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  1. adrienurse

    Good Saturday Morning Oct. 2

    pour vous ma chere
  2. adrienurse

    Good Saturday Morning Oct. 2

    Hi all :) It's ccccccold here. Icy wind like you wouldn't believe. They were reporting a chance of snow yesterday but luckily it never happened. I got out my coat and a sweater from my storage closet yesterday, and actually turned on the heat. Brrr. Spent the evening snuggling with Marc under one of his military kit blankets. Watched Mean Girls which was pretty funny. Had to leave to go home too early cause he had to work this am. He's a techie and does tech support for the local phone company/internet provider. Made chicken stock yesterday which will today become homeade soup. Will be returning to work prolly next week, but haven't worked out the details. Will be nice to be on the earning end of things again............ :uhoh3:
  3. adrienurse


    Got home from road trip today. News from home last night that my grandmother passed away (the one who wasn't on vacation with me). So we drove home from Fargo ND early this am. Funeral is Monday. She was been faling for a long time. We knew that she wouldn't last long after my grandfather passed away last January. She has been in multi-organ failure for much longer than a person is supposed to live with multi-organ failure. Sheer will has kept her alive. IDDM for years and we find her with open cans of pineapples when we drop in...or a bag of marshmallows. Was in such severe CHF that apparently had to have her clothing cut off at the hospital. This is not a nice woman. She and I have never been close. We lived in the same town and the woman couldn't even tell me from my sisters and never bothered to get to know anything about me. Good thing the other g-ma was a polar opposite. .....anyway this is my father's mother though and the man has lost both parents in one year. Very sad for him. It's him that is taking it bad, just my job to be there. He needs a lot of support. He's a Reverend and has actually decided to co-preside over the funeral again....which took a LOT out of him the last time......but this is what he wants. Anyway, I'm home. Kitties have thankfully not done anything foolish (like run away) while I was gone. Thanks for listening.
  4. adrienurse

    Good Monday Morning Sept. 27th!

    Hi Tweets, glad you're high and dry. :wavey: to everyone else. Good morning. Right now I'm having my 2nd cup of coffee. Then I'm going to finish packing, do some errands (sp?) and head to my Mom's place. And then it's ROAD TRIP! Me, my mom and 79 year old grandma tearing up the highway in my Honda! Yee haww! :rotfl: Recluctant to leave my Marc. That boy is so sweet and so nice to snuggle with. It's been 3 months we've been seeing each other and I'm still in lalalalala land. I had him to dinner at my sister's place and he met my Grandmother the matriarch. Passed inspection too! Here I am doing the good girl thing and bringing home a nice french-canadian boy like I'm supposed to, :rolleyes: imagine. I may just become respectable. I impressed his family too with my ability to parlez-vous. His mom is an NICU nurse. I'm gonna enjoy this week cause I'm prolly going back to work the next. Nuts, but beats having no cash. I took a transfer from the dementia program and will have to worry about getting extra hours -- but that just may be fun (read-- will motivate me to get off my butt and apply to less toxic places and more opportunity). Woo! I have a lot to say this morning! :rotfl: Later
  5. adrienurse

    Good Morning Thursday 9.24.04

    hee hee it is "down south" when you live in the frozen north :p
  6. adrienurse

    Good Morning Thursday 9.24.04

    Silly question, But isn't it the 23rd? Hee hee I ask cause it's my birthday (!) and I wouldn't want that bypassed (sorry for you, no birthday this year!!). Happy happy happy!!! Joy joy joy!!!! celebrating birthday with a little road trip down south towards Minneapolis. Canadian dollar is very good this week (for a change).
  7. adrienurse

    Good Morning--Sunday Sept 19th

    A wee bit twitterpated here this morning. Woke up next to BF :) :) :) the cats are in a snit cause I slept in THEIR spot last night. Too bad, momma has needs. :) This morning had an RCAF officer in uniform in my living room. How sexy is that? Not as much as seeing him iron his uniform in my dining room....... Oh I can't be helped....... 4 days till the big 2-8 Picking up grandma at the airprt tomorrow. Should be a great visit.
  8. adrienurse

    Good Friday Morning 9/17/04

    All are welcome and encouraged to post to this thread, even if you've never posted before, just jump right in and tell us how you're doing today! Okay technically it's still the 16th here but indulge me people. 6 days till I reach the big 2-8 Day 28 of my stress leave. I don't wanna go back to work!!!! Wahh Week two of WW, I've lost 1.4lbs. I've been hitting the pool doing deep water aquacising. It's tougher than it sounds. BF is having a model train show this weekend. He's really really into model trains. Big ones too. That was last weekend. I spent the day with my mom on Thurs, walking round town, eating healthy food and then going to costco. Today the province of Manitoba (where I live) legalized same sex marriages. Yay progress! There was a big bad thunderstorm today and some hail, hopefully no dammage to my vehicle. How's life for you?
  9. adrienurse

    The Gods Must Be Crazy

    well tweety darling and all the other allnurses darlings on the southeast coast please keep us posted on how you're doing!
  10. adrienurse

    GOOD MORNING!!! Thursday, Sept 9

    Day 18 of stress leave. Didn't sleep much last night. Partially because I was out till 1am Karaokeing (is that a word) with the boyfriend, and partially because I just got woken up to one of my cats making a rukus and then peeing on the floor. The 2 of us had a long discussion about what motivated her to do THAT, but so far I'm not accepting any of her excuses. I'm supposed to be spending the day with my mom and want to cancel, but my Dad appears to be on the internet and I can't get through. Dad! Get off the computer so I can go back to bed! I'm joining weight watchers. It's time. I could easily lose 100 lbs says my doctor. Maybe could get me off these blood pressure meds. Been going to parks and doing a lot of walking. Really helps to clear my head. I find I seem to actually have an excess of energy now that I am not working and thus not expending energy perpetuating a lot of stupidity. I haven't collapsed in a semi-comatose state in almost 3 weeks! Have a good day all.
  11. adrienurse

    Shampoos from the 80's!!!

    I used to use Agree with protein. I also used to use some generic stuff that smelled like almonds or apple -- actually smelled good. Hey remember when there was no such thing as conditioner?? My how society has evolved. Cream Rinse?
  12. adrienurse

    Two Minute Meal You Could Eat Every Night

    they sell these vegetarian curry meals in ethnic stores (Ashoka brand). They come in foil packages. You pour them onto rice, zap for 2 min voila. Spicy, healthy and delish. Since my health hasn't been great lately, I've been taking home a lot of frozen cottage-cheese containers full of left-overs when I visit my parents. Umm nothing like Mom's cooking. Healthy too cause that's the only kind of stuff she cooks.
  13. adrienurse

    dear abby....

    I mean it's not like he doesn't have some good things going for him (wink wink nudge nudge). :coollook: Yes Tweety et al., he does have cats -- three. They seem to be well loved and attended to, but I was on the couch in his living room an man, I can deal with a little cat pee, but that could strip wallpaper. I'm not a neatnick, trust me. I have my own housekeeping challenges. But um this reminded me a before-fab-five type situation.
  14. adrienurse

    dear abby....

    so I met this guy and I really like him and feel great around him. The only problem is he lives in a house with a bunch of guys (believe me you can tell) and his house smells like cat pee. Really bad like cat pee. Is this a deal breaker?
  15. adrienurse

    Favorite Summertime Song

    Fishin' In The Dark by te Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Classic.