-Lantern Challenge

    I love your ghost nursel56! Nice pumpkin tn!
  4. Brian

    The Jack-o-Lantern Challenge

    Boo! Nice nursing pumpkins everyone!
  5. Brian

    Shark Falls from Sky onto Golf Course

    that is crazy!!! thanks for sharing!
  6. Brian

    3 debates in pictures

    Three presidential debates and these were the top issues spread around in social media after the debates.
  7. Brian

    Video from my Maldives Dive trip

    Glad you liked it Gitano.
  8. Brian

    Esme12 appreciation thread

    nothing better than organic community appreciation! speaks volumes! thanks esme! well deserved credit! for those of you who are not aware of esme12 check out her profile page, and clink the links of her threads and posts to see for yourself! https://allnurses.com/member-86168/ screenshot:
  9. Brian


    moved to the breakroom
  10. What a great effort by humans helping these dolphins! Bravo! [video=youtube;-CCX8AmgSUg]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CCX8AmgSUg&hd=1
  11. Here is a link to the video: https://allnurses.com/nursing-news/douglas-kennedys-fight-679650.html
  12. watch the news video of two nurses and Douglas Kennedy's fight on hospital surveillance video, then post your responses of what you think? video: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/douglas-kennedy-fight-nurses-caught-tape-15799458 Picture of nurse on ground after incident: Related nursing discussion here: https://allnurses.com/nursing-news/rfk-s-son-678822.html
  13. Brian

    what was your first car?

    I love the color descriptions so far: I can't believe those color names never caught on :)
  14. Brian

    what was your first car?

    Spidey, Too funny, our stories are very similar, yellow car, $700. My rabbit died from a cracked block too. Then, my second car, was an old honda accord loaded with all kinds of features, that looked and drove nice, but it also died within 24 hours. It was like 20 below zero, on a freeway, engines started sputtering and smoking, I pulled over, and open the hood, oil was spraying everywhere! Needless to say, I was ripped off as well. That is the chance you take buying a used car as is. Lesson learned.
  15. Brian

    what was your first car?

    My first car was 1970ish VW Rabbit bright yellow. It was 1988, I was 18, saved my own money up, I paid $700 for it, I loved it. Boy, was I proud of it! I just came across a photo (below) of one that looked similar to mine, except min was much more rusty, I remember sanding the rust off the rims, and buying silver spray paint and painting the rims, I thought it looked pretty sweet when I was done with it Great memories! What was your first car? Share photos if you have them :)