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  1. Sabby_NC

    Tuesday August 22, 2017

    Hi tweety and all, Just running by the computer, I know it has been a while popping in. Hope you are all doing well and enjoying life. Too much hate on Social Media I am avoiding it for the most part, and getting on with my life. LOL Have now started writing articles for the International Children's Palliative Care Network, who loved my first article and have asked me to continue writing for them. Touched by this, all started when I was caring for a wee babe at the age of 4 days. I had her for 57 days and her death had a profound affect on me. I am also working on a book. Woo hooo lonnngggg way to go. Oh well it is time to get myself organized for work. Have an awesome day. Love ya Mean it. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. Sabby_NC

    Monday - June 19th, 2017

    Hello one and all, Slides in after being AWOL although I have been weaning my time on the computer down, especially on Social Media (FB). Got to the point I could not take the negativity of some stuff and got sick of blocking it. Best move was to remove myself from it and get out and about. This has been the best move for me, being out walking any time I can with one dog then come home and switch to the next one. Work has been h*ll on wheels, nothing has changed there *sighs*, I am caring for a not yet 3 week old babe that I am in love with despite the tragic issues and scary realization of how teeny tiny this darling is, it has been a HUGE learning curve. My case load is through the roof and last week being so busy I did over 30 visits and ended up sleeping Saturday away. Ok enough of work it makes steam come out of my ears. LOL We have so far experienced a very wet June, emptying inches out at a time but I am so thankful for the rain come summer time it will be different and we will be begging for it so I take each day the good Lord gives me and always try to make lemonade out of lemons. Now to be honest some days it is realllly difficult to do that. LOL Loving tinkering in my garden and of course feeding the wild life and making hummingbird syrup every time I turn around but they give me so much joy. So tell me how are you all? Fill me in on what has been going on. There is your task, if you should accept it this message will disappear in 5 seconds. LOL Sure love and have missed you all, promise not to be such a stranger but sometimes a break is just what the heart and soul needs eh? Love ya mean it. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. Sabby_NC

    Sunday, Funday - 4/30/2017

    Good Morning Ted and everyone else, Nice to see that Amy is improving some and I sure pray the spinal tap turns out to be normal. Sure has been a bit of a concern mate. Wow, good for you getting this additional training for the supervisor training, you will be all good to go once you have that under your belt and understanding all your responsibilities. Praying all goes well for you Ted. Work was a little quiet last week which was nice as I have been orienting a nurse who is new to hospice but has been a nurse for many years. She is picking everything up well. Just waiting to do the admission process with her a couple of times as it is rather involved on the 'stupid' program we are using at the moment. I am praying SO hard we go back to one of the older ones we had which worked so much better than this one. grrrrrr I say EVERY day I hate it. LOL Have been enjoying my time at home, cooking up a storm and working in the yard, planning on getting out there today to trim the lawn and feed my flowers/ plants. I cannot get over the bird life around here and how they happily gobble up so much seed per day. No more an issue for the squirrels as those slinkies hubby put on the poles to the feeders works so well and I get entertained daily watching those furry things bounce up and down. Then to watch them thinking how they could outsmart the thing is hilarious. Going to head off very soon to take the dogs for a nice long walk while it is cooler and the dogs can enjoy themselves then once home I shall get busy! Hope everyone is doing well, keeping well and enjoying this early summer, it sure has been hot the past 4-5 days but praying we get a nice drop of moisture soon enough. We had 8" of rain last week which was awesome but I do like to see it fall more frequently when it is so hot. Cannot believe how hot we have been so early in the season. Have a most excellent and fun day, no matter what you get up to smile and be good at it. Much love to you all.
  4. Sabby_NC

    Sunday April 23, 2017

    Good Morning Tweety and all who slide on in, Nice that you got to leave work earlier Tweety, nice surprise. Have a great time at the concert. Well we are getting some good dumping of rain which pleases me as I had spread over 30 bales of pine needles on the landscaped gardens and now my lower back is screaming at me. LOL Looks beautiful out there and if there is a decent break in the rain I plan to get the furboys out for a nice walk. Was lucky to get in one good walk but then the heavens opened. Did some cooking yesterday, during this process I heard a large cracking noise but could not work out where this came from, after successfully cooking the meal I was cleaning up and it was not until I cleaned my solid stove top that I saw the cook top had a huge crack from the front to the back. Phoned the store we bought it from, thank goodness hubby took out the extended warranty (we normally do not) so I phoned them and have some one coming tomorrow to fix the ruddy thing. I was not a happy camper until I was comforted in the fact it will be fixed or replaced!! We continue to redecorate/ change our little home around inside, hubby sold our dining room table and side buffet, looked lovely in our log home but too big here so more shopping to come. LOL Plus he put our lounge and chair up for sale, looking more into something countrified and relaxing. We shall see what is out there! Goodness we got 1 1/2" overnight and looking at more than 2" just today, I guess I will have to get the row boat out. hahahaha Hubby continues to enjoy his job, yet to be moved to the geriatric section which is where his passion is but still he is enjoying caring for those abused and scared kids. Work is going fine and dandy! Our Director is away this week on vacation so there will be more mayhem in the office. bwwwhhahahahahaha Hope everyone is doing well, enjoying life etc. May your day be a blessing to you and those you come in contact with. Much love.
  5. Good Morning and Happy Easter to you all, May your Easter Sunday be kind to you all no matter what you get up to. Seems like forever since I have landed in here for a natter with you all. Work is going oh so much better since we have another RN Case Manager with us, she is wonderful and settled in well, a good fit for us and a team player. She sure has taken the pressure of Kim and myself, I actually have time to do more than I could and I am very happy about that. The weather has been delightful which encourages me to be outside playing in the dirt and mowing. I planted over 150 flower seedlings which appear to be doing great although my back was screaming by the end of it. LOL Lawn looks like a golfing green very happy with the treatment of the lawn before spring came along. We are so blessed to have a 3 acre pond down the road from us, it is in a glorious setting, we have been taking the dogs down there for some exercise and they just swim like crazy when we are there. The younger dog loves it so much he throws himself on the ground when we feel it is time to head home as he does NOT want to leave. Talk about laugh! Hubby's job is going well although he will be moving to the geriatrics which is where his passion is just not sure when that will happen but his shifts will be the same. He is excited although he has enjoyed caring for the children/ adolescents his heart is with the elderly. Ted how is Amy doing these days? Sure hope everyone is doing well with this glorious weather. It is funny because once I get home from work, I change and head off walking with the dogs, do not get a lot of chance to get on the computer when it is so pretty outside. My hummingbirds are back so they have fresh syrup out there, I had a male ruby throated hummingbird come right up into my face to drop a not so subtle message he wanted food. LOL Well it is now getting light so I shall get the dogs ready for their walk. Have a most excellent day. Much love to you all. Mods please merge if there is already a Sunday post up.
  6. Sabby_NC

    Sunday April 9, 2017

    Hello one and all, Feeling much improved after 2 weeks off work, back to my ol' self at long last. We now have a third Case Manager so we can let up on some much pressure plus she has been given 3 patients from each of us to start slowly to begin with. She is awesome and fits in with us well, she will be an asset to our office. Had a glorious weekend working around the house, cooking and relaxing. Hope you are all doing well. Much love to you.
  7. Sabby_NC

    Daily Diary It's Friday, It's Friday

    Good Morning to you all, Sorry I have been MIA for quite a while, have been rather sick due to getting so run down then BANG down I went like a sack of taters. Been out of work nearly two weeks suffering with tonsillitis then the flu, then trigeminal shingles. Feeling much better on this end of things just weak, 5 days of having a fever of over 101F can do that eh? Praying Amy is doing better and these headaches ease of and go away. Praying all tests come out in her favor. Have a good night at work Ted. Praying for all those that are working the weekend that things go according to plan and that you are not too hectic. We are in the midst of thunderstorms and heaps of rain, I am pleased for the moisture but I think I am going to have to employ goats to get the grass down. LOL We had a very sad week last week, hubby's older brother passed away. It has been very tough and hubby is so very sad but we are thankful that we were there for him when he needed us. Jeff was an alcoholic but had stopped drinking in January due to being so sick. He had suffered multiple falls and we had to send him to the ED each time. It was in the ED that I noticed full hand biases coming into play. 'Oh he is slurring his words' thinking he had been drinking, ummm no check his ammonia level I believe that is the cause. He was sent home each time without any interventions which in my book he needed. The last fall was Monday the 20th, we both went with him to the ED it is then that I witnessed for the first time a doctor who showed love, compassion and respect to my brother in law. We had him directly admitted to the hospice home due to large blood vomitus, increased jaundice and enlarged firm tummy. I knew he was dying, so did hubby, we got him over to the hospice home and made very comfortable. Jeff passed away less than 24 hours later, we were there to be with him when he took his last breath. I learnt a lot through this time how easy it is to allow our biases to come in to play without looking at the whole picture. This man should have received better care weeks ago. Does not matter life style etc. we all deserve nothing less than good medical care, love and attention. I wrote a long email to the CEO saying how impressed we were with the doc in the ED and the entire staff who treated my brother in law with love, tenderness and such compassion. Jeff did not choose to become an alcoholic but life circumstances for him, I guess he felt that ETOH was his way of dealing. He is now at peace but gawd we are going to miss that crazy funny man who would give anyone the shirt off his back. I sure pray today you get out there, make some one smile it is free but it sure does a whole lot of good. Much love to you all.
  8. Good morning to you all, Thought it was about time I popped in to say hello. Hoping this post finds you all fit and well, I shall take some time to read the posts I have missed and bring myself up to speed! Work is literally consuming my life of late so time on the computer has been very limited and after working on a computer all day with work that is the last thing I really want to do at night. I am doing close to 30+ visits a week and new admissions keep coming through the door. I am going to be so thankful once our new case manager starts in a couple more weeks! Enjoying being outside pottering in the yard, smelling my beautiful spring bulbs and chasing the dogs around. We are walking those boogers twice a day every day no matter what. They give you those pitiful looks with their big brown eyes and we cannot say no. LOL Just had our lawn plugged, fertilized, limed and reseeded, happened by chance as we were walking the dogs and our neighbors had this company working on theirs. Hubby asked them to give him a quote which was great so once they had finished they came over the road and did ours. Win/ win there and they are a local company so we plan to use them every year as it is well worth it. By the time hubby gets the trailer hitched up, runs around grabbing what we need then do the chores, these guys 3 in total did it easily with their equipment and we are big believers in using local small companies so it was just meant to be. Hubby works every weekend now with his new job, he loves working 3 days then 4 off. Next weekend he put in for the time off so I took off Friday as well. We plan, weather permitting, to head off on some new hiking trails and just spend the time together. The weather has been rather pleasant of late so we have been cooking out in the evening and enjoying some fresh salads. Love this weather when I do most of the cooking outside, nothing better I say. So what else has been going on in your lives? Have a most excellent and happy day. Multiple hugs to you all.
  9. Good Morning Herring, Tweety and all who pop in, Love that song Herring, now I am going to have that in my head all day which is not a bad thing. LOL Tweety sure hope that your weekend at work goes well without too much drama mate. I am loving this improved weather and have been spending as much time as I can outside once home from work. Love to see that the bulbs are flowering and I also mowed last weekend which was a joy to my heart. Mowing is one of those activities that make me relax and think about nothing while I mow. Took Thursday off from work due to MD appointment plus I wanted some time off to go shopping for clothes and visit Bath and Body, before getting home and enjoying a nice long walk with hubby and the furkids. We took the dogs to a 3 acre pond where they ran and swam their hearts out. They exhausted themselves so much I wondered if we were going to get them home. LOL While off I also enjoyed just relaxing and finding some 'me' time which was sorely needed. Hubby absolutely loves his job, comes home smiling as they are all very supportive and help each other if they are slammed with admissions or dramas. Nice that he leaves work behind when he comes home which is a nice change. We finally have a new Case Manager hired but will not be with us until after 3 weeks of orientation so I do not expect to see her until the end of March then the 'real' training starts. Sure hope you all have a blessed and awesome day. Much love as always. xx
  10. Sabby_NC

    Tuesday, February 14, 2017

    Thanks Tweety- I am also concerned over this being an occult fracture that may have been missed but that sucker sure is painful with a horrid enlarged firm swelling around the sore area. Oh well it is what it is but will get it looked at today. Hope your jury duty goes well. xx
  11. Sabby_NC

    Tuesday, February 14, 2017

    Thanks buddy. What on earth have you done to the right lower back?? Hope you do not experience renal calculi. Praying for relief Ted. xx
  12. Sabby_NC

    Tuesday, February 14, 2017

    Good Morning Davey Do and all who pop in, Hope you all have a great day and for those who celebrate VD have a good ol' time. I try to celebrate every day so this VD really is just another day for me despite the fact my hubby surprised me with flowers but he does that during the year as well. I just feel blessed for getting another day to breathe and create mayhem. Hahahaha Hubby has finished doing the backsplash in our kitchen, did the grouting yesterday, and I have to say it is wonderful. He will be painting cabinets once the weather warms up a little but I do love the kitchen and changes that are happening in our l'il home. So tell me how are you all and what have you been up to? I am still getting over my injury although I returned to work yesterday it was tough and I ended up leaving once I was done due to immense pain in my right arm. I am having our Med Director look at it today as I am concerned with this swollen painful area over the bone. It was lovely getting back to work and catching up with my patients/ families whom I missed dreadfully. Love that my bulbs are 'bulbing' out of the ground and I saw the most prettiest tree in full pink blossom. Oh how this warms my heart knowing nicer weather is on the way. I really need to get out and mow but not sure I can manage the ride on right now. LOL Have a most excellent day no matter what you get up to. Much love to you all.
  13. Sabby_NC

    Thursday February 9, 2016

    LOL Yep right handed but I am getting very good at doing things left handed. LOL
  14. Sabby_NC

    Thursday February 9, 2016

    Good Morning Tweety, Davey Do, Joe and all who pop in, Thought it was about time I popped in to say hello and now that I can type with both hands albeit slowly I am here! Had a nasty fall walking my two dogs and ended up with a partially de-gloved right thumb and a pretty smashed up arm but thankful there were no breaks. I have bruising on my scapulae, left upper arm, right arm is literally a dark black/ blue bruise, bruising on my legs. When I do something I do not do it in half measures. *sighs* Still it could have been worse instead of hitting the wooden rail fence it could have been the metal farm gate and the outcome could have been a whole lot different so here I sit laughing at myself although I am frustrated that I am off work and can do little for myself. Hahahahahaha Good grief we have wild winds right now blowing the trees around, it is cold and quite miserable outside, we had wild thunder storms last night with rain. Not sure walking the dogs this morning will be very nice at all. May just have to take them for a drive in the truck to make them happy!! Those on my facebook page will see that hubby is renovating our kitchen, he is doing an amazing job and I am thrilled with the look of it. Still have to grout the back splash and then we shall paint the cabinets. He worked all day on that kitchen and remains comatose this morning. He needs today to rest in preparation for returning back to work tomorrow. I am so pleased we had a ton of frozen meals as cooking would not have been easy but I am going to try my hands at another pot of veggie soup and by the weekend I would like to make some more meals up. Hubby loved the Swedish meatballs I made for him a few weeks ago. The recipe is very nice and they are tasty although I do not eat red meat I could get into those. Hahahahaha Cannot believe my bulbs are all popping up, I am thinking I shall put tulips in my half barrels down the drive way then once they are done I can transplant those to my round bulb garden before putting in some colorful flowers. Love it that it will soon be time to be outside pottering and mowing. That makes this l'il woman very happy. So how has everyone been doing? Have I missed anything exciting at all? Anyone got plans for trips etc.? Come on fill this l'il Aussie chick in. May your day be a blessing to you and others. Much love as always. xxx
  15. Sabby_NC

    Sunday January 29, 2017

    Hello to you all, Sliding in late this evening but have had a wonderfully relaxing day. Nice to read what you have all been up to. Sure do pray everyone is keeping well and enjoying life. Have spent this weekend, recuperating from a hellish week and that is all I am going to say about it. :sarcastic: Walked 2-3 times each day this weekend, spent time playing with the dogs outside, cleaning the yard and looking at my spring bulbs that are bulbing everywhere. LOL Filled up bird feeders then cooked up some delish Swedish Meatballs that I know hubby is going to love. I did want to cook up some Salmon Cakes but alas there is no room in the freezer to put anything else in there. LOL Had a super nice nap this afternoon so I am feeling very calm and ready for the mayhem tomorrow. I will have a nursing student with me so she is going to see first hand the madness of my day. Hahahahahaha Hubby will be home from work soon, lovely to see him come home smiling even if his day has been crazy. He will be now off for 4 days and that is very relaxing for him. We have been making a lot of decisions re retirement and future goals so that has been very helpful for the long term planning. Love that we can sit and talk about all sorts of things. So very thankful for our little home and our two fur boys who are rotten to the core but would not have it any other way. We have the sweetest elderly neighbors so we often will phone them to make sure they are ok and if they need anything and they do the same with us. God knew what he was doing when he found us this house. I could not be more thrilled in our little cul-de-sac. May this week be kind to you all. Much love from me. xxxxxxxxxxxx

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