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Ruby Vee has 40 years experience and specializes in CCU, SICU, CVSICU.

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  1. Ruby Vee

    TraumaRUs's Rules for Air Travel

    On the other hand, my wheeled carry on, small purse and CPAP are two items. The CPAP is a medical device. It fits under the seat in front of me with my purse. FAA regulations allow me to carry my CPAP in addition to my wheeled bag and my purse. A few times, I've had gate agents try to tell me I wasn't allowed to take all three items of board with me, and I've had to pull out my copy of the regulations. At least one time it was because another passenger tried to bring too many items aboard and he was "trying to be consistent." Sorry, unless one of her items was a medical device, it's a different situation.
  2. Ruby Vee

    Has any female nurse had a crush on a male nurse?

    Would that be in the designated non-poop bathroom?
  3. Ruby Vee

    Has any female nurse had a crush on a male nurse?

    Yes, I read the title -- and I still think it belongs on the dating and relationships board. Your post comes across as very immature.
  4. Ruby Vee

    Fellow Nurse with a no moral compass

    That was last month!
  5. Ruby Vee

    Dating for nurses

    I met both my ex and my current husband at work -- fellow nurses. In between, I met a guy at the dog park. I was there early in the evening (after I woke up after working night shift) and my golden retriever kept stealing the balls he was throwing for his labs. We started talking, hit it off, and were together for four years. Night shift meant we weren't together every evening -- he was a lawyer and had pretty consistent hours. I actually think that helped the relationship last longer than it should have. It's possible to meet people and to date, even with our "flexible schedules." If you've already decided that you want a first responder, I don't know how to advise you. Maybe work in the ER and chat up every first responder who brings in a patient? Meeting people is difficult. I'm not going to minimize that. But I think you limit yourself unnecessarily when you decide ahead of time that you want to meet someone who does a specific job.
  6. Ruby Vee

    Fellow Nurse with a no moral compass

    I had a serious work-related back injury a dozen years ago, and every so often it flares up. I had spent several days on my BFF's farm helping her burn brush -- cutting up thicker trunks and hauling them to the fire, splitting firewood, etc. Work I wasn't used to. My back pain flared up and doing all of the usual things didn't help. So I decided to walk it off. Alice wanted to walk through the new Christmas lights display in her small town's park. After about five minutes, the pain was excruciating and, worse, I couldn't walk straight. Alice drove me to urgent care. They did an exam and X-rays and all the things they usually do in Urgent Care, and then the NP asked me what I wanted for pain. She listed several narcotics and waited for my answer. She was absolutely flabbergasted when I replied "Actually, I thought you'd give me a prescription for Physical Therapy." She recovered quickly and wrote me the script for PT, AND she wrote me for 20 Vicodin tablets and muscle relaxers. After I got dressed again and was walking out of the clinic, I heard a couple of employees saying as I passed, "There's the lady that asked for a PT prescription!" Later, Alice told me that there's a really big prescription drug problem in her area.
  7. Ruby Vee

    Fellow Nurse with a no moral compass

    Can't imagine why this person is your "best friend." If all of this is true. I think it's rather more likely that since most schools are on winter break, someone is left with nothing much to do.
  8. Ruby Vee

    Thoughts on Vegas And why Men Keep Doing This

    It seems that one thing the shooters have in common is disrespect of women. The Vegas shooter was known to berate his girlfriend publicly. The Texas shooter had a domestic violence conviction and had threatened his mother-in-law who was a member of the church he shot up. Many mass killings start with a domestic violence beef . . . he shows up at her best friend's house with a gun and a rage on because he KNOWS the best friend is hiding his wife from him. He's enraged about losing control of the wife who is divorcing him, so he shows up at the divorce hearing with a gun and kills her, wounds a couple of attorneys and commits suicide by cop. He's so sure his wife is cheating on him that he shows up at her office and kills a bunch of people, including her. Kid bludgeons his mother and sisters to death because his abusive father taught him how to treat women folk who disagree with you. A guy with a gun and really bad aim shows up in the work parking lot to kill his girlfriend "and that guy she's with" and ends up wounding several employees, including the girlfriend and her boss. A husband and father (a nurse) shoots his wife, three children and himself. Perhaps the rage junkie thread would be an important one to start.
  9. Ruby Vee

    Failure: Can It Be a Good Life Event?

    We are all the sum total of our choices. Our mistakes and failures help to shape who we are as much as do our successes. I would argue that the person who has led a charmed life and has never experienced an enormous failure -- and I know some people who haven't -- are not as resourceful and as resilient as those of us who have faced and overcome huge failures. A divorce, a serious illness or injury, a job loss, the loss of a child to death, estrangement or prison, the loss of a spouse or partner -- overcoming those losses and failures helps to teach us who we are and helps contributes to who we are as our future self. One would think that being wealthy would help to cushion the blow of a such a loss or failure, and I suppose, to the extent that one can pay for food, a new car or someone to do the work we cannot manage, it does. But wealthy people seem to be just as susceptible emotionally as the rest of us, and I'd argue that many are so frightened of losing their wealth and position that they don't believe they can function without it. Something about hitting bottom without a net is a wonderful teacher.
  10. Ruby Vee

    We're not English Majors, but...

    I want one!
  11. Ruby Vee

    We're not English Majors, but...

    Window licker? I don't know what it means, but it should have had a beverage alert! All that lovely french press I'm wiping off my screen!
  12. Ruby Vee

    We're not English Majors, but...

    I just love it when someone has made some flouncy point, and when you read it it's so garbled up you cannot comprehend what it SAYS. So it might have been a flouncy exit, Snowflake, but you blew it!
  13. In the late 70s in Wisconsin, I wanted to have a JC Penney's card. It was the only store in town, and they were offering great deals on kitchen stuff if you had a credit card, and I was newly married and needed kitchen stuff. I wasn't allowed to get the credit card without my husband's signature, even though I was supporting him. When I eventually divorced him, I had to have my father's signature to get a MasterCard.
  14. Ruby Vee

    Help! My Husband Snores Like A Category 5 Hurricane!

    Sleep study! Sleep apnea has serious consequences. Tell him he doesn't want to be a hemiplegic aphasic stroke victim. If you have to get one yourself in order to convince him to go, it's worth it!
  15. My guess is that in the past four years, the size of the diamond issue has become a moot point.