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  1. dianah

    Thursday April 11 2019

    Steph: my youngest ds LOVES chickens! I'm sure the grandkids do too! Hope the weather is nice for your after-Easter visit.
  2. dianah

    Thursday April 11 2019

    Hello! We are just about packed up and organized, and then we found out (and confirmed via the main festival organizer dude) that gates officially open for campers TOMORROW after 9am!! They are apparently not set up to receive any campers before then. So we removed some overnight necessities and will spend the night at home then head out in the morning sometime. It won't be real early, dh needs to take his shower and feed the cats and load the instruments and do some other morning chores. But tomorrow IS the day!! The little refrigerator in our tiny RV is doing a good job keeping things cold. We will have leftovers for linner (or dunch, or lupper, or whatever you want to call it --- eating too early for supper and too late for lunch!!) and hopefully enjoy a nice evening. Wishing dh would come in, I am hungry! Have a good evening!
  3. dianah

    Thursday April 11 2019

    herring, sounds like she has decided what she wants. Yes, good she has hospice.
  4. dianah

    Thursday April 11 2019

    Good morning all! Nel, I had wondered that about friend's bones too. He is probably close to 40, very active (works as a painter/wallpaperer, renovating hotels, so hundreds of rooms at a time!)… Will have to play Mama/nurse and question him and delve into this. I guess I finally got to sleep, after 1:30 or so, and woke up to alarm at 7. Slept a little more than that but woke up to the phone, and it was the company that does a mobile wash/gel coat of the RV. They are able to fit us in this morning, now I need to get the cash together to pay them when they are done. As I told dh, it's an investment in the RV, he agrees. Just seems like lately we are shelling out cash right and left for various things... but I suppose that is life! Just had breaky, and have to finish a shopping list I started last night, and pack. Leaving time is up in the air, which is OK with both of us, dh still recovering from his cold (he was coughing a lot last night). He needs to put water in the RV, so we can have showers (VERY important!!). We bring gallons of water for drinking, rather than using the motorhome plumbing, as it saves (in our opinion) wasting lots of water to sanitize the system each time (fill it up, add bleach, let it sit, drain it, fill it up, drain it, fill it up, drain it. etc) Joe, I'm sure your church appreciates having well-rehearsed music for its services! Especially "high" services, like Easter and Christmas. BC, hope work goes well. Cool, new door!! Nel, good to read that Talli is starting to recognize you and respond. Sorry your cleaning lady called off, bummer! Also, sorry you had a restless sleep. No fun. Hiya Steph! No Stars, agree: take advantage of that "gotta clean/sort!!" energy! Better get to it! Have a good day!
  5. dianah

    Monday April 8, 2019

    Hello all! Tweety, thinking of you amid the rigors of international travel. I'm sure you have your ways of weathering it as best you can. Nice to see George's smiling face! Dh is sick with a heavy cold today. His first one since he retired almost a year ago! when he was working he got one about once or twice a month. Still, it's not very comfortable for him, and he has slept most of the day. We had soup for dinner. Yesterday I got out to get the car washed (got REALLY dirty in the dirt parking lot at the RenFaire!), then went grocery shopping, put the groceries away, had some lunch and helped dh get ready as much as I could, so we could pick up fiddler K and head to Menifee for a house jam. Got there late but that's OK, got there in time for the potluck and then got to jam for a couple hours. Lots of fun, good to see some of our friends. Stopped on the way home for sushi, then after we finally got home, I had to wash my scrubs, clean catboxes, get ready for work. Got to bed late and couldn't sleep, couldn't sleep, couldn't sleep. Woke up feeling lightheaded and awful, called in for the day. Have rested and feel better. It's been a quiet day. Just paid the bills. Have a nice evening!
  6. dianah

    Tuesday April 2 2019

    Oh, and we should each have 75 "likes" per day to distribute.
  7. dianah

    Tuesday April 2 2019

    Threads merged. Last night I re-organized the set list for the one set we are doing at the bluegrass festival. I still need to make a cheat sheet for the words, as a couple of the songs in the set are newer to us. One we just worked up at the last practice. All it takes is "hey, what about this one?" and we're off! Dh helped me change strings on my guitar, that was very much needed! And we practiced a little. Today I am Case Manager. Have a good day!
  8. dianah

    Monday April 1 2019

    Hello all! After my Sat nite insomnia, last night's sleep was good, and I am thankful to start the work week with at least 6 hr of sleep. We had a good band practice last night. A little ragged on some songs but we will have a chance to clean them up before we perform. We will be camping at the venue, Thursday through Monday week after next. So will get a chance to play some. We worked up two new songs and there is a third, a cappella, that I need to learn -- done by Ricky Skaggs and Tony Rice, Talk About Suffering. Powerful song! Have a good day!
  9. dianah

    Sunday March 31 2019

    The weighted blanket is nice for the weight but is too hot for my taste. I end up with it on my torso only, feet out. Eh likes to keep the house warm. I always have a fan on.
  10. dianah

    Friday March 29, 2019

    Hello to all and Happy Friday! (at least, it's MY Friday, so I am in celebration mode) Work went smoothly, if a little down-sized (for which I am not complaining!). Our patients did well, for the most part. My friend's dh is hospitalized with a newly-reduced EF and he is getting diuresed and tested and tuned up to go home, probably Monday. Coronaries are clean, thankful for that. But we don't know why his EF has dropped, from 2 yr ago. Anyway, hopefully he is now on some meds that will help, and his EF will rise to at least a more tolerable level so he can enjoy life again. I was able to visit with her for a bit while he was in for a test. We caught up on life and things. Dh feels like a cold coming on, so he didn't go to his band rehearsal tonight. So we will have a quiet evening at home. Tomorrow is lunch at The Mexico restaurant, in a neighboring town, for a friend's retirement. He was one of the Rad. Techs at my previous place of employment (I left there 15 yr ago). It will be nice to see some of the "old" gang! Sunday afternoon we have band practice, then will have a nice meal together. It was a very nice 72 degrees and slightly breezy when I got off work. Definitely spring. Have caught up with your posts and travels and goings-on, thanks! Have a good evening!
  11. dianah

    Wednesday March 27, 2019

    HOME! Dh picked me up, and we had Thai food for dinner. Then stopped by the grocery store for a few things. Been on the computer at home, and now am going to go over to youngest ds's to drop something off and chat a little. Exciting plans for the evening: exercise, practice guitar, clean catboxes, shower. In just about that order. Have a nice evening! (I have read all the posts, hugs to you all!)
  12. dianah

    The Congressional Thread

    Title changed from AOC to The Congressional Thread, at member's suggestion.
  13. dianah

    The Congressional Thread

    Several posts removed for off-topic responses and personal attacks. Threads will be closed if this continues. Please debate/discuss without getting personal or slinging insults.
  14. No Stars, will mention of a nursing home cause Nannie to "straighten up and fly right?" If this is indeed dementia, veiled threats may not have much effect. I hope your dh can prevail upon her to use her walker and wear some grabby socks -- not slippery socks! We had a nice late-ish lunch with the ds's and dil, and a nice visit. We are all looking forward to taking the Alaska cruise. And yes, dh and I talk about wanting to take three days for a more leisurely drive to Seattle in September, not a breakneck pace. However, once we are on the road, we may change our mind. Ds's and dil will likely fly from Ontario, dil talked about finding some good deals from Ontario to Seattle. They will not have instruments to transport, so it's easier. I trimmed the bushes out front, then paid bills. Oh, and when dh took his shower before we went to lunch, he revealed we have NO hot water! None! It was, needless to say, a very cold shower for him! Apparently the water heater pilot isn't staying lit. It sparks every now and then but doesn't stay lit. Something wrong with the piezo or something or other. He called the fix-it ppl, who will be here in the morning. So, after trimming the bushes I decided to wash my hair in the kitchen sink, with water heated on the stove, cooled down by mixing with cool water in a pitcher. Well, I set the water to boil on the stove and went in the other room for a bit. Came back and yes, it was boiling. The top wasn't on the pot very well, though, and water had boiled over the stove and there was a puddle on the floor. I cleaned that off the floor, then washed my hair in the sink. Cleaned that up afterwards (I made a little mess). Changed the sheets and towels. Took a very cold shower. And now I'm ready for bed. My TV wouldn't pick up my Star Trek episodes at first. I usually exercise while watching the various nightly Star Trek episodes. After I changed the sheets, apparently the problem had been corrected, for now I have Star Trek on. Our 25# manx cat, Toby (a gray tabby), is cuddled next to me, kneading one of the pillows on the bed. He is supremely happy. Have a nice evening!