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    Tuesday January 21, 2020

    No Stars, you might want to re-think "disappearing" those cards. They keep Nannie occupied, at least for awhile! Ted, what a situation to be in, for your Shift Director. First and foremost, she needs to take care of herself. I know, easy for me to say. I'm sure she and family are considering all alternatives. Work went OK, then I had my teeth cleaning appointment. X-rays, photos, the works. Home now to partake of leftovers and watch a Father Brown episode. More later. Hugs to all!
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    Monday January 20 2020 MLK Day

    SOMEONE should somehow market these mahogany earthworms!!! !
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    Monday January 20 2020 MLK Day

    Hello all! Good to hear from you! Hope the non-sleepers soon get sleep. I have stopped fretting about if I sleep or not. If I don't, at least I have rested and I hope I will sleep the next night. If I have, good. We played and participated in Friday night's Hymn Sing, which was very enjoyable. Saturday and Sunday nothing was planned and we stayed home and I read. That's all. I was quite the lump on a log. Today I have done household chores and read in-between them. The cats are always happy when we are home. Tonight we are meeting oldest ds for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. We talked with youngest today, it was nice to hear from him. We will see him and DIL in mid-March; they are doing well. Have a good MLK day. It's always good to contemplate changes that have happened through the years. More can be done.
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    Icebreaker #2

    This year's vacations (as did last year's!) all revolve around bluegrass music. Next week we will drive up to Bakersfield for a long weekend to attend The Great 48 Bluegrass Festival, held at a local hotel. Top floor suites are hosted by various bluegrass associations, who sponsor bands and jams (and snacks!) and workshops. Different other of the six or so floors will allow jamming. Some floors are Quiet After 10pm, others are jamming 24/7! You could end up with a jam outside your door at 2 or 3 in the morning, as the spirit moves ppl! It's a good opportunity to jam and visit with bluegrass ppl from Northern and Central California (they will take the train down or drive down), and also our friends from Las Vegas and other areas. Very fun! In March we will be going on a short cruise from Long Beach to Catalina, Ensenada, and Day at Sea. This is probably the 10th time we've been on this cruise, hosted by bluegrass associations and bands. We bring our instruments and when we're not sightseeing, we jam where we can find a spot. It's nice to be on board when jamming, and we enjoy meeting other bluegrassers and other cruisers (and did I mention 24/7 food??). We will leave on a Sunday and return Thurs morning. June we will hop in the (little) RV and drive up to Northern California, for the annual Father's Day Bluegrass Festival, held in Grass Valley, at the pine-filled fairgrounds. This festival is probably the longest-running bluegrass festival in California history. Dh recalls attending it some 46 years ago! They always have good bands, good workshops, luthiers on site, and good jamming. We will be gone two weeks, taking a leisurely drive up and back, stopping at Mammoth Lakes along the way home, to camp and enjoy that area. August is our Summergrass month: the Summergrass Bluegrass Festival, held in Vista at the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum (near Oceanside, CA). It is always a fun trip, the grounds are fascinating, bands good, food good, jamming good! And it's only an hour and a half drive from home! In 2020 I would like to reduce our debt, preparing for retirement (dh retired almost two years ago). But there are places to go, things to see, things to do...
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    Hello All Icebreaker

    Nice to meet you! I have been a nurse almost 45 years (graduated 1975), working ICU and float at first, then Cath Lab, then Radiology/Cath Lab 21 years and most recently Cardiology: Cath Lab, Stress Lab, Case Management. Hope to see more of you!
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    Sunday January 5, 2020

    Good morning all! herring, I love the music histories you post! Any stories... Our friend C, a pastor and a musician, is very knowledgeable about music history, much as you are. He always has some story or tidbit to throw in the mix! He is fun to play music with. Tweety, good you did your beach outing, even if it was 50 degrees! The beach is still beautiful! Joe, nice of you to give your niece your time, and the adults time to talk. I'm sure it was appreciated on all levels. J22, hope your knee is stable. Dh and I dressed dapper and went to walk around Disneyland yesterday late afternoon. Wanted to see the lights/decorations one more time, and to re-up our passes. It was a beautiful day, and was pretty crowded but we enjoyed just walking (11,000+ steps), and people-watching, and listening to music! We ate dinner at a buffet at a restaurant in the Grand Californian Hotel, and afterwards wandered through their huge lobby. It is decorated Art Deco and Craftsman-inspired PLUS at Christmas they make and display a huge gingerbread house -- lights and all! AND sell hot drinks (cocoa, hot cider, coffee, etc) and Christmas confections. Last year we discovered the gingerbread men, and ARE THEY GOOD!!! We bought a dozen to take home! Got to see the light show on the castle, twice! And rode the train around the park to see the lights on It's A Small World and ride through the Primordial Forest and Grand Canyon dioramas. One disappointing thing happened. With the crowds, everyone is intent on having a good time, and overwhelmingly are patient having to stand in lines and endure other ppl -- we are all there for the same thing! Well, while in line waiting for the train to arrive, a man walked around those sitting on benches (in line) to make his way to the front of the line. He bypassed ppl who had been sitting there before WE arrived. Dh spoke to him as he passed us, asking him about it. "Well, I'm in line," he said, and continued on his way. His family followed. It was very rude, and sad to see. Disneyland is not the place for conflicts but in thinking on this (dh and I have talked, and really, nothing done would have helped the situation -- which is the man's attitude!) -- when we were let through the gate for boarding, I should have hollered for everyone to let him on first, he is VERY important!! Well, that would not have helped him, I'm afraid. And I would have come off as rude! Best to let it go. Dh got a chance for a long chat with J, his friend who plays bass in the Royal Street Bachelors. Oh my they did talk! We were stopped by the Storm Troopers in Galaxy's Edge, who were looking for "a wookie. But if we don't find him, you'll do!" (dh and his long white beard and his top hat!!) So, next time we go all the landscaping will be changed, and the Christmas lights and decorations will be gone. They are up for almost two months, and come down after 1/7. One of our favorite banjo players will be back then. Banjo doesn't go with Dickens-type arrangements, so he is kind of on hiatus until after Christmas. Then we can catch him and the Strawhatters playing on Main Street. We got home around 11pm. Hope you have a good day today!
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    The Break Room Collective Novella

    Please add to the oozing and bubbling cauldron of creation below. Take us where we have never been before (within the Terms of Service, of course)! Sep 15 by Horseshoe "It was a hot and sultry night as I approached the nursing station for my shift. Though the temperature was oppressively high as I signed in at the computer, I felt a chill at the dark and moody atmosphere oozing from every pore of the unit. This did not bode well..." Sep 15 by Hygiene Queen Suddenly,a tortured cry shook my foundations. It crumbled me to the core. It shattered my shimmies. I ran, though I ran blindly, not seeing but hearing, feeling, the anguish which I knew I must quell. All my senses, but my eyesight,beckoned me to go. Rounding the corner, I could finally see what had called me. My eyes had opened like a defiant flower in Spring. It was a man. A very handsome man... who had entrusted his life to me... and he was in pain. My heart melted,but I knew I must be strong. Somebody had to save him. I readily accepted the challenge..." Sep 15 by amoLucia "But to what expense all my other great needy ones would feel the bane of my neglect. Oh, the choice is tearing me apart! Deep gut wrenching sobbing escapes my lips. Salty tears cascade down my otherwise pale, but flushed cheeks. My bosom heaves as I race to be by his side. Onward I fight my way to my beleaguered patient. I look away from all the others waving desperately as they vie for my attentions already so precariously stretched to their overburdened limits. No matter to meeting their seemingly petty needs. HE needs me. HE is my calling. For HIM I will forego all others ..." Sept 16 by amoLucia "Tormented, I think, how do I assuage his pain. Oh, how I long to hold him in my aching arms until my longing dissipates. But my sense of duty and propriety gnaws at my anguished core. Where are my limits? Do I abandon my ethics to broach that imaginary boundary crossing over into that dark netherland of guilty bonding closeness. Ever so silently like a church mouse, I approach his bedside. His respirations slowly rise and fall. Lying there on crumpled sheets like a discarded tissue, I see him. All my deepest instincts well up in me. Multi tubing lines fall into a swarming huddle as I struggle to untwine them. My fingertips singe as I touch his pillow. Gently and softly, ever so softly ... But alas, ever so faint and remote school time memories of my mentors come flooding back to me. Like marble monuments to times long gone they stand to observe my every move. I float awash, like flotsam caught in a river of whitewater. Admonished, I hear the others nearby. They too have their own wants of me. Down my unit's long darkened hallway, I behold a view of call lights like a swarm of fireflies on a hot, humid summer night flickering. The incessant roar of monitor beeps and pump alarms play an unsynchronized chorus to me. Their hunger, thirst, wakefulness, hot and cold all beg my attention. So much needed. And so to them I turn, slowly, and with mixed regrets ..." Sep 21 by amoLucia "Reluctantly I start down that shrouded hallway. Dim moonlight peers through some windows only to emphasize the isolation and loneliness felt by others in this deserted place. Is there anyone who visits these lonely ones? Does anyone love them? Did they love anyone? I approach the first room to my left. I gaze upon the bed's occupant. Her withered, gnarly hands tightly clutch the rails that almost seem to imprison her within her bed. I think to myself "did she ever feel the emotions I do at this time?". Did she ever love someone deeply, but deeper still, did anyone love HER as deeply as I love HIM? She smiles ever so faintly as I come close. "I know all about it, dear. I understand him now. Yes, you should". I look at her, startled and bewildered. Am I such an easy read? Does she know the torment I am facing? "Stay with me til my love comes home to me", she pleads. With a muffled gasp I leave her. By sheer force I stop to check the ancient mariner across mid-hall. Angry words, hurtful words hiss out of his mouth. The anger just bubbles from him, much like the bubbling air machine that provides the precious air which he uses to spew such awfulness. NO family remembers him. No long-lost children or grandchildren ever visit. No prayers will ever be offered when the time comes for him to cross over into that Great Abyss. His eyes squint to focus on me, but they are unseeing. "Why did you let this happen to me", he bellows as spittle drips. "Fix me", he demands. Immense waves of impotency flood my senses. I can do very little do meet his demand, but I feel some twinge of guilt that I must. Darkness and quiet becomes overwhelming. I so desperately want to retreat to my sheltered safe place, my safe harbor. . Oct 1 by amoLucia "I stumble out of his room to continue my rounds only to hear some faint cry of "I'm hungry", "is it breakfast time?", "is that the breakfast bell"? Tracing those sounds down the far end on the darkened hall I hear those distant calls again. Echoing in the silence, I hear them, and then I remember. 'Once a nurse, always a nurse' as I was once scolded. A member of the class of 1913, revered and respected by the many who followed in her footsteps. Her voice, clear as a bell, could still bark out orders. A military career in the day when women nurses first served their country, she demanded and rightfully earned distinction. Posture straight as an arrow, she commanded attention. An honored and beloved professor emeritus in her late career, she was now calling out in her mind's mixed jumble of realities and memories. What stories she told us naïve students of duty shifts long past. But now revisiting some distant time and place none of us could travel with her. How lonely for her and others like her. A cup of ginger tea gently relaxed time and chased the shadows for the moment. Such a small effort. And soon all was quiet again. With overwhelming trepidation I face the return back the hall. I still need to face my fear .. my passion ... Oct 5 by amoLucia "I turn pushing my steps out to the finally quiet corridor. Suddenly a new voice is calling aloud. I recognize that voice and I stop in my steps. Suddenly the urge to flee is all but overwhelming. The stairs to the back hall, rarely used, beckon to me. I could slip out; no one would be the wiser. I would be able to avoid all the conflict that tears at me. I pass thru those portals, ready to bound down those cob-webbed steps, but I stop in the foyer. Abandonment. That's what it would be. The coward's way out. I AM braver than that. Or am I! I have to face him. I HAVE TO. He has to know. I owe that to him. But I also owe it to myself. Ever so quietly, I tiptoe his room. He gazes upon me as he whispers my name. Almost like half a secret, half a prayer. I start to involuntarily respond; my eyes finely pierce the darkness, my breath catches in short rapid gasps, my heart rate flutters away bounding in my ears. I feel my adrenaline surge. Fight or flight! How I wish I had fled down those stairwell steps! But I am here now. Our fingertips touch ever so lightly. A wisp of my tresses falls to my shoulders and he brushes it away. Just the briefest feather of touches. I back away. 'Not now, not ever'. There are the others'. There. I finally uttered those terrible words. Our pasts come jumbling out to catch up to our presents, like thunder and lightening from distant malevolent storms. Previous loves, previous avocations, promises made long ago. I can't back away far enough. Demons long thought buried are alive as ever. And ever present. 'But I will wait', he husks. That awful roar is starting to muffle. A sense of calm begins to appear. A cool breeze blows through the corridor. Refreshing. Renewing. Affirming. Just like his wistful smile." Oct 21 by amoLucia I struggled to wait. Six years of 'waiting' Six years. "Time DOES NOT fly. I suffered an excruciating, abruptly painful, agonizingly slow 6 year journey. Like a prison sentence. I hesitated until I believed all was well, believing that he would wait as he said he would all those years long past. But he followed a mistress too intriguing, too powerful and so demanding that I was no competition' albeit my pitiful efforts. I tried to follow. My travels took me afar, to many a foreign locale. To the many women with children and old men, I was "doctora" or "enferma". I saw humanity at it worst, but also at its best. People needing my skills, the application of all I knew as an art & science was of little import when it could do little for myself. But just the knowledge that HE was somewhere near made it all worthwhile and bearable. I could face the solitude. Or so I thought. Until that one night, ... Oct 29 by No Stars In My Eyes Having accepted an assignment to a tiny group of islands that were nearly swallowed by the vastness of the ocean which loomed as a living presence all around us, I thought to lose myself in the difficult work of saving lives in primitive conditions with outdated supplies.The islands were so isolated, but the need, that oh so critical need was what lured me to them. Hoping to forget my past, hoping to forget... everything! I took to wandering at night when I could not sleep. My soul echoed in the restless heaving of ocean waves as they endlessly crashed on the lonely, empty shores. Empty, like me, longing for more than the insistent thundering of the tides. Those restless tides cried out again and again, with no peace, no respite, like my heart continued to beat with the longing still alive inside me, clutching at my heart, refusing to be banished. As I walked with a listless and bereft gait, tears ran down my face as if by their own accord. So often were they on my cheeks, I barely noticed them anymore. I had no need for a handkerchief as the ocean breezes dried my tears as they fell. My thin cotton dress teased around my body, the hem lifting and falling, at the mercy of the ever changing winds. Something intruded on my reverie, all these years the sole companion of my physical being. Suddenly I noticed an unusual sight: a faint light coming from a small bungalow in the distance. I began to walk a little more quickly. When I arrived at the doorway that was ajar, I slowed and stood listening. There was barely any sound except the waves now coming to my ears from a distance. Yet, I sensed another being within that shack. Curiosity overtook me, so I eased my slender, lithe body through the door, my chest quivering nervously with the effort of breathing quietly, so as not to be discovered. As I crept into the shabby treatment bay, I saw a tall shadowy figure standing with it's back toward me, concentrating on what was on the table below, where a flashlight with a fading battery was set on end. It's puny light pointing upwards cast a faint halo around the figure.I gasped with a shock of unbelieving recognition. The adrenaline shot through me. Could it be...? The figure turned at the sound of my breath of shock. As it turned, I knew the rapid beating of my heart was amplified in the silent room. So filled with emotion I could barely whisper, I panted out just one word...."YOU!" Oct 30 by NoStars In My Eyes The man took the flashlight from the table and shone it's weak light upon my face, then down my trembling body, before coming back to my face. The sound of the deep, warm voice I feared I would never hear again made my knees buckle. I had been hanging tightly, my knuckles white with the strain, on to the back of a chair. I sat suddenly , and then the words he had spoken penetrated, confusing me. It wasn't the first words I'd been expecting or hoping him to say. "Do you have electricity in this place?" I sat in silence, but my mind was racing. Didn't he recognize me? Had I changed so much during the six years we'd been apart? In the dim light, my hungry eyes traveled his face. I remembered that strong square chin, the aqualine nose that gave him such a noble profile, his dark, thickly-lashed grey eyes, those neatly set ears, the curly, tousled hair that dipped forward over his brow. And those broad shoulders that always made me catch my breath, those strong, well-muscled arms I longed to have hold me in his embrace. He spoke again, with soft kindness in his tone. "Do you speak English?" I could say nothing. I didn't know where to start. I thought of our first meeting, his pain, the long dark hallways at the hospital, where I could hear him say my name over all the ambient sounds of a hospital ward at night, the connection we'd felt. He cleared his throat, "English?" I flushed with embarrassment and stuttered out haltingly, "The, um, the gen-generators are t-turned off at nine. O'clock, that is. We, uh, have to conserve the fuel that runs them." I couldn't think clearly. I was stunned by his presence. What was he doing here? WHY was he here? He nodded solemnly. "I see." he said, and as he spoke those two words, the flashlight battery died and we were plunged into darkness. He chuckled softly and at the sound, my insides melted as if I had just swallowed a shot of whiskey. "I suppose I should introduce myself properly," he said, "My name is Peter Richards Quillingsly, but my friends call me 'Quill'. You may call me that as well, for I feel we are going to become good friends." "Quillingsly?" I thought with a shock, "But no, your name is Richard Peters Quillingsly!" I thought I wasn't hearing him correctly. I still could not find any words. As he asked me, "And you are....? Your name, please?", my heart sunk with despair. He didn't know me. Although I was sure it was HIM. I knew it was not him. What was going on here? Finally finding my voice, I said "Richard Peters Quillingsly?" and he laughed again, this time with some bitterness. "No, I am Peter Richards Quillingsly. Richard is my twin brother." My mouth dropped open, I blinked rapidly. I was glad it was dark and he could not see my expression. I'm sure I was gaping like a fish unable to breath the air. My hands began to shake and I managed to ask him what bungalow he was going to be staying in. He mentioned the name of the little cottage right next to mine. Oh my Lord! I told him I'd show him the way to his quarters, and as I moved past him to lead the way, he took my hand in his large warm hand. My heart leaped. He said."I'm afraid I can't see my way very well in the dark; lead the way." We stepped out into the light ocean breeze, the sound of waves now murmuring in the distance. He spoke again, "Oh, yes, I think I'm really going to like it here." I had to smile.
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    January 2, 2020

    Hello amoLucia! Good to hear of your progress with the rotator cuff issue, and all the other issues (labs, etc). Do you have a lot of pain with the parotiditis? (it sounds painful!) Agree: may the New Year bring better days and improved health!!
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    January 2, 2020

    Ted, thank you for sharing your mom's history. What a special lady she was! And you and Amy are special for being such a large part of her life and for honoring her wishes. How nice to have the Hawaii trip memories of you all! herring, ouch! How did the derm appointment go? I hope you get some itch relief AND a cure for the source of the itching! Tweety, around the holidays it DOES seem as if I have lots of time off!! I took more days off this year, pressed to do so by my boss, who likes things fair (he noticed I don't request time off during the holidays, and insisted I take some off this year! Well doing so left me pretty short for the trips we have planned in the first half of the year!!! Ah well. I will hopefully be retired by March or April next year, so won't have to apply for time off!). No Stars, what is a group of vultures called? A flock? Ah, looked it up! It's called a committee, venue, or volt. Group of vultures in flight is called a kettle, and when feeding together at a carcass: a WAKE! Oh my, the things we learn in the break room! Hope you all have a good afternoon/evening!
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    Wednesday December 25, 2019

    herring, those collard greens sound yummy! I would prefer them without the pork. I hope "everyone" liked them! No Stars, good the decorations are still intact, as is Nannie's body, for all her wanderings. Are there any facilities nearby for dementia/wanderers? Ted and Tweety, hope your shifts go/went smoothly. I drove over to the theatre for the 1030 showing of Little Women. Oops. Guess I read the wrong day's schedule. First showing is at 1145. Drove home, trimmed the front bushes (watching the ever-darkening clouds continue to roll in). Then got in the car and drove back to the theatre. Got the next-to-the-last seat in the theatre! Second row. And it's one of these theatres that we used to take the kids to, that did a recent makeover to all recliners with trays, and servers that will bring you snacks or popcorn or whatever! I ordered avocado toast and popcorn and a soda. Splurge for me! Oh, and the movie! The movie was beautiful! One of my favorite books when I was growing up! I have seen all the other movies made of Little Women, through the years. I have not teared up over any like I did this one. I dunno if it was just me, but it was just so well done, and touching, and -- well, beautifully done! I will have to get it when it comes out on DVD! As soon as it was done, I drove home, picked up dh, and we took pies to a friend's house, and stayed for a chat, before leaving to pick up ds and go for an early dinner at El Torito. Had a nice meal and chat with ds! We dropped him off afterwards, and am now home. I have a few chores to do tonight, to prepare for work in the morning. Our schedule is greatly reduced for the holiday week, unless we get add-ons from the MDs, for in-house patients. We'll see. I hope you all had a nice Christmas. It rained off and on, and the temperature is dropping. It will drop to 47 tonight, with rain forecast all day tomorrow, and heavy snow in the mountains. Should be beautiful (she said, who loves to look at the snow-covered mountains from the warmth of her little cozy abode in the valley below). Hugs to all
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    Monday December 23 2019

    Hello to you all! Tweety, remember to take your wallet when you go grocery shopping. I, too, am glad you are going to your cousin's on Christmas Eve. I think you will not regret it. Oh my, No Stars, hope you can get Nannie to take her meds and that she mellows out! I don't think I've ever had potato latkes but BC, have seen photos of them and they look delicious! Fried potatoes and salt? What's not to like?? I would go for french fries over cake any day, so I think I would like them! Good you enjoyed your Hanukah get-together! herring, it has been raining here too. Not big storms, but a steady gentle rain. Ted, I enjoyed the newest version of Santa Claus is Comin' to Town! You and Amy are so talented!! I hope your music goes smoothly (I know folks will enjoy it), and that work is not too too busy. I woke up at 1am this morning and didn't get back to sleep till after 3 am. Yes, I am a little tired now. Worked but it wasn't bad, the schedule was greatly reduced. As was staffing. Tomorrow will be even slower, and supposedly we get off at noon. I left work an hour early and picked up dh, who had ordered pies from our friends at the apple ranch. We drove up to pick them up. It was raining and 37 degrees and as we drove up the mountain we got into the clouds. It was really pretty. They will likely get snow tonight (I hope!). Tomorrow night we can track Santa with NORAD!! yay!! I know there are lots of pre-Christmas things to do on their website but I usually tune in only on Christmas Eve, to see where Santa is. Have a good evening!
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    Sunday December 22, 2019

    Good morning all! We are to get rain today and for the next 4-5 days, but I haven't seen it yet. My widget says two in the morning it will start, we'll see.o We did our final music program Friday night! It was very low-key, and just dh and I but it was a nice group at a mobile home park, in their community room. They provided hot cider or cocoa, and cookies afterwards. Then yesterday we did spur-of-the-minute music at the Big Church's Sabbath School, that was fun. It was good to see everyone. We had a quiet afternoon (I napped!). Today I need to finish some shopping for work folks. Tweety, I saw the calzone photo--- that was a MONSTER calzone, the biggest I have ever seen! Good to see George getting out (and still smiling)! My advice? re-accept. Will be a nice evening, with family. Joe, how cold is it when it's too cold to exercise outside?? Well I better get going. Have a good day!
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    Monday December 16 2019

    Tweety, so sorry to hear about the Gabapentin issue. Any word on it today? Just heard about the death of a woman in the H.S. class just after ours. Sounds like sudden death from heart failure. Kinda bummed. Didn't know her well but she is --was -- part of the fabric of my life. Her family is in my prayers. Also, heard about a family undergoing a divorce. Two middle school and one elementary child involved. Sounds like it's amiable but the kids can't help but be affected --As I found during divorce of my parents when I was about that age. Again, prayers going out. Kids are resiliant. It's hard on everyone. Cold last night: 39 degrees!! Have a good evening.
  14. dianah

    Monday December 16 2019

    Happy Anniversary to NSIME and her dh!! Good evening! We got in around 11pm last night, after a wonderful Christmas program (Currier and Ives themed) and dinner, followed by dancing: square dancing and old-time dancing! We entered the decorated hall (the apple packing house, magically transformed into a Christmas visual delight: lots of lights on the ceiling, wreaths hung and garlands draped, and a large Christmas tree near the stage. An open carriage stood outside, ready to give rides. Carolers sang as we entered, and we were seated at a nicely decorated table with appetizers waiting. Coffee, tea, water, and hot apple cider were available, as were other beverages (for purchase). There was a short skit starring Mr. Currier and Mr. Ives (all in period costume!), then dinner was served: slices of ham and gravy, a chicken pot pie, green beans, roasted potatoes, and fresh rolls with cinnamon butter. After dinner the band played Christmas carols, and we all sang and helped decorate the area with holly freshly cut from the property. There came another part of the skit, and then we were dismissed outside (it was cold -- 37 degrees! -- but two fire pits were burning and warmed the waiting. Plus we were served dessert! Apple pie! When we re-entered, all the tables had been removed and the chairs pushed to the walls, ready for dancing! The band played and Pa Riley called the moves. Some who had never square-danced before did well, and there was lots of giggling amongst the dancers! They did around eight dances! Dh has a balance issue, so we didn't dance but we thoroughly enjoyed watching the dancers and listening to the music! The party broke up around 9:30, and as always, we stayed to chat with some friends. So we got home around 11pm (some at our table had driven two hours to get there, from Los Angeles!!). We both agreed it was VERY worth doing NEXT year too!! Dh and I in appropriate garb: Carolers (the apple ranch manager and three of his four children) The room all decorated, looking toward the stage
  15. dianah

    Saturday December 14, 2019

    Hello all! Just returned home after the day's activities. We were up at 7 to get ready and load the car for the program. We arrived around 9am (this house was about five miles below where we usually go to do music in Oak Glen, but still in apple ranch community). The basement room was all decorated for Christmas. There were Christmas readings, scripture readings, and several other musical presentations: a men's quartet, piano solos, a father/daughter (she was ~25yo) duet, and a quartet of women from various areas in Africa, who sang traditional a capella African songs. It was all very interesting, and entertaining, and everyone did well! I bungled the words I sang in French to "Bring A Torch, Jeanette, Isabella," but managed to salvage most of it. The people seemed to enjoy our part of the program, and it is always good to play together as a band. We did Away In a Manger, Sing We Now of Christmas, Bring A Torch, Little Drummer Boy, and Isn't He Beautiful. Banjo, Fiddle, rhythm guitar (me) and lead guitar (bass player, instead of the bass). When we drove up, fog shrouded the mountain road, then thinned out and became blue skies just before we turned onto the road to reach the venue (a private home). After the program, we went outside to carry instruments back to the car, to find the fog had enveloped our area of the mountain. The trees were dripping but the only mist came from the fog. And temp was about 47. We stopped by a local coffee shop there in the mountains, and had lunch (special was turkey pot pie!) and some apple pie. And visited with our fiddler and her main squeeze. It was a good morning/afternoon! Now to get settled in here. No other plans for today. It is 57 and overcast out, and may sprinkle on and off. That's OK, I'm dry and warm in the house! Have a good afternoon/evening!
  16. dianah

    Friday December 13 2019

    Hello all! Much more manageable day at work, and I left on time. Yay for Friday! Dh always brings a flashlight with him when he walks the dog-breath at night. No Stars, what a great trick of Moosie's, to back up to a bush! Also, cannot believe the crows hauled all the Great Dane droppings away! That is amazing! We have about a 30 min lull and then have to get ready to go to fiddler's house for a practice of tomorrow's 30-min program. It is amongst a lot of other performers, all bringing in the Christmas season. Held in a large basement room, of a house in the mountains. I don't think any snow is left there but it should be a little nippy (though warm in the building). After the program we will do a "band dinner." Then likely rest in the afternoon. Wow Ted, THREE laboring moms!! Hope all are healthy and babies as well! nurseJ22, so sorry about the constant burning at the pacer site. Is this a version of Chronic Pain Syndrome? Sounds like it, tre:ated w/Gabapentin. Perhaps another similar med wouldn't have the same side effects? We get our pharm refills via mail, which is convenient. Dh has inhalers and his thyroid meds. I have my CHF meds. I get a lot of supplements (multi-vitamin, fish oil, turmeric, etc) at our local HFS. It should be a nice weekend, weather-wise: 61 and clear here. Have a good evening!
  17. dianah

    Wednesday December 11 2019

    YES! Do it!
  18. dianah

    Wednesday December 11 2019

    Hello all! nurseJ22, I hope you hear from EAP soon. Hang in there. (I'm guessing your dh will come 'round and overcome his humbug. But you may just have to do what YOU want, to keep the Christmas spirit YOU want for the season) No Stars, I'm sure Nannie looks LOVELY, just LOVELY!!! Congrats on your new phone (sorry you gave your other a Pepsi burial)! Hope it doesn't take too long to get to know its ins and outs. Wow herring, that is a good walk! I think I would also take a bus for the return trip. Twice in one day is, ummm, maybe a bit much for me. So Ted, was it a productive day?? Joe, kudos to you for getting the Christmas cards ready and mailing them out in a timely fashion! Stay warm! Work has been steady but OK. Just getting through it tof arrive at the weekend's happenings! Have a good evening!
  19. dianah

    Wednesday December 11 2019

    Enjoyed this, thought you might too! Berea College Bluegrass Ensemble, Carol of the Bells:
  20. I like that. Will have to keep an eye on the peas in my pod too. After supper we heard some unusual noise outside. We looked at each other and grinned and went outside to stand at the end of the driveway. It was the annual neighborhood appearance of Santa! The city decorates an antique fire truck and drives Santa through neighborhoods, preceded by a modern fire engine, lights blinking and with canned Christmas music blaring, and a low siren to draw further attention. It is a cool tradition! We got to wave at Santa!! I made my little black drawstring purse tonight, to be used Sunday at the Currier and Ives program. All I need to do now is get wrinkles out of the costume. Either will use the steamer or throw the skirt and cape into the dryer with a damp towel. Have a good evening!
  21. dianah

    Sunday December 8 2019

    Hello all! Joe, do you dress in your furry costume to go to the convention? Sounds like you are enjoying it, very cool! Hope J's puppy isn't getting sick! No Stars, surprising that the Sunday papers aren't there yet, seems they should be there early, so folks who sleep late on Sunday, when they wake up will find the coveted reading material. Hope today is a good one for you, pain and Nannie-wise. Scratches to Ozzie! Our program went well. We were able to practice a bit before. Once we entered the little room, our friend C called us up almost immediately to help with leading singing of Just a Closer Walk With Thee. Then he introduced us and we did our program. About 30 ppl showed up (lower numbers than before, due to rain) and they were very friendly and seemed to enjoy the songs we did. They sang along, which was cool! Most ppl know most of the Christmas songs. It was a very bonding time, we enjoyed it. We did Little Drummer Boy, and one man related (from the back of the room, before we started) that it was his FAVORITE Christmas song, that he had played drums on it many many years ago! It is nice when people are obviously pleased to hear the songs! We (dh, fiddler, and I) stopped by Ruby's Diner on the way home, for a late-ish supper. AND we ended with their (famous) milkshakes! Fiddler got a banana milkshake, we shared a mocha-banana. They were both DELICIOUS!! Got home around 10:30, tired! Today I think the rain has stopped, but it is still overcast. Will do some laundry and maybe pick up a few groceries (may see you at the store, No Stars! ). Have a good day!
  22. dianah

    Saturday December 7 2019

    Good day, everyone! Joe, enjoy the convention! Ted, you and your Cherokee are now studs?? Hope the shoveling isn't too difficult today. No Stars, it's such a satisfying feeling to get the shredding done! That Christmas village sounds amazing (but also sounds like a lot of work to set up and take down. Don't get me wrong -- it would be fun work, especially seeing the final product!)! Re: decorating: As I get older I opt for minimalism over traditionalism. We had a nice time at my department Christmas party last night. Good to see all who came, had good food, a cute skit (department MDs performed their tweaked version of the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future), and a fun White Elephant gift exchange. I actually participated in this! I ordered a prank box of "cargo socks" that also had a slit next to the big toe, so they could be worn with flip-flops! I then made a pair of obviously cheap knock-offs, and wrapped them and the REAL gift (a nice Christmas stocking) in tissue paper, and placed them in the box. Dh and I got a DVD of the new Lion King movie (we haven't seen it, and it didn't get stolen during the gift exchange)! The man who wrapped and contributed it to the gift exchange, got MY gift of the prank cargo socks box! Ppl got candy and wine and a game, and hot cocoa mixes, and a box of cheese. Was fun. But we left right after the gift exchange, as we were tired. I know it was tiring for dh, who didn't know a lot of ppl but hung in there with me. Today we are dressed and have practiced for an afternoon program in Yucca Valley. Part of our friend Curtis' musical extravaganza. We will head out at 1pm, eat at Ruby's (the halfway point on our way to Yucca Valley) first, then continue travel to the venue. Fiddler will join us for the late lunch, and there is a chance our bass player will be there too, will see. He has a session scheduled in the recording studio, but says sometimes they quit after five hours in the studio. If that is the case, then he would have time to drive to the venue, arriving around 4 (we play at 5:30). We will collapse when we get home. I think we have nothing planned for tomorrow except grocery shopping and laundry. Y'all have a good day!
  23. dianah

    Thursday December 5 2019

    Hello Joe! Congrats on getting the quota of questionnaires done! That's a load off your mind! I am excited for you, having the convention coming up! Kind of like me going to a bluegrass festival: it's different every time, and you look forward to the differences, but you also kinda know what to expect re: format. I slept well. Am getting things together for a gag gift for the White Elephant gift exchange, this Friday. Will fill you in later. Also, I ordered a frock coat for dh to wear to the Currier and Ives Christmas event, a week from Sunday. I am anxious to see how the costumes look all assembled, and am anxious to see if things arrive in time for Friday's party. We should have more rain on the weekend. Have a good day!
  24. No Stars, this is very good to hear. I could not have cared for my MIL, honestly, and she was less of a "case" than Nannie. I am so relieved you have a treatment lined up for the gypsies, you and dh are supporting each other during these trying times, you have mental health/wellness support from someone who knows you well, and that you were able to turn up the burner just a notch for appropriate MD support and treatment changes for Nannie. Better and safer for ALL of you. Again, hang in there!
  25. Good evening! Slept really well, only drawback was I had to wake up with an alarm, to get ready for work! Woke up to rain, too (which was not unexpected). Got in the car to go to work, and as it was raining, I activated the windshield wipers. Funny thing was, only the driver's side was getting cleared. What????? I asked. OH! Someone had stolen the windshield wiper blade!!! I stopped the car, stopped the windshield wipers, and phoned dh to notify him. After work I did a couple errands, starting with getting a new wiper!! Honestly, some people's children!! To steal a windshield wiper!! Really??? No rain forecast tomorrow. Am home now, tummy is full, and we watched a Father Brown episode. It was a crazy day at work. Just crazy, but we all got through it. Ds and dil are on their way back to Ohio. It was sure nice to see them, and enjoyed spending time with them. Christmas will be quiet. Will likely get a couple gift cards for oldest ds and that's it. Dh and I don't need anything, really. We had a lot of trips last year that were very special, I count those as early Christmas gifts. Hope you have a good evening.

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