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  1. 1) Retain a lawyer and establish a blind trust fund. 2) Wipe every creditor I have off the face of the earth. 3) Get my sister to an Opthamologist and Dentist (she is going blind from cataracts and all her teeth are falling out). 4) Have my clunker car and my sister's van hauled off to the junk yard and buy new cars for us both. 5) Buy new houses for me and and my sister and BIL. 6) Go to Disney World.
  2. ...or from the 14 million (and counting) who are currently unemployed...including Yours Truly. Good luck to them.
  3. CseMgr1

    Our beloved Mutti is Gone

  4. CseMgr1

    Michael Jackson Dies of Heart Attack!!!

    Actually, Katherine has temporary custody of the kids. I heard on CNN last night that while she and Joe have been married for 60 years, they have been living separate lives for quite some time. She lives in the family compound in Encino and he lives in Vegas. And, yes, I am also repulsed by Joe Jackson's behavior, as this is neither the time or the place for him to be hawking his new record label. Quincy Jones, who produced three of Michael's award-winning albums ("Off the Wall", "Thriller" and "Bad"), and was very close to him, summed it up best: "This is ALL about money. It makes me SICK". I think it was darned straight of Michael to leave his father with EXACTLY what he deserved: NOTHING.
  5. Indeed. "Let 'em eat cake". Grrrrrr.....! :angryfire
  6. CseMgr1

    Michael Jackson Dies of Heart Attack!!!

    I was watching VH-1's video tribute to Michael this morning and literally got chills, as they played "Man in the Middle". Wow.
  7. CseMgr1

    Michael Jackson Dies of Heart Attack!!!

    I am still in disbelief that he has died. This is one of those shattering events that will cause many to recall years later what they were doing the moment the news broke about his death. And, I am sickened by the media feeding frenzy as to how "messed up" he was, as well as the circumstances surrounding his death. No matter what he alledgedly did to himself (or others), there is no denying the legacy Michael Jackson left behind. And, that's how I will remember him.
  8. CseMgr1

    Michael Jackson Dies of Heart Attack!!!

    I was sitting at the dinner table talking to my sister and BIL about Farrah's and Ed McMahon's passing wondering who was going to be next, when the news broke on T.V. that Michael had been rushed to the hospital. I almost fell out of my chair. A troubled but very talented soul. Tragic.
  9. CseMgr1

    Jon and Kate just enrage me..

    "Jon and Kate Plus 8" is just another shameful example of Reality T.V. run amuck...in the name of ratings and big bucks.
  10. CseMgr1

    Sunday, June 7th, 2009

    Pssst.....it's my birthday! :balloons:
  11. CseMgr1

    Saturday May 23, 2009

    Morning, All: My long weekend began yesterday, after another rough week. I have to work Memorial Day, as I volunteered to do medication prefills on two Clients who can't manage their meds alone due to physical and/or mental disabilities. At least I hope I'll be able to do the visits, as I had to turn in the fleet car on Thursday, my car is still in the shop, and my sister's van has a broken window on the passenger side. The power windows have been messed up on it for years. She let it down and it won't go back up. And, (wouldn't you know it), a monsoon has set in after years of drought, and there's no way I can drive it in this wind and rain. I guess I'll have to find a clear trash bag or something to cover it, until we can get it fixed. BIL has also not been doing well this week. He started running intermittent, low-grade fevers last weekend. I thought he might be developing an infection from his Penrose drain. My sister finally transported him to the ER on Thursday (his surgeon refused to allow his HH nurse to do a C&S of the drainage at home). Turns out that a section of his midline incision, which was masked and covered by steri-strips had become infected and dehisced. He also had a infection of his one remaining kidney and was dehydrated. An I&D of the incision was done, and he was given IV fluids and Levaquin and sent home. He has also been an absolute bear to care for. My sister, who is burning out, lost it yesterday when he (again) refused to get up and walk. I had had enough, too, and I got in his face: "Do you want to be an invalid?", I asked. "No", was his reply. "Good", I said. "Then you're getting up". "Ya'll just don't know how I feel", he complained. "Maybe we don't", I agreed, "But you're getting up, just the same". He got up. He tried to manipulate me into taking him back to his recliner as I walked him from the bedroom to the dining room, a distance of about 30 feet: "I'm gonna fall and you ain't going to be able to catch me!" "No, I'll just let you slide to the floor, like I've been trained to do", I reassured him. "Move along". After he was seated at the dining room table, I pulled up a chair in front of him. We had a heart-to-heart talk, in which he finally broke down and cried, admitting for the first time how depressed he was. I think his year-long battle with cancer has caused him to crash, both physically and emotionally. "Hey", I soothed, "You are a survivor and not a victim, and the cancer which caused this mess to begin with has been burned to a crisp in the hospital's incinerator. "And you are not an 'invalid', by any source of the imagination", I emphasized, "Unless you want to be". He assured me that he did not. I think that was a real turning point for my BIL, for he was more cooperative afterwards and even asked to get up and go to the dining room table. Hopefully today will prove more of the same.
  12. CseMgr1

    I'm having trouble hanging on

    Same here, Sue. I've already posted on another thread my recent demotion from supervisor to PRN nurse because I refused to kiss Corporate's butt. You're right---there aren't many jobs out there and the ones which are available are becoming increasingly untenable. Just yesterday, the HH nurse who is caring for my BIL told us that their Office Manager walked out after being unmercifully harassed by his supervisor. She also told us that the company who owns this Agency is restructuring.....again. I had thought about applying for a job there, when my hours were cut. Not anymore. The dirty tactics employed by today's Corporations to keep their employees towing the line is nothing short of criminal, in my book.
  13. CseMgr1

    Prayers needed for Jnette's mom

    Mutti is so blessed to have a daughter like you, Netters! Glad to hear that she is doing better. Keep us posted.
  14. Sounds like typical "hospital" fare. Update on BIL: He has not been doing well of late. Several days ago he began running intermittent, low-grade temps. I thought it might be due to a developing infection from his Penrose drain. My sister took him to the ER yesterday. A wound care nurse was called in. Turns out that his surgical incision (which was masked and covered with steri-strips), had become infected and dehisced. He was also dehydrated. An I&D was done, the wound packed with Iodoform gauze, and he was given IV fluids and Levaquin and sent home. I know he's sick (and probably depressed, too), but he has been a PITA since being discharged home from the hospital nearly two weeks ago. He's demanding, refusing to eat, drink or walk. All he wants to do is sit in his recliner and stare at the T.V. After a particulary nasty scene the other day in which my sister finally threw up her hands, proclaiming: "I can't do this anymore", I got onto him: "Give her a break", I scolded. "You are a survivor and not a victim", I went on, "And the cancer that caused all this mess has been burned to a crisp in the hospital's incinerator. "You can get better". He just nodded and answered absently: "OK". I wouldn't wish what he's been through during the past year on my worst enemy. To make matters worse, none of his five kids give a damn about him. I just wish I knew there was something else I could say or do, to help him.
  15. CseMgr1

    Sister Diagnosed With Necrotizing Fasciitis

    She is doing better. Yesterday was the first day in weeks that she was able to get through the day without easily tiring. Hopefully this is behind her, as she is now has to cope with my BIL's life-alterating cancer surgery which is scheduled for next Friday. Thanks to everyone for your love and support.