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  1. sunnygirl272

    **An Open Apology**

    kudos to michelle and susy..
  2. sunnygirl272

    School bullies

    i went through this as a 7th grader in Middle school...was the victim of a bus-bully..big tough broad nicknamed Trooper. she was in 8th grade, shoulda been in 9th or 10th....she'd make fun of me, push me, call me names, not let anyone move over for me to wit w/ them , so i had to stand..( i was one of the last stops to get picked up)...finally my mom started getting up early to drive me...once i got to high school i started bussing again. it was awful , i already had selfesteem issues, that only exacerbated and compounded them.
  3. sunnygirl272

    School bullies

    http://radio.cbc.ca/programs/thismorning/sites/health/bullies_001214/bullies_001214.html http://cgi.citizen-times.com/cgi-bin/story/news/28914 http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2002/11/23/1037697936773.html http://www.canadianparents.com/articles/feature06h.htm http://www.ccmckids.org/VPP/vppbullies.htm that should getcha started.
  4. sunnygirl272

    Funny names for body parts

    isn't it that little dimplerisge between nose and upper lip?
  5. sunnygirl272

    New Puppy!!!!!!!!!!

    oh,,,she got the pup through petfinder...the pup's pic was taken down, since it's adopted now...
  6. sunnygirl272

    New Puppy!!!!!!!!!!

    so cuuuute...
  7. sunnygirl272

    Everyone please read

    hardknox...my inquiry was directed at the op, not you....:)
  8. sunnygirl272

    Everyone please read

    why is this in war/terrorism?
  9. sunnygirl272

    hypodermic needles attached to bottom of gaspump handles...

  10. sunnygirl272

    yet another product of addiction

    mountain stream...BTW,,,gotta whiz....inside...
  11. sunnygirl272

    "Going" in public?

    annnnnddd... "i don't swin in your toilet...please don't pi$$ in my pool."
  12. sunnygirl272

    Remedy for a headache

    that's ok...:kiss i was too lazy to post the suggestions from the other thread, so i just posted the link...
  13. sunnygirl272

    Woot!!!!Come see my new baby!!!

    yup...that car is a total magnet!!!
  14. sunnygirl272

    "Going" in public?

    One Sunday, the mom of Jay's youngest had come to pick him up. I heard that familiar sound, turned around and he was whizzing from the steps into the back yard. I firmly informed him that we do not do that here, esp. when there is a working bathroom inside. Jay backed me up, but Crackchild and her new husband let him pi$$ outside all the time..(no, she's not really a crackhead, just acts it sometimes...) I informed her they can let him do it if they want, but he is NOT to do that while at our home. will add: when we are out and about, when the pottypanic sets in, we have been known to pull over if in the country and let him piddle on the roadside.
  15. sunnygirl272

    Remedy for a headache

    Check this thread out...