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  1. dianah

    Wednesday October 16, 2019

    OF COURSE!!! No Stars, OF COURSE that song is by Ray Stevens!! What a goof he is! His songs are too funny!
  2. dianah

    Wednesday October 16, 2019

    No Stars, will have to look up that song, have NEVER heard that clever title before! Good day at work. Dh took the little RV out, it is parked in front of the house. It is SO dirty!! Thinking we will wash it Friday morning before heading out to the campout. I work tomorrow, and Thurs night we will meet oldest ds for dinner, then go home and pack for the (short) campout. After taking two, two-week trips this year, a three- or four-nighter seems like NOTHING to pack for! I paid outstanding bills, so we are caught up there. I need to take some cash with us, to pay for our nightly camping fees. And decide what to bring for eats. Got some cleaning done tonight. Have a good evening!
  3. dianah

    Tuesday October 15, 2019

    herring, thank you for the song! It reminded me of the songs dh's friend has asked us to play for his wife's services: Turn, Turn, Turn by the Seekers (Pete Seeger also did this one); I'll Never Find Another You, also by the Seekers; and our version of Amazing Grace, done to the tune of House of the Rising Sun. I printed out the words to the two Seekers' songs, and now I need to learn them and work on our version of the songs. Rose Queen, thinking of you and of those who will miss your mom. Hugs. Today was OK at work, though I didn't sleep well last night. Hopefully will be tired enough that tonight's sleep will be better. Our little dog had some diarrhea and vomiting today. Sometimes he gets into the cats' food, and it doesn't set well with him. Dh thinks that's what has happened. Dh took his food away to give his tummy a rest. Hopefully that will do it, and we can re-introduce his food and he will tolerate it well. We had some Thai food leftovers and watched an episode of Father Brown. Tweety, what did you think of Downton Abbey, the movie? Good news for your bff! No Stars, I tend to agree with you re: statins and memory impairment AND possibly Type II Diabetes. I hope you can make the lifestyle changes necessary! We must each recognize what motivates us, seize that, and use it to its fullest! nurseJ22, good for you, bicycling and eating a healthy lunch! I hope the exercises help decrease the pain, and increase tissue healing. BCGrad, hope the car repairs don't take too long. Isn't it nice to drive with reduced traffic on the roads? Good on you, going to the gym! I walked a bit at work today. It's not a lot but every little bit helps, and especially mentally, to tell myself "You MUST do this," and to then do it! Joe, how nice to look forward to five days working at home! And you are packing? Where are you off to? Dh and I may go out to Victorville area (the High Desert), to a South West Bluegrass Association campout this weekend --- that is, if the little dog improves and we stay healthy. We'll see. Have a good evening!
  4. dianah

    Sunday October 13, 2019

    BC, so sorry about -- yes, the AGGRAVATION -- of your fender-bender. Which sounds like it's a bit more than "just" a fender-bender. The nerve of some people! Did she have insurance? Did you take photos? It sounds like it is clearly all on her. I hope you are able to get your repairs done, to your satisfaction, on her dime. Good the car still works. Joe, let us know how you like the movie! l Tweety, I had insomnia last night too, though I didn't have any furry creatures waking me up in the morning. They will usually just cuddle against my feet at night, and as I have some form of restless legs, I end up moving them to another part of the bed so I can kick and flail without hurting them. Good you have today off. Any plans? I napped yesterday afternoon, but didn't mean to nap so long. That probably interfered with my being tired at bedtime. Well, for whatever reason, I didn't get to sleep till after 2am. The alarm was set for 7, and I got up. We have music today at Oak Glen, at the apple ranch. Temp should be around 70 so it should be nice! There were a couple fires in the valley on Thursday but they are out now and skies should be clear. Our whole band will be present today, which will be fun. After we play we will head down the hill or somewhere to eat an early dinner together and visit. Yesterday we helped with music at the Gathering Place Sabbath School, at The Big Church. Dh met a friend he used to work with (since has retired, as has dh) whose wife is in the late stages of Alzheimers. It has been at least a 10-year journey for them. Very sad. And very expensive for full-time care, which is what she needs now. Anyway, he talked a long time with dh, which was probably good for them both (dh having recently lost his mom to some form of dementia). The friend asked if we would do music at her funeral service -- even had three songs chosen already. How can we say no? It is the least we can do. They are in our prayers, too. Well I am whiling away time so dh can feed the cats their tuna treat. It's not much in each bowl, but it's a whole ritual to prepare and where each one is fed etc. I stay out of it. When they are done eating I will go get dressed for doing music (usually jeans, a long-sleeved western shirt, and vest), and then take the dog for his morning walk, to "empty tanks," as we call it. Both gray and black tanks. Then we will load the instruments into the car and drive up to pick up fiddler and head for the mountains. Y'all have a good day!
  5. dianah

    Tuesday October 8 2019

    Oh my, what a Nannie-coaster you are on, No Stars! Good she went to bed early and happy. Post away, it does us good to see what you are going through, and does you good to vent. If nothing else, helps continue to hone your writing skills. herring, I tried buttermilk once. Didn't care for it at all. But good your dh likes it, and the cornbread! Keep that roughage coming! Ted, nice walk, sounds lovely! Good your back is feeling much better! And re: on-line ACLS: YES, use the PAUSE button! Gives you time to think. Your order of to-do's will become more and more automatic. Now, do allow yourself lots of time to complete the scenarios! I recall I got through most of them, the REALLY hung up on, -- I think it was the next-to-last one. SO frustrating!! Repeated it over and over and over... FINALLY got through it, yay me! And, in advance: YAY YOU!!! Busy day at work. Doing with two what we usually accomplish with three, in the Stress Lab. Unfortunately some afternoon patients had to wait for their test. Not much I could do about it. Worked as fast as we could but had to be careful too, so we didn't miss anything. Ah, tomorrow is Wed! Hope you all have a good evening!
  6. dianah

    Tuesday October 8 2019

    Good morning all! Joe, hope the day goes well. Cold and rainy over the weekend, eh? Would be nice to see some rain here! What is the latest, almost-done, cross-stitch design? Tweety, hope all goes well for George, and ALL the bad stuff is excised today. I hope the movie meets and/or exceeds all your expectations! It has received Oscar-worthy praise and reviews. Have a good day all!
  7. dianah

    Monday October 7 2019

    amoLucia, LOVE a nice pair of red heels! And I too have a few high heels I cannot bring myself to toss... So glad you are out of the hospital and hope you continue to do well. Ted, hope your back continues to improve. Have a good day, all!
  8. dianah

    Friday September 27 2019

    herring, thanks for the interesting videos! We do Goodnight Irene now and then, especially the one verse: "Sometimes she wears pajamas Sometimes she wears a nightgown But when they're both in the washin' machine Irene is the talk of the town." It was a busy day, sometimes frustratingly so -- but we got through it and off on time, and all the patients did well. Dh's practice was cancelled for tonight, they will likely practice Monday to make up. They are practicing for a yearly program at an Arts and Crafts fair in mid-October. Tomorrow we (dh, me, and fiddler) play from 12-3 at the apple ranch. It will be good to be up there and to play together. Temps will be in the low 60's, and some clouds. Layers! Hope you all sleep well tonight.
  9. dianah

    Thursday September 26 2019

    Love your poem, nurseJ22!!
  10. dianah

    Monday September 23 2019

    Yes! Happy Birthday herring!
  11. dianah

    Saturday September 21, 2019

    Thanks for this, Tweety. I too have a tendency to get down in the dumps, and then come reminders like this of all the good things that happen and occur seemingly out of the blue -- to counteract the blues. Thanks again.
  12. dianah

    Wednesday September 18 2019

    Good today's work went well at home, Joe! No Stars, I read your post in the previous thread. What a time driving you had!! Good you finally got your manicure and groceries and made it home safely. (so good that Nannie is still going to bed early!!) Nursej22, hope your eye discomfort settles down. I guess today, following the crazy one, went ok? Tweety, so sorry you had such problems doing your mandatories. Did you finally have a productive afternoon, then? I worked in Stress Lab till about 10, then called my partner to relieve me while I prepared the one room for a TEE. Which was delayed till 11:30ish for various reasons, and we finally got underway. It went smoothly, and with everything I didn't get to lunch till 2pm. After lunch, I worked on and was able to finish my annual proficiency. I stayed a little late but it was good to finish and send it to my NM! Not much else going on. Have a nice afternoon/evening!
  13. dianah

    Tuesday September 17 2019

    The young man in the coffee shop at Skagway said the ferries may not be running this winter d/t budget cuts, and that would leave only the regular barge visits to replenish supplies . The waters were very calm, I hardly felt any ship movement except possible once for a few hours. I hope you can go sometime, nurseJ22, and that you will be able to prevent any seasickness (gotta be miserable!). I saw not a few people onboard, with patches behind one of their ears. Happy Birthday herring's dh!
  14. dianah

    Monday September 16 2019

    New browser is working GREAT!! Is faster, no more hiccups and window appearances in the middle of typing; I can also copy and paste a link on the first try, without having to do it TWICE (which is what I was doing before. Would NEVER accept my pasted link until the second attempt!) Firefox, you rock!
  15. dianah

    Monday September 16 2019

    Ah! Eureka! Let's attempt more: Sunset while underway Fog in the morning: Docked at Hoonah, Icy Strait Point. Only room for one cruise ship here. The locals have made it quite welcoming, with a small museum, shops with local-made crafts, restaurants, nature walks/trails in the thick forest, and even a zip line! We walked the long raised walkway to disembark. A second cruise ship was anchored off shore, and their ppl motored to shore via tenders. A walk along the beach at Hoonah Our ship while docked. Our cabin was just about the level of the lifeboats, third from the back. Underway again. Yes I have many sea/sky photos! The view changed all the time!! Docked at Skagway. Buses and trains wait to take ppl on their pre-arranged excursions. It was a 1/4 mile walk into town. Our ship, with a hanging glacier in the background. Alaska has over 150,000 glaciers! California actually has about 1500! More of downtown Skagway. Residents have tried to preserve an old-timey feel to the town (and have well succeeded)! Sunset at sea. (the reason I know it's sunset is, I was NEVER awake at sunrise!!) Approaching Glacier Bay. We spent a whole day slowly making our way through the fjords. Note the ice bergs in the water! Margerie Glacier. One of the two tidewater glaciers we saw. And Johns Hopkins, another tidewater glacier. Get this: 250 ft high and two miles across!! At sea, heading to Ketchikan. Ketchikan. We spotted a Wells Fargo, a Subway sandwich shop, and we heard tell there was a Wal*Mart somewhere! Victoria skyline. We were docked from 7:30pm to 11:30 pm only! One final "at sea" photo, fishing boat gliding past. And this was our pile of "stuff," unloaded from the ship and waiting to be loaded into our car for the drive home!