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  1. FranEMTnurse

    Valentine's Day - How Do You Celebrate?

    Personally, I haven't celebrated Valentines Day since I was a child. Nobody in our family did anything for Valentines Day. I think it's nice for people to show love to one another every day and to give compliments to others and to encourage one another every day. Just IMHO. Enjoy your day everyone.
  2. FranEMTnurse

    Happy Valentine's Day Thursday February 14 2019

    Good morning, Joe, I'm sorry you are experiencing so much negativity. Hopefully you will find a much more interesting and better paying job in your search. Tweety, glad you enjoyed the concert you attended. Enjoy your day off. Lil Nel, The sun is shining here for the first time since last Sunday. The recent storm hit the North East hard. Schools in the area where I live were for two days in a row, so I am thankful for the beautiful sunshine and the slightly warmer temperature. Enjoy your day everyone.
  3. FranEMTnurse

    How about a Game of Questions?

    NSIME, Do you see TMB's reply?
  4. FranEMTnurse

    First word that comes to mind.....

  5. FranEMTnurse

    Monday January 28 2019

    Hi everyone, I've been having problems with remembering passwords since most of the sites require new settings to get into them, and my brain doesn't allow me to have the same type of memory I once had due to the shrinkage.
  6. FranEMTnurse

    How about a Game of Questions?

    How would I know?
  7. FranEMTnurse

    First word that comes to mind.....

  8. FranEMTnurse

    Wednesday January 23, 2018

    Happy Wednesday afternoon, everyone. It's so good to be back in action. And Joe, sirI, Nurse Mary, and everyone else who helped put this new site together, I can now honestly say; "I love it." Thank you so very much for all the work you all did to make both sites so nice to look at and so easy to navigate.
  9. FranEMTnurse

    First word that comes to mind.....

  10. FranEMTnurse

    Hello Everyone!!

    Hello Joe, It's so good to be back among you all.
  11. FranEMTnurse

    First word that comes to mind.....

  12. FranEMTnurse

    First word that comes to mind.....

  13. I was picked on (it's now called "bullied") from 5th grade on, but I graduated anyway, and was the only one in all five of us siblings that did. It was a very proud day for me then.
  14. FranEMTnurse

    Misc. Whatnot (cont'd from Why's everyones user name not real one?)

    My user name relates to my former career.
  15. FranEMTnurse

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    I listened to the New Christmas version of Hallelujah, sung byCaleb & Kelsey Grimm a couple days ago. It impacted me so much that I messaged them on their website and told them it is now my favorite Christmas song.