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  1. As many have pointed out there are things that people often say and do when faced with a terminal diagnosis in order to process such incredibly traumatizing information. For my part, I would stay completely out of it and talk to someone knowledgable on the subject about how to be a supportive friend through such a difficult and complicated ordeal.
  2. mazy

    Bad Mommy

    Anybody see this story in the news? How pathetic are these kids: http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/world/52469658-68/garrity-card-court-lawsuit.html.csp
  3. There is a small part of me that really wants to say "mwah, ha, ha, ha, those schools deserve it." But the reality is that if you are smart enough to go to school, you are smart enough to do your research and not just pick up a bunch of money and throw it at a degree because despite all the evidence to the contrary, you beleve that you are the one and only one person who definitely WILL find a job. We've been in a recession for years, lawyers have an even worse unemployment rate than many other professions, and a lot of people now are graduating from college, unable to find a job, and then deciding to go back to grad school or law school. Why, I don't know. Durr. People need to hold themselves accountable for their decisions. However stupid those decisions may be.
  4. mazy

    What do you think about life ?

    xtxrn, I love reading your posts and I'm glad you're here. There is a lot to say about your story, and I'm sure it will unfold the more time you spend here, but I think since you've been coming here the story your words have told is of someone who is empowered despite circumstance and not done in by them. Sometimes life deals us a bad hand, I was dealt a bad hand from day one, and it never really changed, and it is a struggle I know. I don't have a support system or a safey net and I know it can be exhausting to go through life trying to be resilient and strong in everything you do. And how lonely it can be. Even with other people it can be lonely, because it's just such an effort to be ok and in the moment, and it is so hard to stop thinking for just a minute about how much is at stake if I drop the ball. It's hard never being able to relax and breathe and let go. Well. That is my story at any rate. At this time. And that's what keeps me going, is the knowledge that it really is all about the moment I'm in and things can change for the better, and I can change too. I don't think I had any real ideas about how my life was going to turn out, to be honest I'm occasionally surprised that I'm still here, hanging in there. There have been good times and bad, and I've accomplished some amazing things and made some absolutely asinine decisions and done some incredibly stupid things too. I guess I just keep reminding myself that you only get one shot at this and that no matter what happens you have to make it count. So, I do my best to make it count. That pretty much sums it all up I guess.
  5. mazy

    Rude Facebook Post

    Tell him that you're offended and that nurses are highly trained professionals and not prostitutes. Or something a little more rational along those lines. Maybe he'll change his tune, maybe not. If he does, yay for you, if he doesn't, chalk it up to catching up with a friend from 30 years ago and finding out that he's a dope. He may have been a dope 30 years ago, but you were young and maybe not as attuned to that kind of thing back then. I wouldn't waste too much time worrying about it though, it's not as if a posting on Facebook obligates you to stay friends forever. I agree with Ashley, best to do it through a private message. And to remove his post from your wall.
  6. mazy

    Can a fat nurse be a good nurse?

    It sounds like your friend has some very serious emotional issues going on that might be driving her compulsive overeating, and being surrounded by judgemental people who are just "sick of her" probably isn't helping. If she is "begging you" for help, maybe you should think about the fact that the "help" she needs is something much more profound and complicated than simply pounding on her about her obesity and poor lifestyle choices. You really don't seem to have an understanding of the way your words, apparently intended to prove to us that you "don't care a fig" and are not judging, are just driving home the point that you have nothing but disdain for the struggles of people who are not you. You are very careless in your opinions. It's easy to blame the victim. As someone else pointed out, you sure have a lot to say on the subject for someone who doesn't care; in addition to which, several pages before you said you were going to have your "last word" and yet here you are again with more words. Which do nothing in your favor.
  7. mazy

    The TSA

    Meh. There are plenty of domestic terrorist organizations -- with political/religious/cultural agendas -- running amok in countries that are not the United States. We just don't hear about them -- unless something huge happens -- because those acts have no significance for us in this country. Mainly, people abroad just go about their lives with the day to day knowledge that someone out there could just start shooting at a certain political target, or blow up a building or try to derail a train and that is simply a reality of life. There is a strong police and military presence in those countries, in some countries it is very obvious, in others we never know but can assume that when we're out and about that there are many, many eyes watching. We keep analyzing and talking about terrorism as if it were something unique to this country. It's not. The terrrorist experiences we have in this country are of a certain type because this country is of a certain type. It's not the same for people in other countries. And again, here in the US we do not consider in our discussions what other people, who are not us, experience in their lives. Typical.
  8. mazy

    The TSA

    I'm starting to wonder if the poster meant this story to be a joke. If so, well done, well done. Please let it be so. Since this is a public forum and given the number of whack-a-doodles on google, I predict that within a couple of weeks the good folks at Snopes are going to have their hands full explaining the antics of those crazy kids over at AllNurses.
  9. mazy

    The TSA

    Seriously? This is a completely bizarre story and I would be interested to see where you got it.
  10. mazy

    Can a fat nurse be a good nurse?

    My brain went to a different place there.:) But then, I looked at all those pictures and re-read the title of this thread as "Can a fat horse beat a good nurse?":cool:
  11. mazy

    The TSA

    My question is how do you secure the security area? Because you've got a huge number of people standing around in line waiting to be groped or scanned, and anyone could just step into line like a regular passenger and blow the whole place up. I mean, think about traveling during the holidays. There are hundreds of people milling around waiting to get through security, how do you protect them from the person who waltzes in with a bomb and just blows the whole place up? You can actually do a whole lot more damage that way than by just getting on a plane. The set up we have now just doesn't really seem like a very effective way to deal with the problem. Although I have heard that they are planning to get more efficient, less invasive scanning machines since the ones they have now actually don't work well enough. Just a few million dollars down the toilet. No worries.
  12. mazy

    Are you getting older --lol

    I had someone looking at my driver's license picture -- which was taken a year ago -- and they said "wow, you look really young in this picture. How long ago was it taken?":eek: I wear bifocals but I have to take them off to read. People are proudly wearing "vintage" clothing that I wore (and hated) when I was a teen. People keep talking about how cool the '70s were and I remember sitting around with my friends back then talking about how it was the most boring and useless decade in the history of this country. Disco revival. Are they kidding with this?
  13. mazy

    Can a fat nurse be a good nurse?

    This reminds me of a segment I saw on Oprah in which she discussed the phenomenon that people who had had bariatric surgery were now reverting into alcoholism and drug use, where before those behaviors had never been a problem. I'll take Oprah with a grain of salt -- but she IS the poster child for disordered eating in this country, and she sure does have a lot of issues in her personal life. I also agree that we should not enable obesity, but what bothers me is to see people who cannot find a way to do that positive action without falling into the trap of simply dismissing the obese as nothing more than a drag on society who should be shamed into losing weight. I think leslie, that you are an example of someone who can love a person, see a problem and address that problem in a non-judgemental way, and so still find that balance between not accepting the behavior but accepting the person. We should all aspire to follow that example. I am not usually overweight but when I quit smoking two years ago I gained 15 pounds, and I am still struggling to lose that weight. So I guess I get a pat on the back for quitting smoking, and then a slap on the wrist for being overweight. But I can certainly see how difficult it is to lose weight. I quit smoking because I had reached a point of such self-loathing that I just couldn't go on anymore. The thing is, I can remove cigarrettes from my life, but as many have pointed out, it's pretty hard to get rid of the food. Also, I have always been very health conscious in my food choices and knowledgable about fat content, portion size, carbs and fiber and protein and calories and the like, but all that doesn't mean anything if I'm eating healthy but eating too much food. And I know that we have come along with a lot of research into obesity, it's causes and types and all, but the problem just gets worse and worse. We still don't even know how to solve anorexia or bulimia. I don't think we've even come close to finding a cause or a solution to this, and I'm starting to think that all this judgement against the obese is actually the biggest issue that is standing in the way of us finding a way to solve this problem.
  14. mazy

    Can a fat nurse be a good nurse?

    thank you for saying this and pointing out the crux of this ongoing, never-ending, nauseating discussion. at my job i usually park my med cart near the resident living area where the residents sit around watching tv. lately, i've been seeing more of a trend in shows dealing with issues of obesity, and the stories of people going through extraordinary lengths to lose weight or simply to come to terms with their weight. putting aside my cynicism about tv, i'm starting to think that there is a whole lot more to the obesity epidemic than people just eating too much. some posters have pointed out all the chemicals and environmental issues we're exposed to nowadays and i think that's worth talking about. i don't know how anyone can just be so judgemental of obesity -- as if it were a lifestyle choice. it seems to me that there is a whole lot more going on there that we need to explore and understand. i have yet to meet an obese person who wants to be that way. from the stigma, to the physical challenges, to the psychological toll, to the medical complications, being obese is not fun for anyone, it is a painful, difficult, and complicated way to live. i'm relieved to see that the majority of the posters here are not buying into this latest judgement-palooza. i wish that people could just stop coming here and starting threads on this as if it were the most groundbreaking, radical concept ever. take a look around this site. we have been here, done that. many, many times.
  15. mazy

    My concience is beating me up....

    Absolutely false. A doctor operating that way puts his/her own license on the line. They prescribe what needs to be prescribed, if a nurse messes with that, the nurse is 100% responsible. What they may do is underdose initially with the understanding that the nurse will report back on the results so that the dose can either be adjusted or another med ordered. I don't know where you're working if it is considered acceptable behavior for nurses to just randomly adjust dr's orders. The appropriate, expected, and absolutely normal action of the nurse is to assess how the med is working, and inform the dr. of whether the dose needs to be changed. The nurse is the dr's eyes and ears, that is how this works. This situation could have been addressed perfectly fine with the nurse contacting the dr. and reporting that the med isn't working and asking for either an increased dose or a different med. A simple phone call would have done the trick.

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