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  1. TigerGalLE

    What book are you reading or have read lately?

    I have to agree Water for Elephants was an excellent read. I'm currently reading The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks... I wouldn't exactly call it a page turner but it is okay.
  2. TigerGalLE

    Nurse Athletes: How do you find time to work-out?

    So today I was brave and went to my very first aerobics class at my gym. I really enjoyed it. Everyone was very motivating. The instructor said I better be at the next class that my schedule allows.. She is giving me some accountability, which I desperately need. So.. yay! Now if I can just keep it up!!! Tiger
  3. TigerGalLE

    Nurse Athletes: How do you find time to work-out?

    So glad I found this thread.... My motto for the past year has been... "the diet starts tomorrow." So everyday I'm saying that.. and you guessed it.. I'm getting no where. The sad part is that I have a gym membership and I never go! I haven't been all summer. I could list my excuses if you like.. it is too hot, I'm too tired, I don't have time... but all of them are crap. Lies... just a reason to sit at home on my butt and do nothing. I'm not overweight by any means. I'm 5'4 and what I would call small boned. I've gained 10 pounds in the last 2 years. So I'm sure you guys are like please that is nothing. But to me, it is. My clothes don't fit, I have 0 muscle tone, and I do not feel sexy at all. So... starting today... I'm going to the gym. I'm going to get back into a workout routine. Working 3-4 12 hour shifts makes it really hard. But there is no reason why I can't exercise on my days off. I have to do it... for my heart, for my health, and for my self esteem.... Tiger
  4. TigerGalLE

    Tonight's Boston Med

    So did anyone watch last night?? I thought last night's episode was soo good. I loved that the pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon was so honest. I guess he didn't really have a choice but he seemed very humble and the child's parents were so forgiving. How tough that must be. Also I want to give a big shout out to all those PICU/NICU nurses... It must be so hard!!
  5. TigerGalLE

    Tonight's Boston Med

    Bummer.. I really have enjoyed watching this show. So glad they showed the code last night.... THAT America is what compressions really look like!!
  6. TigerGalLE

    Kung Fu Bear - Is this for real?

    Looks real to me... Pretty talented bear.
  7. TigerGalLE

    What does your username mean?

    TigergalLE Tiger= I'm a huge Clemson Tiger fan Gal= I'm a girl LE= my initials
  8. TigerGalLE

    "Mercy" Cancelled

    Good! Mercy was terrible. I also hated HawthoRNe. But, Nurse Jackie, I like. Yea she makes nurses look bad with the whole drug addiction thing. But she is a good nurse and when she makes a mistake it shows the consequences. I also love the new nurse "Zoe."
  9. TigerGalLE

    Just rented "Nurse Jackie"

    Wow, some people are just RUDE. Didn't your momma teach you any manners? :uhoh3: Thank you Intern for your thread. And thank you Jen for the link. I will now go watch some episodes so I can come back and complain about how nurses are portrayed as well!! :yeah:
  10. TigerGalLE

    My Grandparents are falling apart and it is breaking my heart.

    So just an update. I went to NYC for a mini vacation last weekend. Well apparently my grandmother became ill again on Friday. Ran a high fever, was weak, had dark urine. Saturday she collapsed in her home and my granddad found her on the floor in her bedroom. Did they call EMS? NO!! They called my uncle who came and helped her off the floor. Luckily she was not injured. They spoke with her PCP who called her in antibiotics. No one even bothered to tell me about this because they didn't want to ruin my vacation. I was so angry. She needed to go to the ER. Especially with her history of urosepsis. Well she went to her PCP's office Monday to have her INR drawn. She was still very weak and asked to be seen by the MD. The "nurses" there told her she didn't need to be seen. Told her to go buy some cranberry juice and she'd be fine. I wasn't updated on anything until Monday evening, after the office was closed. I begged my grandmother to go back to the office Tuesday to be checked out. She said she already asked for a Tuesday appointment and they told her they were booked all week. :mad: Luckily by Tuesday evening she was feeling better, no more fevers, urine was clearing up. Seems like the antibiotics have helped. My mother is going down there this weekend to check on them and see her face to face. Now my granddad.... he is having a hip replacement on May 17th. He went Wednesday to have his preop work up... turns out HE also has a UTI. I asked him why he thinks he has one and he said he guesses he caught it from grandmama. :uhoh3: Turns out after questioning him he has text book symptoms of BPH. He is probably retaining urine. He promised me he would call his PCP today about it. But who knows, it'll probably be a month before they can see him. I was able to get someone to work for me on May 17th and 18th so I can go down to GA and be with them during his surgery. Please keep us in your prayers. Tiger
  11. TigerGalLE

    somtimes i hate being a mom.

    Leslie, I've been thinking about you and your daughter. I hope all goes well with the GI doc. I hope she is able to get a new appointment in a reasonable time frame. Hugs sent from S.C. Tiger
  12. So this thread is mainly just me reaching out to people who have hopefully been through this. Most people experience losing loved ones at some point in their life so I know I am not alone. What makes it so hard for me with it being my grandparents is that I've had to watch them slowly deteriorate over the years. A little background. My grandmother is a retired college professor. She taught English 101 and Mythology. She is 79 years old and just retired 4 years ago. Continuing to teach was killing her physically but I think retiring is killing her as well. My grandmother has a terrible back and has had multiple back surgeries in her younger years, all which were unsuccessful relieving her pain. However she refuses to take anything as far as pain relievers go. She has become quite debilitated over the years. We finally talked her in to getting a rolling walker which has helped her posture tremendously. She goes to the local YMCA twice a week to "exercise." I'm not sure how much exercise she is actually doing.... probably more socializing.. which is fine! Anything to make her happy. My grandmother also was a HUGE fan (I mean HUGE) fan of Tiger Woods. I'm talking... taping all of his interviews, cutting out newspaper article about him... She has pretty much followed his entire career since he was a teenager. When his infidelity secrets came forward my grandmother coincidentally went into a deep depression, became dehydrated, developed acute renal failure, a UTI, and eventually became septic and had to be hospitalized for 2 1/2 weeks. She has recovered but it almost killed her. She swears it wasn't related to Tiger Woods, but now that he is golfing again her spirits have increased tremendously. She says she has forgiven him and hopes the rest of the world can too. Now my grandfather, who has been taking care of my grandmother the past month has finally worn himself down to the ground. He has quite a medically history himself. Mild COPD, Type 2 DM, Neuropathy... He has a very arthritic hip that he has been suffering with for probably 3 years. He has finally decided to get a hip replacement. This will be scheduled in 3 weeks. I'm terrified for him to have this hip replacement. He is a strong man but I am honestly terrified of losing him. He is 80 years old and I know there will come a day when he will no longer be with us. However, I truly do not think my grandmother could live without him. She has never paid a bill or done anything financially for herself. Another problem is that they live 3 hours away from me and my mother. They will hear nothing of coming to live here. All of their friends and their church is there. Their life is there. We can't take that from them. My uncle does live about 30 minutes away. He is helpful to an extent, but he is not able to anticipate their needs the way my mother and I do. My mother goes down to see them just about every other weekend. She cleans and runs errands for them. She has plans to go down when my grandfather has his surgery. As of right now, I cannot go. It will be my 1st week off of orientation at my new job in the ICU. And I'm scheduled to work a shift that week at my other job... You know, I haven't worked there in 2 months until that week... Go figure. Guys, I'm so sorry you had to listen to all of this. I'm just really stressed and exhausted. We just got over dealing with my grandmother's almost near death experience and now my grandfather is going into the hospital for his hip replacement. I thank you for reading and taking your time to hear about my problems. My husband doesn't really understand how I feel about this. Nothing seems to stress him out. Prayers please Your internet friend, Tiger
  13. TigerGalLE


    Hahahahaha.... serves her right! Thanks for the laugh!!!!!!! Tiger
  14. TigerGalLE

    On way to work last nite something happened

    Wow what a scary situation. I think taking her to the police station was the way to go. Way to be in the right place at the right time... This really could have been a disaster waiting to happen!!
  15. TigerGalLE

    Binge eating during sleep

    I believe this is very true. My brother who gained almost 60lbs in 1 year told me he would wake up in the middle of the night starving, then proceed to eat a whole box of cookies or some other sweet treat. He would do this every night. So he wasn't asleep per say, but his addiction to food completely controlled his life. My brother is a recovering addict (gambling, alcohol, lortabs, marijuana). When he had his child he stopped doing the above and his addiction just transferred over to food. His daughter is now 3 years old and he has realized he has to get healthy. He has now lost 60lb in 6 months by jogging 3 miles a day. He also remains drug free. I am so proud of him!