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  1. dianah

    Monday February 18 2019

    Lil Nel, hope you sleep well today, and that Talli and Biggie and the barn cats are well. I hope that work tonight, for some strange freaky reason, is much better! I hate that there is such dysfunction that results in such wretched working conditions for you, and possible substandard care for the patients (how can one give excellent care under such conditions???). Good you are politically involved, and can possibly work for changes.
  2. dianah

    Monday February 18 2019

    Ted, I enjoyed watching The Reduced Shakespeare Company's presentations. Dh came in when I was watching them (somehow found them on TV, the first time, years ago) and after about 30 seconds watching, shook his head and left the room, ! I do like reading Shakespeare! I have not been exposed much to full-on Shakespeare productions. Maybe should look some up...
  3. dianah

    Monday February 18 2019

    herring, hope you can get step-mom in to be seen, and she is easily diagnosed and treated. Sorry to read some of you have work on this FEDERAL holiday. Makes no sense to me. What holidays does your employer deem eligible for recognition???? Tweety, good you are able to pick up some extra shifts to fund, well, LIFE. Love hearing about your trips and seeing your photos -- even the obligatory beach photos! We (dh and I and K) drove to the high desert (in the rain, which wanted to turn to snow as we went over the Cajon Pass!) yesterday around 3, and met bass player E at his recording studio. Listened to the songs yet again, made a few more tweaks to some areas. Just so they weren't as grating to our ears ;). Then went out for sushi and some good wide-ranging conversation (theological, sociological, general topics as well). Had safe trip home, got in around 11. I had trouble getting to sleep (the usual after doing a program or working on our music), so slept in. Dh is up playing bass to the revised versions of the music. Next step in getting the music out in CD form is arranging them in a preferred order, then getting them and "liner notes" and our CD cover choice to the man who will put it all together for submission to be replicated. Will probably use CD Makers, although we have used CD Baby in the past, for distribution. Gosh, we just want to make the music. This marketing stuff, we are not good at. And that's OK. Will do chores today. Decided to go to Disneyland another day. Have a good day!
  4. dianah

    Sunday, 2/17

    Good morning all! BC, your restaurant sounds very nice -- different! Good you enjoyed it. Saw some of the birthday party pictures on FB, looked like Nana enjoyed it. Get that firewood! I love The Court Jester! The "pellet with the poison" scene/script is always a delight, one of the best ever! We had a quiet lunch yesterday, just the two of us, at a Peruvian restaurant we had never tried before. The food was tasty, if a little salty and more carbs than I like. Sauteed meat (or veggie meat) and tomatoes and onions over French fries , with a side of rice. The ceviche appetizer was good. If we go there again I will check out more soups and salads. We visited a friend in the afternoon, the one who is recuperating from his bike accident. He is in rehab now, and just getting the beginnings of movement back to his feet and hands. Other friends were visiting and we enjoyed some singing and lots of chatter. The PT went on in the midst of the guitar and cajon (box drum) playing, and C sang along while his arms and hands were exercised. One of the singers remembered us, from when he and our youngest ds were 7 and 8, and they hung out together in 2nd grade. He and our youngest, as I recall, were PISTOLS. He is a smiling, tall young man now, very polite and nice. Works as a physical therapist in a nearby town. We exchanged numbers so ds could call and re-connect. We had a quiet evening later. Today will be quiet (read: chores) as well, and then at 2 we will drive out to the high desert and have a final band discussion about the CDs, followed by some sushi! It is clear out right now but forecast calls for rain in the afternoon. Tomorrow I have President's Day off. Weather report calls for sunny skies. We may go to Disneyland and walk around.
  5. Greetings to all. Have had computer issues, it is in the repair shop now. I bought a little HP at the store at work, and am using it. It is easier to use than my Kindle and my phone. We have a quiet three-day weekend planned. Slept in (after a restless night the night before). Work has been OK. I have helped in the Cath Lab a couple times this week. Dh broke a tooth a few days ago, had it repaired last week. TJC came by last week and the facility in general did very well. That's a relief! Friend who had a mountain-bike accident around six weeks ago is doing well, movement in legs gradually returning. Trach was removed yesterday. He is in rehab. Dunno how much upper and lower movement he will re-gain, but we are hoping for 100% or thereabouts! We have had lots of rain, and lots of mountain roads have been impacted, with waterfalls washing away the asphalt, and undermining the roads. Lots of repairs to do, and more rain forecast for tomorrow and for Thursday next week. We attended son's friend's memorial service last Sunday. It was a somber and trying day, to say the least. And that's just for us, not even for his family (parents and two siblings). Son and DIL will remain in touch with the family, which is good. Not much else to say. I do read all the posts, and appreciate your sharing, no matter how trivial it seems. We might go for Indian food today, for lunch.
  6. dianah

    Friday February 8, 2019

    Hello all. Got off on time. Got fuel in the car, in preparation for tomorrow's trip to Laguna Niguel. We will leave by 0830 tomorrow, hopefully will arrive by 10:30 (or earlier). I gather there is a sound system so there will be a little setup. Dh and I and fiddler (K) and all the instruments will travel out. Had leftover pizza for dinner (yum - vegetarian [with cashews!] and mushroom/jalapeno). Soon time to practice the songs for tomorrow. Then shower and beddie-bye. Rain is predicted this weekend, both at home and at Laguna Niguel. Just finished another period murder mystery, a series by Tasha Alexander about Lady Emily. Light reading. Have a good evening.
  7. dianah

    Thursday February 7, 2018

    I have ALWAYS maintained: we take care of PEOPLE, we do not manufacture WIDGETS. Big difference. (don't get me on my soap box) One our first bluegrass cruises, my friend K and I wanted to sign up for a massage. We made an appointment, showed up to the sleek and shining waiting room, with cucumber-flavored water available for our refreshment, while we waited to be called into our massage room. The trim staff appeared, checked us off the list, and requested we fill out a questionnaire (my first thought: this is not a doctor's office, why do you need to know all this??). I dutifully filled mine out, then went to change and amid the low lights, relaxing music, and lightly-scented room, had a wonderful massage. Had never had a total body massage before! After, it turns out there is a sales pitch for their (highly-priced) beauty products: skin care, massage oil, etc. I was asked "do you know why you have wrinkles?" I couldn't help myself. "Because I'm OLD." She then launched into explaining losing collagen as we age (I DID put on my questionnaire that I am a NURSE!!), and this product they have would help! Again, in my mind: "Honey, if it was as good as you say it is, I would already have some and this would be common knowledge!" I politely declined any change in my *ahem*-- beauty routine. I still like scheduling a massage if I happen to be on a cruise ship -- the hot rocks massage is wonderful!! ... but I always end the questionnaire with a request for no sales pitch. So far this has been honored. Busy day today in the cath lab, and every one of the Cardiologist's toys (I call 'em toys: FFR, IVUS, Volcano wire, iFR, OCT, etc) didn't work or had some sort of glitch in 'em. He was so frustrated (and I don't blame him)! We got through the cases and the patients hopefully got some relief from symptoms, maybe not the pathway the Doc wanted to take to get there, but some improvement. I picked up pizza on the way home. Had a nice visit with our fiddler, K. She will join us on Saturday when we drive to Laguna Niguel church to meet C. He is leading a "cowboy church," and we are his back-up band: dh on bass, me and C on guitars, K on fiddle. C will lead the songs and the worship thoughts. We are hardly a practiced band, but we are all good at jamming and kinda know the songs and what C wants, so we should be OK. Have a good evening!
  8. dianah

    Wednesday February 7, 2019

    (((((((((((( Lil Nel )))))))))))))) Good the horses are OK. Good you are getting out of bed to tend to them. Don't ignore yourself/your needs. Sometimes processing takes time. I hate that you are feeling so down. I think we all know what that feels like, and it is not pleasant. Wishing you healing. I finished the steenkin' ACLS case scenarios. I hope the person who grew up gaming, and who had so much fun preparing these for us non-gaming persons, is enjoying this. My blood pressure was not helped by this method of learning, and I came out with a headache. But, again, I think I'm done. For another two years. Nuff. It was 36 degrees when I left to go to work today. Mountains are full of snow. The Sierras have TONS of snow! Computer is going wonky tonight. It just came back up by itself. More another time. Have a good evening! (glad you are feeling better, Stars!)
  9. dianah

    Wednesday January 30, 2019

    Hello all! Have read you all. Stay WARM!! (and safe) Work was OK. Tweety, a Sprouts store recently opened near us. Youngest ds and his wife like it a lot. I recently browsed through it and yes it has appeal! However, I asked where I might find aspirin (baby aspirin). Hmmmm. Apparently they only carry "natural" remedies, ergo, NO ASPIRIN. I will likely continue shopping at the nearby grocery store, not changing my habits. I will stop by Sprouts every now and then, just for the thrills. We might get rain tomorrow. Hope so. I got the tickets to Saturday night's concert: Maria Muldaur and John Sebastian! Will see it with our friends. Should be fun! No Stars, continue on that steady road to recovery! Lil Nel, that naughty Robin!! Of course you find the halter AFTER you have ordered another! herring, you are good to provide transportation for your loved ones. Ted, woo-hoo, big 5-day weekend!! SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE! Joe, hope your contacts call back. It's frustrating to WAIT. and wait. and wait. Have a good evening!
  10. dianah

    Monday January 28 2019

    No Stars, here's hoping this surgery will dramatically decrease your pain! What a good patient you were! (keep it up!) Are the dogs taking good care of you? herring, and No Stars, I love your stories about the concerts! I am still working on getting the tickets, but hope to have them by tomorrow night. BC, hope you feel better soon. nurseJ22 and Lil Nel, and Joe, and others in the path of the polar vortex: Stay Safe and Warm!! (Now is not the time, I suppose, to mention it was 75 degrees here today... ) We watched the next episode of Victoria tonight, and are currently watching the next installment of Murdoch's Mysteries. I need to practice some of the songs we will be doing Feb 9 for "Cowboy Church." Our friend C chose them, and I don't know some of them. On the other hand, he is notorious for spur-of-the-moment changes in programs, LIVE! lol We are used to it, having played with him for years (on and off). We will practice with C this coming Sat afternoon in Yucca Valley, before eating dinner and then going to the concert in Indio (if I can get tickets!). I did my ACLS renewal. Will only need to renew it once more, in two years, before I retire. Now I need to speed-read some CEUs before my license renewal. Have a good evening!
  11. dianah

    Friday January 25, 2018

    Nice job explaining, nurseJ22! Joe, hope your job search turns up something that will interest you. Tweety, so sorry you got off late. I got off 30 min late but it was my own fault. One, I wanted to finish a project. Two, I wanted to clear out the View Alerts, so I didn't have to see them on Monday! I get alerted whenever a cardiac Nuclear study is ordered, or when an exercise stress test is ordered. I review the orders for the MPIs (cardiac nuclear stress tests, or Myocardial Perfusion Imaging) -- just skim the order, note the age of the pt, and if the order is appropriate AND if the pt is female less than 55 yo I order Beta HCG and alert the ordering MD (pt will receive radiation from the MPI). It is policy to ensure the pt is NOT pregnant when performing such an exam. Also, I review all the exercise Treadmill Test (ETT) orders, ensure they are appropriate (make sure a REASON for the test is provided), and review the last 12-lead ECG. If the pt is in atrial fib or new LBBB, or a RBBB complex/Twave abnormality that would interefere with ECG interpretation of the ST and T wave during the test, -- then I cancel the ETT and alert the PMD to order an MPI. Dh will leave for practice with the blues/jazz/bluegrass band. I will try to review some songs tonight, ones that we will do with a friend at a "Cowboy Church" on Feb 9. We will meet with our friend C (who is organizing the program) on 2/2 for a little practice time. herring, the backyard is looking good! I know the dogs enjoyed it! It will hover around 75 degrees during the day this weekend. Evenings are still cool, which is nice. Have a nice evening!
  12. dianah

    Tuesday January 22, 2019

    Oh BC, I am so sorry to hear about your dear Barney. Yes I know it was necessary, and the kindest thing to do. Yet it is so hard to lose a dear family member. Tweety, enjoyed following your outing! The gardens looked beautiful and I'm sure the concert was exciting! Ted, you are quite the flexible employee! Good your charges all did well. nurseJ22, good no snow or ice. Lil Nel, hope the book club goes well tonight. Let us know how it went? Dh and I had a quiet weekend. Saturday had lunch with ds and his wife, and I did get to visit with oldest ds on Friday night. He stayed at a friend's house near L.A. on Sat nite. We went to Disneyland Sunday, had a nice time walking around (yes, dapper, but I took no photos). Saw some band friends. Monday I did some errands and studied ACLS. I will renew it soon. I need to do some CEUs soon too, prior to license renewal. Busy day at work. I was pulled to different areas, to fill in. Was assigned to Case Management but didn't get as much done as I'd have liked. It was very windy today, not that I felt much of it, being indoors all day. But there were many branches blown off the trees, and leaves scattered all over: evidence of the wind! Will see how tomorrow goes. Y'all have a good evening! (hugs to BC! And yes, pets know, and I'm convinced they grieve in their own way. And comfort each other)
  13. dianah

    Friday January 18 2019

    Joe, good to hear you are doing well on your diet. I need to do more in that area, you are an encouragement! Tweety, sorry to hear you got a day or so under the weather, but good to hear you bounced back soon. BC and Lil Nel and Ted, hope the storm isn't too bad! Stay safe! herring, good your step-mom is doing well, and that the irregular feelings she was having didn't develop into anything more. Yes, get that a/c! Work has been busy the last couple days, am glad it's Friday and that I have Monday off! We have just lunch with ds and dil planned for tomorrow. May go to Disneyland one day this weekend. The holiday decorations will have been removed but it will still be pretty, to see the new landscaping and will be nice to walk around. We had our few days of rain (there's a leak in the kitchen, from the middle of one of the windows Need to get that checked and fixed.). Enjoyed them! The cats are all fine, it was good to see them when we returned home on Monday. Dh is at a band practice for "Felonious Plunk." They do an eclectic mix of music; he plays bass for them and is enjoying it. Have a good evening!
  14. Hello Hello Hello!! Oh my, my brain is spinning from learning all kinds of new "stuff" while navigating the site! But, it is only my first foray and I expect all will become old-hat with time. We were gone Wed-Mon to a bluegrass festival at a hotel in Beautiful Downtown Bakersfield, called The Great 48. We were there more than 48 hours, of course. Got lots of jamming in, met new people. Was lots of fun! Most of the jammers left Sunday by noon, but we had arranged to stay one more night, to avoid Sunday p.m. traffic returning to LA or the IE (Inland Empire, where we live). We would have had to go south on the 15, and meet up with all the traffic of the peeps coming back from their weekend in Las Vegas. Ugh. So we went to the Kern County Museum in the afternoon, enjoyed a walk in blustery weather (storm coming in), to see a collection of old buildings from the early days of Kern County. Very interesting, and we only saw half of it, so will enjoy going back another day (probably at next year's Great 48!). Today is catch-up day, and I have scheduled myself to get on AN and become more familiar with the site, review ACLS DVD, and pay bills. So far have paid bills and am in the middle of the AN assignment. Our next musical venture will be a cruise with bluegrass folks, in early March. The usual cruise, on a (noisy!!!) Carnival ship: Long Beach to Avalon (Catalina Island), to Ensenada, day at sea, then back to Long Beach port. Will see how it goes. Years past (we have done 9-10 of these, with a different organizer) we have been very disappointed with the areas provided for jamming. It's no fun if one cannot hear the jamming because of the LOUD LOUD LOUD bar music or the LOUD LOUD LOUD DJ in the middle of the hall or the LOUD LOUD LOUD comic or program in another room but with all doors open. This cruise is being organized by the members of Nu-Blu, a NC-based bluegrass band, who have organized similar cruises out of FLA. We met them two yr ago at a festival, and told them we would support them (and of our concerns. They are going to try to have a quiet jamming area for us). The cruise will also feature quilting by Quilts of Valor ppl, who make quilts and present them to veterans. Youngest ds and dil will be on the cruise too, to quilt. Ds, I might add, is the one who refers to dh's banjo as "future firewood." Yup, no love lost. No one will be forcing him to stay and listen to the jamming. Dh will likely bring his bass and banjo and mandolin. I will, of course, bring the guitar. Suitcases??? What? We have to bring clothes and toiletries??? Yeah, well, we will likely bring a collapsable wagon for the instruments and duffle bags, and dh will handle the bass. No, it ain't easy! So good to catch up with all of you! Nel, good on you for adopting new equine! And he isn't as grumpy as Biggie?? No Stars, so sorry the pain continues, in spite of new MD and pain team and treatment. Tweety, are you enduring a cold spell right now? Ted, so exciting to read of your travel plans! Keep us updated, I love to travel vicariously! nurseJ22, sounds like recent changes at work are all for the best. It makes work so much better. BC, I can relate to driving past dd's place and being comforted to see the lights on. I like hearing from the boys every now and then, even though they live 5 min from us. I brought some Chobani light Greek yogurt when we were in Bakersfield, so I could make tea and eat in the room and take my vitamins/pills, in my jammies. their Madagascar vanilla and cinnamon flavor was VERY good, topped with pecans! I need to get some for here at home! It rained all the way home yesterday, with a skiff of snow on the high areas as we drove through Tehachapi. Beautiful area! Sad, though, with the high winds from the storm, we passed THREE overturned big rigs! Hope there were no injuries. Supposed to rain here today but so far has only been cloudy and cool. Mountains got at least a foot of new snow. Will let you go. Again, so good to see you all! YES I bookmarked this page!!!
  15. dianah

    Friday December 21, 2018

    wow, it's Friday AFTER work, AND Stars can walk without a cane! It's good to be home, with tummy full and some time on my hands. Dh will be leaving soon to go play bass with some friends nearby. They practice most Friday nights; this will be his second time playing with them. Me? Am tired. Will likely relax (when I'm done on the puter). We will help with music tomorrow morning, then have nothing planned the rest of the day. Yesterday we finished reviewing and editing the last of the 27 tracks we recorded in May. Bass player had added guitar to some areas, mandolin to others, and his vocals to many of the songs. We reviewed all tracks in four evening sessions. The second session was the roughest. I don't know if I was more tired when we recorded the songs in that group, or what, but my vocals were painful for me to listen to. The next two sessions went better. Now he will "mix" the songs, ensuring the instruments and vocals' balance is good, and that no one or no instruments sticks out over the rest. Will look forward to hearing the music post-mixing. Ugh! 40% chance of rain on Christmas Day!! For 30 or so years, Christmas Day has been clear and 72 degrees here. Dh and I were going to go to Disneyland for the day. But we are not excited about walking around in dapper clothes, in the rain. May have to reschedule... Will keep tabs on the weather widget and see if anything changes. Have a good evening!