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  1. dianah

    Saturday December 7 2019

    Good day, everyone! Joe, enjoy the convention! Ted, you and your Cherokee are now studs?? Hope the shoveling isn't too difficult today. No Stars, it's such a satisfying feeling to get the shredding done! That Christmas village sounds amazing (but also sounds like a lot of work to set up and take down. Don't get me wrong -- it would be fun work, especially seeing the final product!)! Re: decorating: As I get older I opt for minimalism over traditionalism. We had a nice time at my department Christmas party last night. Good to see all who came, had good food, a cute skit (department MDs performed their tweaked version of the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future), and a fun White Elephant gift exchange. I actually participated in this! I ordered a prank box of "cargo socks" that also had a slit next to the big toe, so they could be worn with flip-flops! I then made a pair of obviously cheap knock-offs, and wrapped them and the REAL gift (a nice Christmas stocking) in tissue paper, and placed them in the box. Dh and I got a DVD of the new Lion King movie (we haven't seen it, and it didn't get stolen during the gift exchange)! The man who wrapped and contributed it to the gift exchange, got MY gift of the prank cargo socks box! Ppl got candy and wine and a game, and hot cocoa mixes, and a box of cheese. Was fun. But we left right after the gift exchange, as we were tired. I know it was tiring for dh, who didn't know a lot of ppl but hung in there with me. Today we are dressed and have practiced for an afternoon program in Yucca Valley. Part of our friend Curtis' musical extravaganza. We will head out at 1pm, eat at Ruby's (the halfway point on our way to Yucca Valley) first, then continue travel to the venue. Fiddler will join us for the late lunch, and there is a chance our bass player will be there too, will see. He has a session scheduled in the recording studio, but says sometimes they quit after five hours in the studio. If that is the case, then he would have time to drive to the venue, arriving around 4 (we play at 5:30). We will collapse when we get home. I think we have nothing planned for tomorrow except grocery shopping and laundry. Y'all have a good day!
  2. dianah

    Thursday December 5 2019

    Hello Joe! Congrats on getting the quota of questionnaires done! That's a load off your mind! I am excited for you, having the convention coming up! Kind of like me going to a bluegrass festival: it's different every time, and you look forward to the differences, but you also kinda know what to expect re: format. I slept well. Am getting things together for a gag gift for the White Elephant gift exchange, this Friday. Will fill you in later. Also, I ordered a frock coat for dh to wear to the Currier and Ives Christmas event, a week from Sunday. I am anxious to see how the costumes look all assembled, and am anxious to see if things arrive in time for Friday's party. We should have more rain on the weekend. Have a good day!
  3. No Stars, this is very good to hear. I could not have cared for my MIL, honestly, and she was less of a "case" than Nannie. I am so relieved you have a treatment lined up for the gypsies, you and dh are supporting each other during these trying times, you have mental health/wellness support from someone who knows you well, and that you were able to turn up the burner just a notch for appropriate MD support and treatment changes for Nannie. Better and safer for ALL of you. Again, hang in there!
  4. Good evening! Slept really well, only drawback was I had to wake up with an alarm, to get ready for work! Woke up to rain, too (which was not unexpected). Got in the car to go to work, and as it was raining, I activated the windshield wipers. Funny thing was, only the driver's side was getting cleared. What????? I asked. OH! Someone had stolen the windshield wiper blade!!! I stopped the car, stopped the windshield wipers, and phoned dh to notify him. After work I did a couple errands, starting with getting a new wiper!! Honestly, some people's children!! To steal a windshield wiper!! Really??? No rain forecast tomorrow. Am home now, tummy is full, and we watched a Father Brown episode. It was a crazy day at work. Just crazy, but we all got through it. Ds and dil are on their way back to Ohio. It was sure nice to see them, and enjoyed spending time with them. Christmas will be quiet. Will likely get a couple gift cards for oldest ds and that's it. Dh and I don't need anything, really. We had a lot of trips last year that were very special, I count those as early Christmas gifts. Hope you have a good evening.
  5. Agree. (((((((((( NSIME and her dh )))))))))))) Busy day at work, and i was the lead person. We got off pretty much on time. All pts alive. Dh exchanged our old modem for a new one (took the old one to the center, and they just exchanged it). There is SOME improvement in reception but it's not worth fireworks and starry-eyed WOWs!!! We will continue to evaluate it as we use it. Got groceries (forgot parmesan cheese though!) and paid bills. I hope I hope I hope I hope I hope I sleep better tonight!! Y'all have a good evening!
  6. Good morning all! Ted, did I read correctly, a few days back, that you are still the choir director at your church? Good to get those studded tires ON!! Dunno about the mirror requirements but it seems a good idea to have one on both sides of the car. Hope you enjoy your day cozy at home. Joe, it DOES sound like you are meeting the productivity requirements, that's good. Having those hanging over one's head would make me nervous! I slept till 3 then woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. At least I stayed in bed and rested. Will survive the day, I'm sure. Have a good one!
  7. dianah

    Monday December 2 2019

    Oh No Stars, so sorry Nannie's habits have changed lately! It can't be pleasant at all, for ANYONE in that house! Agree, MD visit and med change needed! Yes, could be a UTI... Hope she sleeps for awhile, to give your poor dh (and you and Ozzie) some respite. Tweety, good you got to sleep in! I am amazed, as well, that the phone was answered so late on a Sunday, to reschedule your car appointment! Joe, do you have a particular hotel you like to stay in, when you go to Madison? How far is it from you? As I recall, you usually just stay the weekend or a weekend and one day? Well, it was a marathon day yesterday! We got to sleep in, as the "kids" wanted to leave at noon for the parks. We ended up leaving closer to one pm. Got into the parks around 2:30 (there was a long line for the parking garage! Our first Disney line!!). We split up to enter the parks: we went to Disneyland, the kids went to CA Adventure, wanted to ride Guardians of the Galaxy (the old Tower of Terror) ride. They had not been to the parks for probably three years, and said they got a kick seeing the changes. We met for a buffet in the Grand Californian Hotel at 7pm, then exited through the hotel's beautiful art-deco inspired lobby, dressed for Christmas. Had to stop to admire the huge Gingerbread House (a tradition there), and bought some gingerbread men to take home. Then we slowly walked through Downtown Disney, stopping in a few stores to gawk. We then all went into Disneyland. It was close to 9:30, and we heard the announcement that the fireworks were cancelled for the night, due to winds above the park. We had no wind in the parks, however. So we parked ourselves in the main square and watched the light show on the castle, choreographed with a musical score, and ending with "snow" on Main Street. Always enjoyable, in my book. We then ran over to Star Wars area (Batuu, is the name of the "city") and I got to go on the one-and-only ride! There was no line, as most folks had left, it being a Sunday night. I thanked my boss repeatedly, in my head, for giving me Monday off! The kids loved how the area had been imagined and presented, the feel of the area was realistic according to the idea they had in their heads of such a city. There are many visual effects (many cast members walk around in costume and assume a character who lives there, and interact with the crowds; saw a wookie and two storm troopers, and many shop keepers, and one man in a dark robe, hood over his head) and aural effects: blasts from space vehicles taking off, strange languages being spoken, announcements pertaining to maintaining control over the area. Supposedly this is a city with many underground resistance factions (we are met with "Rising Moon" greeting by some cast members, standing by their vendor booths). Dh and DIL wanted to make a light saber, so at 11pm we found the place (don't ask for it by "where is the place to make a light saber??", Oh no! Say instead, "I am looking for scrap metal, would there be a place...???" ) We were thoroughly instructed where to find it and how to ask for it, by a costumed cast member, obviously a member of The Resistance! They registered and were taken in to a small room with melting candles set into alcoves of the cave-like room, set up with a large C-shaped table behind which your host explains what you are to do. We were allowed to observe. Star wars music plays in the background, and the host weaves a tale of yoda-like powers attached to the assembling of "your particular weapon." Attendees choose five different elements that will make the hilt, and then the "blade" is attached (with a piped-in blessing from Yoda!) and the music swells as you are presented with your blade, to carry on the power of the Force!! ! It was all very dramatic, and ds and dil LOVED it!! The parks closed at midnight, and we walked through nearly-deserted streets, back to Main Street and all the Christmas lights: garlands, the huge Christmas tree in the main square, and Cinderella's castle, all lit for the season. Took the tram back, and after we'd piled into the car, I figured the kids would sleep on the hour-long ride home. Oh no! They had to discuss their light sabers, various aspects of the Star Wars films, D and D (dungeons and dragons), etc. Remember, though, they are on Ohio time, and while we reached home at a little after 1 a.m., it was 4 a.m. their time! I got to bed around 2 am, slept till 10. Was a very nice early Christmas! Today is do laundry and do some grocery shopping and decompress/prepare for the work week. Have a good day!
  8. dianah

    Friday November 29, 2019

    We spent a quiet day at home. I did some sewing on the Dickens costume project (hand-sewing). Watched Westerns. Dh and I watched It's A Wonderful Life. It brought tears to my eyes, at the end. It is certainly jam-packed with things going on, and things changing. Quite an ambitious movie! Probably tonight we will practice some. I will also do some online "research" into the origins of the music we will be doing. Just so I can give a little history of the songs. Have a nice evening and night!
  9. dianah

    Friday November 29, 2019

    Well, plans to go to the apple ranch have been scuttled. Dh contacted the owner who said to stay away. They have no electricity, there are downed tree branches everywhere, and the roads are impassable because of branches, ice, and snow. So we will sit tight here. I have some sewing to do on the Dickens-era costume so will do that. Perhaps we can practice with fiddler. Good to see you all, Happy Day-After Thanksgiving (and no, I do not intend to get out for Black Friday. Nope, Nope, NOPE!).
  10. dianah

    Sunday November 24, 2019

    Tweety, niece's house is beautiful! Good you got to see your parents, and that they are doing well. Tis the season. Congrats on ordering the computer! Once you get used to it I anticipate you will love it! Joe, makes me grin to think I will get to see your finished cross-stitch. Just is cool to see what you do. BC, so sorry to hear about fiancee. Hope his consulting yields good results; networking too. Wishing you both the best in this transition. nurseJ22, when I recently saw trailers at the movies and the Ford VS Ferrari came up, it looked interesting. Too bad they missed the mark in the areas you noticed. I got the car washed, got gas in the car, took money out of the credit union for Christmas stuff, shopped at the fabric store for ribbons and things with which to trim the dickensian bonnet, and did the grocery shopping. This afternoon will be spent doing a small laundry and possibly trimming said bonnet. Will be in touch with youngest and dil later re: travel plans for their (all-too-short) visit here. They have a lot of friends to visit, so we won't see them every day. Just nice to see them at all! Have a good evening!
  11. dianah

    Friday November 22, 2019

    Steady-busy at work, got off on time. Patients did well, though three may end up in the cath lab, after their results are studied. I am tired, tired, tired! Have lazed around after dinner; cats on my lap. Just feel really drained. Glad it's Friday. Speaking of cats, I recently read about an MD who completely revised the concept of a waiting room and the running of a family practice: https://powersfamilymedicine.com/about Tomorrow we will help with music at the usual place. Practice for Sunday was cancelled, our friend P is sick. Fiddler is still sick but slowly improves. So Sunday is free of any musical appointments. We made reservations to attend one of six Currier and Ives Christmas programs, presented by the people who run the apple ranch. Apparently (as we were told), we will get a meal and a program of Christmas Caroling, (some of which we will join in), all with a Currier and Ives theme. I hear these reservations fill up fast (three of the six nights were already sold out). Last year dh and I attended a local Nutcracker performance; this year it's Currier and Ives! To that end, (y'all know I love dressing dapper!) I have ordered supplies to create a period costume: long skirt, cape, petticoat, ruffly blouse, bonnet. I have gloves I can wear. I plan on adding ribbons and a few other decorations to the bonnet (a plain felt bonnet), cape, and the skirt. Then I can go to the Currier and Ives program dressed "appropriately!" Dh will look OK in his usual dapper style (the top hat is a must!). Anyway, perhaps this weekend will be a good time to do the costume adjustments. We are expecting rain for Thanksgiving and for a few days after. Hope ds and dil's flight is safe. Have a good evening!
  12. dianah

    Thursday November 21, 2019

    How cool is this!!! Would have loved to have been there!! Lucky you!
  13. dianah

    Thursday November 21, 2019

    Saw snow high in the local mountains, when I came out from work. It's always a treat to see. One more day to work, and then next week is a short week! AND youngest ds and his wife arrive on Thanksgiving Day, 12 noon! Will be so good to see them! We will have a late lunch together and they have some visiting planned over the next few days. We will treat them (and oldest ds) to Sunday at Disneyland. They have not been since the new Star Wars area has opened, so even though it will likely be crowded, I'm sure they will enjoy seeing the new area (and the parks all decorated for Christmas)! Hope you have a good evening!
  14. dianah

    Wednesday November 20, 2019

    Some photos I took with the cell phone as I came out from work last night. Interesting, with the storm coming in:
  15. dianah

    Tuesday November 19 2019

    Tweety, any thoughts of where you next might like to travel? I'm sure you have a bucket list! Joe, hope the day goes well for you. We actually have rain forecast for Wed and Thurs! Have a good day!