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  1. Sabby_NC

    Wednesday, August 31, 2011

    good morning, afternoon and evening to you all, grace thank you so much for starting the gm thread, now you know what seeing those pics did to me don't ya? my heart did a double take at the beautiful yellow wattle. such a beaut scene of the yellow and green too. hope that your dd is doing some better and heeds the docs warnings. sorry about the water pipe, just hand the bill on to hubby when it arrives. xt your posts made me giggle over the games you play. hope you have a great day. tweety go git 'em at work, hope it is a great one for you too :up: walked last night with da hubby type and i am getting ready to head off to walk banjo this morning as hubs has an md appt and i will be going to work so i thought i would take him for a run. nice to have him snoozing while da man is away. looking forward to another busy day but a good one none the less. hope you are all doing well and i am praying for those that are still without power, praying so hard that this is rectified very soon as i just cannot imagine being without power for too long. so sad this mess that irene left behind. :crying2: gotta get busy, steph thanks for the update on your ds's teacher. do let her know i said g'day. have a wonderful day, afternoon or evening. stay safe and smile ya look oh so much better with a smile on ya dial :d
  2. Sabby_NC

    Tuesday, 30/8/2011

    She is doing very well and is very tolerant. She is adorable and a real smooger at bed time, she loves to snuggle. I will let her know she is a pertty cat her head will swell LOL AKY thank you SO MUCH for the update, may the path results show insitu CA with minimal follow up or treatment. I pray she is recovering well with minimal pain. God Bless you all :heartbeat :redbeathe :heartbeat
  3. Sabby_NC

    Tuesday, 30/8/2011

    good morning, afternoon or evening to you all, g'day goonie, thanks for starting the gm thread and as always great to see you. hope that work is a little kinder to you with all the work you have had on your plate since being back at work. i do pray you get some beneficial sleep my friend. had a lovely 5 mile walk with a friend from work last night so banjo thought he was very special and just kept smiling at us hahahahaha hopefully i can meet rose down there again tonight as the company sure is fun. hubs is at work so praying his night was a good one and that he will soon be home snuggling down in our bed. had an awesome day yesterday although busy with 8 visit, preceptee and i got it done and felt very good at the end of the day. today will be at least 6 visits but who knows what is around the corner eh? i will have my preceptee with me for another week then she will move on to the triage nurses to train her for her 'real' job, i will miss her when she goes to them boo hoo. prayers continue for those that have been directly affected by hurricane irene, i had to phone my elderly aunt in australia as she was worried about us and then i phoned my brother in tasmania who had the cheek not to be home :lol2: i will phone him again tonight as i do miss him so. hope you all have a most wonderful day, afternoon or evening :heartbeat :heartbeat :heartbeat
  4. Sabby_NC

    8/28/11 I will survive !

    good morning, afternoon and evening to you all, bp thanks for starting the gm thread and i pray you get electricity soon. hang in there sweetie you are doing a fine job caring for your mumma. :redbeathe g'day to kolohe, xt, goonie, tweety and aky, nice to see a few here already. i shall be having some natural oatmeal for breakfast then heading off for our 5 mile walk/ run with the pup. come home and get some office work attended to. little ironing to get achieved and mowing later in the day. enjoyed waking up to puppy kisses and a big paw slapped across my face :lol2: hubs got up early to study, took pup put for bathroom privs then dropped in on the bed for me :d nothing better than puppy kisses :heartbeat did not dream too much about my snake incidents yesterday but they did come up briefly. i am going to be more vigilent now when walking as it sure freaked the crappola out of me! :eek: met one of our associate medical directors who was out walking with his wife. she is so sweet and i enjoyed having a chat with them. great to see dr jim out enjoying the trails we have in our area. weather much more mild this morning although it is still breezy it is not moving the furniture around on the porch. will be nice to have this breeze while walking this morning. hope you all have a most excellent day, afternoon and evening. take care, keep safe and be happy. oh the pic above is of pilot mountain as hubster flew us over it. :up:
  5. Sabby_NC

    Saturday, August 27, 2011

    hi one and all, hope those in the path of irene do keep safe. netters went through near you today, well sparta but did ya hear me yell out to you? :d went up and had a nice visit with dd and her man, we took banjo who was an angel in the car and loved their brittany spaniel, they played so well together. brought home one tired l'il puppy who not long ago woke up as well as me as i was tired, hubby is still asleep but he had been up since around 2 am studying. walked/ ran banjo 5 miles this morning and on our way back to the car i nearly stepped on this irridescent green snake that was approx 18" long then not long past that snake i nearly trod on a copper head although it was dead it still freaked me out. if i dream of snakes tonight i am so going to be miffed lol wind is finally settling outside so that is nice but no rain which is what i was hoping we would get. ok off to sip on a nice cuppa tea. :redbeathe
  6. Sabby_NC

    Saturday, August 27, 2011

    hi aky i pray for you that irene weakens more. stay safe and keep away from the windows ok? how is your friend settling in after all he went through in the hospital etc?
  7. Sabby_NC

    Saturday, August 27, 2011

    good morning, afternoon and evening to you all, xt i pray that headache is soon a thing of the past for you, thanks so much for starting the gm thread and so nice to see many here already :redbeathe bushie so sorry about the severe earache, thankfully you have got some medication to keep it in check. hi annie so wonderful to see your post as this warms my heart. you 'sound' brighter in your post and that warms my heart to. hi commuter praying your day at the nursing home goes well for you, different kind of paced job i am sure but all in all make it a good one for you. :yeah: tweety also praying your day is a good one for you with no nasty surprises and nice work mates for the day. that always makes it so worth while eh? goonie wow you sure do have some theft issues over there, rather frightening to have that lad walk in and try to steal the tv etc. hope your hubby can sort out an alarm to warn if anyone does come up to the front door. so sad that folks have to resort to stealing etc to get money. please stay safe in your compound. hmmm maybe a huge big dog with nice white sharp teeth may be a deterrent eh? :lol2: photo above is one i took as hubby flew us over our property, shows you just how private the house really is. we have had a couple through last wed who are dealing with the bank to see about a home loan and we have another couple going through today. please pray we get an offer on our home. it is darker outside than it should be and it sure is windy but we are not supposed to get much from irene but she is at least giving us some winds. we are getting ready to head off to dd's place today to have a great time with them. she wants us to bring banjo to play with her dog so this will be interesting. i am thinking about getting out and doing our walk before we head off so he is at least a little settled for the drive, mind you he is a doll in the car anyway. :heartbeat gotta tell you this i was watching banjo when i got home from work last night and he was sitting outside looking so sweetly at this butterfly, i am kicking myself i did not have my camera in hand as it was a beautiful sight and melted my heart. just something about puppies and butterflies together. ahhhhhhhhh so sweeeeet. hope you all have a great day, afternoon or evening today :heartbeat :heartbeat :heartbeat
  8. Sabby_NC

    Good Morning 8/24/11

    good afternoon or evening to you all, thanks for starting the gm thread off brooke and i hope you get some great sleep. michael you are such a sweet daddy and a wonderful guy, ummm can i phone you when i am down? new clothes for annie was so sweet of you. :heartbeat hmmmm i need to make inventory before i do phone you :lol2: xt glad all is fine and dandy in your little area of the world :up: g'day grace so exciting to read you had a surprise visit from your ds, how neat is that? how is dd's baby belly coming along? :heartbeat have a great day tweety, i do not like it when my alarm wakes me up from a really good sleep i mean what is up with that? no would not happen to me on a weekend when i need to sleep but only when i am working do i sleep well grrr g'day poi thanks for sharing yesterday, i do so enjoy reading your posts and hope today brings you lots of smiles. hang on a minute you better get some sleep do not make me worry about you driving and falling asleep that is not kosher!! :mad: i will get mad at you so please take care of yourself!! in lectures all day for the chpn review which i am looking forward to, love the guy doing the lectures as he makes it fun and has such a heart/ knowledge for hospice. i cannot wait to see him again. had a great day with my precept, we did too much laughing but got through a lot of stuff as well. hubs got called off last night due to low census so he walked 4 miles with me while banjo ran, jumped, chased grass hoppers :lol2: we enjoyed a nice time to chat about all sorts of stuff. tonight it will be me on puppy duty as hubs will be back to work for one night then off for 4 yayyyyyyy :yeah: temps have got cooler in the mornings which has been refreshing i have to say. i wonder if our world will be rocked again today :d although for one that has never experienced that before hmmmm not sure i liked it :eek: ok have a wonderful day, afternoon and evening no matter what you get up to, stay safe, be happy and smile. :heartbeat :heartbeat :heartbeat
  9. Sabby_NC

    August 13, 2011

    good morning, afternoon and evening to you all, have been awake since 5:30 but laid in bed snuggling with the kitty. whispering traveling prayers for grace and her return trip home to adelaide today. wow you lot are already chatty eh? :lol2: i will be heading off soon to get the ironing taken care of then i must get ready to take the pup to the vet for a check up, then nice long walk if we do not get rained upon again :uhoh3: then visit mil before coming home. i do need to pop into petsense so banjo will have a large time there playing with the toys hahahahahaha hubs is working yet another weekend so i will be on banjo duty lol although the little tike is so good now with the invisible fencing. i can leave him on the porch and he just goes off if he needs to use the bathroom or lay on the grass. he does not like it when his collar starts beeping so he does not allow himself to get too close for a small zap. had a wonderful deluge of rain last night which was awesome, will look at the rain gauge at the other home to see how much we got, have to get a rain gauge here me finks :clown: ok ironing is calling me so i must get it done, have a wonderfully blessed day. stay safe and for those of us in the usa enjoy cooler temps because i sure as heck will :lol2: mwwwaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :heartbeat :heartbeat :heartbeat
  10. Sabby_NC

    Make up a total lie about the poster above you!

    Me thinks that Davey's Nuts and Bolts are loose and is in need of a good tune up and oil change :lol2:
  11. Sabby_NC

    to my bff...until we meet again.

    :crying2: Leslie I am so very sorry hon about losing dear Marge please know I shall pray for you tonight. So sad for you my friend. Love sent your way :heartbeat
  12. Sabby_NC

    Sunday June 12 2011

    hmmmmm i am not sure i may have taken years ago. lemme check my photo albums. lol i do love to paint although with the log home there are not may walls to paint well apart from the bedrooms and i am leaving them alone. :lol2: netters it is glorious down here matie, i have finished off the lawn mowing while hubby did the weed eating around the house. got the ironing taken care of, made the spaghetti bake which hubby says is delish, he got into it while it was cooling. if there is any left :lol2: i will freeze into meal portions. showered and shampooed the mop now chillaxin before i start some office work i want to get out of the way. hubs is now sleeping for his night shift so the home is nice and quiet. filled up the bird feeders and will water the hanging pots once it cools down a little. watching the muskrats swimming around in the water hole, they sure are the cutest things. we also have a green heron which has taken up residence by our creek and helping himself to the fish buffet. :lol2: yayyy he is happy he has got another one. he sure is filling up on fresh fish. :lol2: have made a very yummy salad to go with the spaghetti bake.
  13. Sabby_NC

    Sunday June 12 2011

    good morning, afternoon and evening to you all, thanks for starting the gm thread off anthony, loved the joke and the music, you always make me smile and giggle! dianah the blue grass festival sounds like a whole lot of fun, hope you get to take some photos for us? commuter so glad you are safely home now get some good rest before heading into work tonight. liddle that cake looks purdy nice to me, i think i can smell it lol did not get the lawn completely mowed yesterday due to another vicious storm raging through so my goal is to get it done this morning before hubs lays it down to rest before work tonight. got a little ironing to do shortly then will leave the rest of the stuff i want to do until later when all is quiet. i want to do some baking, will start off making hubs my spaghetti bake which he really enjoys. i make one for myself with veggies only. :d will need to work on my schedule for next week as i have picked up 4 new patients so i need to organize my brain lol that may take a while. :lol2: photo is of the botanical gardens in hobart tasmania, they have a very old carousel there as well which is delightful. ok 'nuff of flapping my gums i's got work to do. have a most excellent and blessed sunday, keep well and keep smiling coz you look a whole lot better with a smile on ya dial :d :d :d :d :d :d
  14. Sabby_NC

    Make up a total lie about the poster above you!

    :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:
  15. Sabby_NC

    Make up a total lie about the poster above you!

    Goonie picks up the bull patties (doo doo) and uses those as stepping stones LOL :lol2:

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