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  1. cactus wren

    Sammy Sosa and the Case of the Corked Bat

    The authorities have tested over 90 of his bats, and they are all clean. his explanation was that it was a bat he uses during pregame warmup, to give the fans a thrill...sounds like a pure mess up by whomever hands the guys the bats...
  2. cactus wren

    Regular Staff CANCELLED for PRN...grrrrr

    If the PRN nurse was agency, they could of guarranteed her hours. As I only work rural hospitals, that`s what my agency does. If you are going to drive 3 or 4 hours to an assisnment, it is a pain when once there ,you get called off. And at the last place I was staff, that was the ONLY way they could get angency to drive up here. And why I now go back there every so often, they don`t have to guarrentee my hours, as I am 5 minutes away.
  3. cactus wren

    Words of wisdom from Maya Angelou

    Maya Angelou is truly one of the angels who reside on earth.... Thanks for the quote
  4. cactus wren

    "Going" in public?

    Funny cartoon !! Another "country" person here. My boys peed outside frequently as children...we lived in the pines. nearest neighbor was 1/2 mile away. One time we were going camping/fishing, had my 3(1 girl, 2 boys) my 3 nephews, my friend wirh her 4.(2 each). Hubby thought the kids deserved a treat...bought them all a soda. (All the kids believed that sodas were a grownup drink....hehehe....) And off we drove, and drove, and drove.....about 2 hours later on a very bumpy dirt road..all 10 kids had to go,bad. Hubby pulls over, had been on this trail almost 1/2 hour, and had seen no other cars. Out piled the kids..3 girls, 7 little boys( oldest kid in this pack was 6...) And as they started going standing at the edge of road, what should appear ,but a convoy of Army trucks, headed out for manuvers..The honks and cheers ensued. The kids just continued on, but mommies, and auntie slunk down in our seats.....:D Moral: no matter where you go, listen for traffic first....:D
  5. cactus wren

    Profiling the Problem Patient - Name JUST ONE Characteristic

    Patients,who deny any pain, who appeared to be sleeping peacefully all night, stable vs, stable rhythm, and as soon as doc walks in the room states" I couldn`t sleep a wink because of this crushing chest pain I had ALL night, and the nurse didn`t do a thing....Sorry, I flunked Mind Reading 101.
  6. cactus wren

    yet another product of addiction

    I`m a mountain stream....funny for a desert dweller...my streams have no water 98 % of the time...call them washes...:D
  7. cactus wren

    Something serious to think about

    Well, I`ve carefully read all the posts on this serious thread.....Now I have a headache.....I`m just too durn old to think that much anymore....only have so many brain cells, and I have to save a few for the next code....or vent...or calculating a drip.... So, I`ll bow out of this serious conversation...
  8. cactus wren

    Woot!!!!Come see my new baby!!!

    Woot !1 Woot !! That is one pretty baby !!!!
  9. cactus wren

    What ONE INGREDIENT is a must-have for your food?

    Hatch green chilis, and garlic especially roasted...yum,yum.
  10. cactus wren

    Wish Me Luck!

    Good luck !! Enjoy the work involved !!
  11. cactus wren

    Away from work, what do you do?

    Well, I used to crochet,knit, and cross stitch. And paint,oils and water colors. My garden is a work in progress( and I get lots of compliments on it ). All before my beloved grandkids convinced me I HAD to get a puter ! Then somehow I found this place, and ALL my hobbies have been on a downhill slide since then......:D And for the first time in my life, I actually have books in the house that I haven`t read ? Some days I don`t even read the paper until I`ve gone through all the new stuff here.....Am I pathetic or what ? Oh, well, as I keep saying...."but it`s a GOOD addiction..."
  12. cactus wren

    Right lower quadrant pain delimma

    My feeling is...better the devil you know, than the one you don`t......just go get it checked out Minor rant........ What`s up with all these smart nurses ignoring S & S that could be something seriious.....??? Been a rash of them on here layely... of course ,I`d NEVER do something like that..... :rolleyes:
  13. cactus wren

    older men, oh man....

    Well, I also think that George Clooney is a hottie, but all that does is make me look like a dirty old lady......:D
  14. cactus wren

    Guiseppe and Joey

    Me four.... Wonder if they got out of Dodge,...er...Albquerque.......Where was it they were thinking of going to ? Rochester or something ,wasn`t it ? Hope all is well. And they better check in, or else we may have to put out an AllNurse Bullitin on them...
  15. cactus wren

    Kids and driving.

    That`s one of the many perks of living in the Boonies, isn`t it, Rusty ? My kids all started driving on back roads at 11 or so. They have all grown up to be good,careful drivers. When the youngest 2 were learning, we lived in a very rural place, had an ancient VW bug, they drove it all over, the local Deputy would wave as he passed them going the other way. Actually my boys started learning how to drive their Dads " Big rig" very young, too. They are now all owner.operators,so guess that worked well, too. Now before amyone has a fit.....they learned on logging roads....way off highway....:D