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    Nurses show your personality, what kind of car do you drive?

    96 Nissan sentra - I'm Just a poor student! I plan to have some kind of Nissan for the rest of my life, though. I'm pretty abusive and neglectful to my car and it just won't die.
  2. lol...at least she didn't tell the kids there was a shooter in the school and make them all cry and hide under their desks thinking they were going to die....where do they find some of these teachers???
  3. Soup Turtle

    Pics of Baby Boy OR I finally got the jump drive back!

    "Babies are a good way to start people." It's always good to see babies!!!
  4. Soup Turtle

    Gross things people do in public

    The line to the bathroom never seems too long when you're not the one who REALLY has to go. I've never gone on a vehicle, but....well, anyway... I went to eat at a buffet the other day (gross in itself!) and this woman scraped butter off a buffet butter knife with her finger, LICKED IT, and then scraped it with her finger, again. Then, she stuck it back in the butter. GROSS!!!!!
  5. Pan's Labyrinth Edward Scissorhands Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  6. Soup Turtle

    Help me choose a new vacuum

    You will love your Dyson!!! I broke down and bought one (Animal) a few years ago. I'm rough with it, but it still works just as well as it did the day I got it. It was well worth the $500 even though I thought it was NUTS to spend $500 on a stupid vacuum. :spin:
  7. Soup Turtle

    Hey cat lovers - need your help!

    My first comment, loooong ago, was to ditch the guy! I have to say, though, that my husband did not care for cats in the early days. He did NOT want them on our bed and my cat, Hesa, always hissed, growled and ran away from him. Of course, as soon as Hesa was sure the husband was sound asleep, he would jump right up on the bed and sleep with us! (and my husband never knew, haha) As Hesa got older and started to go downhill, he actually started sleeping on my husband's pillow. I think it was easier on Hesa because I'm a light sleeper and my husband sleeps like a rock. When Hesa finally had to be euthanized, my husband was actually very sad and wanted another cat. We ended up getting a litter of three, one day old, orphaned kittens and he bottle fed them until they could eat on their own. I'm not saying you're man's going to be in to raising orphaned kittens, but he may soften up a LITTLE bit if you're lucky like I am.
  8. Soup Turtle

    Hey cat lovers - need your help!

    I don't think evidence will make any difference to this man. You picked the wrong man if having a cat is important to you. At 13, she may not have too much time left. Then again, she could live to be 22! You've got to decide what's more important to you. A 13 year old cat will be very hard to find a home for and would have a VERY difficult time being thrown outside for the first time.
  9. Soup Turtle

    For pet Lovers

  10. Soup Turtle

    Are you ready to be drafted?

    Am I ready? Nope!
  11. Soup Turtle

    Is he flirting with me?

    ...sounds like it to me.
  12. Soup Turtle

    Imus: "I said a bad thing"

    I had never heard of this guy and now he's all over the news. I'm guessing that was his goal and it looks like he achieved it.
  13. Soup Turtle

    Let's talk about school based Sex Education

    I'm for sex ed in school, but I think it should be about physical health and not morals. I was a pretty "street smart" kid, but I had plenty of friends who were sheltered. The sheltered, religious girls are the first ones to get taken advantage of because they don't know anything but what their parents think they need to know. It's really sad.
  14. Soup Turtle

    Dont know what to do?

    My husband is not emotionally abusive or controlling, but I had an ex who was. The sad thing was it felt so quiet and lonely when I walked away because I was used to his constant manipulation, paranoia and control. It sounds like you alredy know what to do and just need to find the strength to do it. I wish you well.
  15. Soup Turtle

    Cats...and AN.com

    :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :wavey:
  16. Soup Turtle

    Cats...and AN.com

    Pepper is a lucky kitty! Many of those cats don't make it in until they've ruptured or died. :(
  17. Soup Turtle

    Cats...and AN.com

    :kiss Thanks for the compliments. I love my cats and I love taking pictures...and they are the only willing subjects...and they really aren't that willing.:uhoh3:
  18. Soup Turtle

    Cats...and AN.com

    Here is another one of Poe and the "victim" Birdie. These were foster kitties that I couldn't give up when the time came, so now I have 6 cats!
  19. Soup Turtle

    Cats...and AN.com

    Why do they look so darn cute when they cuddle?:paw:
  20. Soup Turtle

    Cats...and AN.com

    Here is one of mine, Poe Go :saint:
  21. Soup Turtle

    Hospice helped dying man lose his virginity

    I was stale, too. :roll
  22. Soup Turtle

    Hospice helped dying man lose his virginity

    How about Christmas cake... stale after the 25th. I heard that one years ago and it's really stuck with me.:uhoh3:
  23. Soup Turtle

    Muslim cab drivers and passengers with alcohol

    To clarify, my point was the taxi drivers wouldn't have ANY business!
  24. Soup Turtle

    Muslim cab drivers and passengers with alcohol

    If the cabs were marked somehow letting travelers know the rule, I think it would be OK. Of course, I'm hoping the drinkers will opt not to take the "no drinking" cabs when they DON'T have alcohol with them.
  25. Soup Turtle

    Muslim cab drivers and passengers with alcohol

    Ummm...I got linked to an article about sex offenders.:uhoh3:

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