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  1. adrienurse

    Check these houses out!

    I've seen that orange sphere treehouse in magazines before. I want to live in a treehouse!
  2. once more::: Very glad I live in Canada. Oh and very glad I've waited to buy a house and will continue to wait until the real estate bubble bursts in Canada as well.
  3. adrienurse

    facebook is habit forming.

  4. adrienurse

    facebook is habit forming.

    a social network website. People join and then form webs through people they know, or knew and it can be used to discuss topics. It's amazing to see how everyone is interconnected. There are groups like "I grew up in such and such a town" and people join them if it applies to them. Mostly used by teenie boppers but there are quite a few people of a lot of ages.
  5. adrienurse

    100 ways to fix Ramen

    cook them in a frying pan with only a bit of water and then fry them so they're crunchy. add asian sauce
  6. adrienurse

    July 1st is....

    Woooooooooooooo! I spent the day in a narcotic haze but I heard it was fun. :)
  7. adrienurse

    Saint Petersburg Pride 2006

    I'm jealous. Wish I was there.
  8. adrienurse

    facebook is habit forming.

    I was introduced to facebook by my fiance recently. Big mistake. And I thought this site was a good way to kill time. The upside is I'm findinp people I haven't seen for 15 years. The downside is I'm finding teenagers that I knew as infants 15 years ago. Ouch I feel old.
  9. adrienurse

    crazy nuts nursing in Kandahar

    Look at this picture I found on the net. Striking. Nurses on staff at this military hospital must be armed at all times. And I think my job is hazardous to my health......
  10. adrienurse

    removing gel nails

    Yuck. I had no idea this was gonna be a permanent thing. I was just messing around. I soaked them today in nailpolish remover and after a lot of trouble got the stuff off. My poor little nails are very weak and flimsy. I've had to put on 2 coats of nailpolish just to keep them from tearing (ouch) and cut them as short as they go. Lesson learned. My hands were completely useless while I had them on, don't know how people can stand them.
  11. adrienurse

    removing gel nails

    So I've been on vacation and on a whim (read because I could) I got a manicure and gel nails put on. Trouble is now I return to reality and need to get the nasty things off. Any tips on how to do it without wrecking the natural nails underneath?
  12. adrienurse

    Commericals that you love, Commericials that you hate...

    I hate the Viagra ones with the 2 people talking in made-up words to eachother.
  13. another top 3 for me: Life as a house (with Keven Klein) The LOTR 3 The English Patient (even better when supplemented with the novel or vice-versa)
  14. adrienurse

    Commericals that you love, Commericials that you hate...

    I hate the stupid Pepto Bismol commercials where the people are holding their symptomatic parts. I mean who do those appeal to? Gross
  15. chocolat 10 things I hate about you I saw a really good documentary yesterday on Leonard Cohen, it was great.