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  1. Brian

    Thoughts on OSX Lion

    Yes, Apple's "Natural Scrolling" felt horribly unnatural. I love my 11 inch Mac Book Air as well, it is a little powerhouse, an amazing technological feat!
  2. Brian

    Thoughts on OSX Lion

    Nice article! I've installed Lion on several macs, upgraded the OS. I have not noticed any stability problems, but I have noticed a few very minor quirks that I found annoying. However, I am satisfied with the upgrade. My biggest complaint with the upgrade was Apple changing the default scroll wheel direction, and calling it Natural scrolling???? It's the farthest thing from natural to reverse the direction of a scroll wheel that we've been conditioned to use for 10+ years :) This is very easy setting to undo in the system preferences, see image below: Glad to hear you are loving the macbook air! I love mine too. My neighbor just bought one off my recommendation too.
  3. Brian

    Rude Facebook Post

    I like the way your grandma thinks! Smart woman! Great advice.
  4. Brian

    Guinness world record

    Ya, this had the odor of hoax and/or urban legend from the moment I saw it popping up all over the place. Unfortunately, people tend to spread things like this, because it sounds good and pseudo official. Meanwhile, you have thousands of people spreading a "feel good" statement that has no validity. Then other people see it all over the place and some people think "geez, this must be true" and either think it's true, and/or continue to spread it. Unfortunately, this is how a lot of "fake news" stories get spread around the blogosphere all the time. A sensationalized story that has lots of good sounding tidbits, with no legit accuracy, and it becomes widely spread by many other people/sites, and meanwhile, millions of people have already formed an opinion on a false premise (mis-informed). Many times, news stations will actually pick up one of these and run it as "news", to come to find out later it is nonsense. Just because millions of people are saying something doesn't make it correct :) IMO, this is one of the negatives of the internet, mass spreading of MIS-information is rampant. You got to always try and filter everything as suspect :)
  5. I'd love to hear what you all have to say! We want great schools, community, probably suburbs of a larger town with good access to airports and malls etc... I'd love to get all your feedback of the lovely places you recommend! Please feel fee to share any advice or opinions!
  6. Brian

    What's on Your Bucket List?

    Great conversation! However, since this is not specifically nursing related, I decided to move it from the General Nursing Forum to allnurses-Central - Family, Politics, and Entertainment our off topic discussion area. Carry on!
  7. Brian

    Posthumous conception. What do you think?

    Great discussion, I just posted this on our facebook page: allnurses.com | Facebook
  8. Brian

    Five year old dies at resort

    what a tragic loss for this family! My thoughts go out to the family. For such a huge and expensive of a resort, they definitely should have competent skilled medical staff trained in life support protocol. It sounds quite obvious that the nurse and doc were much higher qualified. Hopefully this resort learns from this, and not just look at damage control, pay out a settlement and figure its cheaper to manage rare lawsuits than it is to have adequately trained staff.
  9. got this by email, thought i'd share it can you guess what it is they are loading onto the aircraft? hint: the picture was taken in 1956... answer below... . . . . . . . . . . . it is a 5 mbhard disk drive for the ibm 305 ramac, the first ibm 'super' computer released in september 1956. this hdd weighed over a ton and stored an 'astonishing' (at the time) 5 mb of data. do you appreciate being able to reach into your pocket and pull out your 16 gb memory stick now - or perhaps even your 3gs iphone with 32 gb of memory?!?
  10. Just my 2 cent Interpretation :) So am I to assume that our President of 2 years is at fault for all these other countries not having a respect or a willingness to work with the US? These kinds of diplomacy and working together take years of effort and work to establish. I happen to believe that our past president caused an enormous amount of damage in our diplomatic standings around the globe. I also feel that this Chinese reporter was being arrogant and assuming Obama was unaware of his ethnicity when the question was directed toward Korean press. Trying to smear Obama at being culturally insensitive or unaware. Pretty cheesy and tasteless to me? It seems to be a mountain out of a mole hill to me. Unfortunately, I would agree, this kind of bashing will never end. Politics are ugly. Also, I don't believe that looking at the stats of the video, that it would be called viral it looks pretty gradual and flat to me and the view count of this particular video is not that huge. But again, that's just my Interpretation :)
  11. Brian

    Are YOU a closet Pen Addict?

    allnurses.com pens are now available for sale! allnurses.com - Work Stuff, Wearables, Edibles, Fun Stuff more Supplies are limited.
  12. Brian

    fun word exchange

    All of you people lurking and not posting.... Do me a fava, stop taking your thyme, and stop waffling. Go ahead and register for a sugar free account. We've Sierra mist you Register today: Registration - allnurses: A Nursing Community for Nurses Sorry for the cheesy plug
  13. Brian

    fun word exchange

    Some of my favorite tv shows: Olive Lucy and I Dream of Gin.
  14. Brian

    fun word exchange

    Some people believe in Cheeses of Nazareth but others are not into all that Hot Dogma
  15. Brian

    fun word exchange

    I think I should get egg-stra credit for that one, that was work! The number of funny replies have really ingreased since my last visit. :smokin:

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