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  1. dianah

    Monday March 30 2020

    Good morning! Joe, good you got out to the nature preserve. We too are trying to support our local small businesses, those that remain open. I woke up with a sore throat, so called in sick. I don't feel sick, just am not taking chances in today's environment. I'm with Tweety, I'm a little spooked these days. Cats are all glad I'm home. Will take a nap later, as I woke up with my work alarm and then noticed the throat pain (5/10 if anyone is taking note ). Y'all have a good day!
  2. Just got off the phone with youngest ds and his wife, they are doing well. Then we called a friend to wish him a Happy 100th Birthday! He lives nearby, we met him and his (now-deceased) wife some 35 years ago, when they would hold barn parties and everyone would bring instruments and we'd all play together. He retired soon after, and devoted himself to his hobby: building violins and violas, in a large barn-like workshop in his backyard! It has no air conditioning! He also did instrument repairs for the local schools. He has stopped building instruments (some 10 years ago) but still does repairs, and his nephew posted a photo on FB of our friend, on his birthday (Thursday) no less, removing and replacing the chicken wire on a chicken coop in his backyard! I see him and his son every now and then, when we pass with our carts in the local grocery store. Anyway, what a cool milestone it is! He said he is "on my second hundred!!"
  3. Happy 60th Birthday, Ted, and welcome to the Over-60 Club! Very much enjoyed the video, thank you! Joe, post a picture of your finished work please? BC, No one here will fault you for such a rant. It is totally justified! Hope the sourdough bread turns out scrumptious! Years ago I kept a starter alive, but it proved to be too much for me to bake for just two of us, just to keep the starter going. So I let it go. But it's so cool to bake one's own sourdough!! Slept in (Oh Joy!!). No plans for the day. Well, I may make a couple phone calls, to check on some friends. Have a good day!
  4. dianah

    Friday March 27, 2020

    amo, you are right, we women just GOTTA have VERY atypical symptoms!! Hope it was a small one (probably, as you didn't exhibit sudden SOB/DOE, hinting at a change in your heart function). Anticoagulant for atrial fib? Usually coumadin 4 weeks before, and with weekly documented therapeutic INRs (>2) . Lately more pts are showing up taking one of the "novel anticoagulants" = eliquis, pradaxa, xarelto (I know them better by apixaban, dabigatran, rivoroxaban). Again, taken faithfully four weeks before the TEE. Just have to document that pt confirmed he DID take them, as there is no lab test that demonstrates a therapeutic range.
  5. dianah

    Tuesday March 24 2020

    Second day at work with the restrictions in place. I averted a hug from a grateful patient, we both knew it was best just to wave. I worked Stress Lab in the morning and was pulled by our Chief to do Case Management in the afternoon. Got off on time. Stopped to get a few groceries. No TP. However, when I got home, dh had a funny look on his face and pointed to the kitchen table, where all the day's package arrivals were displayed. A couple books I ordered. Two rubber "brushes," for getting cat hair off clothes. And. And. What was that?? Felt funny, -- cylindrical. and then I opened it. It was the toilet paper I ordered two weeks ago. When all the other, more familiar brands were "not in stock." This one was. I ordered six. Took them two weeks to get here. And now?? I think they might last one day. Maybe two. The bag of six rolls is next to ONE of the rolls we have in our cupboard today. Of course, dh says we have many computer books for outdated applications, that we *could* use ... (and he is SERIOUS!!) So that was OUR chuckle for the day! Youngest ds and his wife called, they are doing well. Then oldest called, he is doing well. Needs to start looking for a job, though he has some funds to fall back on in this interim. Of course, we will help as needed. Have a good evening!
  6. dianah

    Saturday March 21 2020

    No Stars, so sorry you are all scrunched over today! Hope it wears off quickly. Good your dh was able to get his meds AND was as careful as he could be! It was really good of the pharmacy staff to watch out for him! I picked the minneolas and drove some of them over to a friend's house. She had lemons waiting for me, outside, in trade. We chatted (6 feet apart!) for probably 20 min, hadn't seen each other in awhile. This was a rough year for her and her dh; they lost her mom, his mom, his step-mom, his dad, and two of his uncles. When I got home we put the minneolas and the lemons in the fridge. I walked the dog, and got the mail. In the mail was something important for ds, so I got back in the car and took it (and some minneolas and lemons) over to his place. Was nice, again, to see him. Saw one of his roommates, and met a friend who came by. So, I'm now sitting eating dinner. Hope you have a good evening!
  7. dianah

    Saturday March 21 2020

    I just saw a message on FB: "Introverts! Check on your extrovert friends, that they are OK. They have no idea how to do this!" Another quiet day at home. I got a lot accomplished yesterday. Today will go to a friend's house and pick minneola tangerines, she says her trees are bursting and doesn't want the fruit to go to waste. It was nice to see oldest ds last night, and know he is OK. Thanks for the reminder on getting out to exercise or walk the dog(s), herring. BC, I hope your friend continues to improve. The stats show most ppl will recover. Joe, good you still have a job, and can work from home. Can't help but feel bad for the ones laid off, though. It is enough to rattle one. Hope you all have a good day!
  8. dianah

    Monday March 16 2020

    Dh filled me in that in announcements yesterday the governor of CA recommends closing all bars and wineries, and isolating those 65 and older. Hmmm, I am now 65, does that mean I shouldn't go to work as a nurse (after this week off)???? Our friends' family, who is planning Friday's memorial service, is contemplating rescheduling to a later date. I'm sure they anticipate more than 50 ppl to attend; how can one anticipate?? Anyway, that is still up in the air as well.
  9. nurseJ22, stay healthy!
  10. Thank you for the kind birthday wishes! Tweety, how exciting for you and for Waffles!! Pictures please! And, I understand being torn between going to bowling, and distancing... Joe, congrats on doing taxes! My appt is next Sunday. Ted, hilarious etude! Thanks for sharing! It is still cloudy out, with probably a 40% chance of rain. I will mosey to the grocery store and see what I can see, and get what I can get. AFTER breakfast! Have a good day!
  11. dianah

    Saturday March 14, 2020

    Thanks all! And No Stars: "Wouldn't it be LOVERLY?????? Loverly? LOVERLY!!!!" Just working on Vincent -- or as most of us know it, Starry Starry Night. I remember this song from my youth. Very moving, always loved it, though it is a sad song.
  12. dianah

    Saturday March 14, 2020

    We have spent a quiet day inside. Ate leftovers. I received my Medicare card in the mail. Today I turned 65. Nothing big done nor planned. I need to work on some music we promised to do on Friday at a memorial service for a friend who died last week. His brother and family (we don't know them) requested 5 min of music before the memorial service, and 5 min of music after. We can do our usual gospel music, as it's at a Methodist church. Then, as Sweet Baby James and Vincent were two of our friend's favorite songs, could we do one of them during the service? I just printed the lyrics and chords to Vincent, will see if it will come together enough to do for the service. I have always liked the song myself as well. This friend we met some years ago, while we listened to the bluegrass band at California Adventure. We had noticed him listening to the music as well, other times when we went to the parks. His doctor had told him to start walking to help lower his blood pressure. So he bought an annual pass to the parks and came every day, to walk. Met the musicians. Ended up applying for a host job and was hired. He hosted at the Big Thunder Mountain BBQ (which is now re-done into Galaxy's Edge. We were all sad to see the BBQ close). Then when that closed, he hosted at the Blue Bayou. Trained many new servers and hosts. Always smiling. Will always be remembered as Cowboy Jim. Tomorrow I will see what the grocery store has in stock. Again, we don't have much planned for the next week. I'm sure I will find projects to occupy my time. Have a good evening.
  13. dianah

    Saturday March 14, 2020

    Good morning all! Slept in, even after taking a nap when I got home yesterday! Must have been tired. This is the beginning of a week off, with no plans! There are several home projects I could get done and will likely do some of them. I hope youngest ds is getting over his flu. They cancelled their plans to fly out, obviously. It is cloudy today, rain forecast today and tomorrow, with a short two-day break then more rain through next week. We do need the rain, and the mountains need the snow and rain. Have a good day!
  14. dianah

    Friday March 13, 2020

    Hello all! Yay it's Friday! I am off next week. We will spend a lovely quiet week at home, as the cruise was cancelled and last night youngest ds called: he has the flu (not COVID-19). So they cancelled their travel plans to come out. Will see them another time. It rained most of the day yesterday and rain is forecast the next couple days too. I like it! Hope you all have a good day!
  15. dianah

    Wednesday March 11, 2020

    Hello. Busy day in the cath lab. Patients doing well, yay. I will be in the Stress Lab tomorrow. So, tomorrow our facility begins screening of anyone entering it. Staff will be allowed to enter only through one monitored portal, and the public through another (monitored as well). I have a blue dot on my badge that indicates I have received the inservice and answered the three questions with a negative. When I went to the ICU today to pick up a bed for our patient, I was met by an RN who inspected my badge for the blue dot, and insisted I use hand sanitizer before entering the unit. She also insisted I use it as I left the unit. I hope all these precautions and trip cancellations and limiting of social exposure will help and reduce the spread of the virus. Dh says one of the cats figured out how to open the door to the pendulum of the Regulator clock! It hangs on the wall over the (un-used, upright) piano. She jumped onto the piano and worried the clasp till she opened it. Cats are forever curious! The clock used to hang on the wall in his dad's elementary school classroom. It must be wound once a week with a key. His dad bought it when the school closed, and he later gave it to dh. Skies were beautiful today, and not too cold (for us). The next three days it should rain though. Not complaining here! Have a good evening!

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