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  1. dianah

    Saturday June 27 2020

    Hello all! The food and fixings sound so yummy! herring, I'm sure the family will appreciate your thoughtfulness! Yes, amoLucia, thank you for the alert about Esme's passing. So very sad. Tweety, agree with pursuing a vaccine compared w/herd immunity. Seems like positive tests are up (because of more testing???) but deaths are not increasing at the same rate. But, too, it seems a lot of ppl do not put much store in what science reveals re: spreading Covid-19 and wearing masks and decreasing exposure. Ya just can't talk to some ppl. nurseJ22, hope you can find out soon what the results of the CT are, and can start some treatment. No Stars, hope the pain continues to recede, and Nannie naps WELL each day! We participated in a Zoom Sabbath School this morning, then around 2pm drove almost an hour, back up to the campground (we just left it yesterday!) to meet up with a small group that arrived on Thurs. They heard us playing and asked for more, so we went back up and played 1.5-2 hr. It was really nice to be back up at the campground, and the ppl appeared to enjoy the music. They wanted mainly gospel music so that's what we did. Stopped by the steakhouse on our way home and had a nice dinner (with lots of leftovers!). Saw two families we know, was good to visit a little with them! We are relaxing this evening, though I do have my scrubs in the washer, getting ready for the (dreaded) Monday back at work. Hope I remember all my passwords. Y'all have a good evening, see you tomorrow!
  2. dianah

    Monday June 22 2020

    Stars, add my good wishes to the rest, am really sorry this pain continues, wish we could help. Hoping for time to fly to the MRI and then whammo, zappo, They break out The Fix and you are pain-free (or greatly reduced).
  3. Hello and belated Happy Father's Day! Good to catch up with you all! We are still up in the mountains camping. Went into the resort town yesterday, 20 min away from the campground. Had Thai food and did some grocery shopping. In the late afternoon we played music for the camp hosts (they remembered us from a few years ago, camping with the band) and a dozen or so fellow campers. Today was a quiet day, reading and a walk and doing a little music. We have been putting out raw walnuts for the nearby chipmunk and stellar jays. They LOVE them! We got some wild bird sees at the grocery store but they all seem to prefer the walnuts. It is so pleasant to sit outside surrounded by trees and occasional bird calls, hearing kids play at neighboring campsites and feeling a nice breeze taking the heat off (it was 80 degrees today). At night we hear the crackling of campfires, if we go outside (which we rarely do, we are buttoned up in the RV by 9pm, us old ones!!). We will be here till Friday. And, tho I have no phone service myself, dh has a mobile router that gives us wifi, They HIS phone server. So it's nice to somewhat be connected. I am reading a lot, taking walks and playing music. Have a good evening and a nice day tomorrow!
  4. Hello from the little RV, in the mountains! It took us only an hour to drive up yesterday, and we arrived around 6pm. It is beautiful up here! We have a Ponderosa Pine right next to our camping spot, and its bark smells strongly like vanilla! I feel lucky to be next to it! I brought a supply of raw walnuts for the squirrels and birds. From the Youtube of the man who built a squirrel obstacle course, we now know walnuts are the preferred nut among tree squirrels. I have only, however, seen the little ground squirrels here. I hope they enjoy the nuts! I have seen them go after the ones I left (I broke them up into smaller pieces), so I guess walnuts are preferred, or, they are not very discerning. "FREE?? THANKS!!!!" and whoosh! away! Some friends are coming up to visit in an hour or so. We will play for a bit (they are wonderful guitarists and sing too!) then go into Big Bear City for some Himalayan food. Other than that, we know of no other potential visitors! Probably after today I will walk some each day. Oh, and the connection?? Dh apparently had purchased a portable connects-all wi-fi thingamabobby, and voila! It works! No Stars, sure hope you get some relief from the injections! So glad Nannie-sitting worked out, and you were also able to rest afterwards. Tweety, the extra $$ will be good, I'm sure. How are your dogs doing? Dh is playing banjo, I will go out and join him. Have a good day!
  5. dianah

    Monday June 15 2020

    Tweety and amoLucia, I have noticed in the grocery store, in the cake mix aisle, individual servings of cakes and sweet things for sale. Make 'em in the microwave in a coffee mug. Just a thought. Restless sleep last night, which was predictable because of things that need to get done today so we can load the little RV up and go camping! No Stars, hope you get some relief!! Joe, what project are you working on now? And how is J? I know it's been rough getting together during Covid isolation times... Y'all have a good day!
  6. dianah

    Saturday June 13, 2020

    No Stars, good you are relaxing!! Monday can't come soon enough... Kudos to your dh for doing a proper curtsey! Slept in till 8, went to Zoom Sabbath School, ate lunch w/dh, diddled on the puter, did a Jamkazam Jam, drove to friend's house to pick up masks she had made (very nice ones, I might add!), then made dinner. Tomorrow we will gear up into "preparation mode." We will leave for the campground probably by 12 or 1 on Monday. Tweety, gosh, I hate to hear about the onward march of Covid. Then I see ppl in the grocery store without masks, and get a little irritated. I guess our motto should be "one day at a time." Joe, how does the cat do at the groomers'? I assume s/he is used to going, and doesn't put up a fuss? (man, ours would have a conniption fit just to get in the car!! They are not used to going ANY where) Have a good evening!
  7. dianah

    Friday June 12 2020

    Oh, No Stars, how awful! I hope the pain meds and other meds help SOME, to get you through to when you can get the Lido injections. (but I had to giggle imagining you crab-walking sideways to the 'twalette'. ) Hello to all. amoLucia, too bad about the delivery mixup. I'm sure you are super-careful arranging such things, for it is such a frustration when things don't go as you have efficiently planned them (we nurses do know a thing or two about multi-tasking and coordination ). So, did your mom just prefer cooking with lots of garlic or was it a cultural thing? Ted, what a busy shift! Codes and all. And GOOD you didn't hit that bear!! Congrats on the re-fi! nurseJ22, thanks for that flashmob! We need more of those rather than some of the news stuff. herring, thanks for the reminder about the carwashes being open! I need to get ours cleaned! Sounds like you and dh are doing well. Hi Joe and BC and Tweety! Busy day at work. I helped with a Cardioversion but the pt didn't convert. On to Plan B for him. Then I did case management the rest of the day. I am now OFF for TWO WEEKS! As I mentioned in a previous post, we will be going camping. Meeting friends on Sunday the 21st who will camp at a nearby site (same campground). It will be nice to be up there! The ds's are well. We are all kinda taking things one day at a time. Which brings to mind one of "those" sayings: "I try to take things one at a time but lately several have attacked me at once." Yup, that's how it goes sometimes. Have a good evening, see you tomorrow!
  8. Did she say WHEN you should expect a call from the vascular surgeon? So sorry this is stretching on and on. I hope you see some action soon.
  9. herring, do a little detective work and you just may locate the party to whom Pearl is slipping money so they will make fireworks noise, and then both dogs will get treats!!! Just sayin' ... No Stars, what was for lunch?? Glad you are hooked back up with AN again! Dunno what the issue was... Joe, frequent three-day weekends are nothing to sneeze at! It is nice to have just one more day added to the weekend! I hope you continue to arrange those. Canoeing sounds wonderful, Ted! There is nothing like being on a body of water in a canoe or kayak, silently paddling along. Loved the vacay-video, too! Beautiful vistas and the music sounded like hiking. It was 102 degrees when I left work today. Picked up a few things at the store and at Rite Aid. Saw five ppl in the grocery store not wearing masks. Too bad. I am not a big risk-taker so I wear mine. Work was steady. We did two nuclear stress tests, then I was free to plop myself in front of the computer in the office and plow through some of the Case Mgmt stuff. In the past, our door wouldn't close all the way so we had the repair ppl out to make the door "heavier," or harder to open, so it was easier to close. Well we have put up with that for a long time. Recently I put in a repair request for the docs' office door (their office is next to ours) to get a new lock, as I just about broke my key getting the door open one day! Since I was already in the "repair mode," I entered a request for our door "closer" to be adjusted so it wasn't as hard to open. Well, this morning I got a knock on the door and who "to my wondering eyes should appear," but the lock repair guy! He fixed the docs' door, and said he would send his buddy to fix ours (two different areas: his was locks, and our door needed the closer adjusted). This afternoon when I let myself in, the key went in the lock like "buttah" and the door swung open so easily!! <sigh> What a change! My office mate is off this week, I texted her to be prepared for the drastic change! Have a good evening!
  10. dianah

    Monday June 8 2020

    Forgot to remind you: we will be camping 6/15 - 6/26. I will not have phone service, though dh will and he promised to hook up his phone as a "hot spot" for me. I may bring the little computer (will certainly take my Kindle too) and I can check in sporadically. Will miss the GM thread and all your smiling faces! We will have the instruments with us though we have no organized music planned. Friends will be joining us for a few days starting 6/21, and she plays guitar and sings so that will be fun! It will be nice, as I think I have posted, to be up in the mountains, smelling the pine trees and hearing the birds. I plan on bringing lots of walnuts for the squirrels. Hope the bears and mosquitoes stay away!
  11. dianah

    Monday June 8 2020

    Hello all! I am enjoying this Insta-Pot and air-fryer exploration, keep it up! Thanks for any info you can add (needless to say, I have neither at this point but am not adverse to being enlightened!). Rose, so sorry you are holding down the fort right now! How long does it take to recruit, sift through, interview, and then glom onto a new employee? My office mate is off this week, so I am Case Manager/Stress Lab RN. Plus today I was IV Start and IV Definity QUEEN!!! I worked through lunch just starting IVs and giving Definity, from one echo room to the next... besides all the IVs I started in the morning and a few in the afternoon. Got a little case management done in-between the stress tests, too. Got lunch at 3pm, until I got interrupted to go start an IV!! It's nice to be home. Have a nice evening!
  12. dianah

    Sunday June 7 2020

    Cool, you figureskate???? wow
  13. dianah

    Sunday June 7 2020

    Hello all! Our oldest son is a leftie. But he plays baseball and guitar right-handed. I am right-handed and have learned to use a computer mouse from the left. Using my left hand relieves the carpal tunnel in my right hand. And an added bonus is, I can write and be on the computer simultaneously. Ugh, I heard every hour chime on the living room clock, till I finally fell asleep after 5! Will try and be busy today, to tire out so I will sleep well tonight. Anyone have suggestions for naming Ted's drone? Have a good day!
  14. dianah

    Saturday June 6 2020

    Hello all! Ted, I hope you can figure out a way to discourage randy robin from battering your window. First, so he doesn't hurt himself! Second, so your window isn't broken. Third, so you don't endure the visual and auditory assaults. Congrats on the refi! Good it has been easy so far. The hiking photos were beautiful! Have you named the drone yet? nurseJ22, hope you can get some answers about your arm. Good it is not painful but until it is properly diagnosed and a plan is in place (if treatment is needed), it would bother me. I'm sure you don't want to ignore it. It was cooler yesterday (even rained a little) and today, just in the 60's. I think it's typical "June gloom." By the time we are camping, in just over a week, it will be in the high 70's to low 80's in the mountains, which will be nice. Down to 45 at night (so no jamming outside at night!). Dh and I participated in a Zoom Sabbath School this morning. One of our friends, who usually participates and is a musician as well, is in the hospital with renal failure after lymphoma treatment. Well, we don't know if the renal failure is 2/2 the chemo, or is a result of the lymphoma itself. He was diagnosed with the lymphoma about a year ago. We all had special prayer for him. His wife is not allowed to visit, which, I'm sure, is trying for them both. We have a quiet weekend planned. Hope you have a good day and afternoon and evening.
  15. Dh ordered mail-delivery meds almost a week ago. They usually arrive much faster than this. He will wait the requisite week and then call the pharmacy. When we got home I was famished. We fixed some leftovers and watched a Poirot. Then did some household chores. I just gave the dog (chihuahua- pomeranian) a bath. He is all excited now. I texted with ds, after dropping him off, that I was "so tired." That was before dh and I had something to eat. Somehow sitting and eating helped. I am still tired, which feeling I recall whenever facing death in the family (furry or otherwise). Just tired. Brings to mind the following that I once saw: "This is your gentle reminder that one time in the Bible, Elijah was like, "God, I'm so mad! I want to die!" So God said, "Here's some food. Why don't you have a nap?" So Elijah ate, slept, and then decided things weren't so bad. Never underestimate the spiritual power of a nap and a snack." I texted that to oldest ds. Hope it helped. I think I am done with chores for the evening. More need to be done, of course, but the most pressing ones are done. It was 91 degrees today. Oooo, I thought of Tweety yesterday, it was 90 degrees and 27% humidity!! Yah, I know, yours can get MUCH higher. But we are used to 9%, and 27% is high for us!! I am lucky to have Bear's sister Midnight right next to me, requesting some attention. This is our nightly ritual: me on the computer or watching TV, and her right next to me, getting a fur-rub. Have a good evening!
  16. dianah

    Monday June 1 2020

    Thank you all, we appreciate your thoughtful words. Due to possible curfews, and closing of the vet we would take him to, Bear remains home and we are monitoring him tonight. There is no place open to take him, basically. So we get to pet him and love on him a little longer. He is alert but weak. Steady day at work. I shopped for groceries after work. It will be a quiet evening. Hope it's quiet in all the surrounding areas, too. These are surreal times. Have a good evening.
  17. dianah

    Sunday May 31 2020

    Hello all! Hope all are safe. Couldn't sleep last night. We participated in a JamKazam jam, online, from 4-5pm yesterday. Then we loaded the instruments in the car and drove to friend's house, where 10 ppl (all jamming friends) met, maintained 6ft distance, and all wore masks -- outside!! -- just to jam together on hymns and gospel songs. It was on friend's front porch, and it was a beautiful evening, though it sure cooled off after the sun set. Dh and I were the first to arrive, and were met at their little dirt parking area by a herd (15!) of wild burros. They sauntered up to see who had arrived, and a couple of them approached to sniff a hand. Then they wandered away. There are several herds of wild burros in the canyon in which our friends live, and they are quite harmful to one's landscaping and property. But they are protected, so far. There has to be a middle ground somewhere... Anyway, we sat out and played for two hours, and since we were in the cooler weather at sunset, I figured I would sleep well since my body worked hard at staying warm. Wasn't REALLY cold, but wasn't comfortably warm. And then didn't sleep, after that. It was good to see everyone and to play with them. Our group is aging, and some have chronic health issues. Some moved a little slower than previous times. It happens. Most of us are 65-70+ years old, these musicians in this group. Today is house chores day. It has been 80 degrees out, nice weather. Bear is holding his own, eating and drinking water. He doesn't tolerate the sub-Q fluids. By that, I mean, he doesn't hold still a lot for it, and I am only able to get 100ml into him at a time, before aborting the procedure -- not wanting to hurt him with the needle, as he moves around. Dh tries to hold him but Bear still moves a lot. Anyway. It is what it is. Talking with youngest ds and his wife, via phone, this morning. Nice to hear from them. Have a good afternoon and evening!
  18. dianah

    Sunday May 24 2020

    Update on the cilantro drying outside: I kinda forgot about it and when I finally went out to get it, it was a soggy cilantro mess, for it was directly in the area watered by the sprinklers!! Oh well! We had leftover pizza for dinner.
  19. dianah

    Sunday May 24 2020

    amo, so good to know you are better and home, how scary that must have been! Hoping you will remain well, and again: good to see you! Awww, No Stars, I hope Nannie settles down and goes to sleep soon. I wonder what the issue is with the newspaper delivery fiasco?? You are now training to be the Sudoku queen, eh? Hope you can keep your IBS-D reined in. How is dh doing, since his procedure (pleurodesis?)? It has been a relaxing day of puttering around the house, getting two loads of wash done. Dh and I just finished jamming with JamKazam. It was OK, better than nothing! Had a bassist from Texas, a banjo player from here in So Cal, a drummer from Vancouver BC, and dh on mandolin, and me on guitar. It lasted a little over an hour, was fun. A couple hours ago, I put a baking sheet out in the sun, to dry the chopped cilantro on it. I checked on it just now, and see 1. it's not quite dry enough and 2. I think the birds have been enjoying it, because there is a LOT less on the baking sheet compared to when I first put it out! Oh well... Ted, enjoyed seeing your drone video! And yes, your home and property area are both beautiful! Joe, I liked seeing the projects on FB. Only thought that was you, after I saw Ted respond to them! They looked very nice! nurseJ22, what a lot of gardening and gardening-related projects!! As they say, baby steps -- one thing at a time! I'm sure you will be happy with the results, and they will make the work worth it! (pictures please??) It is nice to know I have tomorrow off. Thinking of all whom we remember, this Memorial Day. Have a good afternoon and evening!
  20. dianah

    Saturday May 23 2020

    Deck the Halls, No Stars!!!
  21. dianah

    Saturday May 23 2020

    Good day to all! Reading all your posts is part of my daily go-to. I hesitate posting, as most of the time (not going to gigs or going out), my routine is pretty predictable and uninteresting. Yours, on the other hand, !! Work has been busy but not crazy. We have no plans for this three-day weekend. We were supposed to be camping at a regional park in the high desert, with the South West Bluegrass Association, one of the two member campouts/jams held each year. This one, of course, was cancelled. Maybe sometime in the three days, we can meet somewhere outside with our fiddler and have a good time jamming with her. I think I mentioned, I have kept my two-week vacation on the books. Instead of driving up north to camp and jam at the Father's Day Bluegrass Festival (cancelled), we will camp locally at a rustic mountain campground. We took the kids there several times, with a pop-up trailer, when they were growing up. Dh and I have always liked this campground. There are no hookups for electrical or water -- we will be "dry camping". It abuts a large meadow and a large mountain rises at the far side of the meadow. Dirt roads wind around the area, for miles. One can travel on dusty roads to explore. I don't think we will take the new vehicle on those, will probably just enjoy the camping experience and being away. I look forward to sniffing the scent of pine trees and sage and the outdoors. Hearing crows and other birds calling. Smelling campfires. We may also take a couple trips to Big Bear City and Big Bear Lake, about 20 min from the campground, over Onyx Summit. We joined a Sabbath School this morning, The Gathering Place, via Zoom. We have tuned in the past couple Sabbaths. This Sabbath, we led a one-song "song service." It was weird via Zoom. Zoom is mainly for meetings. It automatically switches focus on the person who is the loudest at the meeting, to allow for different ppl to talk. Well, that wasn't going to work with a song service! Dh and I played instruments and I sang the four verses of Amazing Grace, while everyone muted and sang or played along. It was sad not to be able to hear others sing and play along, but it was, I suppose, an acceptable substitute. We have missed doing music for, and with, people. Dh is still online with them, after the Sabbath School, chatting and catching up with the members (many are medical professionals) and updates with the local hospital, and following the hospital and community Covid responses, as they are in constant flux. As we are all aware of, here in the Break room. Anyway, please stay healthy. Have a good day.
  22. dianah

    Sunday May 17 2020

    Hello all! so sorry to hear of your continued newspaper woes, No Stars! herring I watch the Star Trek series on the Heroes and Icons channel. It's noise to help me wind down in the evenings. I remember watching the original Star Trek series when it first was on TV, in the '60s. :). Have never been to a Star Trek convention tho. I did see a 7-day cruise advertised for ST fans, for 2021, which will feature past cast members of the different iterations of the series. Not that I would ever go, it's just interesting. Tweety, I made the white bean soup, it turned out good! I will make some "bubble and squeak," vegetarian style, later today. Will use some soy sausage, onion, cabbage, and some little potatoes. i washed the new bamboo sheets and will put them on the bed tonight. Guess we will attend an online jam in a little bit, dh and I. Hope the connection is better tonight than last night's. That's all from here, have a good evening!
  23. dianah

    Saturday May 16 2020

    nurseJ22, congrats on your virtual 5K! Sounds like it was a perfect day for it, too. herring, AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, the ocean on your feet, sand squishing between your toes! Very nice! Dh and I "did" Zoom Sabbath School and church, rested part of the afternoon, tried a JamKazam jam but the connection was just too unstable. I had static ALL the time in my earbuds, and it was so bad whenever I played the guitar that I couldn't hear anyone else. There were probably seven others in the jam. I rebooted and re-entered the jam and finally bowed out. So towards sunset we went outside and sat on our jam chairs on the driveway and played - me on guitar, dh on mando. The weather was SO nice, 72 with a breeze! Played till dh started to feel bothered by the sycamore leaves (he is allergic to them). Have a nice evening!
  24. dianah

    Saturday May 16 2020

    Good morning Joe, and to all who follow! Thanks for the tip about the British comedy, will try it out! Good work was not too bad. Hope y'all have a good day!
  25. dianah

    Friday May 15 2020

    Hello all! Joe, hope your rack works well for you! Ted, waiting for a new Green Room video... not that they're a lot of work or anything... Tweety, hope you enjoyed your day off! Re-group, re-charge before the weekend. We are still finishing leftovers, and then I want to make the white bean soup with the recipe you shared. Thanks again. herring, sounds like a friendly person, dressed in red! BCGrad, I hope you are able to find a mutually acceptable position near you. It is disappointing to change, if one is settled in. But ultimately one's position must be a good fit, and only you know if/when that is true. Today the Thunderbirds flew over the area hospitals, in formation. My friend at my former workplace took a video, and it was impressive to see! I got all teary-eyed watching them fly past! I was stationed in the Stress Lab today, as someone called off sick. Our cases went smoothly. We do about half as many per day, as pre-Covid, so we don't have more than one patient in the Stress area at a time. As has become routine, we have no plans for the weekend. Chores and laundry and some cleaning and reading. Hope you have a good evening!

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