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Sabby_NC specializes in ICU, SDU, OR, RR, Ortho, Hospice RN.

Aussie nurse now living in the USA.

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  1. Sabby_NC

    Monday, January 9, 2017

    Good Morning Davey, Joe and all who 'slide' in here. Now no real sliding on the roads ok? Work is on hold until 10am where our CEO will make the decision to open. I know one thing is for sure I am not going to be able to get into some of my patients but as soon as I get my thoughts into gear I shall phone some. Yep there will be some missed visits today that is for sure. Some things I can handle over the phone but several patients need to be seen and I am sure I can get to them if I can get out of our driveway. Hahahaha Yes, our weather is brutal like most everyone else, not supposed to be out of the 20's today so how can anything melt eh? I am the only nurse available as my colleague has a day off as her son has to be in court. Long story but got married then his partner tried to strangle him.... horrible! Our daughter and SOON to be son in law, is now home. I am so thankful for that but this guy sure has a long road in front of him. Still 'trached' but able to drink fluids through a straw. So very happy he has remained upbeat and calm over this whole incident. Thankful to for the VA who are providing all his needs and care. Also thankful that DO has Jennifer taking great care of him as well. He is one very blessed man. Hubby had to remain at work for a couple of nights, his work put them up in a hotel to ensure their safety and that they could get to work the next day. They had a designated driver that took them to the hotels and picked them back up again. Hubby was most thankful for that but more thankful when he could get back home again last night and get a good nights rest. Dogs are having a blast with this very powdery snow although I am not letting them be outside for long as I noticed Banjo would hold a paw up then swap it for another. Too cold for them to be outside running for long at all. I ran them over the road to the huge field there, we did a couple of laps but with the cold and that wind made for a very miserable time even though I was rugged up, it is freaking brutal. Well I am off to do some cooking so I better get to it. Hope and pray you all have a wonderful day, those that must get out on the roads, please take care and be safe. Much love xxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. Good Morning and TGIF. Sure hope you are doing well this day and managing things the best you can. Our daughter and partner are doing better, he was able to head home for a while with trach still in place, facing more surgery, jaw still wired shut but his attitude is awesome. I continue to pray for this guy and of course Jen, they have literally been to h*ll and back. Long recovery in front of him but at least he passed the second swallowing test so he can have clear fluids. Thank you for your prayers which are always greatly received. Work is slowly wearing me down, my colleague and I continue to pray for a new RN Case Manager soon, this running every day is tough. LOL Just need to get through today then I can hibernate for the weekend NOT going any where other than walking my dogs. Hubs is loving his new job, to see him come home smiling and excited to head off the next day is heart warming. Even after a busy day with multiple admits he is still happy. Looks like we are all in for some yucky weather, not much one can do about it other than be ready. Hubby got the grocery shopping done so I will have nothing to do. Hubby is really being so sweet, he surprised me with a phone call saying he had ordered a new kitchen for me. Nothing wrong with the one we have other than it is not quite our taste, so he chose new counter tops in quartz, new color for the cabinets and a very pretty back splash. He does not know that this just starts the ball rolling, next will be painting the room out and of course looking at flooring. Haahahahahaaha We continue to walk the dogs twice a day and loving it although it is a wee cool, rugging up and enjoying that freezing air on your face sure does make you feel alive, no really you just cannot wait to get back in the house. Hahhaaaa So fill me in what have I missed? Sure wish for you a happy and productive day. Smile and love life. x x x x
  3. Sabby_NC

    Wednesday December 28 2016

    Praying for those that are not feeling up to par! Work is literally a thorn in my side, I have worked straight through from the Monday before Christmas. They are after staff to help out over the New Year 3 day break. Well they can kiss my toosh and call it love story because it will not be me. Mind you I have to work on Monday as we have team meeting on Tuesday afternoon and I have too many visits to do in 3 1/2 days but I am going to rest up this weekend. Our daughter's partner is having a lot of issues- he was shot at through the neck destroying his mandible, right ear, he has so much trauma in the back of his throat he is now sporting a tracheostomy and cannot swallow due to aspiration. Jaw is wired shut for another 2 weeks. It has been a tough time for them both. They were leaving a party and this 'idjit' goes back into the house and starts shooting at Jen and Derek, shot through the car window. Makes me feel sick that it could have been Jen that was hit and if Derek had been shot a little higher up the bullet would have gone through the brain stem. I HATE guns with a passion! Cannot wait to go to bed very soon as this l'il chick is exhausted. Hope you all had an awesome Christmas. Much love to you all.
  4. Sabby_NC

    Wednesday October 19, 2016

    Good Morning Tweety, Ted and all who pop in, My heart is sad for both Tweety and Ted on the loss of treasured family members, it is one of the toughest things when we have fur kids that we love. Tweety I am sure Billy will be fine, he will snuggle down and snooze until Daddy gets back home to him. Just fuss over him when you get home so he still knows you love him and of course they just enjoy getting the attention. Ted how is your sweet pooch doing since Chelsea passed away? Hugs to both of you. Life has been busy but good for us, hubby applied for another job and has an interview this evening so I whispered up a prayer for him. Have been enjoying this unseasonably warm weather, working outside getting ready to plant my spring bulbs into the garden hubby has prepared for me. Putting down fertilizer on the lawn and just reorganizing things. Walking the dogs 2-3 times per day when not working because the weather is just glorious and the dogs just love getting out and about PLUS it is good for me to get that fresh air in the lungs. Work has been interesting to say the least but the newest Case Manager is not working out and I pray she finds a new job sooner than later because she is not happy and cannot keep up taking care of 10 patients in an entire week. :banghead: Last Thursday she still had 7 patients to see!! Not touching that one. LOL The leaves are slow in changing this year but just not sure if the colors are going to be as vibrant due to the drier summer etc. I am still enjoying my cross stitching and am waiting for my new one to arrive. So what is new with everyone, what have I missed? Have a most excellent day no matter what you get up to. Much love to you all.
  5. Sabby_NC

    Saturday October 8th

    GETS blown in, Nice to see you all and read what you have been up to, happy travels for those that are going away, sounds awesome vacation time to me. Work has been going well although a little frustrating at times due to changing to another computer program which I think will be great once we get the kinks ironed out. Have not long got back from another hike, two today to get us out in the fresh air and get the dogs walked. They are now comatose on the office floor with me, I think the blustering howling winds get to them some what. We have had bands flying around us, dropping rain then of course the wind, I am very thankful that Matthew brought us some good soaking rains, the lawn is looking so relieved and green which makes me very happy. I believe our newest Case Manager is looking for another job= GOOD- I did a PRN visit to one of her patients and I was appalled how she left this patient, no poop in one week, only 4 pain meds to get through until Monday, increased SOB, cough and the list goes on...... sorted all this out and left her a long list of suggestions that would benefit the patient which means I will be on her doo doo list but quite frankly I do not care. She has been an RN for 14+ years and you leave a patient like this????? My patient load is up there again so it keeps me hopping but they are precious and anything I can do for them to keep them comfortable in their end of life is so worth it. Went shopping today to buy some winter clothing, goodness me I did so good and got great bargains. Ran by Bath and Body to get some yummy things then bought hubby's Birthday pressie. Going to kick back while my large pot of ham and bean soup happily cooks away in the crock pot. May even do some more cross stitching to enjoy the evening while I listen to the wind. Hubby will most likely take a late nap then warm up some Zappa Tuscano. Do take care and I may slide back in tomorrow. Sure have missed you all. Much love and hugs to you all.
  6. Good Morning Ted, StN and all who pop in, Loved looking at your photos yesterday Ted, some of those views could be mistaking for up on the Blue Ridge Parkway. So glad you had a great time. I have hiked/ walked twice a day the entire time I have been away from work= glorious and am feeling in a much better place. Hi StN (hope you do not mind the abbreviation) it is an Aussie thing. Hope that cold steers clear of you! I have a list of must do's today before I commence back at work tomorrow. So far I have done quite a bit considering it is not that late in the morning. Just slapped in some coconut oil in the hair, I do this once a week and love that it makes the hair shine and feel thicker (I have such fine hair) love doing this for hubby as well. Washes out well and it is so worth the nice slick back look. LOL Enjoyed the walk this morning until I got copped with a nice smell from Peppy La Pue, I am sure he was hiding in the forest some where and am thankful he did not emerge as the dogs would have been oh so interested in him!! Glad and thankful for this week to pull back from work and recharge my batteries, my head is in a better place after such a tragic and hard case. I am ready to get working again and caring for my patients. Due to the demands of this job I do plan to regularly take time off. Planning on another week off Jan/ Feb once hubs looks at his schedule I shall put in my request. They had a torrid time while I was away with multiple deaths and of course admissions. I am sure I will get my fair share coming up as one of my colleagues is taking a week off. Can only do what is physically possible so no worries there. Hubby started back at work yesterday and has been busy running the roads but thankfully this morning it is ok and he has time to do some educational stuff. I will finish off two videos shortly and I am all caught up. I did write a ditty about constipation, my hubby laughs every time he reads it. Hmmmm LOL Well I guess I need to hit the shower so I shall bid you all adieu until next time. Have a most awesome day whether at work or at play. Life is grand that is for sure. Many hugs and a whole heap of love sent your way. :wavey:
  7. Good Morning to you all, Bout time I dragged my sorry tail in eh? I sure have enjoyed being away from the computer and pottering outside after work. I think I have fed every bird and squirrel in NC and I will not even start on the Hummingbirds who have me seriously thinking of buying stock in Sugar companies. LOL Have been up early every morning and walking the dogs before I head off to work, gives hubby and I some more time together and of course those spoilt brats get walked in the evenings. Making the most of the weather as it will dark before and after work which makes for two very unhappy fur kids. I am still having a struggle with a very tough case, this patient has taken my heart with what they are going through. I have to say it is the worst wound I have ever seen on some one that is still living. I cry every time I leave the house with what I put this person through. I hate cancer with a passion. I heard yesterday that Ehospice USA will be printing the article I wrote on Embracing ALS, I was pretty chuffed to hear this news. Work has been very busy this week but I have enjoyed every minute of it and by this evening my visits will be reaching 30 patients that I have visited. I have patients hitting the wall and circling the drain. A lot to handle but for some crazy reason I work better under pressure. LOL I sure hope you are all doing well and enjoying this glorious weather. Looking forward to my week off to hike, picnic and just restore and relax my soul. Hubs will be off after this coming Monday then I will start the week after that. We are planning a lot of hiking in the areas we went to last time. So many trails so little time. LOL May this day be a blessing to those you come across and that you are rewarded for your good deeds. Smile and know you do make a difference. Today is our 16th Wedding Anniversary, so looking forward to spending time with my love tonight and he was able to get some one to work from 8-5 tomorrow so we can have a nice hike out with the dogs and spend time together. Take care and I send multiple hugs to you all.
  8. Sabby_NC

    Monday August 1, 2016

    Good Morning Tweety and all who follow, Sorry about the shoulder literally being a pain Tweety, I sure pray this settles for you soon mate. Must have been the night for poor sleep as I was up 3 times to pee and in between that I kept feeling like my right gastrocnemius was going to cramp so today may turn out to be a long day. LOL Would love a repeat of the weekend more than anything else, oh well nice to dream isn't it. Hahahahaha Olympics commence 4 days away and I cannot shake this horrible feeling that I have about it, I pray with all of my heart nothing happens and it all goes according to plan. Hope you all have a most excellent day, no matter what you get up to, do the best you can and smile. Much love I send to you all.
  9. Greetings to you all, I have had a very relaxing weekend spent hiking then taking an evening walk with da man, we cooked out both days, have worked in the yard, trimming shrubs etc, cleaning out bird houses and feeders, making hummingbird syrup and of course cooking meals to freeze. I have really enjoyed sitting outside later in the afternoon sharing a beer with my honey. We are sampling our latest brewing and the beer has a very nice fruity flavor, I am looking forward to getting another brew fermenting plus each time I help I learn more, pretty interesting hobby I have to say. Had one of our neighbors bring us a cheese cake and gift voucher for being neighbors in the street. I thought that was a lovely gesture, we get spoilt living here with fresh home grown tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, watermelon etc. We go for a walk in the evenings down to the end of the cul-de-sac and come home with all sorts of goodies, love them all and we are truly blessed. Enjoyed reading your posts and looking at the great photos. We had a little shower today and a heavier one yesterday but nothing to what we really need, very dry around here and of course the humidity is driving me slowly insane. LOL Well not really but it is giving it a good try!! LOL Hope you are all doing well and of course enjoying this sweet life we are only given one chance to enjoy. Much love and lots of hugs to you all.
  10. Good Morning to you all, Hope this posts finds every one fit, well and happy! Had a very relaxing 3 day long weekend out hiking with da man and dogs. We had a blast then spent the afternoons relaxing, cooking out baby back ribs and yummy things to go with that. Did some other cooking, grabbed a snooze in the afternoons and generally enjoyed hanging out at home with our dogs. Awesome way to unwind from a few horrendously busy weeks at work. This humidity is almost draining the life out of me, yesterday the air was so thick you could have sliced it with a knife. LOL Horrible as getting in and out of the car to check on patients makes for a nice sticky situation at times. LOL This week the temps and humidity are both high. Oh joy just the way I like it= NOT. but what can ya do about it eh? Our dogs have decided that chasing the squirrels around here has become sport. LOL Newly 1 squirrels 0 at this stage but I am sure there are a few squirrels that are madly cleaning their fur from two or three very close calls. There is not much that will deter a squirrel I have found other than dogs. LOL The flowers are all looking beautiful and my sunflower has yet to open up but looks like it will be huge. I am going to plant many more of these next summer so all the birds can enjoy those yummy seeds plus sun flowers make me happy. With the humidity we have been getting rain daily or every other day so the lawn is looking pretty and green, just the way I like it so I guess that is one benefit to this stinky hot weather eh? What is new here lately? I must catch up on the other GM threads I have missed to bring myself up to speed. May you all have an awesome day no matter what you get up to. Much love and many hugs to you all. x x x
  11. Good Morning Dear Friends, Oh how I have missed you all but by the time I get home from work I am so zombiefied to get on the computer much at all, in the morning I try to sleep in until the alarm goes off then start my day with chores etc. Work is slowly but surely wearing me down, it has been ridiculously busy for weeks now, our 3rd RN will return from vacation next Monday and I cannot wait. Kim and myself are managing patients and admissions that come through the door which are regular at the moment. We have had help to manage Susan's case load but my patients are hitting the wall big time. Had a very traumatic day yesterday when a dear friend had been admitted to our hospice home and the spouse/ family requested myself and our Social Worker visit him. There were a lot of tears and so much sadness. We have done nothing but cry our eyes out this week so getting on the computer just has not been an option very much at all. Was very blessed to get several good down pours of rain last night, managed to get out and walk the dogs and I JUST got the washing in time before the heavens opened up pelting us with 1/2" hail and golden liquid. Saved me having to get out and water the garden. Looking forward to the weekend and some long hikes to get crap out of my head AKA work and enjoy time with ourselves and dogs to enjoy these awesome hikes we have around us. Does our souls good to get out in nature and absorb the beauty in as it makes my heart smile. I have not read this weeks GM thread but will make it my mission either tonight or over the weekend. I sure hope I have not missed anything other than your daily activities. Praying for those who have had surgery and really doing well at this time. Much love and many prayers I send to you all.
  12. Sabby_NC

    Friday June 17, 2016

    Good Morning to you all, Firstly mods please merge if there is another thread going. It has literally been one h*ll of a week with one nurse out and admissions rocking through the door, I am doing yet another one today. We are all exhausted and a wee l'il overwhelmed but I am focused on getting over the finishing line tonight. I sure have missed you and pray you are all doing the best you can. I hope I have not missed any exciting news and have had no time to check out the threads for this week but I may do that tonight, no time as I need to make myself bootifulmous. (should have started way earlier) LOL The heat and humidity has been overwhelming and I am about ready to move to Alaska LOL So how is everyone doing? I see Tweety is on the road to recovery and that is a good thing. Have to run shower is calling my name. Much love to you all and multiple hugs. x x x x
  13. Sabby_NC

    Friday May 27, 2016

    Good Morning to you all, Hope you are all doing the best you can and those with health issues are improving with time. Enjoying being away from work and the humdrum of daily activities. We have been enjoying our hikes and are planning on doing a 15 mile hike in the mountains today. Yesterday we went on a great hike and got to see the eagles about 20ft from us both in the water right by the shore, I think they were munching on a fish but it was wonderful to see. Also saw the young eaglets in the nest. Unfortunately we got eaten alive by mosquitoes, they were mean so lesson learnt take spray in the back pack. Then we walked the dogs again last night. I am sure by the time I head back to work the dogs will be pushing me out the door so they can rest. LOL I had a shopping spree yesterday as hubby had given me a gift voucher to get some more clothes. Well who am I to argue over that but I did manage to get myself some cute clothes so I was very happy about that, got my car cleaned on the way home, picked up some stuff and T-shirts for hubby. We sat on our front porch last night and it was so pleasant taking in the views, quietness of the evening while watching the bats flying around. Very relaxing with a little mixed drink. We sure are having the best vacation by far and am so happy about that. Well I might try and lay it down again, pups wanted to go out early to pee so I am guessing hubby forgot to let them out to pee before he hit the bed. No biggie I can certainly have a Nana nap this afternoon. May you all have a super wonderful day. Much love and multiple hugs to you all.
  14. Sabby_NC

    Good morning Wednesday May 25

    Hello dear friends, I sure have missed you all but am having the best vacation in a long time. We did a trip to West Jefferson and stayed in a cabin which was nice but it was nicer getting back home to our l'il house. Been out hiking every day, today's hike was strenuous and there were quite a few colorful words as we started the trek back up the side of a mountain. OMGosh talk about the legs burning but we did it in approx. 2- 2 1/2 hours. So glad to relax back up at the top, had a picnic then headed back down the mountain. Tomorrow will be a less strenuous hike but a good one none the less. We are enjoying the relaxation once we get back home. The weather is simply glorious, sitting outside with the dogs, who I may add are zapped from the hike. LOL Cooked hubby some garlic shrimp with some veggies sautéed and tossed in the rice. He was very happy with his supper tonight albeit early because he was hungry. LOL Now going to grab a bottle of water and sit outside in the shade with the dogs, I may fall asleep as I am exhausted but I good kind of worn out. hahaha Had an awesome day for my Birthday, hiking of course, got to see the Bald Eagles up close and personal then we relaxed at home. I could not have asked for a better day. Continued prayers for those with health or life issues. Much love to you all.
  15. Sabby_NC

    Wednesday May 18, 2016

    Praying for comfort for you.... hang tough and you will get through this valley.... (((( NA ))))))