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  1. Aussienurse2

    1honorarynurse aka babyfacejoey died today.

    You gave him the best part of his life. He knew that he was wanted and loved. What more can a person need? His last days were filled with love, what better way to leave this earth. My heart is aching for you, but death is just a beginning my dear, never an ending. His days are no longer painful, he can run, he can fly, with wings made of love. :kiss Kate.
  2. Aussienurse2

    what? this isn't alllightbulbs.com?

    Oh, that is soooo funny! And sooooo true! LOL! Ummm Should I be insulted, or in the light of the stalking thread...scared? Or is Ted just unbelivably attractive?
  3. Aussienurse2

    Okay, what I'm wondering is.......

    Soo he gets ten years in minimum security....and the children,who did not ask or want for this to happen get what? sympathy?
  4. Aussienurse2

    what? this isn't alllightbulbs.com?

    You make a prettier girl than I do Tedly!
  5. Aussienurse2

    For those asking about Heather (Totally not offensive)

    I've been away for a wee while ( go the understatement!) But have tried to go to the other sitre and it's now closed. Could some one in the know pm me with some contact details? Please? Otherwise they'll all think I'm dead in a ditch somewhere!
  6. Aussienurse2

    What kind of gifts do you like to receive?

    I like flowers and plants that flower. Buy me flowers and you will have a friend for life!:D Hate practical things though.
  7. Aussienurse2

    Who's your friend at Allnurses?

    "fordchick258" at msn. I had friends here but they're all leaving....I'm sooo aalloooonnee.
  8. Aussienurse2

    Favorite place to get ice cream

    "The Great Icecreamery" at Hervey Bay. Across the road from the beach, sitting under an umbrella, watching the southerners getting sunburnt!
  9. Aussienurse2

    My family is driving me insane!!

    LOL! How much to put the phone on at Mums? It would be sooo nice not to have a phone...no calls at 0545 asking you to come in at 0600, no calls on your days off,holidays. Sigh, but then no internet.....Hmmm...will have to think a little longer on that one.
  10. Aussienurse2

    For those interested....

    Yay!! I love to move, it's such a good chance to throw stuff out and start again. Good luck and best wishes for your move.
  11. Aussienurse2

    breakfast break garden gate 2003

    I love to garden! Tomatos need a ten degree( in C) drop in temperature to set fruit. If youre going to plant basil be vigilent about the snails, I think they must be able to smell it at 200 meters! Here are some links to my fav.sites. abc.net.au/gardening burkesbackyard.com.au O.K. so thet're not coming up as links, sorry, not so good at computers! :D
  12. Aussienurse2

    How Would You Feel? Red Cross issue

    LOL!! Doesn't surprize me. The local lifeline was asking for voluteers to man their help line as they were running out. I rang to help and they said " Great, now you have to give us four hundred dollars to do the course and them garrenty that you will give us one eight hour day per week. Don't worry we will give you a roster!" Um yep I'm gonna pay to do a course that lets me volunteer at an organization once a week at their lesure. No wonder they can't get anyone!:p
  13. Aussienurse2

    Is Democracy POSSIBLE in the Middle-East??

    Do you think that the anger exists because poorer countries are the countries that are suffering while they are making the products that makes living in the west so easy? I mean they're making say, sneakers for two cents an hour to be sold in the west for what, a hundred dollars? I think we need to take a closer look at the effects of globalisation on poor countreis before we tell them they should be gratefull for it. I makes our lives easier because it supposedly keeps our costs down ( it doesn't, it just means larger profit margins for the large corporations) If I was in that position I would be pretty angry too. I think that what Helen is saying is right, different states run by state politicians overseen by a non-aligned head government. The problem then will be who gets the biggest or the best parts of the country. True freedom does not exist because true freedom would be anarchy. What we have in the west is freedom within structure which is a good thing. The Iraqies have had thirty years of having a very defined and structured lifestyle. They have been denied basic rights to living. After so long of living in a box how will they react to the lid being opened? The west took years of poking its head out of the box to take a look around before finally throwing off the lid, Iraq has not had this time.They will have to cope with being free socially and globaly. They will have to compete in the global market without experiance. I think this is why the USSR is having so many problems now as is Germany after the Berlin wall has come down.
  14. Aussienurse2

    Is Democracy POSSIBLE in the Middle-East??

    O.K. so this is what I'm thinking..... No it's not...hang on, have to go and sleep on it. I just don't think that I have the right or the obligation to tell someone how to live. I also don't think that freedom is real. Will go have a think and come back, you have a very different point of view to me because we start off in different places. Don't want to offend, just explain how I feel about this whole thing. Not that it's all that important I guess...
  15. Aussienurse2

    What other degrees/diplomas/certificates do you have?

    B. Soc. Enrolled nurse Endorsed ( to give meds) Venupuncture cert. Currently doing CSSD cert. Thinking about RN but not convinced it's going to be worth the grey hair!:D