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    My partners mother is a Dentist and I'm just a nurse

    Ignore her. People that are so interested in proving how smart they are and taking others down are insecure with themselves and unhappy. She is looking for constant validation and she isn't with your time and energy. I wouldn't even respond when she is wrong. Not worth it.
  2. Batman24

    New OK Abortion Law and Patient Privacy

    What a colossal waste of money. Feed the poor, help the homeless, buy books for a school...nah some crap stats are the much wiser choice. I hope some of the women can go to a neighboring state to avoid this idiocy. I wonder if the genuises realize that the women can lie about half of what is on that list of questions. I can say I am married with 4 children at home and that I have a PhD. What are they going to do ask to meet my hubby and kids and to see a copy of my diploma? If I'm white and say I am Latino, Indian, or black not much they can do about that either. lol I see this as an intimidation and nothing short of that. Fear tactic.
  3. Batman24

    12-Year-Old Child-Bride Dies Giving Birth

    Disgusting. Poor little girl and poor baby. How horrific that this is even allowed to happen. Breaks my heart.
  4. Batman24

    Nurses do you drink a lot of caffeine?

    Tons of iced tea.
  5. Batman24

    ETHICAL QUESTION please read

    Sadly, it comes down to power, position, and money in most situations like this. Thankfully the situation finally came to light but the damage was already done to all these men.
  6. Batman24

    ETHICAL QUESTION please read

    The instructor was sharing a truth and there's nothing unethical about that. Why would this cause you not to get along with your fellow nurses?! They took advantage of innocent people and your instructor is appalled by it as she should be. It was a disgusting breach of medical ethics and human decency.
  7. Batman24

    Michael Jackson Dies of Heart Attack!!!

    Sad day. Farrah was a beautiful woman and by all accounts she was just as pretty on the inside. I'm glad she is no longer suffering and at peace. Michael Jackson was an unbelievable talent. Incredible performer, singer and dancer. It seems so much talent was wasted where he is concerned. I hope he too is at peace. Prayers to their families and friends during this tragic time. God bless them all.
  8. Batman24

    Use of term "that's so gay" at work

    Did you share that it offends you and ask them to stop?! If it bothered you that much that's what you should do. Telling us might let you vent but it does nothing to address the actual issue at your job. Let them how you feel.
  9. Batman24

    Obama moving to rescind consience rule on abortion

    ty for the clarification. i agree with the reversals obama is making.
  10. Batman24

    Personal Vent. No support for the disabled.

    I'm so happy you are getting the van you both so desperately need to make life a little easier for the both of you. Of course he should be top priority and for them to even let it get this far is despicable. What a shame that good people who live with heartache get put through the ringer even more than need be. You never even should have had to go through all of this which makes it infuritating. I saw write it as well. It would be great if both of you wrote your own side of the story so people could see it through your husband's eyes as the one who lives with the disability, and through your eyes as the loving spouse who suffers when hubby suffers. This is a family issue and I think both sides should be represented. I would be moved hearing it. Hugs to you and hubby!!
  11. Batman24

    Personal Vent. No support for the disabled.

    Open a fund so the paper can include the information. I bet people will want to help and every little bit counts. They need to know where to send the money. I'll send a check to help out. I'm praying the dealership will get some answers. Very nice of them to get involved. Bravo!! :yeah:
  12. Batman24

    Personal Vent. No support for the disabled.

    I'm so sorry. I can totally understand your frustration. Call your Senator and Governor. Let them know. Call your local news too. Can't hurt any. Can you set up a fund or do a local fundraiser in the community?! I bet people would help out and every penny helps. I'd gladly contribute. Hugs.
  13. I don't look at any President as the Messiah. I think of God as the Messiah and Presidents as human beings elected to office.
  14. I like fresh brewed iced tea but I have been incorporating Kool Aid made with Poland Spring water and Sweet & Low into the mix as well. I love Kool Aid. It has like 10 calories in a whole pack.
  15. I went outside and got some fresh air today while taking a little walk. The sun does feel good. I will pick up some vitamin D this week.
  16. Thanks sweetie. I'm going to check in here on the 1st of every month to hold myself accountable. I need that. :zzzzz
  17. I'm trying to work on my weight this year. I lost 9 pounds and 9 inches in the last few months of 2008 and I need to build on that. I'm obese and like TN07 I don't have any co-morbidities either, but I fear if I don't do something they will be headed my way in years to come. I'm also going to take some vitamin D. I don't get enough sun and it really couldn't hurt any.
  18. It's nice that people are feeling more positive and a little more optimistic. That's a good feeling that often leads to good things. I pray Obama does a wonderful job for our country.
  19. Batman24

    How many nurses in here follow and practice a Wiccan Lifestyle

    I don't. I'm Christian. It goes against what I believe.
  20. Batman24

    A Big Problem with "No Problem"

    I've said it and I've had it said to me a million times. I've never given it a second thought let alone find it to be offensive or trashy. I'll continue to say it and be perfectly fine with those that say it to me.
  21. It does seem harsh to have nothing to do with him based on his obesity. The poster didn't mention they were rude, unkind, angry, abusive, etc. so it seems their weight was a deciding factor in not having anything to do with them. They might also resent this person gets disability but it seems they need it right now even if they bought it on themselves. I wouldn't give up on them even if it appears they gave up on themselves. That's when we need family and friends most. And I can understand how it would be frustrating but we need to love people through their problems not shun them because of them.
  22. Batman24

    What to get our Grandmas

    I love that idea!! And frankly I'd prefer a pedicure over another candle as well. lol
  23. Batman24

    kizzykat passed away

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Pls know you are not alone. So many of us know exactly how you feel. Grieve as long as you need to do so. KizzyKat was lucky to have a mommy who loved her so dearly. Hugs.
  24. Batman24

    My Nazi Patient

    Did you see the article/news on the parents who named their son Adolf Hitler?! The names of the other two children weren't much better...JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell. Poor kids.
  25. Batman24

    My Nazi Patient

    That must be hard to hear. Try not to let it upset you hard as that may be. I wonder if she was in his employ and is saying that to try and justify his actions and her own due to guilt. Hard to think anyone would think what this monster did was okay.

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