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  1. brandy1017

    My boyfriend is being a jerk!!! Help!!!!

    Boyfriend already was a jerk when he cheated on you. Why are you still keeping him around. Take the others advice and dump him. I really wonder what women get out of these dead-end relationships? I see so many nurses that put up with losers who cheat, live off them, mistreat them and their children and for the life of me I don't get it. It especially irritates me when children are involved. They shouldn't be caught in the middle of a bad situation. It seems there are so many women so desparate not to be alone they will put up with anything to have someone and that is just sad and worse for the children.
  2. brandy1017

    Hillary Clinton regarding nursing

    His vulgar comments about women are legendary and lead to the bitter feud between him and Megyn Kelly! And all his speeches about supporting workers in America are belied by the way he cheated and ripped off the workers and small businesses doing work for his many Trump companies! I'm glad his illegal and dirty deeds are being made public. How many people are going to blindly vote for him because he is a star, rich, was on Celebrity Apprentice. He hasn't even put forth any real policies and the few times he speaks up for something he tends to waffle and change his mind depending on who his audience is! Heck I heard he even wanted to change his VP at the last minute! Not to mention he is the first Presidential candidate to refuse to release his taxes and now there are rumors of financial ties with Russia and possibly indebtedness to them! Then he asks the Russians to hack Hillary's emails! He isn't fit to be President!
  3. brandy1017

    Hillary Clinton regarding nursing

    Hopefully Hillary has changed her views on nurses. Counting on a President to support nurses is foolhardy, the govt pays for medicare and medicaid and want to cut costs and we are viewed as part of the costs. It will take unionization like the National Nurse United to support nurses and legislators at the state level seem to be more sympathetic to safe staffing ratios etc. I view the political process with a very jaundiced eye, and look at the upcoming Presidential race as the lesser of the two evils. I cannot stomach Trump, he is a national disgrace and a very dangerous character should he have his hands on the nuclear codes! While I'm not pro Hillary, I feel there is no contest that she is the most highly qualified candidate to be President who would have her husband' input who is on good terms with Republicans like the Bush's in their philanthropic pursuits. There is no contest Trump a joker who has no experience, no skills just a reality star egomaniac or Hillary Clinton who has a lifetime of political service both domestic and international! I fear for our country if Trump becomes President!
  4. brandy1017

    Recovery: A Journey, Not a Destination

    I'm glad you're ok and God and the angels were at your side and protected you when you did something so rash. I'm sure you felt tormented and were trying to find relief. You did the right thing to give your husband your meds for safekeeping to make sure you don't OD again. Forgive yourself and continue your journey and seek out the people and help you need to stay well!
  5. It is difficult to care for violent patients that hit, kick,bite and yell whenever you have to clean or touch them and spit their pills out if they can still even swallow. I think there is a place for palliative care and hospice in these circumstances, people can't live forever and I don't understand why we are so hell-bent on keeping people living with G-tubes, and suctioning when they are choking on their own saliva and bedsores and aspiration pneumonia. We were all meant for heaven eventually, but here in America nobody wants to accept that we are all going to die someday and instead try to keep people alive beyond reason or kindness. I don't think this type of life is a kindness, rather seems like torture to me! Seems futile and pointless in these situations.
  6. brandy1017

    The True Cost of Nursing School

    I don't really think she got involved with this man because you went back to school. Romance and love are common things on young girls minds and as a teen it is natural for them to become more independent and spend more time with friends and dating. You are dealing with young love which is not rational and by speaking out against her guy true or not, that has created distance and animosity. Hopefully in time your relationship with your daughter will become close again. Give it time, treat her and her guy with respect and friendship. Let her know you love and support her no matter what. It is unfortunate that she lost the scholarship because school is so ridiculously expensive, but being out in the work world is part of growing up and with time if she does go to school she will hopefully take it more seriously and choose a degree that leads to a decent paying job. Truth is technical education is quicker, cheaper and better choice to get a decent paid job than just getting your bachelors. She still has time to make her way and in time I expect she will become close to you and the rest of the family again. It might simply be a phase she is going thru. Also when children are raised in overly strict environment they tend to rebel. I have no idea if that is the case though and think this is just young love. Try not to take it personally and just keep in touch and be there no matter what happens with this relationship with her guy. I agree that it is natural and at times necessary for family members to work together for the common goal of keeping the household aloft. I don't think relying on her was wrong and she probably did grow up faster and become an adult thru this experience. I understand you don't agree with her living with this guy and I've read living together is not conducive to a happy faithful married life, but I think the majority of people live together these days. She is an adult and is making her own decisions. Remember the young man who got his dad's inheritance and squandered it and then came back home and his father greeted him with love, forgiveness and mercy. Perhaps that can be a role model for your relationship with her. We each need to find our own way and making some mistakes along the way is a given, but family should trump that!
  7. brandy1017

    nurses as hoarders

    Left to my own devices, I'm like Oscar Madison on the Odd Couple! But I listened to my friend's advice keep your front rooms presentable so I keep the main rooms neat and close the bedroom door! But it is a struggle because I don't like to clean, wish I could afford a housekeeper! I love to collect things, chandelier, crystal light fixture, tiffany stained glass light wisteria too die for, grandfather clock and clocks in general, pictures and plates on the wall. Never get tired of my decorations, they cheer me up! I know they claim vacations are better than things, but it's the souvenirs from my vacay that I love, skipped a vacation for a grandfather clock and still love it! Can always take a vacation. Since I bought my house I'm more content to just stay home and enjoy it and watch the flowers and garden and wildlife!
  8. brandy1017

    Halliburton Subsidiary Posions GIs now wants us to pay

    Right up there with AIG who spent lavishly on bonuses and parties after the govt bailed them out and now were threatening to sue us the govt over the terms of the bailout! Unbelievable how greedy these corporations can be!
  9. brandy1017

    Here's What's in the Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012

    I read that the mortgage deduction remains unchanged, also you can still deduct PMI for another year at least and they have given another year of tax forgiveness for those whose mortgage loan is forgiven either thru foreclosure, bankruptcy or short sale. Otherwise you'd have to pay taxes on the amount of the unpaid loan.
  10. brandy1017

    Words from a mother of mentally ill son

    Besides the issue of gun control when are we going to get real about the other issues that have made America into a killing ground for mass murders and serial killers. You start by taking God out of the schools and public places, can't have the 10 commandments even though one is thou shall not kill! Then you add violent video games to train young minds to enjoy killing for sport, great for military training and hand-eye coordination and blood thirst, but not good for the general public. Add to that all the violent, sadistic movies and TV programs that glamorize evil of killing and are you surprised we have so many problems with violence in America. Throw in the violent sadistic porn free on the computers and no wonder women are at risk of being raped and attacked and even killed by a serial killer or next door neighbor or guy at the bar! Well this is America and we have free speech, blah, blah, blah. So instead we can live in fear, buy guns, check out the sex offender website to see if a neighbor is on it, have swat teams etc. Never mind that many offenders have no criminal record because they have gotten away with their crimes for a variety of reasons, luck, threats or the women in their lives be it mother, girl friend, etc who don't want to get their guy in trouble! Wake up America! I'd rather have violent criminals in jail than walking the streets or committed to mental health hospitals. I don't feel sorry for violent offenders they deserve to be in jail. Would we have so many violent people if we kept God in our lives and the classroom, if we raised our children with the 10 commandments and morals, if we kept evil video games and TV/movie shows out of our houses and children's lives; I really don't think so! When I was young there was a bible church school in town that was very strict including no TV and I thought they were nuts, but now I think they were really on the right path! Ironic because TV shows were actually benign back them, look at what things have come to in America with shows like Criminal Minds, CSI, SVU, etc, etc and video games like grand theft auto where you kill police officers and prostitutes. I think that church was before its time!
  11. brandy1017

    Words from a mother of mentally ill son

    Ok Mental illness treatment is a problem in the US. But if the mother in CT hadn't had multiple guns in her home including one that constitutes an assault rifle he wouldn't have had easy access to these guns! Why did she have so many guns in her house? Why did she need an assault rifle? It is common knowledge that a person is likely to be injured by their own guns either thru an accident or a burglar overtaking them and using it against them. If you have a troubled child like she did I just don't think you should have guns in your house! As we see her guns were used against her and many innocent victims were killed! They may all very well still be alive today if she had not kept all these guns at her home! We need gun control and there is no reason assault rifles should be bought by anyone. We are reaching the point where we are going to need armed guards and police at every school and hospital etc because of all the gun fanatics in the US. The only positive thing about concealed carry is the hope that someone would have a gun on them when some crazy nut went somewhere and tried to attack people! An elementary school has no armed guards. Is this what we have come to!
  12. brandy1017

    Family Issues

    Are you for real! Your homesick so your answer is to leave your baby behind! What is wrong with this world!
  13. Maybe he doesn't want to leave because he doesn't want to be stuck paying child support! Sounds like a typical jerk that many nurses put up with rather than be alone. I don't understand it, I really don't! I know too many nurses that have settled for jerks who mooch off them, use them, disrespect them and worse the poor children trapped with these men their mom can't live without. No matter if he's abusive, drinking, drugs, other women, even a case of frequenting prostitutes and putting literally into bankruptcy but won't leave and can't live without the creep! But the poor children caught in this nightmare is what bothers me the most so I'm tired of hearing about this crap!
  14. brandy1017

    Ummm...Baby or a Career????

    You could do both. Many nursing student's have families and I know several who were pregnant and able to give birth and raise their babies while still pursuing a nursing education. I would choose having a child sooner than later as it is harder to get pregnant the longer you wait! Family trumps work and career and dying people invariably regret not spending more time with their family instead of work and career pursuits!

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