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  1. Aussienurse2

    1honorarynurse aka babyfacejoey died today.

    You gave him the best part of his life. He knew that he was wanted and loved. What more can a person need? His last days were filled with love, what better way to leave this earth. My heart is aching for you, but death is just a beginning my dear, never an ending. His days are no longer painful, he can run, he can fly, with wings made of love. :kiss Kate.
  2. Aussienurse2

    Okay, what I'm wondering is.......

    Soo he gets ten years in minimum security....and the children,who did not ask or want for this to happen get what? sympathy?
  3. Aussienurse2

    For those asking about Heather (Totally not offensive)

    I've been away for a wee while ( go the understatement!) But have tried to go to the other sitre and it's now closed. Could some one in the know pm me with some contact details? Please? Otherwise they'll all think I'm dead in a ditch somewhere!

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