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General E. Speaking, RN

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  1. General E. Speaking, RN

    Why is It That . . . .

    Ruby, you should write a book. I would read it! I can relate to almost every post you write (long or short). Vent away, girl. :D
  2. General E. Speaking, RN

    To All the Heavy Nurses

    I watched the entire thing. Seems like everything we have been taught is bogus. Great info. Gives you a lot to think about.
  3. General E. Speaking, RN

    First word that comes to mind.....

    Hamma' time! :D (uh.. I mean hammer)
  4. General E. Speaking, RN

    Make up a total lie about the poster above you!

    onaclearday is mad because nobody remembers to call her/him "Hot Lips" anymore.
  5. General E. Speaking, RN

    Make up a total lie about the poster above you!

    Fran is only jealous of eriksoln's ambitious money-making schemes. Jealous because her latest get rich quick idea of peddling her homemade body organ shaped jello molds in front of Walmart fell flat.
  6. General E. Speaking, RN

    Have you dealt with a hoarder?

    Moved to Central.
  7. General E. Speaking, RN

    Need catchy name...help me please!

    Jammin' Joints (related to psoriatic arthritis) is in the running. Thanks for the tips!
  8. General E. Speaking, RN

    Any of you have family members that hoard?

    I have no advice but wanted to say that your Mom is lucky (even if she doesn't realize it) to have family around that cares. I hope you are able to get her on board with the desperately needed changes that need to occur. I think it will be difficult and I agree with trying to get a therapist that specializes in hoarding/organizing involved.
  9. General E. Speaking, RN

    Need catchy name...help me please!

    Thanks! I also have: SnoFlakes Bash the Rash Shake N Flake Dd came up with Pretty in "P" (everyone calls psoriasis "P" on the blogs)
  10. General E. Speaking, RN

    Need catchy name...help me please!

    Okay all you resourceful nurses out there, I have firsthand knowledge that many of you are very clever. I need your help! My 18 yo teenager daughter has been diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis. It is similar to Rheumatoid Arthritis in the terrible joint damage it can cause without prevention. There is a big city wide walk scheduled for April and she wants to form a team to walk and raise money/awareness. She needs a catchy team name. Some examples of teams already formed are: Scaleysaurus and The Flakey Bunch. Any ideas? Thanks in advance :)
  11. General E. Speaking, RN

    Who "wears the pants" in your relationship and why?

    This sounds just like our relationship. I am the billpayer. Mainly because he isn't tech savvy at all. He never gets on the computer. I pay bills online. He does laundry- a lot (thank goodness) but used to get terribly embarrassed if I mentioned it in public. I do not think it would bother him nowadays. He likes to BBQ outside so I usually handle the side dishes. One thing we have done since we met in 1989: He takes out the garbage/recyclables (to the garage and the road on pick up days) and I clean the bathroom(s). I take this seriously and have been known to carefully stack things one on top of the other until the mountainous pile threatens to topple over. lol
  12. General E. Speaking, RN


    Good luck!
  13. General E. Speaking, RN

    2012 end of the world thoughts?

    I hadn't thought about the medical/mental impact on people. :eek: I think I will request PTO now...
  14. General E. Speaking, RN

    Make a snowflake

    Make-a-Flake - A snowflake maker by Barkley Interactive I found this site several years ago but forgot about it until recently. Relaxing and mindless fun (at least to me).
  15. General E. Speaking, RN

    Seems AN needs a "new Grad/can't find a job" section

    I hope I do not get flamed. I am really sorry that these people got into school, finished and passed NCLEX and now cannot get any interviews much less find a job. It must be so frustrating for them. I do not want to seem harsh but almost every new thread is regarding this. I used to enjoy browsing the General Nursing Discussion section but it seems every other posts is about grads without jobs. If not, its about students wanting help with their homework. I guess it is a popular subject because so many are affected. *Sigh* If they all posted in a New Grad/can't find job section, they wouldn't get any assistance or advice from the rest of us. :( Maybe I am just getting old, grumpy and cynical. Crawling back into my hole...