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  1. dianah

    Thursday August 15, 2019

    Tweety, hope today goes smoothly and defies the "Dreaded Thursday" label! BC, hang in there. At least you recognize the various triggers and know what to do to weather this bout. So sorry about your cat. Hugs. Joe, hope today goes smoothly as well. Sounds like J is doing OK here in CA. At least no earthquakes for him. Hello to all! I am stalling finishing breakfast, after paying bills. When I am done in here I will get dressed and finish packing, lug duffel bag to the RV, and we will leave to camp at the festival. Have a good day!
  2. Ohhhhh, Stars, I'm so sorry!! Gentle hugs.
  3. dianah

    Friday August 9, 2019

    Happy Friday everyone! Work went well, I was kept busy but it wasn't crazy. I left at 1430 for my MD appointment. Apparently my right eardrum looks OK, no sign of infection or bulging or redness. But there was a lot of dried-up wax in front that he had to remove before he could even view the drum. Left side looks OK, very little wax there. So now I have a referral to ENT. Will go once we are back from the festival. I get my hearing tested first then the MD appointment. I am thinking it is all caused by allergies. Just dunno why it has gotten worse lately. Dh will be off soon to his band practice. I will revel in a quiet house. Probably read. Practice the songs we will do tomorrow afternoon. VERY disappointed in myself, to learn about my current weight. GOT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! Have a good evening!
  4. dianah

    Friday August 9, 2019

    THIS! Dear one, I hope the medication helps Nannie sleep tonight (maybe you should take one too???) - so you and dh can get some rest too. Perhaps with most of the other, poorly-tolerated med out of her system, she will be easier to deal with tomorrow. Don't stop coming here to vent. Really. Truly.
  5. dianah

    Thursday August 8 2019

    Watching Poirot Season 11, Episode 1 and the murder investigation centers in the little community of -- get this! -- Broadhinny!! Now, I know it's pronounced broad-hinney, not broad HINEY, but my brain went to the later!
  6. dianah

    Thursday August 8 2019

    Hello all! Well dh has finally completed all requirements to submit our new CD (album) to CD Baby, for availability and distribution through various media. (it has been a real education and a PITA, honestly, to get this far!) But he persevered and has seen everything through, and the music tracks are now available online and via amazon etc. And I will snail-mail them to interested persons. I did only Case Management today, first time in three days, as my CM partner is off this week and M-T-W I was in the stress lab. I was kept jumping, with various requests, emails, phone calls, a printer that wouldn't print well (even after I changed the toner and cleared a paper jam), a pager that wouldn't work (walked it over to the fixit people, and after fussing that I hadn't submitted a ticket [via computer, of course], declared nothing wrong with it; AND when I walked over to pick it up, their office was locked, they were all at a meeting! I returned in two hours, picked up the pager and it did indeed work. dh says they must have removed the battery and then re-inserted it, to basically re-boot the dang thing. As long as it works), and a water leak in a corner of the office. Apparently the clinical lab has two sinks and some sort of machine on the other side of the wall, and perhaps something spilled or leaked recently. Partner has commented a few times in the past couple weeks that our office has a strange odor. I entered an EWO (Electronic Work Order) and lo and behold! V from Plumbing showed up an hour later!! He was the one who determined the Clin Lab had the machine behind our wall, and he says he will report this to "Structural," who will send someone out to examine the drywall and see if it needs replacing and/or reinforcing, to prevent further water intrusion. We certainly don't need any mold growing! So, after a busy day I am home and looking forward to Friday tomorrow. I made an MD appointment tomorrow afternoon, have had fluid behind right eardrum for some weeks now. Probably allergy related, but I do take loratadine daily (good for 24hr, supposedly) and have been faithfully using nasal sprays. No good, I still hear swishing when I bend over, and had some sinus and headache pain last night so decided to make an appointment. We'll see what he says. We have music to do in the morning on Saturday (Sabbath), and in the late afternoon. No plans for Sunday. Temps are supposed to be below 100 degrees, that is good! Looking forward to Thurs and Fri off next week, to attend the Bluegrass Festival (Summergrass). Annual thing! So enjoy camping and jamming and being at a festival! Have a nice evening!
  7. dianah

    Monday August 5, 2019

    nurseJ, do you have a strapless bra you can wear? So sorry you are still having incisional issues. Hello to all! Steady-busy day at work, off on time, home to relax. Time to rustle up some grub. Have a good evening!
  8. dianah

    Friday August 2 2019

    Friday! Yay! Nice sense of accomplishment, herring, to do the car repair! kudos! I would have declined the OT as well, Tweety. Agree with nurseJ! Continue to enjoy your vacation, BC! Off on time. Not a bad day. Did get the three computers replaced in one of the cath labs. They had been wonky for a month or so, apparently. All I did was enter the work orders and IT showed up and fixed 'em! Yay! Quiet evening planned for tonight. We have to be up early tomorrow, and do a 30-min drive, planning to ARRIVE at the church at 0700! So up and at 'em early! We play at two services: 0830 and 1115. Then we plan to go to lunch with the band (sushi has been chosen, I believe). Probably nap in the afternoon! Oh, wait. Maybe not. I may drive around and deliver CDs to nearby friends who indicated they wanted one. Nothing special planned for Sunday. Have a good evening!
  9. dianah

    Monday July 29 2019

    Hello all! VERY busy today. Well, actually it was a "normal" Stress Lab schedule, however there were only two of us. Usually it takes three ppl to manage the scheduling, interview the pts, perform the pre-stress ECGs, and do the actual stress test (be it treadmill or chemical). We were done with the morning patients by 12:45, however none of the reports had been done yet (supposed to be done by the person actually doing the stress test), and our first afternoon patient was due at 1:30. I sent the tech to lunch, called my partner (Case Manager) to come interview the afternoon pts, so the tech could do reports after lunch. I had a few min to eat, then we started up again. Our second tech, giving an ACLS refresher, was done by 2pm so he showed up to relieve my partner. We had one no-show, and everyone else did well. Had a nice chat (after the stress test) with one of the afternoon patients and his wife. Nice ppl. Dh and I were waiting to hear from oldest ds re: dinner tonight but we think he is still asleep (he is a night owl, and works a night shift). So we ate some leftover Jersey Mike's Subs and watched the second half of a Poirot. We live SUCH an exciting lifestyle! Dh is tracking our packages; we should receive 150 of the CDs tomorrow, and the balance by Friday! We are so excited! Is it only Monday??? The band is scheduled to do three songs at the Calimesa SDA Church on Sabbath (Saturday), for both services (0830 and 1115). This is fiddler's home church, and it is the first weekend of their campmeeting services. After church we will probably have a nice band dinner somewhere. Looking forward to all of it! Hope you have a good evening!
  10. dianah

    Sunday July 28, 2019

    Good morning all! herring, lately dh and I will choose a restaurant based on the noise factor. We like a quiet place where we can talk without shouting to be heard. Also, if we are seated at a restaurant, I have many times asked for the music to be turned DOWN. We are probably notorious in our area (there they are again, Jane, now watch: they will ask for the music to be turned down!). Good Spidey made it safely. At least you did his curtains. Jalapeno jelly sounds GOOD! Good you didn't get called in! I prepared a variety of cheeses and crackers, and two bowls of fruit, and we left home yesterday afternoon (temp 102 degrees) to head to Wrightwood and our friends' home (temp 86 degrees). They have a lovely, truly lovely home there, with a HUGE redwood deck (perfect for picking parties!) and beautiful wood walls inside, that they have filled with antiques. It is a treat to just SEE it, and moreso to be able to BE there, and enjoying a jam! There were at least two jams going, one inside and one outside on the deck, plus groups of ppl sat at the dining room table, or at tables outside, just chatted. Potluck out on the table for nibbling. We stayed till 10pm, then wrapped it up. We and six others were they ones who stayed till the end. Just couldn't stop, ! It was good to see friends and meet new ones, and to play. Today I need to pay bills and do grocery shopping. Have a good one!
  11. dianah

    Saturday July 27, 2019

    Thanks for the picture, Joe. Cute! nurseJ22, sorry about the V-lead issue. Hope they can reposition it to a good area. Are you pacer-dependent? Sounds like it was an AV Node Ablation rather than an A-flutter/isthmus approach. If AV Node ablation, yes you are pacer-dependent. Doesn't matter, really, at this point. Focus is: good position for the leads and for you to feel better! Gotta rustle up something to bring to the potluck today at the house jam. Maybe a cheese plate (in case there isn't anything else I want to eat, I can eat from the cheese plate!). Wonder if it will be another 100-degrees today? Just checked and yup! Predicted is 102. Shorts or capris! Have a good day!
  12. Hello to all! So nice to know it is Friday, the end of the week! Several people were off today, so there was only two of us in the Stress Lab. Day went smoothly, but again, it wasn't a full schedule. Met some nice ppl. Well, within one week we should have CDs in hand, and some "out there" for distribution online! Dh has done a whiz-bang job of submitting all the required information to CD Baby and to Disc Makers, in the past few weeks, to bring this all about. We are pretty excited! Oh my, No Stars, Nannie still sleeping after 18hr, after her (what I would call and what someone else DID call) manic episode?? What is going on? How are things now? I hope she doesn't wake up and stay up all night! And did you have an appointment for your sore back? herring, I'm sure the soup was good! Ted, congratulations for getting the lawn done! And, as you use it extensively and (probably) in a professional fashion, I would not hesitate getting something in a laptop/computer that would meet those professional needs. Sounds like you will be doing what you do for a long time! Best to smooth the path as much as possible. Tweety, we probably should replace a few of our old appliances... I'm sure the new ones are nice to have, and THEY WORK!! And, I get so irritated when they system that SHOULD work to increase communication and therefore patient care, DOESN'T WORK! Yes I would have been REAL IRRITATED. And may I say I would not mind working for/with you, at all? --- How did the suture removal go for Slowbro? BC, congrats on your stay-cation, hope you enjoy it!! nurseJ22, sorry about your lead. Is the atrial or ventricular out of whack? And will you be going in for a lead repositioning? I like veggie dogs. The concert sounds like fun! And, may I join those encouraging you to KEEP AFTER the crazy co-worker!!! Give her enough rope to hang herself! Joe, hope you had a good (Q!!!) day at work, a nice dinner with J, and a good evening of bowling. What cross-stitch project are you working on now? NurseBlaq, do you switch shifts? Is that the reason you are switching nights to days??? (my sympathies if you do! No workplace should make ppl switch shifts, IMO!) Dh has band practice tonight. Tomorrow afternoon we will drive to a friend's house in the mountains for a house jam/potluck. Sunday we have no plans except grocery shopping and some cleaning. Steph, are all the birthday festivities done for now? How did Spidey like his cakes? Have a good evening!
  13. dianah

    Monday July 22, 2019

    Hello all! Happy Birthday Stars!! I would not wish the trials of caring for a dementia patient on ANYONE. I hope the antipsychotic helps some. It is sad to watch the decline from a ringside seat. Hugs and prayers for you all. Keep venting. Tweety, that is such good news for you, about your retirement! AND about Slowbro! He is such a cutie! nurseJ22, sounds like you are feeling much better! Good to hear! Hope your half-day at work goes well, and isn't too much for you. Two ppl called off sick today so it was just me and my co-worker in the Stress Lab. Luckily the day turned out to be a light one. We'll see how tomorrow goes as well. Always good to hear from you, herring and Steph (Happy Birthday Spidey)! Dh and I had the lentil soup for dinner and watched a Poirot. Aren't we the exciting ones???!!! Have a good evening
  14. dianah

    Wednesday, July 17, 2019, G'Morning Y'All.....

    Hello to all! I am following the Nannie Saga, Today's Installment. Hope the MD has some excellent idea for what is needed. Good idea to re-Xray the wrist, after all its handling and repositioning. nurseJ22, hope you can find a good sleeping position. Sorry it's been so uncomfortable; good you can take time off work as needed. We took oldest ds to the restaurant of his choice for dinner, in honor of his 30th birthday today. He chose a new upscale Italian restaurant on the far side of town. Several of his friends work there, and he got to wave when we walked in. They all applauded him for his birthday, and brought his dessert with a lit candle. Nice ppl! The food was very tasty and light and creatively prepared, both in flavor and visually. We WILL go back! Ds chose for his dessert a small bowl of (what I call) gourmet ice cream - vanilla - over which once pours an espresso. The combination of flavors was WONDERFUL! This is now his favorite dessert! I had a mushroom pizza (very thin crust, and wood-fired); dh had a pasta dish. Not real heavy food, either. A good time was had by all! We gave him the band CDs he asked for, plus some cash in a birthday card. He will hang out with friends tonight (he has the night off from work). Have a good evening!
  15. Most of the bar patrons are in their 20's and 30's, . Here we are in our mid-60's! Will see if we get a call from the bar owner. No Stars, NOOOOOO! No Nannie falls!! So sorry! Keep us informed re: surgery and etc.