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    My partners mother is a Dentist and I'm just a nurse

    Ignore her. People that are so interested in proving how smart they are and taking others down are insecure with themselves and unhappy. She is looking for constant validation and she isn't with your time and energy. I wouldn't even respond when she is wrong. Not worth it.
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    New OK Abortion Law and Patient Privacy

    What a colossal waste of money. Feed the poor, help the homeless, buy books for a school...nah some crap stats are the much wiser choice. I hope some of the women can go to a neighboring state to avoid this idiocy. I wonder if the genuises realize that the women can lie about half of what is on that list of questions. I can say I am married with 4 children at home and that I have a PhD. What are they going to do ask to meet my hubby and kids and to see a copy of my diploma? If I'm white and say I am Latino, Indian, or black not much they can do about that either. lol I see this as an intimidation and nothing short of that. Fear tactic.
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    12-Year-Old Child-Bride Dies Giving Birth

    Disgusting. Poor little girl and poor baby. How horrific that this is even allowed to happen. Breaks my heart.
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    Nurses do you drink a lot of caffeine?

    Tons of iced tea.
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    ETHICAL QUESTION please read

    Sadly, it comes down to power, position, and money in most situations like this. Thankfully the situation finally came to light but the damage was already done to all these men.
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    ETHICAL QUESTION please read

    The instructor was sharing a truth and there's nothing unethical about that. Why would this cause you not to get along with your fellow nurses?! They took advantage of innocent people and your instructor is appalled by it as she should be. It was a disgusting breach of medical ethics and human decency.
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    Michael Jackson Dies of Heart Attack!!!

    Sad day. Farrah was a beautiful woman and by all accounts she was just as pretty on the inside. I'm glad she is no longer suffering and at peace. Michael Jackson was an unbelievable talent. Incredible performer, singer and dancer. It seems so much talent was wasted where he is concerned. I hope he too is at peace. Prayers to their families and friends during this tragic time. God bless them all.
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    Pray for my niece

    Prayers on the way for all. I hope she has a full, complete, and quick recovery. Keep us posted. Hugs to all.
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    Another RN friend files bankruptcy

    People who make child support payments in cash with no receipt or record are asking for trouble. If you are taken to task you have absolutely no proof you paid and can be on the hook for paying it all again and then some. Don't do it. And many an ex has gotten bitter with their former spouse remarries and goes on to have children with the new wife. Don't let yourself fall into this trap.
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    Another RN friend files bankruptcy

    I just hope you aren't selling yourself short and making excuses for a partner who doesn't carry his own weight. As you state you sometimes get angry and jealous and even nasty about it so you don't seem to be 100% at peace with your own situation. I would address it now and come to a solution both of you can live with. If they are able bodied and not f/t students there is really no reason they can't work p/t and give you a hand. If someone really loves you they help out. Just my take.
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    Another RN friend files bankruptcy

    You and me both. It would be a cold day in hell I'd be working 60 hours a week and paying his child support while he sat on his ass doing nothing.
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    prayer request

    You will all be in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you all. Hugs.
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    And this was SUPPOSED to be my vacation!!

    Being sick and scared and away from home is a bad combo. Everyone's instinct would be to run and get home because that's where we feel safest. I have no doubt panic set in and it was multipled because you were seriously ill. It doesn't sound like your care was up to par as you waited way too long and should have been moved to another department but thankfully you are okay and made it through. That's what is most important in the end. Hopefully the woman who took your call learned a lesson and will be sure to forward calls or messages in the future.
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    Stealing Baby Names

    I'd be upset if someone did that to me too. It's rude. Friend B isn't really A's friend as friends don't do that to each other. Tell your friend I think Mia Cara is an even prettier name. :)
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    Prayer request

    Both you and your husband will be in my thoughts and prayers. I will also ask to have you put on my church's prayer list as well. Every little bit of prayer helps. I hope and pray your tests come out negative. We are all with you. Sending hugs your way.
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    Family issues

    If he shows up at the hospital you can have security called to have him removed. Your mom's insistence that he be part of your life seems odd. If you don't want him around you and your brother not sure why she'd think you'd let him within 10 feet of your baby. I agree that you and your brother deserve more respect from your parents but sadly, it doesn't seem to be forthcoming.
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    Family issues

    How old is he?! How do your parents even know him?! Don't feel bad about going crazy as maybe your parents need to hear it. Are you and your brother a little jealous that he gets a free ride whereas both of you are out on your own and making your own way?! This isn't critical but I could see where some major resentment would come into play. It's your parent's house and if they allow him to load after a positive drug test and legal issues then they are enabling him. Concentrate on the fact that you have a nice hubby and will be having a beautiful baby and embarking on a new career. That's most important right now.
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    Family issues

    I'm sorry you are so blue. For now I think you should just keep yourself healthy and rested until after your little baby doll is born. After that I would arrange a private meeting at your home with your parents and your brother to express your feelings, etc. It's best to do things like this on home turf where you will be most comfortable. Have them come to you and be very clear as it what is and isn't acceptable. May I ask how the situation with your parents and this man came to be?! How old is he?! Does your brother still live at home?! How old is he?!
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    a child is not a accessory....

    It's amazing the amount of toddlers and children I see out late at night in what are clearly not emergency situations. They are always sobbing and it's because they are exhausted. I feel so bad for the children. They should be home cozy in their beds.
  20. It might sound cold but I would worry more about yourself here and less about others. Starting a new externship can be taxing for anyone even those of normal weight and younger in age. This woman clearly passed her boards, her physical, and got the okay from the hospital so if they had any concerns she wouldn't be there. Don't let worrying about her effect you. Get yourself educated and successful in your new area. Others will weed themselves out if need be. I would also urge you to be a little careful saying older nurses. You sound ageist even though I don't think you are. Experienced nurses can be young these days and new nurses can be middle aged. We have a 30 year old nurse with 10 years and a 46 year old just starting on my unit.
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    State of Humanity?

    I would have gone to him and it really has nothing to do with being a nurse but a caring human being. It's a shame no one went and held his hand, sat with him, rubbed his shoulder, comforted him in any way, etc. It's disheartening.
  22. Just curious-I'm a pre-req NS and wondering if there is any formal education in NS about the emotional and mental aspect of obesity. From what I've read I'm guessing there isn't and I find that to be a shame. If we are going to shed light onto what makes most people obese it is pertinent to address how they got there and why they remain there. One answer is clearly eating too much and not enough physical activity, but it's never that simple. The reason why they aren't taking care of themselves is often much deeper. I would like to see food addiction, compulsive eating, stress management, etc. addressed. The problem is a lot more mental than many may think. Does any school address this?! Is this addressed with the obese when treated?! I believe it would go a long way to getting to the root of the problem and getting people on their way to a healthier and happier lifestyle.
  23. Congrats on your weight loss!! That's awesome!! :yeah: I'm sorry to read about the Type II DM, but thankfully it was caught so you could get treatment. I'm so happy to read they were encouraging and kind. As someone who needs to lose a significant amount of weight I respond much better to that as well.
  24. If you start here where do you stop?! Would you advocate for smokers to not be allowed to be nurses because that is certainly unhealthy?! How about those that drink more than recommended?! And I have no doubt that a few nurses out there are doing recreational drugs or abusing prescriptions which can be hidden for some time. You also need to boot the anorexics and bulemics because they aren't what we want our patients to duplicate. Actually anyone underweight needs to go because that's not a good example of healthy behavior. Take out those that don't exercise either because we all know it's recommended we do so for a healthier heart, etc. None of these would be good examples for patients. While it would be nice if all nurses (or everyone for that matter) were the perfect weight due to a perfect diet and exercising 5 days a week who didn't partake in smoking, drinking, doing drugs, purging, puking, cutting, abusing themselves in any way, etc. this isn't a realistic view. Nurses are people not robots. If we wiped out all the nurses who did anything that was a bad example and/or unhealthy there would be very few left. And if we are going to hold nurses to these standards then we would have to hold all medical personnel dealing with patients to these standards as well, right?! Not going to happen.
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    Administrative leave will end tomorrow, I think

    Good luck. I will be praying for you.