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  1. dianah

    Sunday June 9 2019

    Good morning all! Doing last-minute things and then will lug duffels out to the RV and leave for Lone PIne, first stop in the journey to Grass Valley. A leisurely trip up, not a mad dash. Joe, enjoy brunch and Mathilda! BC, enjoy your lobstah roll and the game. Lil Nel, hug Biggie and Talli for me too please! Good you vaccinate them. Tweety, enjoy your day off. I didn't sleep well either (not unusual, with trip starting today). Will survive! herring, good you found the card! Have a good day!
  2. dianah

    Friday June 7 2019

    Hello, have read you all and, as always, enjoyed the natter! Wooo Hooooooooo, I am DONE for the day and will be off for 2 weeks! Sunday 6/9 we will be off, heading to Northern California! Tomorrow is Prep Day, and we will pack and I will get some food bought and fixed and packed in the little RV. Dh will pack the instruments up Sat night (and likely sleep out in the RV during the night, so no instruments disappear!!). Sunday morning we won't be up at the crack of dawn (those who know us, know better!) but will get up, feed the animals, and THEN leave! First leg of the trip will be about four hours on the road, stopping in Lone Pine to camp. Second leg will probably be another four hours, stopping in Coleville. Third and final leg will be going from Coleville to Grass Valley (probably taking an angled route through Reno then going East towards Grass Valley). We will park Tuesday sometime at the fairgrounds, and will remain there till Monday after Father's Day. Several of our friends from here in SoCal are also travelling up for the festival, we look forward to meeting up with them there! Then the Monday after the festival ends, we will head out to Coleville again (there's a nice campground not too far from Grass Valley, where we can do some laundry). We will next travel further south down 395 and camp for a couple nights at Mammoth Lakes. As it was two years ago when we made this trip, they will likely still be skiing on Mammoth Mountain! It is a beautiful area to visit! I think we will start down for Lone Pine on Friday, and complete the last leg of the return trip on Saturday: home. Work has been a challenge, for various reasons (mostly staff drama). But, bottom line: our patients are OK! and I am relieved to be off for this vacation! We just got the RV back a day ago, after a friend removed all the cracked and peeling decals. The RV is 8 yr old, and while we have kept up with the gel coating, it is stored in the sun. We cover the tires but do not have a total-rig cover so it is left out to bake in the SoCal sun. The gel coated areas are OK, just the fancy decals looked ragged. It looks much cleaner and although it isn't hard to tell where the decals were, we are glad they are gone. He also serviced it and everything is working well (got a new battery a few months ago). As far as we know, it is ready for the trip! Dh will go practice tonight with his other band. I intend to do a little housework in preparation for leaving. Have a good evening!
  3. dianah

    Friday May 31 2019

    Strange and busy day today. The good: patients are all alive and those who needed exams (caths, stress tests, cardioversions) got them and are the better for having had them. The bad: some folks just don't know how to work as a team or how to communicate. Which makes it harder for others who are supposed to be working with them, to deliver timely care in a prudent manner. Had salad for dinner. We have a jam-along going tomorrow night. This is an annual event, held in a friend's beautiful backyard garden/patio area. We and many others bring instruments and play while other attendees sing. This is usually hymns. Our band will be there, and will do three songs for the group. There will be a potluck following the singing. We usually enjoy it a lot! Sunday we may meet youngest and his wife for lunch. A friend is singing in a chorale at the United Church of Christ, at 4pm. I may go to that, it's usually very nice. We are mentally gearing up to leave a week from Sunday, to drive the RV up to Northern Calif for the Grass Valley Father's Day Bluegrass Festival. Will be making lists and checking them twice, in the coming week! Have a nice evening!
  4. dianah

    Wednesday May 29

    Nel, yes, I have read about the traffic jams on Everest, where the more time spent in the Death Zone (above 8K meters, or 26, 247ft) greatly increases chances of death. Even those climbing without oxygen (one less thing to run out) have limited energy reserves, which is sapped when waiting hours to make it through the Hillary Step or other areas. Nepal may just need to limit the number of permissions granted to climbers. Which limits income to that country in general, and to the sherpas in particular. Guiding climbing parties is a major source of the sherpas' income. I would venture to say all who take the time to train and save and plan for an ascent of Everest are pretty aware of the risks. And though one makes detailed plans and trains meticulously, there still remain many unknowns. Capriciousness of Mother Nature being one. It is always, always sad to read of those losing their lives in that grand attempt. Ah, work is DONE. Time to relax.
  5. dianah

    Wednesday May 29

    Wow, it is rare I am first on the GM thread! Good morning to all! Dh needs the car today so will be dropping me off at work. The Insomnia Monster visited and wrassled with me all night long. Wish I could stay home and catch up with sleep but I'm sure once I get there to work, I will be OK and will make it through. We need to get the car serviced this week. It's just time, plus we need to change the windshield wipers, they are not very efficient. Last night we dropped off the RV at a friend's house, who will give it a once-over. We leave the 9th for a two-week drive up to Grass Valley for the bluegrass festival on Father's Day. While we were up in the desert over the weekend, a teeny-tiny chipped area on the hood of the RV got pummeled by the winds and turned into an area about 8" around, stripped down to the primer! Our friend will see what he can do to cover that area, to protect it. While at the bluegrass get-together, I wandered into the Bottom Feeders' camp to listen to the jamming going on. A young-ish man approached me and asked, "Do you remember me? You were my nurse." And then yes, then I remembered: he was one of my patients for a stress test! We got to talking then and found out we both played bluegrass music. I shared info about Southwest Bluegrass Association, and here he is at the members campout! Was kinda cool! I didn't get a chance to hear him play but my friend R says he plays just about anything with strings! Hope to hear him play, perhaps at another campout or at the festival in August, in Vista. OK, gotta go to work! Have a good one!
  6. dianah

    Thursday May 23 2019

    BC, yes we will be up in the high desert at a campout/jam, sponsored by the local South West Bluegrass Association, of which we are members. Our band is providing music on Sunday morning for the gospel hour. It will be good to play together and also to jam! nurseJ22, I ordered the book about Mary Todd Lincoln's dressmaker, it looked good! Sorry your ablation has been rescheduled/put off. Bummer. Got off pretty much on time. Got gas in the car and picked up some El Pollo Loco chicken and sides, dh loves this and he can eat it while we are camping! Friday we should be up at the campsite by lunchtime, and will join our bassist for a late lunch at a sushi place. We can then have chicken leftovers for dinner. Saturday we are driving down towards home so dh can play at a gig with his other band, and we will eat lunch down here after the gig. Sunday will be more leftovers, methinks (after our program)! I like camping but also like as little preparation as possible in the RV! Love leftovers!! It has been rainy off and on, today and yesterday. The weather in the high desert should be clear, though. Highs in the mid-70's. Cooler at night. Have a good evening!
  7. dianah

    Thursday May 23 2019

    Tweety, I merged the two GM threads. Good morning all, have a good day! Today is my last day at work until Tuesday! Yay!
  8. dianah

    Thursday May 16, 2019

    Got off on time, stopped to get a couple more sets of scrubs, then went grocery shopping. When I got home dh and I put groceries away, then heated leftovers for dinner and watched a Poirot episode. After eating I got busy putting together the different panels for our band's CD, to submit to the man who will put it together along with the artwork, for the final submission to a company for replication! Fiddler and I submitted photos we took, for the background visuals. This will be a two-CD project, with a center panel and a left and right panel folding out from it. Front and back sides to each. A sleeve to hold each of the CDs. Anyway, I am working on that but am pretty much done and have emailed my work so dh and fiddler can look it over and suggest changes. OK, off to relax!! Have a good evening!
  9. dianah

    Wednesday May 15, 2019

    I was in cath lab Monday and Tuesday. Very busy. But the pts all did well. Monday we had a nice dinner with dh and our two "boys" at a sushi place we used to eat at when they were smaller. Kinda cool to be back. Left work early yesterday for band practice, which went well. Followed band practice with a band dinner at a local steakhouse. Good food, good convo. Today was busy but I got off on time. My stress lab colleague and I revamped and updated the P & P Manual, and it is now in the hands of the Cardiologist "in charge" of the stress lab, for review and further possible revision. Have a very good evening!
  10. dianah

    Wednesday May 15, 2019

    herring, have a wonderful time in New Orleans! Woo Hoo!
  11. Thanks Steph! I did NOT look these up (couldja tell??). I just want some Get Well Soon Magic!! Will have to reconsider taking at least the one product. We had a nice lunch with youngest ds. Then I took a "I have a cold coming on, need to rest" nap. We are now reaching out to oldest ds, to see if he can meet for dinner. Thanks for the Mother's Day wishes, No Stars! I hope your days become more pain-free and Nannie-quiet. Lil Nel, how old is Talli, and why is he not ridden? Or, what was the story you got about him (I forget!)? A FB friend rescues mustangs and is their initial trainer (stand, be touched, lift feet at request, load in trailer, get used to ropes and stuff over, allow halter on, etc) and then through the mustang association, they will sell for $125 to a good home. Nice work! Working with mustangs has been her dream for a long time.
  12. dianah

    Saturday April 27, 2019

    I am unable to explain the "positional dyspnea," j22. All I know is when I described MINE to my Cardiologist, she nodded knowingly and said "ah, positional dyspnea." ???? I will have to look it up. I do not have afib or aflutter (I am told I will get it eventually, which is why I requested LAA ligation when I had my mitral valve repair in 2015), but did experience some CHF (EF dropped to 40%) initially post-op. It has since increased to 60% (near normal) but I still experience some DOE. And "positional dyspnea." Good you got a Cardiology appointment so soon! I will be interested to hear what the suggested plan is. Some ppl are unaware that they are in afib or aflutter; others know right away when their rhythm changes. I hope you are able to do everything you want, in spite of the rhythm! I hope today goes better for you, and you are able to accomplish more than yesterday's runaround carousel ride.
  13. dianah

    Thursday April 11 2019

    Steph: my youngest ds LOVES chickens! I'm sure the grandkids do too! Hope the weather is nice for your after-Easter visit.
  14. dianah

    Thursday April 11 2019

    Hello! We are just about packed up and organized, and then we found out (and confirmed via the main festival organizer dude) that gates officially open for campers TOMORROW after 9am!! They are apparently not set up to receive any campers before then. So we removed some overnight necessities and will spend the night at home then head out in the morning sometime. It won't be real early, dh needs to take his shower and feed the cats and load the instruments and do some other morning chores. But tomorrow IS the day!! The little refrigerator in our tiny RV is doing a good job keeping things cold. We will have leftovers for linner (or dunch, or lupper, or whatever you want to call it --- eating too early for supper and too late for lunch!!) and hopefully enjoy a nice evening. Wishing dh would come in, I am hungry! Have a good evening!
  15. dianah

    Thursday April 11 2019

    herring, sounds like she has decided what she wants. Yes, good she has hospice.