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  1. d'cm

    What does everyone think of this?

    If you read the article the bill is only just being introduced. I doubt it would have the desired effect of decreasing drug abuse. Hospitals still need to treat anybody who shows up in the ER and abusers know it. The law would be a politically rational (as opposed to ethically) way to justify cutting Medicaid expenses.
  2. d'cm

    2012 end of the world thoughts?

    Just another excuse to PARTY! .hey,.. don't Bogart that thing dude.
  3. I work in a Medicaid HMO and we have thousands of members like this lady - and worse. Rapidly increasing Medicaid costs are the primary reason so many of the states are in serious financial problems forcing layoffs of police, teachers and other government funded workers. Arizona's answer was to deny organ transplants to children but the obese diabetic drug addict with self induced heart failure and chronic renal failure who gets admitted 10 times a year is paid for. It sure doesn't seem right. But rationing MEDICALLY NECESSARY and proven effective treatment is not the answer. This country can easily afford paying for treating all of its ill people regardless of why and how. What we can't afford is over treating, over testing, and medically unnecessary admissions. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is good start and it would behoove nurses to get behind this law and support it. It helps people and it helps our profession

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