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  1. BrnEyedGirl

    How to get Kudos

    There are Kudo Cops??
  2. BrnEyedGirl

    You win lottery, quit or keep working?

    A nurse I worked with years ago won the Lottery and was told she had to retire because she was a liability. She let time go by, and eventually came back prn. I would work prn and travel.
  3. BrnEyedGirl

    A grandmothers love

    As another poster said,..be a grandaughter now not a nurse,....I will be praying for you and your family.
  4. BrnEyedGirl

    Jehovah's Witness Nurse

    I've worked with a few JW's nurses over the years and this is exactly the way we handled blood administration. One nurse when I asked about this said this,..."Would you give someone crack? Would you place a drunk behind the wheel of a car and start it for him? Would you hand a bottle of vodka to an alcoholic?" Of course I answered NO to all questions. She said " Will you take care of all three of these people when the end up at our ER?",....but of course I will! :)
  5. BrnEyedGirl

    'Freebirthers' have babies with no medical help

    Well,..giving birth was not "the most painfu and frightening experience" of my life by any means,..but then again I had two normal pregnancies and two healthy babies, I planned my pregnancies,.took classes, read books,.talked to other Mom's,.I was as prepared as I guess you can be for such a new experience..My first OB told me on my first visit that he was trained as a surgeon and that I really didn't need him,.unless something went wrong,...I can understand the thoughts and feelings behind wanting to give birth away from bright lights and cold instruments,.in privacy w/o numerous strangers around,.I do believe that giving birth is a natural process that we as women were created to do,..but if something were to go wrong and I didn't have help close by,.help I know is readily available,.would I be able to live with the consequences? I don't think so. I do agree that medicine often intervenes before it is absolutely necessary, again to prevent a "bad outcome",..I guess if someone is determined to do this,.and is prepared to accept the consequences both the good and the bad,.who am I to force them to accept medical care they don't want and feel they don't need? (and in fact may not need) As nurses we find ourselves in situations when we have really sick pt's that DO need medical care (ie Jehova's witnesses needing blood) and we can't force care on these people! Not sure this should be any different.
  6. BrnEyedGirl

    The Green Thumb Thread

    I'm soo Happy to see this thread!!! My garden pond is the best way to wind down and relax,.it is going to be in the 80's here today,.time to get outside,....if I can stay awake when the sun is shinning,...working nights is hard on us gardeners!!!!
  7. BrnEyedGirl

    For pet Lovers

    LOL!!!! Love it!!! Would take my dogs over most peoples kids any day!! Thanks for the chuckle!!!!
  8. BrnEyedGirl

    Texas requires cancer vaccine for girls

    KellNY,..you should be in law school dear not nursing school.....:coollook: Maybe I've been really lucky, but I have two daughters, one is 20yrs old, the other is 11 (in the 6th grade),..I have good kids, they don't drink,or smoke,or swear, they make good grades in school, I've never had to bail anyone out of jail,. and the oldest still professes to be a virgin,.she won't even have a pelvic exam at her check up (that's a whole other thread),...but my point is that if and when either of my girls become at high risk for HPV et future cervical cancer then by all means we will discuss this,.research it, talk w/our DR and make an informed, well thought out decision, and most likely get the vaccine,..but to mandate it for my 11yr old??? It isn't like she is going to catch HPV from the normal everyday activities in her 6th grade class,..my girls and all people need to be informed that sexual activity comes with very high physical as well as psychological risks,.HPV being just one of hundreds of horrible outcomes of sexual activity,...are we going to make Depo Provera mandatory in our highschools?? It just seems to me that more money and energy should be spent on teaching our young people to be moral, responsible adults,..teach them that their actions have consequences,.that their decisions can and will affect how they live the rest of their lives,...to tell my 11yr old that I and the government assumes that she will soon become sexually active, so she needs to have this vaccination to protect her from one of the hundreds of diseases she might contract, (while engaging in behavior she shouldn't be doing in the first place), is just not the message I want to send to my kids! I realize that there are bad parents out there, and kids who are going to engage in all sorts of high risk lifestyles,.just like there parents,.but to mandate this in order to attend public schools is just wrong to me.
  9. BrnEyedGirl

    Texas requires cancer vaccine for girls

    Was reading an article about a Rep. Gov. in Austin Tx. who made it mandatory that all 6th grade girls get the Gardasil vaccination. What do you all think about this?? As a Mom of two girls, one in the 6th grade, I can't imagine even telling her she needs to have this series of 3 shots to help prevent a sexually transmitted disease!!! Interested in how you all look at this.
  10. BrnEyedGirl

    Hillary Clinton

    HHHHMMMMMM,....how many people belong to this site?? Maybe we should all come up w/our own candidate,...pitch in say $1000 to fund this person,.......HHHMMMMMMMMM