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  1. Wonderful support and insight here from you all. Just wanted to clarify that my mother and I have never been estranged. The word estranged was said to me by her at Xmas time after I voiced a concern regarding the double antidepressant meds, and the behavior. Two brothers also have noticed these drastic changes that have completely high jacked her personality. My concern was voiced so subtly to her and it still enticed a horrible reaction to me. But after reading the responses here at AN I am more at ease, and appreciate sharing your experiences with your loved ones. Especially the physician dad who said to just back off. This is my first go around with an aging parent who perceived me as a threat somehow. All I can do now is when I talk to her, disregard the medication issue all together and try to resume who we have always been to each other. My hope is that if she continues to experience side effects that effect her ADL's, that she would want that addressed with her doctor. The brothers comment and talk to me about how she's acting, but don't say a single word. So my mother is certain that absolutely no one has seen any issues or problems since the meds came on board... except me. Maybe I need a med or two!
  2. Hello fellow nurses. This is sad. Even more so because I did not think ever that I would ever experience this. But I'm about to find out if you may have also had this happen to you. It has been accepted and embraced by my family that I became a nurse. Up until this past holiday season. I flew out to my Mother's home to share what is always the anticipated family event of the whole year. Then I started to notice my Mother's behavior was not "normal" to me. I find out that her PCP not only prescribed Paxil, but Effexor on top to augment the mix. Marked personality changes, anger, aggression, disconnection with me, and confusion coupled with a little hallucination or two. Our entire relationship just dissolved and she announced that we should just accept that we are "estranged" now. I saw hallmark signs of antidepressant side effects, and when I said I was concerned she informed me that what she does with her doctor or discusses with him is her business and to back off and butt out. This is not her. For a Mom who loved to ask me all things medical especially about her doctor, to shut it all down and want me out of her healthcare picture just devastated me. Has anyone had this happen to you since you have become a nurse? It feels like a curse.
  3. newtress

    When posters attack

    Well, I'm going to go ahead and reply to A Blooming Rose. I can understand what you are stating here. I have only been an LPN for a few short years, and during my time in nursing school I was so thankful there were some kind nurses who responded to student inquiries and advice. As I stated earlier that there was one in particular who really bequeathed an unmeasurable amount of valuable nursing support and information. I credit her for me getting through a tough segment of my advanced pharm course. Okay aside from that, students really admire and respect and want nurse mentors. Surprisingly, I am now teaching part time night class at a private pay small college in my hometown because aside from being a Licensed Practical Nurse I also posess a degree in biology that I really couldn't do much with until now. I'm not a "seasoned nurse" by any means at all. But whatever knowledge I do posess I believe is even better when it is given to others that can benefit from it. What more am I going to do with knowledge I already have; deposit it in an interest bearing knowledge account? I have experienced seasoned nurses who I will just come out and say are stingy with their knowledge and expertise. I see it as being passive aggressive to witness a new hire struggling to get something right in the workplace and needs clarification, and the nurse she's working with snarks with "you should know that already" and ignores. A whole lot of members here do respond to students and that's great. It is the ones who are rude or attack the poster that I don't think is necessary at all.
  4. newtress

    When posters attack

    I don't care for the way some members on this forum attack student nurses. I am no longer a student, as is the case with many of us. So now that we made it through the rigors of nursing school, some would rather shame a student for asking homework questions. There was a member here on AN who was gracious and helped so many students with academic guidance (including me with pharmacology). What's up with "Google is your friend" and don't be coming here asking anything. Isn't there a nicer way to blow a poster off?
  5. newtress

    Found a quick way to rid ants by experiment

    Little creatures are smart. Have to share with you an amazing feat by some determined crawfish. I was sitting inside my local cajun restaurant looking out the large window while the mudbuggers were crawfish boiling huge vats directly outside. On the platform there were two large 30 gal containers full up almost to the top waiting to be "tended to." While the gentlemen were busy finishing up one of the large containers and loading all the pans for the customers, I observed the mudbugs forming a ladder up the sides of the containers for their escape. They started toppling out onto the asphalt parking lot and were crawling briskly across the lot, to which a whole lot of them made it all the way out on to the two lane highway! I was entertained yall, and was rootin for the ones who got away. Can't think of a "why did the crawfish cross the road" joke but there should be one.
  6. Hello all nurses. I got off a long shift tonight, and opened the cupboard in search of a quick soup and crackers get me by. Couldn't believe my eyes. For the first time in 12 yrs I see a thick condensed mass of black ants that looked like they just got out of a Rolling Stones concert. They were everywhere, and cruising at top speed. I promptly got on the internet in search of natural home remedies to break up the party. Nothing seemed to phase them. So I put my biology/chem hat on and thought what would happen if I took this counter top antibacterial spray and napalmed them. IMMEDIATE results. Completely irradicated them within 1.5 minutes, and any that were none the wiser went down with the rest of them. The shelf liner is getting replaced as it looks like a war zone. It truly worked.
  7. First I'd like to say good on you for entering counseling. You were honest about your concerns, and summed things up pretty good for me when you said it has been rough for you for over 16 yrs. I have come to this AN forum for over 4 yrs and have received some of the best and caring advice when I could not obtain it anywhere else. Especially us being nurses. We are supposedly made of steel and can handle just about anything right? It's all different when we come in the garage door and our relations are tearing us apart or completely down. I'm not attempting to armchair psychology you, but it sounds quite positive that your husband may be willing to let 3rd party intervention be beneficial to your marriage. I have been with one man for 15 yrs and have lived with what I am certain (evidence based) is a combo of depression/bipolar behavior from him. And throw in some serious narcissim. I am always hopeful for any couple who can enter counseling, and or a good doctor who can prescribe the best mood stabalizer for an idividual. I have an undergrad degree in psych, and was so pleased to be able to work at a private stand alone psych hospital. So far that has been the most best nursing job I have ever had so far. Here I was working as a psych nurse, living with a man I've known and loved 15 yrs displaying behavior that would get him admitted by a coroner. But, I was not so lucky. We tried entering counseling two separate times and he scared the shoes off both therapists and one had to call a cab for me, made me stay in their office and refused to let me leave in his vehicle with him. Yeah, that bad. What I am eluding to is that if your husband is willing to or accepts support through counseling or a med therapy that is a gift to you, him and your children. I feel your pain, and wish the very best for you and your family.
  8. newtress

    "It Ain't Because You're Beautiful"

    Here's what I think will happen to her. She's a NP student right now stinking of arrogance and truly believes she is above it all. Eventually she will become that NP. I think she will make some mistakes. Probably a big mistake. Her NP halo will be tarnished. I think I would be compelled to flip my hair right back at her if she's standing that close to me. If she objects, I'd say "yeah that's irritating isn't it." I see employees come to the floor who aren't in a nursing capacity who wear club gear with skin tight clothes and stilleto heels. They can barely walk off with three charts in their arms about to topple over. They look stupid and this student NP doesn't realize how stupid she looks acting/talking like she does.
  9. newtress

    Mercy - NBC show all about nurses

    Sorry folks, the 20 minutes I stomached of the bowling alley scene with them drinking and doing shots was lame-o, and the patient purposely being dumped to the floor from his wheelchair I thought was more akin to Saturday Night Live.
  10. newtress

    Mercy - NBC show all about nurses

    I lasted about 25 minutes into it. This has got to be the worst nursy medical drama I have ever laid my eyes on. Numerous references to the character being "nothing but a nurse" you're nobody of any importance here, and gets slammed again by a patient calling her a "jacka$$" as she's hanging a bag. Acting was lousy and none of them really did much of any patient care that I could see, and where were their stethoscopes? They had nothing to do at the station and the rediculous personal relationship crap, the nurse who now only wants a guy rolling in dough, grabbing her cell phone call right in the pt room, some ex fiance waltzing into a patients room to stir up biz with the nurse, and the totally predictable doctor nurse lip locking against the wall crap. Needless to say I did not like it and thought it was stupid, demeaning and complete junk. Complete dumb down, and the viewers think it's all cool and edgy TV. Thanks NBC for putting us in a bad light. :down: :down:
  11. I fully agree with what Shocker29 has said. I realize now I am a minority as a new nurse that thinks the stigma attached to nurses is bad enough and now we are cast in a light that is not too professional. People get so deep into these rediculous characters portrayed on these pay channels. I'm sure I will be :angryfire for saying this, but I think how this character is being portrayed and introduced to the audience from what I've seen so far is one word: Idiot. The entertainment media in this country, and others too, seems to all be based now on how screwed up someone is, or who where and how they can score some meaningless sexual conquests. I'd just like to see some better writers coming up with something other than the same old predictable story line as mentioned above. Looking forward to seeing HawthoRN and Mercy.
  12. newtress

    Pray for my niece

    My prayer request tonight, for your family and for niki's recovery.

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